A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

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11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10 months
  • Anakin has killed Tijan
  • Liane and Luke visit the Jedi archive again
  • Liane takes a green holocron from the cabinet in the Jedi Archive cave
  • Master Yoda tells Liane that both parents have been Jedi Knights
  • Unfortunately Liane's parents have died during the Civil War
  • Master Yoda addresses Liane with 'Severini daughter'
  • Luke and Liane 10 months united again, Liane 3.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Luke takes Liane to the waterfall cave to practise Jedi meditation
  • Lianerelives in a deep Force trance how Tijan died and who killed him
  • Luke tells Liane she doesn't have to fear the Dark Side any longer, for she has refused to give in to the Dark Side the moment she released Tijan from her Force Grip
  • Liane consults master Yoda's holocron
  • Han and Leia leave Dalmaran, because Leia has become concerned about her padawan
  • Han and Leia observe Palomintar Four
  • Leia feels a strange Force flow
  • Han discover a deserted town on Palomintar Four, but he also sees domesticated nagawas
  • Darth Golluth has intercepted the file about Luke and Leia's trials
  • Darth Golluth daydreams that all three Skywalkers and Ian Tydon will become his apprentices
  • Anakin Skywalker comments on his ideas


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10 month
  • Toallin tells Mugin to sell their lodging house and the bar
  • Toallin and Mugin will live again in the woods, for it's no longer safe to stay in Ktafunda
  • Toallin returns to the cabin
  • Toallin picks up his brother a week later
  • Luke and Liane 10 months united again, Liane 3.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane has a Force vision about Ian who is in terrible pain, while Luke is with her
  • Luke leaves Na'ctaMagh'Ba and heads back to Mas'onom to get the Astræa
  • Mon Mothma reassures Liane about Luke's sudden depart
  • Liane disables Artoo with a restraining bold and goes to the Jedi archive
  • Liane hurries to the Jedi archive, but encounters difficulties to raise the entrance door
  • Ben Kenobi encourages her and Liane uses the Force to raise the door
  • In the Jedi archive Liane has a long talk with Ben
  • Ben tells Liane she has to use her Force skills has a Jedi healer if she wants to help Ian
  • Liane gets another Force vision of Ian
  • Ben reminds her that there is a fast way warn Luke about her new Force vision
  • Ian calls out to Leia, but can't tell her what has happened
  • Leia hears Ian calling her name
  • Leia contacts Luke on Dalmaran and tells him to come to Palomintar immediately
  • Luke tells Leia he's already on his way
  • A new spy tells Darth Golluth Ian has vanished and Trimas is dead
  • Darth Golluth orders to interrogate the new owners of the bar
  • Darth Golluth is furious about the way his plans are obstructed and blames Liane


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10 month
  • Toallin is very concerned about Ian's recovery, if he finds the boy has passed out
  • Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca defend the new owners - the Kayvoks - against an attack of Darth Golluth' spies
  • Luke defeat the leader and severs the leader's arm
  • Luke and the others go back to the space port, take off, to find the cabin of Toallin and Mugin
  • Mugin goes back to Ktafunda and finds out that he has missed Luke and his friends
  • Mugin is being transferred to the detention block in Ktafunda, because he obstructs an investigation squad of droids.
  • Luke and Liane 10 months united again, Liane 3.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane quarrels with a furious Artoo
  • Liane uses the Jedi-pendant to inform Luke about her Force vision and Ian's words
  • Luke, Leia and Han arrive on Palomintar Six
  • Ian reaches out through the Force to Liane
  • Ian tells Liane someone wants to kill him
  • Ian becomes unconscious
  • Luke gets Liane's message about Ian


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10.5 months
  • Toallin is surprised as he finds Ian in a healthy sleep
  • Toallin encourages Ian to call one of his master through the Force
  • Toallin is even more surprised has Ian's limb show no signs of any wounds again
  • Toallin guesses that Ian has fallen in love with Liane
  • Luke and Liane 10.5 months united again, Liane 4 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane seeks to reach Ian in a Force meditation in the waterfall cave
  • Liane's mother lends her Force power to her daughter and encourages her to help Ian with her Force healing powers
  • Through the Force Liane is able to help Ian the way she has helped Teebo and Han
  • Severini supports Liane to get back to the waterfall cave
  • On Palomintar Six Ian wakes up and hears Liane
  • As Liane's shows Ian images of his future, using Jedi Battle Meditation, he falls asleep
  • Luke, Leia with Han and Chewbacca fly above to northern part of Palomintar Six looking for the domed cabin Liane has mentioned
  • Luke and Leia hope that Ian will contact them
  • Ian tells Toallin about Liane's help
  • Ian doesn't deny he loves Liane
  • Jerno hears from his agent that there are some problems with their plans with Quoith
  • Jerno talks to Valann and Kalip and makes a connection with Irithim


