A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 42

here have you been?" Mugin said, looking at his brother, who was standing in the darkness of courtyard. "Where's ... "
"Listen, brother, we're leaving Ktafunda," Toallin said. "I want you to find a buyer for the bar next week, or so. Sell it! Lease it! Don't tell anyone, why we're leaving. A week from now I'm gonna pick you up and we're going back to the forest."
"Why, we have a good living here." Mugin protested.
"We had, Mugin. Look what's happened. It's better if we disappear, for this place is associated with our Jedi friend?"
Mugin wanted to say something, but his brother raised his hand to cut off any further objections.
"We can't discuss the situation now. I have to go back. I'll see you in one week."
He jumped onto his speeder and drove off. Mugin shrugged his shoulders, but then he saw a small datacron in his hand. Toallin must have pushed it in his hands before he left. Mugin slipped the object in the pocket of his coat and vanished inside the ruins of their house. Carefully he put the object in the small safe beneath the bar.
In the mean time Toallin drove at high speed zigzagging through Ktafunda. After he had convinced himself, that he hadn't been followed, he drove in the direction of the hinterland with swamps and bushes. Still changing his course every now and then he made his way to the cabin where he had left Ian behind.
By daybreak he reached the cabin and went inside. Ian Tydon was sitting on a wooden bench near the fire-place. When Toallin entered he looked up and shook his head.
"No luck, son?"
Ian shook his head.
"I failed every one who trusted me: master Luke, master Leia. I can't reach them, Toallin. At least not in the way my master taught me. I'm too unexperienced."
"Relax, son. You will succeed, I'm sure of that. Let me have a look at those bacta patches. I've laid my hand on the stock of those medic droids. Now we can really work on your recovery."
Ian leaned over and Toallin carefully removed the old patches.
"Does it still ached," He asked looking at the large red spots on Ian's back. The skin was almost transparent and Toallin could see the red flesh underneath. This was no good. The boy needed better care than he could give; the bacta patches would avoid that the wounds would get infected, but they could not ensure that the healing process was ongoing. Toallin fastened a new large bacta patch on Ian's back.
"That will relieve the aching a bit, I hope," He said. "Now let's see your other wounds."
"How was your ride, did you encounter any problems?" Ian asked.
"None, I have visited and informed Mugin about the situation and left him a datacron with instructions and some more information about your enemies. I'm going to pick him up next week."
"Are you sure, he will follow your advice? He loves the life he has, working in the bar."
"I know, so I did, Ian. But after the blast we're not safe there anymore. Whoever is behind this, knows what has happened. He knows you're not dead. When Mugin and I would stay there, I'm sure that one way or another they will come back and interrogated us. Our friends the Kayvoks have squeezed your 'friend' Trimas. There's not much left of him. Before he passed away he has admitted that that guy on Palomintar Four was his master and that he had send those rogues to our house."
"Trimas is dead! They killed him!" Ian gasped.
"His own fault, son. He screamed too much during his interrogation and my friends have a highly sophisticated hearing, they can't stand screaming. Unfortunately they have beaten him a bit too hard."
Toallin looked at Ian's disapproving look.
"You disagree, son. I can see that. What's wrong? He tried to have you assassinated you more than once."
"I've learned to value life, Toallin. My master has taught me that a Jedi values all life forms even those of his enemies."
"Marvelous point of view, and I agree, that unnecessary killing should be avoided as much as possible. I'm no killer myself, Ian. Don't think I ordered my friends to finish Trimas, but when your life is at stake I'm sure that even a Jedi will defend himself and won't hesitate to kill if necessary."
"That's true," Ian said, "When I lived in the Wegoyy desert I have fought several predators."
Toallin laughed.
"See, if you hadn't killed those attackers, you wouldn't have survived, would you?"
"Certainly not, but I also have to add that I wasn't a Jedi padawan at that moment."
"I'm absolutely certain, that your master Skywalker, didn't he fought in the Civil War, has killed many Imperials, Ian. Not deliberately, but only to let the Alliance survive and establish the New Republic. Think about it, son. So, I placed new patches all over your body. You'd better lay down and rest. I'm going to prepare our diner. Want anything special? Shall I make that broth again?" He said grinning.
He helped Ian to the couch and ensured that the boy was comfortable with the least of pain.
A standard week later Toallin went back to Ktafunda for a last time. In the middle of the night he arrived at what has been their property for a short while. He entered the bar, where Mugin had gathered their personal belongings.
"Ready," Toallin said on a whispering tone.
