A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

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7 years ABY - 3rd year AROTJ + 11 months
  • On Dagobah
  • Anakin tells Luke how he has found Liane and how he took her with him and raise as his apprentice and his daughter.

  • On Tatooine
  • Luke carries out a specific task in Ben's house
  • On Coruscant
  • Kalip informs Jerno about the messages that has been send between Irithim and Ortel to a target in the Outer Rim.
  • On Wegoyy
  • Luke and Leia 26 + 11 months Liane 20 + 11 months
  • Luke visits Liane on Wegoyy and gives her the Jedi-pendant he has create for her;
  • Luke finds out that Liane has been tortured;
  • Liane surprises Luke with her easy use of the Jedi-pendant as she communicates with him;
  • Liane uses the Jedi-pendant after Luke has gone back to Dalmaran and gets a strange vision about Luke and herself as Jedi Knights;
  • Luke promises Liane that Leia and he will visit her again in seven weeks;
  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Luke tells Leia about possible torture on Wegoyy
  • Luke and Leia leave Dalmaran on a diplomatic trip and they will also look out for Han;
  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • The spies tell their master that Ian Tydon has become friends with Liane against the strict prohibition of the prison regulation.
  • The spies want to blackmail Ian Tydon
  • The spies also reveal the names of Dendicott and Rand Phylotar


8 years ABY - 4th year AROTJ + 1 months
  • On Wegoyy
  • Dendicott accuses Liane of spying for the New Republic; (shortly after Luke and Leia left for Tambrin)
  • Rand Phylotar orders Ian Tydon to bring Liane to the desert area at a great distance of the prison, and leave her there bound and blindfolded;
  • Ian leaves Liane in a canyon were the Draga, former friends of him, live; (shortly after Liane's torture has ended)
  • Ian also leaves Liane the Jedi-pendant he has seized from the hidden hollow in her cell and kept for herr;

  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • General Madine calls Luke and Leia on Tambrin to return to Dalmaran; (1.5 months after Luke and Leia left Irithim and more than a month after Liane last contact with Luke)
  • Dendicott has reported that Liane has escaped six weeks earlier.
  • Luke and Leia 27 + 1 month, Liane 21 + 1 month
  • On Tatooine
  • Luke and Liane talk a third time, using the Jedi-pendant; (shortly after Luke and Leia left for Tambrin)

  • On Wegoyy
  • Liane is tortured again and drugged; (shortly after Liane's last chat with Luke)
  • Liane's memories are blocked a strong minddrug;

  • On Wegoyy in the canyon desert
  • The Draga find Liane and rescue her.
  • Liane doesn't remember who she is, where she comes from, or what her name is;
  • Liane doesn't recognize the Jedi-pendant, but keeps it her;
  • Liane can't use the Jedi-pendant to contact Luke;
  • The Draga let Liane live with them. (1 month after Ian has left her in the canyon)
  • Liane touches the Jedi-pendant a few times and sees Luke's image;
  • Luke feels the short influences of the Jedi-pendant and becomes worried about Liane;

  • On Wegoyy on top of the canyon
  • Liane meets the Grann brothers;
  • Liane leaves Wegoyy with on board their space ship; (about 1 month after Ian has left her in the canyon)
  • On Coruscant
  • Jerno, Valan, and Kalip hear that the daughter of Darth Vader has escaped from the Wegoyy prison
  • Kalip tells the other leaders that also from Wegoyy messages have been send to the Outer Rim about the whereabouts of the daughter of Darth Vader


8 years ABY - 4th year AROTJ + 10 months
  • On Wegoyy
  • Dendicott orders Rand Phylotar to go after Ian Tydon;

