A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 31

ome information from our man on the Basilisæa requires our attention, Jerno. Admiral Vestor has landed on Palomintar Four and after that visit he gave the order to set course to the forest moon of Endor without sending a message to notify fleet control on Coruscant and another odd thing occurred after his visit on Palomintar Four. A disguised visitor accompanied him. This visitor immediately has locked himself up in the admiral's private quarters. He only showed up, when admiral Vestor had ordered to prepare for a landing on Endor, using one of the non-identifiable transport pods of the ship. The transport pod returned after several hours, and admiral Vestor ordered the operators to head back for Palomintar Four. Once in orbit around the planet the admiral and the disguised visitor used one of the standard transport ships to land. After several hours the admiral returned to Basilisæa alone," Kalip said, putting down the full report.
"Who asked admiral Vestor to land on Palomintar Four the first time? Did the Basilisæa receive a request from some one on Palomintar Four?" Jerno asked.
"No. No messages were received via the main communication system of the Basilisæa. Our expert on board reports that it's very likely that some one on Palomintar Four has sent the message to the admiral Vestor's private communication system. Those private systems are shielded off the main communication center of the star destroyer. During the Civil War those systems were used to send the commanders of the star destroyers personal messages and information from the emperor's head quarters, even from the emperor or Darth Vader himself."
Jerno looked at Valan and Kalip, "That means that the one who has sent the message to invite admiral Vestor on Palomintar Four, is familiar with this secret equipment of a star destroyer. This is unwanted and a serious development. If our agent on board the star destroyer can be bypassed, because some secret knowledge is used to make contact with the Basilisæa's commander, we loose the ability to control the situation. Kalip, contact our man, and ask him, if he can find out, if admiral Vestor has conclude a secret agreement with that disguised visitor, who probably is former admiral Trevor Matrik. Any other news? Valan?"
"Yes, Jerno, recently the special advisor of the Supreme Leader, and member of the High Council, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, has requested a copy of all the personal data which is recorded in the Imperial Archive on admiral Trevor Matrik. I know that officials and especially members of the New Republic's High Council have unlimited access to that data provided they have a warrant signed by the Supreme Chancellor, but now comes the odd part of the special advisor's request. The officer on duty has copied the admiral's personal data without receiving or seeing a warrant from the Supreme Chancellor."
"As I said a minute ago, the situation is getting serious and complicated, for it seems that the New Republic is showing interest in our former admiral too." Jerno said, "I will make contact with their official representative via the special channel on Quoith and ask an explanation."
"Jerno, could it be, that the New Republic wants to get rid of the woman and have her transported to Palomintar Four?" Kalip asked with concern.
Jerno laughed, "I don't think so, Kalip, for that probably would mean a new war, but I will discuss this matter with their representative too."
A Corellian freighter was rushing through hyperspace on her way to the new center of the New Republic: the planet Dalmaran.
In the flight control room Han Solo checked the navi-computer.
"We are on our way to Dalmaran. Guys, it was gradually getting time to go home and that is a great understatement."
Again he looked at the synchron.
"We will arrive in Dalmaran's orbit in less than a fifty hours. That leaves us enough time to exchange some common memories, I guess."
He grinned and turned to Liane.
"I want to hear your story, Eilidh Grann, for you doesn't seem to suffer from amnesia any more. The first time I met you was in Wuher's cantina in Mos Eisley in the company of the brothers Grann? Tell me, how did you end up on board the Millennium Falcon together with my Jedi friend Luke Skywalker. Where did you meet him?
Liane looked flabbergasted. Han started to laugh and turned his co-pilot.
"Chewie, meet Eilidh Grann, the youngest sister of Yarnick Grann and his brothers. She is a beauty, don't you think, with that beautiful amber colored hair?"
Chewbacca grunted an answer, and Han started to laugh.
"Of course, pal, you're right. A beauty to human eyes, but I have noticed that you fancy her, and I'm glad you do, pal. For you must do me a favor. From now on, you should protect this beautiful girl with your life. I owe her my recovery and I hope my future."
Chewbacca growled a confirmative and Luke grinned looking at Liane who was shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.
Han took a seat on the couch, pulled Liane next to him, and put his arm around her shoulder. Immediately Liane pushed his arm aside.
"Don't do that. You're Leia's friend, not mine," She snapped, but started to blush.