Mugin nodded. Toallin grabbed the boxes and a couple of bags and loaded them at the back seat of the speeder. Within a couple of minutes the two brothers had finished their last chores.
"I'm closing off," Mugin said and set a lock on the entrance. Then he jumped on the front seat of the speeder. Toallin was waiting for him at the wheel.
"Here's your datacron. You were right. We must leave as quickly as possible. It's lucky you could gather all this information."
"Thanks to our friends the Kayvoks."
"I've got a reasonable price from them and left them the key code of the entrance lock. Now let's go." Mugin said.
Like on his first trip Toallin took a zigzagging route to leave Ktafunda. Finally he was convinced he hadn't been followed. He press the throttle and the speeder left the outskirts of Ktafunda at full speed. When they were more than an hour on their way Toallin slowed down a bit, but he kept holding a steady and fast course.
"How's the boy doing?" Mugin asked load over the roar of the engines.
"Feeling depressed and that's a bad sign. He is too unexperienced yet for a mission on his own. He is, as he said, still a learner, a padawan they call it. His master shouldn't have left him alone here. I wonder where he is now?"
"Probably with the girl they are protecting, don't you think so." Mugin said mockingly. "The boy said his master left, because he had received a disturbing message and had to go back to Dalmaran to visit her."
"Well, wherever he is, it's time he's getting worried about his padawan. His wounds are bad, Mugin, I do what I can, but within a couple of days I'm running out of bacta patches and I can't get any others."
"Let's hope that he will be able to contact his master, or any other Jedi." Mugin commented.
"Don't expect that to happen. The best we can do is going to Dalmaran ourselves, as we discussed earlier."
"How will you do that?"
"I don't know yet, but I come up with something. For the present it's good that we both can keep an eye on him."
"So we're going to pick up our old life again," Mugin said.
"Temporarily. I hope that those Jedi are willing to help our people and get rid of that weirdo under the mountains."
"Might take years, Toallin."
"Then we wait, like we have done already the last seven years."
The rest of their journey they silenced. Toallin remained wary of pursuers, but nothing happened. The night sky was disappearing when they reached the edge of the forest where the cabin was. Two hours later they parked the speeder and unloaded their luggage. Mugin looked around with a satisfied glance in his eyes.
"Honestly, I must say, I'm glad to be back, although I regret the selling of our cantina. Is the boy inside?"
"Hasn't been outside since I brought him here. He is too weak. See for yourself. I'm sure he'll be delighted to see you. He has been very much concerned about you and me."
"He's a funny guy. Risking his life to save us, getting badly wounded and still he is worried about us," Mugin said.
"Maybe that's a Jedi's habit," Toallin said carrying the boxes to the door.
He opened the door and let his brother enter. Mugin looked around and saw Ian busy cleaning the fire place.
"You shouldn't do that, Ian. Leave the cleaning to my brother and me." He said, rushing over to Ian.
"Mugin! So glad to see you!" Ian said and brushed his hair aside with his dirty hand.
"Take care. Your wounds might get infected." Toallin said.
"I want to make a fire before you would arrive. I had to do something, Toallin. I can't sit here waiting and doing nothing." Ian said.
Toallin looked with a worried glance at the dirt on Ian Tydon's arms and legs.
"We appreciate your efforts, Ian, but this might turn out to be dangerous."
He went over to the sink and turned the tap.
"Come over here, son. Mugin will take over your job. I will help you cleaning. I think you're doing fine today. Have you eaten anything. Still hungry I guess, that's a good sign."
Carefully Toallin removed the bacta patches from Ian's legs and arms and replaced them with new ones.
"Now lay down on the couch and leave the chores to my brother and me, like Mugin said. Maybe it's best if you talk to my brother for a while. Any luck in reaching your Jedi master."
Ian bowed his head.
"I didn't try, Toallin. It's of no use. I hope to get well soon. Then I want to seek a way to leave this planet and get back to Dalmaran."
"Given up, Ian. Don't do that, son. One way or the other you will be able to reach that Jedi master. Keep trying, don't give up!"
In the mean time Mugin had cleaned the fire place and had built a new fire. Ian was sitting upright on the couch watching the flames. Suddenly he felt a familiar presence through the Force. The presence of his master: Leia Organa. He closed his eyes, turned inward and sought for influence of the Force to reach her, 'Master, do you hear me!' he thought using the Jedi telepathy training Luke had given him. Leia's presence through the Force filled his mind and clearly he heard her response to his plea, 'Ian, where ...', then an painful twinge ran through his back and his spine and he lost his concentration. With a sigh he opened his eyes and turned his face to the wall.
