A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

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11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 6.5 months
  • The Millennium Falcon is on her way back to Dalmaran
  • Luke and Liane 6.5 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Luke can't reach Leia, for she isn't on Dalmaran
  • Liane dreams and reaches Ian Tydon. She manages to tell him she and Luke have found Han
  • Liane's dream becomes a nightmare, as she sees Luke with an ashen faces, laying on a burial pyre, while a hooded person tells her her friend is dead. She wakes up screaming
  • Luke reassures her, telling her she had a nightmare, but as Liane tells him she has talked to Ian, he wonders if the Force has influenced her dream
  • Han asks Liane about the Grann brothers, and hears what has happened to her on Wegoyy
  • Han is outraged, and refers to another case in which Dendicott has played a sinister role
  • Han realizes that without Liane's help, he wouldn't have recovered, but possibly would have died
  • Leia and Ian have left Coruscant and are heading to Quoith
  • Ian hears Liane's voice and her message and tells about Leia
  • Leia tells him to set course to Dalmaran to meet Han again
  • Ian asks Leia who Han is, and is amazed that she's talking about general Solo, a name he has heard during his education at the Academy.
  • Jerno, Kalip and Valan have been informed about admiral Vestor's visit to Palomintar Four, followed by an unexpected flight to Endor and back
  • Valan tells his co-leaders, that Leia has requested all the data on admiral Trevor Matrik, despite she could hand over a warrant of the Supreme Chancelor
  • Kalip wonders if the New Republic's government wants to send Darth Vader's daughter to Palomintar Four


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 6.5 months
  • Mon Mothma and her guards are at Irithim's space port
  • Mon Mothma orders Leia to take Liane with her and get her personal belongings
  • Luke and Liane 6.5 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane fears she will be sent back to Wegoyy after arrival on Dalmaran
  • Liane realize her position, and accept the consequences
  • Liane feel uncertain as Leia takes her to the rear of the Falcon
  • Leia contacts her brother, and asks him about Liane's message to Ian
  • Luke confirms Liane's message.
  • Leia consult Mon Mothma, and together they make a plan to protect Liane against Darth Golluth's spies
  • Leia asks Mon Mothma to pardon Liane
  • Han doubts if Leia will welcome him at Irithim space port
  • Leia responds to Han's clearing message, and Han rushes to the ramp of the Falcon to meet her
  • Ian and Leia welcome Liane after arrival
  • Darth Golluth's spies inform their master that Liane is back on Dalmaran
  • The spies also tells Darth Golluth that Leia is a Jedi Knight and Ian Tydon her padawan
  • Darth Golluth is convinced that he will succeed this time to bring Liane to Palomintar Four


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 6.5 months
  • Jerno has a secret holographic meeting with the representative of the New Republic
  • Jerno expresses his concern about the way Leia has requested Trevor Matrik's personal data
  • Jerno hears about the different attempts to kidnap the daughter of Darth Vader and bring her to Palomintar Four
  • The representative ensures that Liane will be kept at a secret hiding place until the joined governments have unmasked Darth Golluth and have him arrested.
  • Jerno makes contact with a junior officer who knows more details of the communication system that's been in use from Palomintar Four
  • Luke and Liane 6.5 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane disguised as Leia accompanies Mon Mothma and Han to the government building;
  • Liane meets three members of the High Council and tells them what has happened to her
  • Luke, Leia and Ian start their mission in the Grand Sewer to reach the government building unseen.
  • Spy on Dalmaran informs Darth Golluth he has seen that Luke and Ian have accompanied 'Liane' to the detention building.
  • Guards deny to answer Trimas - Darth Golluth' spy - question about new arrival in the detention building
  • Twi'lek Trimas interrogates his connection in the detention building
  • Jerno makes contact with the representative of the New Republic and asks an explanation about Leia's action in the Imperial archive.
  • Jerno express his concern about the whereabouts of Liane, but the representative reassures him, telling that Liane has been brought to a safe place.
  • Jerno asks a young officer about the capacity of the Palomintar communication system and orders him to make certain changes to the system.