Han roared with laughter, "Alright, don't feel offended, sweetheart, but it's your turn to tell me your part of the story."
Liane remained silent and stared at him.
"Come on, sweetheart. I want to hear your story, before we arrive on Dalmaran."
"You remembered me all the time!" was all she finally said.
"Of course, I remember you, sweetheart. Like my pal Chewie, I fancy beautiful young women, Eilidh, especially those with that radiant amber brown hair like yours. You're a real beauty, Eilidh Grann, so I'm glad we met in that cantina in Mos Eisley. Do you remember, what you asked me? "
"I remember your very crude answer," Liane said and regained her composure.
"Sorry, sweetheart, but at that moment your question was very offensive."
Liane silenced.
"Alright, if you don't want to tell me any details, please, be so kind to answer the following question. Eilidh isn't your real name, that's for sure? And the famous Grann brothers aren't your relatives, for Yarnick told me you had lost your memory."
Liane looked up.
"My real name is Liane Solichor. Yarnick and his brothers called me Eilidh, because I couldn't tell them my real name, when I met them. I had been living with the Draga on Wegoyy for some time. Who I was, where I came from and what had happened to me I didn't know. I ran away from Rasth more than a year ago to find out what had happened to me. I found my way to Endor. All my old memories returned on that forest moon. I managed to warn Luke, who I had met on Dalmaran, and ask him to come to Endor and pick me up. Luke and I met Chewbacca and I heard your longing pleas to Leia. That's how I got on board your ship."
Han laughed.
"That's a very short summary of your life, Liane Solichor. There must be a lot more details to fill the gaps in your story. For instance, what happened to you before you lost your memories? How did you loose them? Did you had a severe accident? Fall off a cliff or worse?Why did you run away from the Grann brothers and their parents? How did you get to Endor? Have you been there before? How did you manage to warn Luke? I would like to hear a more complete story."
"More or less," Liane said reluctantly.
She looked at Luke. She felt embarrassed and didn't know how to tell Han that the High Court on Irithim had sentenced and exiled her to the Wegoyy prison. Luke felt her confusion and answered some of Han's questions instead of her.
"Liane has spent some time in the Wegoyy prison, for what she unintentionally had done wrong, after the New Republic forces had cleared the pockets of resistance on Morantan, her home planet, Han. She fiercely defended herself and her foster-father stronghold, but she had to surrender."
Han looked at Liane; he started grinning.
"So you're the famous Dark ..."
At once Liane became furious.
"Don't you dare to call out that nickname, Han Solo," she shouted angrily, "I will never talk to you again if you only can recall me as the person I hate."
"Take it easy, sweetheart. So, you're the daughter of Darth Vader?"
"No, I'm not," Liane snapped. "I'm Liane Solichor. I'm the daughter of a Force-user and Dart... Anakin Skywalker has been my foster-father, as Luke just told you. You do know who Anakin Skywalker was, don't you?"
'Liane, Han doesn't want to provoke you. He is only telling you what he has heard about you,' Luke's soft voice said. 'He wants to get to know you better. He is grateful, for what you have done for him. Tell him who you are, and what happened to you.'
Liane relaxed a bit.
"What you want to know," She said surly.
"Sweetheart, I'm sorry, I surely didn't want to make you angry or upset you. Luke just said, that you had been imprisoned on Wegoyy. Tell me if I'm right, Liane. Has commander Dendicott tortured you with the mental drug?," He asked.
Liane nodded and averted her eyes.
"He did, and he had me brought to the Wegoyy desert, because he thought I was a spy for the New Republic at Irithim."
Chewbacca grumbled a long sentence in Han's direction.
"Yes, Chewie, the same guy. He's a real bastard; a former Imperial defector, " Han said at a furious tone, "I've told Mon Mothma more than once not to trust him, but she had to reward him for his share of those dangerous raids on the second Death Star."
Luke and Liane shared a curious look. Han looked at Liane and reassuringly put a hand on her arm.
"I'm really sorry, sweetheart, that I haven't realized what had happened to you, when I met you on Tatooine. After what you have done for me I think that commander Dendicott has to have a very good reason, why he drugged you with the forbidden imperial mind drug."