Toallin had watched Ian and came over. Reassuring he put his hand on Ian's head.
"Keep trying, son. I saw you did well."
Ian turned his head.
"My back is aching too much. It's disturbing my concentration. I couldn't tell her what happened."
"You reach some of your kind! Excellent work! See you can do it!" Toallin exclaimed. "You said her?"
Ian nodded, "My real master: Leia Organa Solo, princess of Alderaan!"
"Solo! You said."
"Yes, she recently married General Solo. You know him."
"Any one in the Outer Rim Territories knows Han Solo. Why didn't you tell us you knew him."
"I not really know him. I met him only once, Toallin, at his wedding with senator Organa."
"That senator was your master before she married Han Solo?"
Ian nodded.
"Master Luke, her brother, took me as his padawan, while she and the general were on their honeymoon. We agreed that she will be my master again, after they have returned to their official duties."
"Did she hear you?"
"Yes, she called my name!"
"At least that is something, son. Maybe she is concerned about you. Maybe she will contact that Skywalker to come to your rescue. Get some rest now and stop worrying. You did, what we expected you to do. I think, some one is alerted now."
'Master, do you hear me! '
"Ian, where ...! Han, he tried to contact me," Leia said with full concern.
"At least that's something, dear!" Her husband said.
"He lost his concentration. What happened!" Leia started pacing up and down the control room.
"Relax, sweetheart. At least we know he still is on Palomintar Six." Han said.
Leia shook her head.
"Jedi telepathy can be used from any place in the galaxy, Han. He might be on Palomintar Six, but he also can be on one of the other planets of this system. He sounded, like he was in pain."
"What do you want to do? Are we still going on to Palomintar Six or ..." Han looked at his wife.
For a moment Leia stopped her nervously pacing.
"I must contact Luke." She said after some moment.
"Relying on your brother again? What more does he know than you do, sweetheart?"
"I'm not relying on Luke. I want him to come immediately to the Palomintar System. I want him to take his responsibility for my padawan. He left him alone. If anything happens to Ian I blame Luke!" Leia said her eyes blazing.
"Don't get angry with me, darling. Contact your brother and tell him, his presence is needed here and no longer with Liane."
Han took Leia in his arms.
"Take it easy, Leia. We'll find Ian and you will see he's doing fine."
"No Han, he isn't. I was right. Something has happened. I don't know what. I'm going to our quarters to contact Luke."
"Are we still going to Palomintar Six?"
"Yes!" Leia said determined, "Call me when we're going in orbit."
She left the control room. Han looked concerned at his wife and then at Chewbacca.
In their quarters at the aft of the Falcon Leia sought her connection with the Force and reached out her brother.
'Luke, I need your help. There is something not right with Ian,' She said through the Force.
Almost immediately she felt her brother's reassuring presence.
'You're not the only one who told me, that Ian has run in to problems. ' Luke's voice sounded in her mind.
'What do you mean?'
'Last night Liane had a Force vision. It was frightening for her. We were talking and suddenly her face started twitching as if she was in great pain. She also called Ian's name. When she came out of that Force trance, she told me she had felt that Ian's skin was burning and that he was in pain. I managed to reassure her. After she went to bed I recorded a message for her and I immediately left Mon Mothma's residence through the hidden Jedi cave, I'm now at the space port of Mas'onom. I have asked clearance for immediate take off. Can we meet at Irithim space port?'
'We're nearing Palomintar Six.'
She heard him sigh deeply.
'You said you wouldn't do anything on your own, Leia. We have to be careful.'
'Luke, listen, from the moment I was back in Irithim I had the feeling that something was wrong with Ian. Four days ago I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I want you to come to Palomintar Six as soon as possible.'
Luke heard the tension in his sister's voice. He knew she was right.
'I can reach the Palomintar System in nine hours. What are you and Han going to do, Leia.'
'I'll ask Han to go into orbit around the system. The Falcon can be cloaked, so nobody will immediately notice our presence.'
'Go into high orbit around Palomintar Six. Liane has promised me that she will contact me through the Jedi-pendant if she gets another Force vision of Ian.'
'Is she alright?'
'I hope she is. I didn't want to leave her so abruptly, for I had just begun to teach her the basic principle of Jedi meditation, but I had no other choice. It's a pity I have to wait until she seeks contact through the pendant.'
Leia interrupted her brother.
'Teach her to use Jedi telepathy. I'm sure she can easily learn to use our way to communicate.'
She heard her brother laugh.
'She already can. We used it a few times on Endor. I'll seek your contact as soon as I reach Palomintar Six.'
