A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 71

he Millenium Falcon was flying at sublight speed among the planets of the Palomintar System. Han had awaited until he had heard the agreed coded message of Gold Squadron, aimed at the Tychorion, but meant for the Falcon. Immediately he had ordered Chewbacca to bring the Falcon outside the docking hangar of the Tychorion. In the huge shadow of the space cruiser he had activated the cloaking device before he had started the ion-engine. Now the former Corellian freighter was on its way again to Palomintar Four.
"Can you monitor the whereabouts of the Basilisaea, Luke?" He asked.
"She hasn't changed her position. Still hovering above Palomintar Six. If they are still looking for Ian, they will be disappointed," the young Jedi grinned, "Wedge and his men are watching them from Palomintar Five."
"Fine, that gives us the opportunity to get close to our landing spot on Myr without being noticed," Han commented, "We're going into hyperspace on my mark: six, five, four, three two, one."
He pulled the hyperspace lever and the Falcon shot away. Han turned around and walked to the control room. Luke, Leia and Chewbacca followed and joined Chati.
Han looked at the synchro console.
"This is a short trip. We will reach Palomintar Four in forty minutes. Chati, you stay strapped in your webbing. This is no trip to start running around. Luke, I will land the Falcon with her cloaking device on. Can you ascertain there's no one on the landing spot?"
"I have asked Cornell to keep his men inside the cave. They still have to do a lot of work before the river will be redirected into its old bedding." Luke answered.
Han wanted to comment on Luke's last words, but kept silent. He knew that Luke didn't want to hear any disparagingly comments about the harvester's attempt to change the waterflow.
"Maybe we can give them a hand, Han," Leia suggested and turned to Chati.
"Can you tell us more of Cornell's plan, Chati. Luke said you have been working with them."
"Cornell showed me the waterfall. Before the volcanic eruption and the earthquakes the river flowed through the underground bedding Ben and I have been investigating. After the disaster the waterfall let the river to the other side of the mountain ridge and blocked the path to the inlet of the underground bedding. That's what Cornell has shown me. The eruption caused and upheaval which also changed the lava flow deep down inside the mountain. Cornell said it has found a new way near the surface, that is why it's hot inside the cave. There seems to be no immediate danger for an eruption again, but the harvesters are very cautious."
"You have listened well to Cornell," Leia complemented the young Quelan.
"Their work is more interesting, than my chores on Tyr, madam," Chati said, "I like to work with them and I hope they will succeed. They deserve it."
Han looked at synchro.
"We're nearing our target. Chewie and I will get us out of hyperspace in five minutes. Strap yourselves in until we're back to sublight speed, then I need the Jedi skills of you both to put this ship safely on the ground," Han said while he rose and let the control room.
"The general is very careful, isn't he, Ben. This is a solid space ship." Chati commented.
Luke and Leia started to laugh.
"The Millennium Falcon means more to him than I do," Leia joked, "Almost. My husband and his ship form an unseparable unity. He fully relies on her qualities and she has saved his life more than once. She looks like an ordinary freighter, but she has a lot more capacities and many of them Han has added to her himself."
Leia looked at the synchro.
"Stay sharp, we're coming out of hyperspace in three, two, one second. Come on, Luke, let's find out if it's safe to land."
She jumped to her feet and went to the cockpit where Han was steering the Falcon to the surface of the continent. Luke followed her and tuned in on the Force as he looked through the windscreen at the growing image of the planet. He recalled Chati's explanation on board the Tychorion and clearly saw the landmarks the girl had mentioned. Chati's insight in the layout of the planet surface was amazing, even more because she had shown she could use her knowledge on different levels. The girl was a good observer and aware of her surroundings.
"It's safe to land, Han. There's no one in sight." Leia said. Luke confirmed his sister's words.
"Alright, here she goes. Hang on."
The Falcon plunged to the surface. The landscape became more and more visible. Han pulled the Falcon up and landed at the spot they had used before. The engine stopped and Han turned to his passengers.
"I will lower the ramp for a few minutes. Must be enough for you to leave the ship. Chewie will stay on board to deactivate and activate the ship's cloaking." Han said.
"I can activate the cloaking again, darling," Leia said, "We can all leave the ship. Let's go."
Han looked skeptically, but beckoned to his first-mate.
"Sometimes, Chewie, having a Jedi on board has advantages. You can go with us."
They all walked down the ramp. Han closed it and Leia tuned in on the Force and found the switch to activate the ship's cloaking. The ship's grey surface vanished and became part of the surrounding vegitation. Chati looked up curious at Han.