"I told you. He was convinced I was a spy. Luke visited me while I was imprisoned, and the commander had activated a surveillance cam and had our chats recorded. Before I was send to Wegoyy, Luke and Leia had become my friends, so I called Luke by his first name, when he visited me. That was enough evidence for the commander, that I was telling Luke what was going on in the Wegoyy prison. Before he ordered his men to put me in the SL-chamber, he showed me images of a surveillance cam. One of the tapes showed Luke and me, while he was comforting me. I was upset, because he couldn't stay any longer. I would be alone again, after he had gone. Dendicott yelled at me, that he found it unlikely, that Luke, as an governmental officer and a Jedi Knight only tried to comfort me. I became outraged and attacked one of the guards and that was the end of his interrogation. The guard aimed his blaster at me and stunned me, when I woke up again there were flashing lights and shrieking sounds all around me. I wasn't allowed to sleep, and several times droids must have entered my cell to gave me a painful injection. The lights and the sound exhausted me and finally I passed out and lost my consciousness. I can't recall, what happened all the time. The last thing I remember was that a spherical droid was entering th SL-chamber. In one of it utensils it held out a needle with a dark fluid. After that injection everything went dark. When I woke up I saw the Draga, "
She shivered at the memory, and swallowed. Her mouth felt dry.
Han had listened to her explanation, nodded understandingly without commenting immediately on her story.
"So he still exhibits the same paranoid behavior," He said, turning to Luke, "Do you remember Lando's two old friends from Bespin who had been accused of collaborating with the Empire. Months after our victory they suddenly were captured and send to Wegoyy prison for ten or more years."
Luke nodded.
"I remember, because I didn't believe they were collaborators. I opposed the verdict, as did Leia."
"Right, pal," Han said on a harsh and angry tone, "For the verdict was a decoy. Lando and I had heard rumors about Imperial torture practices that were still being used in the Wegoyy prison. We informed Mon Mothma. Lando's friends volunteered and an secret undercover operation was set up, so they could infiltrate as inmates. We were supposed to get their reports after our return from Leathan. We made a detour to reach Wegoyy, but once there we were told that the two men had escaped. There had been an extensive search in the desert. Dendicott told Lando and me they had been killed by a ferocious predator. Their remains had been buried outside the prison wall. I never believed that story."
"You mean, that someone knew about the decoy, betrayed them, and informed the commander?" Liane asked.
"Who did that?" Luke said, looking at his friend.
"The same person who told Mon Mothma about you and your parentage, Luke, Daino Phylotar. Daino informed his brother Rand, Dendicott's second-in-command. I'm sure Daino has been leaking the real identity of Lando's friends to his brother. Dendicott knew, that if Mon Mothma would get real evidence against him, he would lose his assignment and be degraded. So he got rid of them. Lando asked me to help him to do further investigation, but after our return to Dalmaran the situation changed very rapidly. I left Dalmaran in a hurry and ... "
He paused and remained in thoughts for a while, then he turned to Liane, "He did the same to you, sweetheart. He used the mind drug to extract the truth. Probably he gave you a high dose, and that's how you lost your memories. It's really a pity, sweetheart, that I haven't heard your full story at our first encounter. It's time to pick up this old case and I want you to help me, Liane."
Liane looked at her new friend with a faint smile around her lips.
"Thank you, Han, for your concern," She said and looked at Luke who nodded.
'Go on, Liane, tell Han what happened to commander Dendicott" on Endor,' She heard him say.
She took a deep breath and continued. "Commander Dendicott and the two Phylotar brothers are in detention on Dalmaran. The commander and his second-in-command have tried to capture and kidnap me, while I was living among the Ewoks on Endor. A group of the New Republic forces were in time to help Luke and Yarnick and his brothers to set me free. The commander and his second-in-command together with the rest of their men were taken prisoner and brought back to Dalmaran. Luke has to bring me to Dalmaran, so I can tell the Supreme Chancellor and her High Council personally what has happened to me on Wegoyy,"
She sighed, and mused, more to herself than to her audience, "It all seems so long ago. There have been so many changes in my life these past years."
She turned to Han again, "When I first met you, Han, I didn't remember anything. I didn't know what had happened to me. My memories were completely gone. I even couldn't remember my real name, I couldn't remember how I got on that rocky outcropping where the Draga found me. Nothing."
"If one of your adopted brothers had mentioned Wegoyy, I certainly would have known, what had happened to you and I would have brought you to Mon Mothma as clear evidence of Dendicott's foul practises." Han said determinedly.