'Thank you, Luke. Take care'
'I will, Leia. Meet you soon.'
Leia came out of her trance and rose. She left their private quarters and walked with firm strides back to the control room.
"No madam, Luke isn't with me. He has left the residence last night," Liane said.
"Liane, did he tell you the reason for his unexpected hasty departure?" Mon Mothma asked.
"Yes, I do, madam, for yesterday evening we were talking about ... well, eh ... Force things and suddenly I had the feeling as if my whole body started burning and aching. I also felt a terrible pain. It was really frightening. It felt as if something was terrible wrong with one of my friends, Luke's padawan, Ian Tydon. The pain I felt had something to do with him. I clearly felt it was Ian who was in pain and I reached out to him through the Force, for I wanted to know if he needed my help. He didn't hear me."
"Have you told Luke what you've experienced?" Mon Mothma asked concerned.
"Luke was with me all the time. He witnessed my Force vision, that's what he called it. He told me the Force was telling me what was happening, or was going to happen to another Force sensitive person with whom I seem to have a strong bond. Madam, I didn't completely understand what he told me. I was terrified."
"What happened next?"
"When I came out that Force trance, the pain was gone and I felt normal. Luke and I talked about what I had felt and he reassured me. Afterwards I said good night and went to my quarters. When I woke up this morning Luke had gone. He has left a recorded message for me in Artoo's memory banks. It was recorded in a hurry, for Luke's image was unstable with a lot of disturbance. He urged me to contact him immediately when I had another Force experience about Ian Tydon. He took my Force vision very seriously and he had to go back to Palomintar Six immediately."
Mon Mothma nodded.
"I understand that your concern about all this. This isn't indeed the nicest way for friends to say goodbye, but at least Luke has taken the trouble to inform you with the help of Artoo. It's important that he went back to Palomintar Six and support his sister. Liane, I'm quite sure, that Luke would have stayed with you, if you hadn't had this Force vision. Ian Tydon is a very lucky guy, to have you as a friend."
Liane looked relieved.
"Madam, Luke stayed with me without your approval, I fear." She added apologizing.
Mon Mothma laughed.
"His unexpected visit to Na'ctaMagh'Ba came as a bit of a surprise for me, but Leia told me the reason."
Liane looked ashamed.
"You don't have to feel ashamed, Liane, the justification of Luke's visit, and your close friendship with him are safe with me. I'm happy for both of you."
"Do you, madam?" Liane exclaimed. "Oh, I'm sorry!"
"Liane, I'm the leader of billions of creatures and my first task is to make sure that they will find a happy way of life. That counts for you, that counts for Luke Skywalker. I hope, Luke will return to you soon."
"So do I, madam, thank you for your consolation. I'm returning now to my daily chores, as I did before Luke visited me."
"That the best thing you can do, Liane. We'll be in contact in two days as normal."
The holo image of Mon Mothma vanished. Liane stared at the empty display for some moments.
"Artoo, where are you?" She called.
Immediately the barrel shaped rolled over. Liane touched the switch at the back of its dome and a small holographic image of Luke appeared in front of her on the console desk.
"My dearest little pixie, I have to leave immediately. I can't stay any longer. Your Force vision is all too clear to me. You were right last night; something has happened to Ian. I have to go back to Palomintar Six and see what I can do. I hope you will forgive me the way I'm saying goodbye for the moment."
"Of course, I forgive you, Luke," Liane whispered.
The message continued.
"My dearest comrade, if you have another Force vision, or if Ian is able call you through the Force, please, use the pendant immediately. I need more information to find him. I need your help, Liane. Ian probably needs your help. I promise I come back as soon as possible."
The message ended. Artoo stood placidly in front of Liane.
"Yes, I will give all the help I can, Luke, but how? What if I won't get another vision? Wait a minute, I could go to the Jedi cavern, maybe Master Yoda can tell me how I can be of any help. But first I will ..."
Liane jumped to her feet and went to one of the technical caves, where the tech droids performed all kinds of necessary repairs. As always Artoo was following her closely. Liane fumbled in several different bins. Finally she found what she was looking for: a restraining bolt. She grabbed a welding machine.
"Artoo, come over here, will you," Liane said, holding the bolt and the welding machine behind her back.
The little droid rolled over.
"I'm sorry, Artoo, I hate to do this, you're a fine guard, but I have to keep the connection between the residence and the Jedi cavern secret to you as well." She mumbled.
She ignited the welding machine and fixed the restraining bolt on the droids front. Artoo let out a long shriek of binary gibberish. After some minutes the droid stood motionless and inert. Liane pushed him to her quarters. While she was changing her clothes, she apologized for what she had been doing.