"How is it working, sir?" He asked.
"Reflection, Chati. Chewie and I covered the ship with a special layer. If the switch is activated a electric current runs through the layer and reflects the surroundings on the ship's surface. It continues this reflection until the switch is deactivated."
Chati started to laugh.
"Wow, sir, works like the Quelan's skin color change."
She made a few steps through the nearby vegetation and completely seem to vanish among it. Han looked flabbergasted and Chewbacca roared with laughter.
"Come back, Chati," Luke said and looked at the spot where the girl had vanished.
To their surprise Chati turned up on the opposite side.
"I am here, Ben," She said and joined them again, while her skin took it's normal olive green color. Still laughing she looked at the surprised looks of her companions.
"I used my 'cloaking device' to enter your ship, sir, when you brought Ben on board last time." She said, "My skin became almost as grey as the paint on the walls."
General Madine looked up from the decoded message his intelligence officer had handed him.
"Excellent, officer," He said to the waiting soldier.
"Do you want me to inform the Supreme Chancellor, sir?"
Madine grinned.
"Immediately. Send a copy of this message via a pro-con connection to her personal messaging system. Tell her to be on high alert if any fraudulent message is passed on to the information system at Irithim or Ver'izon. I expect that our 'friend's message' will be aimed at Dalmaran totally."
"Sir, it bothers me that the sender used an old imperial frequency to pass this message to Coruscant. This frequency was used in the past to inform emperor Palpatine personally"
"You mean, it could be aimed at the provisionary imperial government on Coruscant?"
"I didn't a complete check yet, because its content sounded alarming, but I can do further investigation."
"Carry on, officer, and let me know if there are any more receivers of this message," Madine said.
The intelligence officer left and Madine opened the frequency of the Falcon.
"Falcon, this is the Tychorion." He said.
The image of Han Solo popped up on the holo display.
"Go ahead, general. I'm receiving a clear image."
In a few words Madine told Han Solo the content of the intercepted message.
"Interesting development. What is this guy expecting to happen?" He commented.
"According to the investigation of our intelligence this message is aimed at Coruscant, but they are doing a thorough check at the moment."
Han started to laugh.
"That might implicate that the provisionary government on Coruscant keeps an eye on Palomintar Four to, general," He said, "and the guy, admiral Vestor dropped, is their agent. Thank you, for informing us. We will discuss this new development."
"Good luck down there, general Solo," Madine said and closed the special frequency.
On Myr the five friends and Cornell and his men looked at each other.
"Main question now is: who transmitted this message and what is his intention?" Han commented.
"Must be the guy Wedge mentioned. Admiral Vestor asked Wedge to assist him looking for one of his men," Leia said.
"Is he Darth Golluth hostage, or did he infiltrate?" Han wondered.
"It also confirms, that he has access to a communication system and we don't know what he is up to?" Luke remarked.
"We can asked Madine to inform Mon Mothma. She can order Quoith to disconnect or to jam the system's traffic," Han said.
Luke shook his head.
"That guy is using an old seldom used frequency of the imperials. It's indeed very likely, that he is intervening here on behalf of the provisionary imperial government on Coruscant. Even though, given the encryption he used."
"An imperial spy," Leia said.
"Yes, but one that hasn't teamed up Darth Golluth," Luke answered.
"What makes you think so, kid?" Han commented.
"The seldom used imperial frequency."
Chewbacca grunted some words.
"Yes, Chewie, that's what I've been thinking of too. Could it be, that the provisionary imperial government doesn't agree with Trevor's actions here in the Palomintar System? Could it be, that the imperial government has sent one of her officers as undercover with the Basilisaea to keep them informed?" Luke commented.
"That means, that the guy deliberately has infiltrated on Palomintar Four without admiral Vestor's knowledge?" Han said.
"Anyway, we have to be careful, as long as we don't know what this guy's intentions are and if he is also resides in Darth Golluth' underground hide-out." Leia remarked.
"If I've listened well, Ben, this new development doesn't any serious difficulties with our work," Cornell commented.
"No, Cornell, is doesn't. You and the harvesters can continue the way you did. My friends and I will keep an eye on this guy. Our communication with the Tychorion will keep us informed," Luke said.
Yarmod uttered a hushed cry as he entered the main living. On the couch Ian and Liane were laying fast asleep. Ian held protectively his arm around the young woman. His cheek rested at her hair. Liane laid with her head against his shoulder. Her left hand was resting on his right underarm. For a moment Yarmod took in the sleeping pair, then he went over and softly pushed his friend.