  • On Dalmaran at De'olon space port
  • Rand Phylotar meets his brother Daino and asks for help to find the Granns;
  • Luke and Leia 27 + 10 months Liane 21 + 10 months
  • On Wegoyy
  • Luke goes to Wegoyy and takes over the investigation from Dendicott;
  • Luke receives a message from Ian Tydon to meet him in the Wegoyy desert;
  • Ian tells Luke about the blackmail message he had received
  • Ian tells Luke that Liane hasn't escaped, but that Dendicott has tortured and mind drugged her
  • Luke and Ian Tydon meet the Draga;
  • Luke finds out that Liane has left Wegoyy with the Grann brothers;

  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Luke takes Ian Tydon with him to Irithim to testify about what has happened to Liane;
  • Luke and Ian start looking for the Grann brothers, for Liane is still traveling with them;
  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • The spies inform the mysterious person that commander Dendicott has killed Liane.
  • The mysterious person feels frustrated and sees his plan to revive the empire fall apart
  • The mysterious person blames Darth Vader for his mishap

  • On Coruscant
  • Jerno, Valan, and Kalip hear that the daughter of Darth Vader has been tortured and died.
  • Jerno tells his co-leader they only can be sure, if there's an official statement of her death.


9 years ABY - 5th year AROTJ + 6 months
  • Onboard of the Grannd Traveler
  • Yarnick Grann decides to go to Rasth to consult his parents;

  • On Dalmaran in De'olon forest
  • Daino gives Rand Phylotar the identification of the Grann's space ship;
  • R2D2 witnesses the secret meeting between Rand and Daino Phylotar and scans their images
  • Luke and Leia 28 + 6 months Liane 22 + 6 months

  • Onboard the Grannd Traveler
  • Liane travels with the Grann brothers for more than a year under a new name 'Eilidh Grann'; (16 months after she has left the Draga)

  • On Tatooine in Mos Eisley
  • Liane meets Han Solo in Mos Eisley's cantina on Tatooine and ask where Leia is;

  • On Rasth
  • Liane meets Marek and Aaliyah, the Grann brother's parents;
  • Liane leaves the Granns and flees from Rasth;
  • Liane hides in a small freight container and arrives on Endor;

  • On Endor
  • Liane is captured and imprisoned in the Ewok village; (1 month after she has arrived on Endor)
  • On Dalmarin at Irithim
  • Luke and Ian have been traveling together through the galaxy for months to find the Grann brothers and Liane; (16 months after Liane has left Wegoyy with the Grann brothers)
  • Leia tells her brother to stop looking for Liane and wait until she will use the Jedi-pendant again;
  • Luke reveals to Leia his Force visions of Liane on Morantan;
  • Luke asks Leia to take Ian Tydon as her padawan learner
  • Luke leaves Dalmaran alone for a last time;

  • On Rasth
  • Luke meets the Granns and hears that Liane has left them unexpectedly
  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • The spies inform their master that Liane is alive
  • The spies tell their master that Rand Phylotar wants the antidote for the minddrug;
  • The mysterious master rejects Rand Phylotar's proposal about the antidote for the mind drug;
  • The mysterious master tells his spies they have to find Liane first;

  • On Coruscant
  • Jerno is convinced that Darth Vader's daughter isn't dead, for his agent at Irithim have told him, that Luke and Ian have been searching for her in the Outer Rim system for more than a year
  • Jerno mentions that their Irithim agent also has reported that Ian Tydon possibly will be trained as a Jedi Knight
  • Jerno sees no reason to ask the New Republic to inform them about the daughter of Darth Vader, for as long as she doesn't reappear again, there is no threat or emergency.


10 years ABY - 6th year AROTJ + 6 months
  • On Rasth
  • Rand Phylotar tries to intimidate Marek Grann;

  • On Dalmaran
  • Daino and Rand meet again while Artoo records their meeting

  • On Tatooine
  • Wedge assembles his own lightsaber in Ben Kenobi's former home; (10 months after he has become Luke's padawan)
  • Luke and Leia 29 + 6 months Liane 23 + 6 months