"I will remove the bolt, when I'm back. I'm sorry, but you're constantly watching me."
She left her quarters and bolted the door with an entrance code.
"So, he has disappeared and nobody knows where he has gone," Darth Golluth snarled at the holographic image of the Y'vanna.
"When I entered the medic center there was a huge stir. Some rogues had demolished several medic droids and messed up the place. Afterwards I heard those were the same rogues, who tried to kill the guy. They had gone to the medic center to complete the task Trimas had asked them, but Ian Tydon had gone. Nobody could tell me where he is now, but I'm certain he has gotten help from the owners of that tavern. He has worked for them," The Y'vanna said humbly.
"Interrogate them," Darth Golluth snarled outraged.
"Master, that's a big problem. The bar is now owned by two Kayvoks, two brothers. You know the species: big, huge humanoids with a nasty temper. They are the same two that kidnapped Trimas several weeks ago."
"Any word from Trimas?" Darth Golluth grumbled.
"He is dead, master. The Ktafunda guards found his corpse ditched near the swamps outside the city." The Y'vanna answered. "Possibly those Kayvoks are responsible for his dead."
" Continue your search for that Tydon guy. Do you know, whether those medic droids had him released from the bacta tank?"
"Impossible, master. I have reliable information, that his recovery would take at least another week, maybe longer. The explosion and the fire in the bar happened only a three weeks ago," the Y'vanna said.
"So his injuries are not cured. He is still disabled."
"My informants and spies are following several different tracks, but so far they weren't successful. I apologize for their incompetence, master."
Darth Golluth made an irritated gesture.
"I'm aware that most of the spies I hire are incompetent. Continue your search for Tydon and see to it that those rogues that caused all that havoc disappear and interrogate those Kayvoks. Am I clear?"
"Certainly, master.
The image vanished. Darth Golluth gritted his teeth.
"How is it possible? I am continually thwarted. I get the suspicion that ... oh no, that's impossible ... or would one of those Phylotars have talked. I should have killed those guys. You never can count on defectors."
He rose and left his communication room. Deep in thought, he walked through an underground passage and entered a huge carved hall lit with bright light tubes. Immediately two droids jumped to attention. Darth Golluth walked through the hall to a dais and sat down on a huge seat on top of the stairs. His droid majordomos bowed and offered him a glass of wine. Inattentive Darth Golluth accepted the drink.
"Your dinner will be served in about an hour, master," The droid said on a whispering humbly tone. "Does that suit you?"
"That's fine. See to it that I'm not disturb until that time. Now leave!" He ordered.
The two droids and the majordomos left the hall. Suddenly Darth Golluth slammed his fist on the arm of his seat.
"This is outrageous. I've never been insulted more in my whole career. I will find the ones who are opposing me and will crush them. One by one, and that includes you, Liane Vader. You're my main humiliation."
Liane ran through the passageway to the last storeroom. She type a standard access code to unlock the door. Quickly she vanished into the room and slid the door behind her.
She looked up to the stacks of containers in front of her. It was a high jump, but she knew she could reach the second container from above. She concentrate herself on her jump. Quickly she climbed on top the uppermost container near the ceiling. To be able to get to the secret door she crawled on top of the stacks to the backside of the storeroom. There she jumped down and put her hands on the rock. Now she had to allow the Force to help her to slide the secret door aside. Several moments passed in which she deepened her concentration. She pushed the rocky wall and the secret door slid aside. She passed the gap and closed the door behind her. Minding her steps she turned on her flashlight, descended the carved steps and jumped on the cavern floor. Determined she crossed the long cavern to the next secret door that hid the entrance to the Jedi cavern. She took another moment to blank out all disturbing thoughts and called on the Force for assistance. Her fingers touched the Jedi-pendant and a warm sense of happiness flowed through her.
"Luke, my dearest friend, are you alright?" she whispered automatically.
Almost immediately she got a response and the bluish apparition of Luke Skywalker appeared in the cavern.
'Nearing the Palomintar system. Do you have any news?'
"I didn't want to disturb you, Luke? I was only thinking of you. I can't help you any further at the moment. I just wanted to hear your voice for a moment. I'm not much of a help I guess." she said blushing.
'Your use of the pendant gives me pleasure, Liane," Luke said. 'What are you doing in the hidden cavern.'
"I'm on my way to the Jedi archive cave." Liane said. She saw Luke smile.
'You called the secret cave The Jedi Archive, that's nice, Liane.' He said smiling.