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10.5 months
  • Mon Mothma unexpectedly calls Liane;
  • An emergency message has reached Irithim about Mugin;
  • Mon Mothma asks Liane to use the Jedi-pendant so Luke knows about Mugin;
  • Luke and Liane 10.5 months united again, Liane 4 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane releases from her deep Force trance and calls Luke, telling him about her visit to the cabin and her help;
  • Liane still worries about Ian;
  • Ben Kenobi reassures Liane that Ian is doing well;
  • Ben Kenobi talks with Liane about the importance of her help ;
  • Liane looks into Ben's eyes, she gets a Force vision and sees the truth;
  • Ben Kenobi confirms that Ian is his son;
  • Ben Kenobi asks Liane to keep those Force images secret;
  • Ben Kenobi encourages Liane to visit the Jedi Archive more and look for the knowledge that is stored in the datacrons and holocrons;
  • Severini Solichor visits Ian Tydon on Palomintar Six;
  • Severini tells Ian he has to give up his idea of marrying Liane, she asks Ian to support her daughter Liane to become a Jedi Knight;
  • Ian promises Severini he will help Liane to find her way along the Jedi Path;
  • Severini helps Ian to recover using Jedi healing meditation which is envisioned in the Jedi Garden of Force healing;
  • Luke and his friends are still flying over the northern forest; Luke and Leia sense a weak Force vibration;
  • Luke lands the Astræa on a clearing in the middle of the endless forest;
  • Han Solo and Leia follow with the Falcon;
  • Darth Golluth cools his outrage on his communication system which is destroyed;
  • The Yvanna spy from the Ktafunda is brought before Darth Golluth;
  • Darth Golluth orders some killer droids to eliminate the Yvanna spy;
  • Anakin warns Darth Golluth he will never get the knowledge of the Sith;


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10.5 month
  • General Madine tells Mon Mothma that the shielded partition of the Quoith computer system has been infiltrated and the content of some files has been corrupted;
  • The Quoith technicans have shut off the system temporarily;
  • Mon Mothma can't reach Liane any more, and plans a personal visit to Na'ctaMagh'Ba;
  • Luke and Liane 10.5 months united again, Liane 4 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Luke goes back to Ktafunda to pick up Mugin;
  • Leia, Han and Chewbacca continue their search in the northern forests;
  • Ian wakes up and finds out that all his wounds have healed overnight;
  • Ian goes outside the cabin for a walk;
  • Ian finds a lake; he takes a dive, just like in his Force meditation;
  • Toallin calls Ian to get out of the water;
  • Ian discovers the Quelans special talent to change their skin color;
  • Luke explains on Ktafunda space center what happened at the bar;
  • Mugin and Luke go back to the cabin in the Astræa;
  • Ian contacts Leia and Leia finds a path in the forest which leads to the cabin;
  • Toallin tracks Han's infocom and helps them to reach the cabin;
  • Luke and Mugin land near the cabin;
  • Ian greets master Luke;
  • Han, Leia and Chewbacca joins Luke and Ian and are welcomed by Toallin and his brother;


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10.5 month
  • Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca are invited to have a meal in the forest cabin of Toallin and Mugin;
  • Toallin and Mugin tell Luke and his friends how Darth Golluth has occupied Ribana, the Quelans home town on Palomintar Four, sending the Quelans in exile to Cantamaga on the other continent of Tyr;
  • Luke and Liane 10.5 months united again, Liane 4 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane follows Ben's advice and visits the Jedi Archive again;
  • Liane feels frustrated because she can't read the old books on the datacrons;
  • Liane asks master Yoda to advice her, telling him she wants to find her own way on the Jedi Path;
  • Master Yoda tells her to use a blue holocron;
  • Liane meets Master Thon the gatekeeper of the blue holocron, using the Force to understand the old Jedi master;
  • Master Thon calls Liane 'a great Jedi', but as stubborn as his padawan Nomi Sunrider;
  • Liane has to come back to hear Nomi Sunrider's story
  • Ian tells Luke and the others about his incredible recovery in the Jedi Garden of Force healing;
  • Ian is upset as Toallin by accident reveals that Ian is in love with Liane;
  • Leia talks to Ian and reassures him, telling that Liane knows about her relationship with Luke;
  • Ian tells Leia that Severini wants him to be a kind role model for Liane;
  • Han suggest they will help Toallin and Mugin and combine their own mission with the liberation of Ribana;
  • Luke asks Toallin and Mugin if the brothers will join him and his friends if they are investigating Ribana and its immediate surroundings;
  • During a nightly walk Leia tells Luke what Severini has asked Ian;
  • Luke pushes Leia to use her Force insight to see Severini's real reason;
  • Luke remains elusive about Ian's ancestry, telling Leia only that Severini has violated the old Jedi rule, that a Jedi shouldn't be involved in an emotional attachment as a marriage.