  • On Endor
  • Liane learns the language of the Ewoks with help of Logray;
  • Liane uses a strange intuitive method to cure wounded Ewoks in a different way;
  • Liane shows wounded Ewoks images of their future which results in a fast recovery;
  • Liane becomes an honored member of the Ewok clan (10 months after her arrival in the Ewok village)
  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Leia receives Artoo's first recorded surveillance message of the second meeting between the brother Phylotar;
  • Leia expresses her worries if Rand Phylotar will find Liane before her brother;
  • Leia enjoys her new task as Jedi Master of Ian Tydon, her new padawan;

  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Luke promises Leia to take Wedge Antilles as his padawan;
  • Luke trains Wedge to feel, use and control the Force at will;
  • Luke leave Irithim with Wedge and goes to Tatooine; (9 months after Luke has taken Wedge as his padawan learner)

  • On Dagobah
  • Luke leaves Tatooine and goes to Dagobah with Wedge;
  • On Coruscant
  • Jerno, Valann, Kalip hear that Darth Vader's daughter is alive, but is suffering from amnesia, because she has been tortured and minddrugged.
  • Kalip mentions the names of three former imperial officers who deserted and defected to the Alliance
  • Jerno has some suspicions and issues a full investigations about some missing commanders


10 years ABY - 6th year AROTJ + 11 months
  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Daino Phylotar arrested and accused of treason, and an attempt of manslaughter;

  • On Dagobah
  • Wedge becomes the third Jedi Knight; (4 months after his arrival on Dagobah)

  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Mon Mothma wants Luke to start looking for Liane again, because Dendicott knows about Liane's travels with the Grann brothers
  • Luke tells Mon Mothma he will leave immediately, but warns the Supreme Chancellor that she mustn't expect a quick result.
  • Luke and Leia 29 + 11 months Liane 23 + 11 months

  • On Endor
  • Liane has found a new life in freedom in the Ewok village;
  • Liane accidentally touches the Jedi-pendant and sees that the young man uses a lightsaber, and wonders if he is a Jedi Knight;
  • Liane hears the young man's words, but still doesn't recognize him as her friend Luke;
  • Liane gets her own tree house with a view on the lake; (5 month after she has seen the image of Luke on Dagobah)
  • Liane hears a voice, telling her that Eilidh Grann isn't her real name;
  • Liane leaves the Ewok village, and explores a part of the Endor forest;
  • Liane hears the voice again, and answers with 'father';
  • Liane finds remnants of the Battle of Endor;
  • Liane discovers a black burned spot on a clearing and the stone which commemorates her father, Darth Vader;
  • Liane's memories return as she reads her father's name on the stone;
  • Liane now realizes what has happened to her and who she really is;
  • Liane desperately remembers that she hasn't spoken to Luke for a long time;
  • The Force apparitions of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi encourage Liane to use the Jedi-pendant again;
  • Liane is too shocked and upset to be able to use the Jedi pendant immediately the right way.
  • On Dagobah
  • Luke initiates Wedge as a Jedi Knight during Wedge's trials on Dagobah;
  • Luke sees an image of Liane during his stay on Dagobah, but she doesn't recognize him;
  • On Wegoyy
  • Dendicott gets a message of the mysterious person
  • The mysterious person threatens to reveal Dendicott's part in the mind drugging of Liane
  • Dendicott and the mysterious person conclude an agreement.
  • Dendicott will go after Liane and deliver her in the hands of spies who work for a mysterious master in the Outer Rim


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ
  • On Endor
  • Teebo brings Luke to the clearing
  • Luke and Leia 30 - Liane 24
  • On board the Astræga
  • Luke, in a Force vision, recognizes Endor and goes immediately to the forest moon;
  • Liane calls Luke, using the Jedi-pendant;
  • Luke uses Jedi telepathy to tell Leia he has found Liane on Endor;

  • On Endor
  • Luke tells her the truth about himself, Leia and Darth Vader his father;
  • Liane is surprised as Luke tells her that Anakin and his old master Ben Kenobi have been watching her;
  • Luke tells Liane his father regrets that he had taught her all the knowledge of the Dark Side.
  • Liane tells him about what has happened to her on Wegoyy;
  • Liane is worried about the way she has left the Granns on Rasth;
  • Luke is surprised that Liane has learned the Ewok language;
  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Luke leave Dalmaran, on request of Mon Mothma to start looking for Liane