"I want to ask Master Yoda, if he knows a way, now I can help you. Just sitting idle in Mon Mothma's beautiful residence, watching the lake makes me restless. I want to do something, I want to act."
'I don't know if Master Yoda is willing to give you any advice, but surely he will appreciate your intention.'
"I will call you, as soon as I hear from Ian, Luke?"
'My lovely little pixie, I want to talk to you everyday.'
"I will, if that pleases you, my friend, but I don't want to disturb you unnecessarily. May the Force be with you, Luke."
Liane put the pendant back under her tunic. The apparition of Luke disappeared. For a moment she stood silently in front of the main secret entrance. Now she had to find her inner peace and mindfulness to reach out to the Force. She closed her eyes, concentrated on the Force and stretched her hand, like she had done the three times when she had visited the secret Jedi Archive with Luke. In her mind she saw the rock that camouflaged the door. Step by step the image of the door became clearer and clearer. Suddenly the image faded and Liane found herself looking at the rocky wall.
"I'll give it another try," she whispered and concentrated on the Force again. Again she saw the door in her mind. This time she also felt the presence of the Force, but the influence of that unseen ally wasn't strong enough to help her. Disappointed she came out of her trance again. Had Luke been helping her secretly as they were visiting the Jedi archive together? Slowly she walked over to the rock and looked for a secret lever so she could raise the door by hand, but there was nothing.
"I'm no Jedi. I told Luke, this door is too heavy for me. He must have been helping me."
With a frown on her face she sat down on a flat boulder near the door. Here she sat in front of a door that only a Jedi could lift. There was only one option: to get back to Mon Mothma's residence and wait.
"I'm not going back," she said decisively half aloud, still feeling annoyed and frustrated, "I won't give up. If I can't reach the archive, I can't ask master Yoda, what I have to do, and I will not know how I can be of any help to Luke and Ian."
'You should clear your mind of any disturbing thoughts, Liane,', a soft voice said.
Startled Liane looked back in the direction where she had come from. Some four meters away a bluish apparition came quietly walking over to her. She recognized the clothes of a Jedi Knight and suddenly she knew who he saw.
"Ben, Ben Kenobi? How did you come here?" She gasped.
The Force apparition of Obi-Wan Kenobi smiled.
'The Force has no boundaries and no limitations for those who are united with her.'
"Where's my fat... I mean Luke's father. Hasn't he come with you?" Liane asked, recalling that Luke had told her foster-father and Ben had been once close friends, almost brothers.
'No, Anakin is keeping an close eye on Trevor Matrik. I'm here to help you. I heard you say, that you want to consult my old Jedi master, don't you?'
The bluish apparition now stood in front of her. Completely enthralled by Ben's appearance Liane looked up at him, forgetting for the moment the urgent reason why she had entered the secret cave. Amazed she kept looking at him while he took a seat on the boulder next to her.
'Liane,' Ben's apparition said, 'Did Luke already tell you what a great Jedi Knight your mother has been?'
Liane nodded dumbfounded.
"Yoda, ... I mean master Yoda, has told me she was a great Jedi Knight. I thought she only was a Jedi healer. I seem to have inherited my healing powers from her," She could finally stammer.
'You have,', Ben confirmed and continued, 'So you've been talking with Yoda about your mother Severini. He told you the truth, Liane. Your mother a great Jedi healer.'
"You and Anakin have met her often on Coruscant, haven't you? That's what Luke told me," Liane asked.
'We have indeed met her a few times. Why are you asking?'
"I'd wish I had known her, Ben, for her name is now on my ID-card. I'm officially Severini's daughter. Leia has found evidence of my relationship with Severini Solichor during investigations on Morantan," Liane told Ben.
Ben smiled.
'I hear pride in your voice, Liane.' Ben said.
"I'm proud, Ben, because she was a Force healer too, and I want to use the Force the way she did, an help and heal people. I'm not interested in becoming a Jedi Knight, although master Yoda has said to me that it might be my destiny to become one. Ben, was my mother really a Jedi Knight?" Liane asked.
'Your mother learned the ways of the Force like any other padawan learner, Liane, but after her initiation to Jedi Knight, she chooses to serve the Force as a Jedi-healer instead of a Jedi Knight. But if necessary she could wield her lightsaber like any other Jedi Knight.'
Liane was silent for a while after Ben's words.
"Master Yoda said she was very young when she died. Is she united with the Force, like the Jedi creed predicts?" She asked with hesitation in her voice.
'You think a lot about your mother, don't you, Liane?' Ben said.
Liane nodded.