"Wake up!" He whispered, "What are you doing?"
Ian opened his eyes. Looked up at his friend and smiled.
"What are you doing?" Yarmod asked again.
Ian looked down on the girl in his arms. Carefully he freed his left arm, taking care not to wake her up. He laid her down on the couch, before he rose, then he looked at his friend. Still smiling happily he put his finger on his lips and grabbed his friend's arm. Without a word he pushed Yarmod to the working cave and inside his friend's sleeping alcove.
"What are you doing?" Yarmod asked for a third time, "Don't you know she's the eternal partner of master Luke."
Ian heard the indignation in his friend's voice. He nodded.
"I know." He answered with a bright smile.
"You do, then what do you think to achieve, holding her in your arms like you did?" Yarmod silibated unbelievingly.
"Please, sit down, Yarmod, " Ian said, pulling his friend next to him, "I want to apologize to you, for I have been reading part of those writing in that grey file."
Now Yarmod started to laugh.
"So you were as curious as I was, weren't you, " He asked, giving Ian a slight push."
"Not precisely. When you were browsing those papers, you mentioned the name of Liane's mother Severini. I was concerned that Liane had read something that might have upset her. So I thought I'd better read those papers myself."
"You're always worrying about her, aren't you? Why, you're just one of her many friends like I am? " Yarmod commented on Ian's words.
"I was," Ian answered evasively.
Yarmod frowned.
"You were? What do you mean?" He asked.
Ian patted his friend at his shoulder.
"I'll explain to you in a little while, but do you remember what I asked Master Yoda, when Liane showed me those holocrons."
Yarmod nodded.
"His answer devastated Liane and me, but you hardly seemed unmoved."
"That's right, Yarmod. I asked Master Yoda that question to get a confirmation of the truth about the people who I grew up with and have seen for years as my parents."
"You already knew? How? Did they tell you?"
Ian shook his head.
"No, they didn't. They are bound by a promise. A promise they made to my real father. He brought me to them, when I was a little boy. They adopted me as their son and called me Ian, but my real name is Tama-Hin. Tama-Hin Kenobi."
Taken aback Yarmod listened to Ian's story about his upbringing on Corellia at the Tydons. Calmly his friend told him about his feelings to be different from his siblings and his parents. During his youth he had had nightmares about a flight. A flight that had left him on Corellia. Those dreams had become clear visions during the time he had survived on his own in the Wegoyy desert, but their real meaning became apparent after he had become a padawan. During his first Force meditations he had become aware of their deeper meaning.
"Did you talk about those visions with master Organa, Ian?" Yarmod asked.
Ian shook.
"Liane was the first one I told, you're next. You need to know, otherwise you won't believe the next part of my story. For there's much more that had been revealed to me, when I read those papers. But first I'll show you a message. Artoo, will you, please, show Ben's message to Yarmod."
The blue barrelshaped droid displayed the old forgotten message. After he had listened to it, Yarmod looked at his friend. He shook his head in disbelieve.
"Incredible, Ian. You, the son of a great Jedi master. You must certainly feel so proud."
"I can't yet express what I feel, Yarmod. It's important to me, that I have found my past back."
For several moments Yarmod was silent. Then he concluded cautiously: "That daughter, your sister, master Kenobi mentions, is Liane, isn't she?"
Ian started to laugh.
"What made you think so?"
"Just a feeling."
Ian left the alcove. Within a minute he came back with the grey file. He handed him the first page.
"Read this. It will answer your question."
Yarmod took the page and read the lines with which Ben Kenobi had begun his story. As he had finished, he looked at his friend and handed him the page.
"I have to apologize for my words, Ian. What a great discovery. You and Liane are siblings and your parents were once two great Jedi Knights. This explains all your concern about Liane. How did she react to this revelation?"
Ian grinned.
"Better than I did. My first reaction was: They both are dead. Liane let me look at the devastating reading from a different point of view: they live on in the Force, as the Jedi creed says. Liane has fully accepted the fact that they aren't with us, but she has met our father regularly. During my recovery my mother showed me to use my Jedi healing capacity."
"Telling Yarmod the truth about us," A calm laughing voice suddenly said. In the passageway stood a smiling Liane. Yarmod jumped to his feet and rushed over to her. He grabbed her hands, pulled her with him and pushed her on the couch between Ian and him.