11 years ABY -7th year AROTJ + 8.5 months
  • Luke and Ian are heading to the Palomintar System to do investigations on Darth Golluth
  • Ian senses some vibrations in the Force as they near Palomintar Four, and warns Luke
  • Luke and Liane 8.5 months united again, Liane 2 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane reflects on all events after her arrival in Mon Mothma's residence
  • Liane is pardoned and gets a new ID-card with her mother's name Severini Solichor
  • Liane uses her time with exploration around the underground residence
  • Liane uses the Jedi-pendant a third time to contact Luke
  • Liane tells Luke she misses him, but don't want to disturb him too often
  • Luke make a slip of the tongue, calling Liane 'my dearest eternal friend' and Liane wonders what his words mean
  • Luke blames himself for his mistake, for he isn't sure Liane understands their relationship
  • Han and Leia wed during their visit in Mon Mothma's residence
  • Han and Leia go on honeymoon and Ian become Luke's padawan temporarily
  • Han and Leia try to convince Luke to believe in the Force visions he has seen about Liane and himself
  • Luke fears that Liane sees Ian as her real friend


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 9.5 months
  • Luke leaves Ian on Palomintar Six and goes back to Dalmaran to support Liane
  • Ian takes a job as a bartender with Toallin and Mugin, two Quelans on Palomintar Six
  • Luke has made up his mind and wants to tell Liane about their relationship
  • Luke goes to the Jedi archive and consults master Yoda via a holocron
  • Master Yoda warns Luke to be aware of his feelings for Liane
  • Master Yoda reveals some facts about Liane's mother Severini
  • Luke get a Force vision about Ian Tydon
  • Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi and Severini Solichor secretly married on Morantan
  • Ben has brought Ian to Corellia to be safe
  • Yoda doesn't want to confirm that Liane is Ben's daughter
  • Luke decides to show Liane the hidden Jedi archive
  • Luke and Liane 9.5 months united again, Liane 3 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane welcomes Leia and Han; Leia reprimands Artoo, for he is Liane's primary guardian
  • Liane is upset as Leia mentions Darth Golluth' name and tells her there's aways a chance his spies might find her
  • Leia and Han has done investigations on Morantan and have discovered that Liane probably has met Trevor Matrik frequently
  • Leia and Han get permission to visit Liane and ask her about their findings
  • Leia warns Luke about their visit to Mon Mothma's residence
  • Han and Leia enjoy the trip to Na'ctaMagh'Ba ;
  • Ian encounters Trimas and finds out the Twi'lek is a spy for Darth Golluth


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 9.5 months
  • Luke uses the secret way behind the Jedi archive to enter Mon Mothma's residence
  • Toallin asks Ian to tell him the truth about himself
  • Luke and Liane 9.5 months united again, Liane 3 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane feels Luke's presence through the Force and is elated about his unexpected visit
  • Luke asks Liane the same question as he did on Ortel and this time Liane answers the question
  • Liane tells Luke about her Force visions as she has been using the Jedi-pendant
  • Liane is fully aware of her relationship with Luke
  • Luke confirms what Liane tells him
  • Liane reassures Luke about her feelings for Ian, she only cares for Luke
  • Luke dares to give in to his feelings for Liane
  • Ian is attacked and uses his lightsaber to defend himself
  • Trimas contact Darth Golluth about Ian
  • Darth Golluth wants and image of Ian
  • Darth Golluth is outraged as he sees Ian's image
  • Darth Golluth orders Trimas to kill Ian
  • Jerno instruct a young officer how to proceed on the Palomintar Four communication system
  • Jerno has a short holographic meeting with the representative of the New Republic about the follow up of the action plan both sides have agreed on.