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 1 months
  • On Dalmaran at Mas'onom
  • Dendicott orders Rand Phylotar to Rasth;
  • At De'olon space port
  • Artoo intercepts Rand Phylotar's flight from Dalmaran
  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • Leiadiscusses Artoo's recording with Madine
  • Ianwill accompany Threepio and Artoo are send to Rasth;
  • Luke and Liane 2 months united again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • On Endor
  • Luke take Liane to the Endor space port to collect some of Leia's wardrobe;
  • Luke gets a first message from Leia, that Dendicott has started his own search to find Liane;
  • Luke thinks about his sister's warning and decides to convince Liane to become his padawan.
  • Luke starts with Liane's physical training to use the Force at the Good Side;
  • Luke suggests that Liane can stay out of detention if she becomes his padawan learner.
  • Luke show Liane all kinds of experiences with the Force; like high jumps and somersaults, Jedi telekinesis, Jedi telepathy;
  • Liane become frightened when Luke teaches her more mental Force use;
  • Liane doesn't want to continue her Force training
  • Luke had to admit he has pushed Liane too much.
  • On Coruscant
  • Jernomeets with someone who has been involved in intelligence operations
  • Jernomakes a proposal to change the person identity
  • Jernoand the anonymous visitor come to an agreement


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 3 months
  • On Rasth
  • Dendicott leaves Rasth and goes to Endor;
  • On Endor
  • Yarnick and his brothers arrive on Endor before Dendicott
  • Lianeis delighted to see her old friends again
  • Dendicott's arrival on Endor, is delayed through the flaw in the flight program which Artoo has inserted.
  • Dendicott attacks the Ewok village
  • Luke and Liane 3 months together again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • On Endor
  • Leiawarns Luke again and urges him to return to Dalmaran;
  • Luke tells his sister he still wants Liane to become his padawan learner;
  • Liane is worried about Dendicott's plan to come to Endor
  • Luke Kieran, Conor and Yarnick return to the Ewok village to help the tree bears
  • Luke urges Liane to hide in the remains of the shield generator building with the other three Grann brothers Ronan, Brion and Bran
  • On Dalmarn at Irithim
  • Leia gets information from Artoo that Dendicott has found out where Liane is.
  • Leia asks Yarnick and his brothers to go to Endor to give Luke and Liane some extra protection
  • Artoo reveals that he has made the changes to the flight progamm to delay Dendicott's arrival in order of Kieran Grann
  • Mon Mothmasends Wedge and Leia to Endor with the Tychorion
  • Leia leaves for Endor;
  • Jerno, Valann and Kalip have been informed that Liane is on Endor
  • Jerno is convinced that there is a serious lead about the hiding place of admiral Trevor Matrik


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 3 months
  • On the Tychorion
  • General Madine, Wedge, Leia and Ian are nearing Endor;
  • Luke and Liane 3 months united again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • On Endor
  • Dendicott shoots Teebo;
  • Luke and three Grann brothers defend the Ewok village;
  • Logray warns Liane that Teebo is severly wounded;
  • Liane follows Logray back to the village to help Teebo;
  • Dendicott stuns Liane and takes her with him;
  • General Madine and his troopers land on Endor;
  • Dendicott's speeders demolished and fractured;
  • Dendicott can't to get to the space port immediately
  • Dendicott sends Rand Phylotar to get a transport ship
  • General Madine and his men arrive near the Ewok village;
  • Luke tells Leia and general Madine that Dendicott has captured Liane;
  • Dendicott changes his positon and goes to the lake;
  • Luke and the other seek a position near the lake opposite Dendicott
  • On Coruscant
  • Doran Whain informs Jerno about his arrival on board the Basilisæa
  • The Basilisæa is going on surveillance mission to the Palomintar System