"Not only about her, Ben, but I also would love to know more about my real father. Master Yoda said I will find the answers to many of those questions if I'm be patient. He said I have much to learn. I'm already grateful to know that my father ... I mean my real father," She smiled and looked up to Ben's apparition, "has been a powerful Jedi Knight too. I would love to meet my real parents through the Force, if that's the only way to meet them. I would like to talk to them, like I'm talking to you now."
For a moment Liane stared to the opposite wall of the tunnel.
'Severini, your mother, has been united with the Force, Liane, as Yoda told you, and one day you will meet her, and you will also meet your real father. But you must learn to be more mindful of the moment, Liane, you're too easily distracted. Concentrate on what you're doing now. Be aware of the present, be aware of the power of the Living Force. She tells you what you have to do.'
Liane's face became all smiles.
"I've almost forgotten, why I have come here? Now you sound like Luke, Ben, for you're telling me, I'm able to raise that door over there?" She said laughing.
'You have done it before, so you can do it, but you must surrender yourself to the power of the Force completely, Liane. Clear you mind of thoughts about your mother, your father, and your friends.'
"It looks so heavy, Ben?"
'It's not heavier than the other times, when you succeeded. Turn your full concentration on that door and become one with the Force.'
"Maybe I should put on a blindfold?" Liane said with a smile.
'You don't need that. Close your eyes and let the image of the door fill your mind. See it while it's rising.'
Liane jumped to her feet and positioned herself in front of the door. She closed her eyes and slightly bowed her head. For several minutes she stood there motionless, then slowly she raised her right hand and together with that gesture the rocky wall quivered and the door began to rise. With her eyes still closed she raised her head and heard the soft click of the security lock, then she opened her eyes and lowered her hand.
"I did it, Ben, I did it," She said with self-confidence.
She turned around, but the apparition of Ben Kenobi was nowhere to be seen. Amazed she let the beam of her flashlight swivel through the dark cavern, but there was nothing.
"I must have been imagining things, maybe I have dozed off for awhile," She murmured. "Well, now I can enter the Jedi archive cavern."
She grabbed her flashlight and her lightsaber and walked through the gap. She put her flashlight on the floor, closed her eyes again and surrendered herself to the Force. She unlocked the security lock and slowly the door closed.
She switched on her lightsaber to find the markings. Swaying the beam to and fro she found her way along the long winding path to the gap to the narrow chasm which marked the entrance of the Jedi archive. She switched off her lightsaber and stood in total darkness for some moments. Then she raised her hands and looked up to the ceiling of the cavern. Slowly the hidden light tubes began to glow until the cave was brightly lit. Liane took a breath of relief. She had reached the cave. Now she could ask master Yoda for advise.
'See, you could do it,' A voice said and again the apparition of Ben Kenobi walked over to her.
"Ben? So, I have been talking to you. Why didn't you stay with me. It would have been nice to talk to you during my long walk through the tunnel." Liane said amazed, and once again she felt enthralled by his apparition.
'I'm glad you appreciate my company, Liane. I left you on your own for a while to give you more confidence.'
Again Liane started to laugh.
"The more I talk to you, Ben, the more I understand why Luke is so fond of you. It still hurts him to recall the way you died on that first Death Star. The image of your death is still very vivid on his mind. Why did you choose to be defeated?"
Ben pointed to the lounge and Liane followed him and sat down.
'You have yourself distracted again, Liane, but maybe I'd better satisfy your curiosity, and answer the questions you have, before we talk about your own mission here. I had to choose my death, otherwise it would have been impossible for me to instruct Luke on his path to become a Jedi Knight. Hasn't he told you, that after I had been united with the Force, I supported him on all his missions. After a couple of years I could instruct him to go to Dagobah and ask Yoda to complete his training. All this would have been impossible if I had stayed alive.'
Liane looked a bit puzzled.
"I'm sorry, Ben, but I don't understand. I'm sure Luke would have loved it, if you had given him his training to Jedi Knight as a real person. He could have shown his affection for you more clearly. When you left him he was just beginning to discover his abilities and after you had gone, he was all on his own."
'Liane, my influence on Luke was much greater when I have been united with Force. When I left Luke he wasn't yet aware who he really was. I had told him about Anakin, but in such a way that the person Anakin had become, was his enemy Darth Vader. Step by step Yoda and I prepared Luke to face the truth about his ancestry, and his importance to the galaxy. Do you think, Liane, that if I had told Luke in the beginning that Darth Vader was his father, he would have accepted that truth?'
Liane recalled her own desperate feelings after she had discovered the truth about her upbringing and her ancestry, and shook her head.