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 9.5 months
  • Toallin and Mugin give Ian shelter in an underground storage room in the private quarters of their lodge house on Palomintar Six
  • Luke and Liane 9.5 months united again, Liane 3 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Luke and Liane share their new relationship with Han and Leia
  • Leia tells Liane about Trevor Matrik
  • Liane can't believe Darth Golluth and Trevor Matrik are the same person
  • Liane tells Luke, Han, and Leia what she knows
  • Liane becomes upset as Leia insists to tell them if Trevor Matrik has Sith knowledge
  • Luke reassures Liane and tells her he can teach her a ways of Jedi meditation which will help her to reflect on her past on Morantan
  • Liane shows Luke the cave with her herb laboratory
  • Liane wonders if it would be possible for her to start her Force training under Luke's guidance from the beginning again
  • Ian tells Toallin and Mugin the reason for his stay on Palomintar Four
  • Han and Leia have an argument about Leia's words
  • Trimas tells Darth Golluth Ian Tydon is a Jedi
  • Darth Golluth decides to use Ian as a bait to get Liane, using her friendship for Ian
  • Trimas has to harm Ian and bring him to Palomintar Four


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 9.5 months
  • Ian lacks concentration on the Force, and isn't able to make contact with Luke using Jedi telepathy
  • Trimas accuses Mugin of lying and two Kayvoks take the spies with them
  • Toallin and Mugin wants to interogate Trimas later that day
  • Luke and Liane 9.5 months united again, Liane 3 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane takes Luke to the waterfall cave
  • Luke gets a Force vision about Tijan's death, but doesn't see who has killed Tijan
  • Liane is worried about his reaction, but Luke doesn't tell her what he has seen
  • Liane tells Leia and Luke everything she remembers of Trevor Matrik's frequent visit to Morantan


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 9.5 months
  • A group of criminals blow up the lodging house of Toallin and Mugin
  • Ian runs back into the burning building to safe Toallin and Mugin and is badly wounded
  • Toallin has Ian transported to the medical clinic of Ktafunda
  • Ian finds himself in a Bacta tank
  • Toallin and Mugin wonder if they should warn Ian's friends on Dalmaran, but decide to wait
  • Luke and Liane 9.5 months united again, Liane 3 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane and Luke talk about Trevor and the way to become a Sith Lord
  • Liane wonders and fears if she's a Sith already, because she has killed Tijan
  • Luke admires Liane's explorations and tells her there is more to explore on the other side of the residence
  • Luke promises they will visit those caves the next day
  • Liane wants to learn Jedi meditation in the waterfall cave
  • Han and Leia return to Irithim
  • Leia has a Force vision that Ian is in trouble
  • Leia reports to Mon Mothma, who wonders why Luke is staying with Liane in the residence without her consent
  • Leia defends Luke and Liane, but Mon Mothma insists that Luke has to warned in case problems will occur in the Palomintar System
  • Leia gets implicit permission to go after Ian if Leia's Force vision occurs again
  • Darth Golluth has gotten access to files in the Quoith computer system of the New Republic and finds out that Liane is the daughter of Severini Solichor
  • Darth Golluth wonders if Liane is the daughter of Darth Vader and Severini
  • Anakin Skywalker overhears Darth Golluth' musing and comments


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 10 months
  • Toallin brings a wounded Ian to the cabin in the forest far north of Ktafunda to recover
  • Luke and Liane 10 months united again, Liane 3.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Luke shows Liane the secret ways to the Jedi archive
  • Liane manages to raise the entrance door using the Force
  • Liane senses some very sad memories in Luke's mind
  • Luke promises her to tell her at another moment
  • In the Jedi archive Luke hands Liane the silverlined book The Jedi Path which she has been reading on Morantan
  • Luke checks Liane's midi-chlorian count and is surprised that like him, her midi-chlorian runs off the chart too
  • Luke tells Liane probably both her parents have been very Force-sensitive
  • Liane takes The Jedi Path back to the residence
  • Ian awakes in the Bacta tank and gets a Force experience and discovers a plan to assassinate him
  • Darth Golluth is outraged about the attack of the criminals
  • Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are worried about Darth Golluth' intentions
  • Anakin will keep an eye on Darth Golluth
  • Obi-Wan will support Liane