Liane smiled and shook her head, "You wouldn't have done so, Han. You became angry, when I asked you about Leia. You weren't ready to admit you had been wrong."
Han looked embarrassed.
"Well... I probably ... I would have advised your brother Yarnick to go to Dalmaran and bring you before Mon Mothma. "
"See, Han, you couldn't have induced yourself to bring me back to Dalmaran yourself, for at that moment you still blamed Leia, because she had completed her training to Jedi Knight without informing you about her plan," Liane calmly and continued, "If, at that time, you had induced yourself to bring me back to Dalmaran, you could have ended the misconception between you and Leia years ago, don't you think?"
Chewbacca let out a great howl like a laughter, and Han nodded reluctantly.
"You're right, Liane, but if someone else, most likely Yarnick Grann, would have brought you back to Dalmaran after our encounter on Tatooine, you would have been given the antidote for that mind drug much earlier," Han said in response.
"True, but all these assumptions haven't taken place. What has happened wasn't sheer coincidence, it hasn't happened by accident. Probably Luke could explain to you better, Han, that it's been the influence of the Force on our lives, which has caused a series of seemingly accidental encounters and events."
She saw Han frown.
"You don't believe in the Force, Han, don't you? I do. I've been brought up with her influence on me and on my life. You referred to my old alias, a title my foster-father's men had given me, because by that time my life was in turmoil. I was clearly convinced and sensed that the way I was using the power of the Force was utterly wrong, and yet I wasn't willing or able to change my attitude. I became scared of the Force, but in fact I was scared for what I did to other living beings. Over the past years the Force has made me aware of what I really want to do with the power I posses. Luke has told me, that it's likely that I have inherited those healing powers from my mother who has been a Force user too, before she died."
For a moment Liane looked at Luke, and met his encouraging and interested gaze. He nodded imperceptibly, and smiled.
"Han, what has happened to me is the will of the Force. I'm convinced of her influence on me, but that counts for other lives as well. The Force has changed my life for the better. She certainly will change yours too, although you regard the changes in your life as coincidental."
Han nodded unwillingly, and shrugged his shoulders, "Sounds reasonable, Liane Solichor, but that only counts for you? What about my recovery? What has the Force to do with my recovery?"
Again Liane looked at Luke. He gave her an encouraging smile, 'Go on, Liane, tell Han what's on your mind.'
Liane continued, "In Luke's opinion, coincidences don't exist. He has told me more than once, it's the Force that has such a great influence on our lives. His life, mine, yours, and the lives of all living beings. It was the Force, Han, that let me hear your pleas to Leia, but that probably wouldn't have happened, if the Force hadn't shown me before, that I can use her power to heal and to cure people. So, if Yarnick would have brought me back to Dalmaran, I wouldn't have ran away to Endor; if I hadn't lived for some time among the Ewok tribe, I wouldn't have discovered my Force healing powers; if Luke and I wouldn't have gone to Tatooine after we left Endor, but had gone to Dalmaran instead, we wouldn't have met Chewbacca in Mos Eisley, and ...
For a moment Liane didn't go on. Now Han looked very seriously.
".. and that would have changed many people's lives, I assume, for I would never have gone back to Dalmaran...."
"....And Chewbacca and Luke would have lost a good friend, and Leia would have mourned the loss of her love for the rest of her life. You had almost giving up your struggle and your search of Leia, Han, when I entered the Falcon." Liane said softly.
Han grabbed her hand and pressed it.
"I'm not very good at giving compliments. Thank you, Liane Solichor, for, your Force talent has made me more aware of, what I really long for; whatever force accidentally has influenced and changed my mind," Han commented with much skepticism in his voice.
Liane shook her head, and didn't how to respond, for Chewbacca let out an earsplitting howl, jumped to his feet and took Liane in his long hairy arms, pressing her firmly, but gently, against his enormous body. He grunted a long sentence before he put her down at the couch again; his attitude showed his adoration and his admiration for Liane who had given him back his friend.
"Well, Liane, there is at least one here, who believes in the Force and in your powers. Maybe you believe me words if I tell that many Wookiees are sensible to the Force," Han said with a grin.
They all started to laugh. Han served some simple drinks and food. Afterwards they sat happily chatting together. Luke felt especially grateful, because Leia would soon be the happiest person in the galaxy. He also sensed how relieved Han felt after his decision to return to Dalmaran, but what surprised Luke the most, was the tremendous change in Liane's attitude with respect to the Force and her will. Not only had she once again visualized a future which soon would become true very quickly, but she also was developing a deeper insight in the Force's real power and influence.