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11 month
  • Toallin and Mugin are upset as Luke seems to know they were the elected leaders in Ribana during Darth Golluth' invasion;
  • Luke and Liane 11 months united again, Liane 4.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Master Thon explains the value a lightsaber has for a Jedi Knight;
  • Liane listens to Master Thon's story about Nomi Sunrider;
  • Liane learns that Nomi Sunrider didn't want to use a lightsaber;
  • Liane starts practising with her training lightsaber, using Jedi telekinesis to let the weapon land easily in her hand;
  • Liane gets back to the residence in a hurry, because Mon Mothma is visiting her personally;
  • Liane reassures Mon Mothma about Luke's mission, telling her all she knows about Ian's recovery and Darth Golluth' invasion of Ribana;
  • Mon Mothma tells Liane about the infiltration of the Quoith computer system and the implications for their contact;
  • Liane must no longer answer any incoming calls.
  • Luke and his friends look at a holographic map of Palomintar Four and especially Ribana and its surroundings;
  • Luke decides they will have a look at Ribana during a fly-by and if possible land for further investigation;
  • Ian thinks Luke doesn't want him as a padawan anymore, because Luke now knows he is in love with Liane;
  • Ian and Luke have a talk about Luke's relationship with Liane and Ian's promise to Severini
  • Han has accepted Ian as Leia's padawan;


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11 month
  • Landing in the old riverbed behind the hillside of the brother's former vineyard;
  • Toallin explains how an earthquake has redirected a river in the past;
  • The group leaves the landing spot and heads for vineyard's building;
  • The building is in perfect condition;
  • Ribana is a ghost town;
  • Toallin and Mugin tell about the strange weapon Darth Golluth had been using, firing electric bolds at them;
  • The group leaves Ribana through the backstreets and goes back to the aforested hill.
  • Luke and Liane 11 months united again, Liane 4.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane shows Mon Mothma the waterfall cave;
  • Liane experiences, that her lightsaber unhooks itself the moments she reaches out to it;
  • Mon Mothma hands Liane a blaster, so she will be able to defend herself;
  • Liane adapts Threepio's infocom with an alarm button;
  • Liane searches the Jedi archive cave to find a training remote for further practise with her lightsaber;
  • Ben Kenobi assists her in the use of an activated training remote;
  • Ben warns Liane she must forget to act from aggression and anger, but stretch out with her feelings to use the Force as her guidance;
  • Luke and his friends make a fly-by near Ribana;
  • Han suggest that the invasion of Ribana has something to do with the rebuilding of the empire;
  • Luke observes Ribana from a afforest hill, before visiting the town itself;
  • Luke demonstrates Force lightning, but the brother deny Darth Golluth did the same to them;
  • Ian recognizes the images of his Force vision, when he saw Liane being chased by some droids;
  • Luke senses someone is coming and the group hides in one of the deserted buildings;
  • Darth Golluth shows himself, and Ian recognizes him as the person Leia and he have seen on Endor;


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11 month
  • Artoo and Threepio intercept an incoming call on the communication system;
  • Artoo disconnects the system permanently
  • Luke and Liane 11 months united again, Liane 4.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane practises with a training remote on the lawn of the residence, when the communication system reports an unexpected incoming call;
  • Liane uses the Jedi-pendant to ask Luke, if he is in trouble; the strange incoming call is worrying her;
  • Luke shows his worries as Liane tells him about Mon Mothma's unexpected visit, the hack of Quoith's computer center and the intruder's call
  • Liane tells Luke about her plan to hide in the Jedi archive cave in case the residence would be discovered;
  • Luke isn't convinced and wants her to reconsider that plan;
  • Liane tells Luke she has been practising with a training remote and wanted to surprise him with her new skill;
  • Liane objects as Luke wants to send Ian to her to protect her;
  • Luke suggests that he will come up with a good plan, or he will come himself.
  • Ian remarks that Darth Golluth hasn't felt their presence, when they were seeking coverage in one of Ribana's deserted houses;
  • Luke still refuses to underestimate Darth Golluth Sith knowledge;
  • Luke and the group are about to leave Ribana and head for the continent of Tyr to visit Cantamaga and seek Quelans who will volunteer to help them;
  • Spies on Dalmaran inform Darth Golluth that the Quoith technicians have discovered the additional content Darth Golluth has added to some files;
  • The spies also reveal to Darth Golluth that the Supreme Chancellor has been communicating with a communication system on Na'ctaMagh'Ba;
  • Darth Golluth wonders if his identity is known, but discards the idea;