"I don't think so, Ben. "
'Luke had to walk the path to find of the ways of the Force from the beginning, Liane, and that path is a winding path, which can only be accomplished walking it step by step. It's a process of growth and maturation. Luke has accomplished that task, with him the Order of the Jedi Knight gets a new start, but he's still eager to learn more. That's why Yoda and myself are still supporting him.'
Liane looked straight into Ben's eyes.
"If you're still supporting Luke, then why aren't you with him on the Palomintar System now? Don't you know he has left in a hurry, because I had a Force vision about his padawan Ian. Luke has gone to the Palomintar System to look for Ian, because he seems to be wounded? You could have led Luke straight to the place where Ian is now," Liane said disapprovingly, feeling unsurely about her own decision to come to the Jedi archive to consult Luke's old master Yoda.
Ben Kenobi laughed at Liane's reproach.
'Anakin and I, Liane, have agreed, that I should keep an eye on you. In time he will give his support to his son.'""
"Anakin has asked you to keep an eye on me? Why, Ben?"
For a moment Ben Kenobi was silent and watched the girl in front of him.
'Did Luke tell you that Anakin and I have been close friends. I have been his Jedi master, but after he had become a Jedi Knight, we were like brothers. He saved my life more than once. After Palpatine had seduced him to the Dark Side our friendship turned into enmity and hatred. Anakin in his new status as the emperor's dark apprentice helped Darth Sidious to wipe out the Jedi Order. Only a few Jedi managed to go into exile, but many didn't survive the reign of the emperor. A lot of old Jedi knowledge has been lost in those years.' 'Liane, the gift of healing, you've inherited from your mother, is the main reason why I want to keep an eye on you. The way you can use the Force as a healer is special and you're the last one in this galaxy who possesses this gift. Luke was the last one Yoda trained as a Jedi Knight, you are the last one who has the Force skills to become a Jedi healer, but your skills aren't complete. You still have a lot to learn. I want to help you as much as I can, but you know who can really has to be your master, don't you?''
Liane looked down and twisted the seam of her tunic. When she looked up her eyes slid past the crates and boxes. They finally rested on the cabinet with the holocrons, then she turned silently to Ben Kenobi again.
"Ben, I want help Luke; how can I help him to find Ian, for Ian needs help. I've felt it?" She asked softly after a long time.
'You need a clear vision, a clear mind, in an environment with light, scents and things you love, the waterfall cave for instance. Only there you will find the answer to what you've just asked me. There's nothing here that will help you or Luke. In fact the content of this cave is distracting you from what you want to achieve.'
"You mean I must return to Mon Mothma's residence and wait until the Force tells me what's wrong with Ian. In the mean time I can do nothing."
'You must made the decision yourself, Liane. You want to help Ian and he needs your help desperately, Liane. You're the one who can reach him. You have a very special bond with him.'
"I have a special bond with Luke, Ben," Liane protested.
'I'm not referring to your Force union with Luke, Liane,' Ben said with a soft sigh. 'Search your feelings, you know why you care for Ian Tydon the way you do.'
Liane had closed her eyes and recalled her friendship for Ian Tydon.
"Ian is ... such a ... a fine man ... He helped me on Wegoyy. He save my life on Wegoyy, for he left me the Jedi-pendant ... He also was the one who said I was using the Force when I cured the Ewoks...I always can count on him ... he is like ...
'Like what, Liane?' Ben asked with tension in his voice.
"A very close friend. I feel the same for him as I feel for Yarnick Grann and his brothers after they unofficially made me their sister."
She suddenly felt how the Force took over her thoughts. In her mind she saw a forest and a cubicle domed cabin, then she heard some one calling her name,
'Liane! Help me!'
'Ian!' Liane exclaimed, 'Ian, is that you. Where are you? What happened?'
'Liane! Help me! Explosion ... fire ... I'm burned ... They want to kill me ... Help me, Liane, help me!'
Then the images vanished and Liane found herself watching the Force apparition of Ben.
"I saw a forest and a strange domed cabin surrounded with trees, then I heard Ian's voice," she whispered, "He's wounded and in pain. He feels a torturing agony. I've felt his burning pain, like I was on fire. I heard him say: I'm burned, and there is some one wants to kill him."
She shook her head and jumped to her feet.
"I'm going back. I can no longer talk to you, Ben, I'm sorry. I must warn Mon Mothma. She can help. She can tell Leia, Han and Luke, so they can rescue Ian."
'Remember your union with Luke, Liane. The way you can contact him is much faster,' Ben said, but Liane had already left the cave.

To be continued...