"Liane, what a wonderful story. Ian and you, the childeren of general Kenobi, the great general during the Clone Wars!" He exclaimed, "Does master Luke know you're brother and sister?"
"I don't know, Yarmod. It's very likely that Luke knows, or suspects, about our true relation. If he knows that our real father is his old master, I wonder," Liane said laughing, "Luke has never revealed anything about his deeper thoughts to me. Did he tell you anything, Ian?"
Ian shook his head.
"You both must tell him about your discovery. I'm sure he will be excited about it. You must tell him about your new names," Yarmod exclaimed. Liane and Ian started laughing.
"Yarmod, it seems that you're even more excited about these revelations than we are," Ian said calmly.
"Of course I am, aren't you?" Yarmod laughed.
Liane looked at him with a smile.
"We are, Yarmod, but the truth about our ancestery still has to sink in."
"What! Aren't you going to use your real names? Aren't you proud about having general Kenobi as your father?" Yarmod asked surprised.
Ian looked at Liane. She shook her head.
"For the time being, Yarmod," She said, "I'll stay Liane Solichor. We have to ask the Supreme Chancellor, if it's possible to get our real names back."
"Of course, that's possible. I'm sure Lady Mon Mothma will accept such a request."
"She will ask us to provide evidence about our birth, Yarmod," Ian said.
"You have evidence enough in this file," Yarmod exclaimed tapping the grey file, "What more evidence will she want."
"Original birth certificates, for instance," Liane said calmly, "Until we have found real proof about our birth it's better if everything stays as it has been. You're the only one who knows about our family ties. Yarmod, I want you to promise Ian and me, that you won't reveal anything about what we have told you or what you have heard here."
Yarmod became silent. His enthousiasme faltered, but after a long silence, he nodded.
"I understand your point of view, but I not agree with it. Remember what happened to master Luke and princess Leia. They both kept their ancestery secret. When Mon Mothma found out they were siblings and the children of Darth Vader..., sorry Liane, I mean Anakin Skywalker, they were imprisoned and accused of treason."
"I know that story, Yarmod, and I could add, that I'm Anakin's foster daughter. I adopted me and raised me. I grew up on the imperial domains of Morantan, but there's a difference. The Supreme Chancellor and the member of the High Council know everything about me. I was sentenced for what I did wrong and was brought to Wegoyy," Liane made a gesture to Ian, who wanted to interrupt. Liane continued.
"The members of the High Council pardoned me. I am a citizen of the New Republic, but Ian and I need more evidence about our birth than Ben's story in this file. It's the truth, I know, we know, it is, but it's not enough. Until we have found our birth certificates we remain Liane Solichor and Ian Tydon, don't we my dear brother."
Liane turned to Ian. He smiled and nodded. Liane jumped to her feet.
"I want to show you, were I found these writings. Artoo, will you help me to remove the stone and pull that lever. Come on you, two, it's really great to see the small space were Ben has written his words to my mother, Severini."
Her two friends rose and looked at her sparkling eyes.
"It's really odd, Liane, that you adress your father by his name and seeing Severini as your mother. Don't you see Ben as our father?" Ian asked and laid his arm around her shoulders.
"I do, but I know Ben already for such a long time and Luke always addresses his old master as Ben. I'm used to that name, but I've felt my close relationship with him already from the first time I met him on Endor. Come on, now."
The three friends walked through the living to Liane's alcove. Artoo had already removed the stone and used one of his utensils to pull the lever. Astounded Ian and Yarmod saw how the wall at the back of the alcove slid aside. Liane ignited the ion-lamp and entered the dark corridor. Ian and Yarmod followed. After a few moments Liane stopped and put lamp on the small desk. Yarmod looked around.
"Imagine him, sitting here writing," he murmured, "How lonely he must have felt. No friends, his wife deceased, his son growing up with strangers, and the unknown fate of his daughter."
Liane put her hand on his arm.
"He made a lot of plans here, Yarmod. Many plans to be united with Ian and to take care of Luke which was his first priority. Taking care of Luke was the commission of master Yoda. Luke had inherited his father's abilities and in time Ben had to train him as a Jedi."
"So, he had to sacrify his own family," Yarmod whispered shaking his head, "Did master Yoda know Ben had children of his own?"
"He probably did, Yarmod, remember the answer he gave me on Na'ctaMagh'Ba."
"Master Yoda also knew who I was, Yarmod, when I used his holocron. He told me my real father was a Jedi Knight like my mother. I guess, there aren't any secrets to those who live on in the Force," Liane commented.
Yarmod had taken a seat on the chair and looked up at the two persons in front of him.
"It should have been different for you if you should have grow up together."
Liane smiled.
"Yes, Yarmod, it should have been better. I made the same comment when Leia told me about her relation with Luke. Her answer was simple: we're glad we're together now. That counts for us too. I love Ian, and I'm glad to be so close related to him, to call my brother."
"What are we going to do next?" Yarmod asked, still feeling confused.
"Stick to our original plan. We're going to Palomintar Four, assist Luke and settle thing between Trevor Matrek, or Darth Golluth, and me." Liane said determined.
"What about your lightsaber?" Yarmod asked, "You still didn't succeed to fullfil the Illum-meditation. Shouldn't you give it one more try?"
"I should certainly do not try that, for Luke taught me that a Jedi does and never tries." Liane said with a laugh, "Let's get back to the living and prepare a combined breakfast and lunch. I'm starving. In the mean time we can decide what to do next."
Chati sat on a rock just outside the cave entrance, looking over the surrounding landscape in the direction of where she knew Ribana must be. She looked up when she sensed the approaching steps of Chewbacca. The big Wookiee rose high above her before he sat himself against the rocky wall of the cave, leaning with a satisfying smile at the lowering sun of Palomintar Four. He grunted some words against Chati. The young Quelan girl nodded.
"Yes, it's cold inside, that's why I am sitting here if my chores allowed me." He answered.
For a moment both were silent, then Chati turned to the big Wookiee.
"Amazing, Chewbacca, I could understand what you were saying as if I heard your words in Standard Basic."
Chewbacca grunted again and his mouth became a big smile.
"I can understand you, because you're Force-sensitive like me? Are all Wookiees Force-sensitive?" Chati asked curiously.
A confirming grunt of the Wookiee was the answer.
Amazed Chati turned her full attention to the big hairy humanoid.
"So most of your species are Force-sensitive. Have there been Wookiee Jedi Knights? Why aren't you a Jedi Knight?" told
With several long grunts accompanied with a lot of gestures Chewbacca told some things about his fellow Wookiees and his adventures with Han Solo. Chati listened with great interest which pleased the Wookiee. When Chewbacca stopped, Chati had a curious look in her eyes.
"You and master Solo are very good friends. Han understands what you're saying. Doesn't that imply that master Solo is also Force-sensitive. He isn't a Jedi Knight, doesn't he want to become one?"
Chewbacca roared with laughter and slapped Chati on her back. The girl was nearly knocked off the rock on which she was sitting, but she kept his balance and started to laugh too.
Chewbacca put his hairy arm around the girl's shoulders and started telling the story about Han's refusal to apologize after he had quarreled with Leia.
"So, you urged him he should go back, which he finally did," Chati concluded.
Chewbacca shook his head and continued his grunted story. More and more Chati began to understand how Liane had helped and convinced his friend to get back to Dalmaran.
"Oh, and when they were united again, master Solo and master Organa got married. What happened to that girl Liane. Is she Ben's girl friend, or is she his apprentice. Does she want to become a Jedi Knight? I hope she is worth Ben's friendship."
Chewbacca's grunts became a bit angry and Chati backed off, raising her hand to apologize.
"I don't know her, I know. Do get angry with me, Chewbacca, I understand she is your friend too. I was only wondering why she isn't with Ben, so she could help and encourage him."
Chewbacca's expression became worried, his anger disappeared. In slow grunts, as if he was searching the right words he tried to explain the situation.
"You mean," said Chati quickly, "that that weirdo who lives under the mountain, is dangerous to her too. So that's why she isn't here with Ben. He has brought her to a place where she is safe and where that weirdo can't find her."
Chewbacca nodded. They were silent for a long time. Chati looked again in the direction of Ribana. The town itself was far beyond the horizon and invisible, but Chati felt she looked in the right direction. Just outside Ribana in the valley behind the town was the house where she and her brothers were born, where she had lived in peace on the vineyard of her parents and her uncle and aunt. Her father and her uncle had been elected to lead Ribana and take the decisions which would help all the Quelans to live a peaceful life. Then that weirdo had come and everything had changed. Chati felt the tears in her eyes and wiped them away with the sleeve of her tunic. She mustn't cry, she wasn't a child anymore. She was nearly eighteen and on the brink of a new wonderful future, because Ben believed she could be a Jedi Knight, but deep in his heart she longed to see Ribana and especially her own house in the valley. How long would it take the harvesters to lead the river back in its old bedding? What kind of plan were her new friends making. Could they free her hometown? Suddenly she jumped to her feet. She had to do something. She wanted to go to Ribana and see for herself what had become of the town. She believed Ben's stories, she could envision what Ben had been telling her and those images made her heart bleed.
Chewbacca had watched the young woman closely. He had seen the happy smile appear and vanish on her face. And now the expression was pervaded with grief. He grunted some words as consolation. Chati looked up.
"You were too in Ribana with my father and my uncle, weren't you, Chewbacca? What did you see?"
Chewbacca hesitated, but Chati looked up at him with an expectant glance on his face.
You're sure you won't go to Palomintar straight away, Liane," Yarmod Martan asked, looking at her.
"I'm, Yarmod. As I explained earlier, I want to stay in orbit around Tatooine for another attempt to accomplish the Illum meditation. Since I have shown you and Ian Ben's secret cave, I have a growing feeling, that I have to find the necessary concentration for this special Jedi-meditation elsewhere, perhaps on board the Astreaga. I can concentrate deep enough here, where everything reminds me of my father. Those strong emotions seem to disturb my concentration."
"You don't have to apologize, Liane. Even I can feel the presence of its former resident. It feels like he is always watching you and Ian."
Liane started to laugh.
"I hoped that Ben and Severini would appear again, like they did, after I read those papers. It would do my brother good, if he could talk to them face to face, even if they are Force apparitions. He might even recognize them. I have no real memory of them," She said and for a moment she looked at the distant line of mesas at the horizon. They stood close together and Yarmod felt a sudden loneliness around her. A loneliness mixed with whirls of envy. Compassionately he laid his hand on her arm.
"Are you aware, you are slightly envying your brother, Shaayla-Car," He said softly, adressing her with her new birth name. Liane nodded.
"I am, and I know I shouldn't. Those dark feelings of envy are wrong. Ian is five years older than I am, so it's obvious that he might remember Severini and Obi-Wan, although he didn't mentioned he recognized Severini when she helped him to recover after that blast. Ben was living in exile on Tatooine when I was born on Morantan. When I was about one year old, Anakin met and killed Severini," She murmured not talking to Yarmod in particular, "Besides I have already met Ben, and listened to his advice, many times; on Endor twice and numerous times on Na'ctaMagh'Ba. That's why I want them both to contact my brother."
"Has Darth Vader killed your mother?" Yarmod asked devastated.
Liane looked up and nodded again.
"How can you be sure about that?" The young man asked.
"Oh, that's just a matter of combining some facts, Yarmod. Luke and master Yoda told me I was still a baby girl, when my mother died. Luke told me that Anakin adopted me as his daughter after he had found me, because he felt I was sensitive to the Force. Ben expressed the loss of his beloved wife in the papers he has left for Ian and me. He felt Severini's demise and her passing away, becoming one with the Force. He also tells about the beginning of the imperial occupation of Morantan, and what that meant for Severini and him. And finally, Yarmod, Anakin has more or less admitted what he has done to Severini. He regrets that deed, but he couldn't do anything else. His orders were to wipe all Jedi in the galaxy. Those were the emperor's orders. He also defeated Ben on the first Death Star."
"So your foster father killed both your parents, and you can forgive him?" Yarmod asked.
"I do, Yarmod. Luke and Leia forgave their father for what he has done and so do I. Anakin took great care of my upbringing. It could have been so easily for him to kill me too."
"You will be a great Jedi, Shaayla-Car, as great as once your parents have been, if you can forgive the man who ruined your life and the lives of so many others."
"We shouldn't look back to the past too much, Yarmod, but be mindful of the Force at present. It surrounds us and everything in the galaxy. That's the Living Force between plants, animal, and all beings and the Unifying Force which binds the galaxy together. I've come a long away, I have seen much evil done in the name of the Dark Side of the Force. I don't want to be part of it, I want to help and heal those in need, as a Force-user," Liane said and started laughing. Suddenly she tiptoed and kissed Yarmod on his cheek.
"Thank you for talking to me this way. I normally only express my feelings when Luke is with me. It's good to have another guy around I fully can trust."
Yarmod blushed and grinned.
"That's a great compliment, Shaayla-Car. Thank you."
Liane pulled him to the entrance of Ben's house.
"Shall we carry on. It's better if we leave this place before the evening falls. Let's get inside and help Threepio and my brother packing."

To be continued...