"Your sister and her padawan aren't on Dalmaran, commodore." the young officer said.
"Is master Antilles at the base?" Luke informed.
"No, commodore, he and his padawan are on a secret mission to Lumeara."
"Thank you, officer, I'll call again. Inform me as soon as my sister has returned to Dalmaran."
"We will, sir."
The holographic display went blank.
"She isn't on Dalmaran and at the base nobody knows her destination."
He looked up at Han.
"I'm sure Wedge knows where she is, but he isn't on Dalmaran either. When will we reach Dalmaran's orbit, Han?"
"Thirty-three standard hours from now?" His friend answered.
Luke noticed some impatience in Han's voice. He felt how strongly his old friend wanted to reach Dalmaran and more important, to be reunited with Leia.
"Luke, you must reach Leia, somehow, and tell her Han's coming home," Liane said, "Can't you reach her with Jedi telepathy?"
"I've already used the Force that way a couple of times, Liane, but to communicate through the Force while we're in hyperspace, isn't easy. I hope the officer on Dalmaran will give me more information, before we reach the planet."
"We'd better get some rest, all of us," Han said.
"Are you sure, you can get asleep, without my help, Han?" Liane said with concern, because she saw how Han's restlessness was growing during their voyage back.
"I'll manage, sweetheart. Don't worry. Get some rest yourself. You need it."
To Luke's surprise Liane left the control room and went to Chewbacca's quarter at the back of the ship. Half an hour later all the crew members, except Chewbacca, had withdrawn to their quarters. Luke used these moments to get into Jedi-trance and find a way to contact his sister; Han lay on the couch in the control room, but his eyes were wide open and thoughts of his reunion with Leia whirled through his mind. He tossed himself from one side to the other, but sleep was far away.
"Maybe I've slept enough for another ten years," He thought and in his mind he grinned.
Liane slept and dreamt. She was on Endor again and was sitting on a tree branch hidden in the canopy near the perimeter of the space port. She was watching the incoming and outgoing space ships. Then the image got blurred and she was on board an unknown space vessel.
"I will report our findings to Mon Mothma, my padawan, after we have been on Quoith," She heard a familiar voice say.
"Leia! I'm on Leia's ship. I must tell her we're on our way to Dalmaran with Han." Liane thought and she walked in the direction where she had heard Leia's voice, but there was no one to see.
'Leia, where are you?' Liane yelled, but she got no answer. She ran back through the ship and looked everywhere, but she didn't see Luke's sister, nor did she hear her voice again.
"Ian, are you there!" She called, for she remembered that Ian Tydon probably was companying Leia as her padawan.
"Liane, is that you? Where are you?" Ian's voice answered her call.
"Ian, I hear you, but I can't find you. Are you on board Leia's ship?"
"I am. Liane, what's the matter? Isn't master Luke with you? Do you need help?"
"Where is Leia, Ian. Luke and I have found Han and we're on our way back to ..."
The image of the ship vanished and Liane saw herself looking at a strange man. He was wearing a black Jedi cloak, but the cowl covered his face.
"Welcome, Liane Vader," The man said.
"Who are you?" She asked hesitatingly.
'That voice! Who is this? I've heard that voice before, but where?' Liane thought, frantically searching her memories.
"Your father has learned you to wield the Force at the most attractive side, hasn't he?"
"What do you mean? My father was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force which has brought him a life of misery. It turned him in to a machine doing evil things."
"All wrong, Liane Vader. The Dark Side is the side that gives real power. You and I are going to explore the Dark Side together and use her power to conquer the galaxy. You and I are going revive the Empire."
"What are you talking about. I've seen evil things been done with the power of the Dark Side. I'm not going to participate in your plans. Where's Luke?"
"You mean, your Jedi master Skywalker? He is dead. Now you've only me to protect you."
"NOOO! You're lying. Luke can't be dead. He is a Jedi."
The man laughed cackling.
"So you think, he can't die, because he's a Jedi. You're wrong. Come with me!"
The dark cloaked person pulled her through some dark corridor to a cave. He lit an ion-torch and Liane saw Luke Skywalker lying with a ashen face on a kind of funeral pyre. Liane yelled.
"NOOO! LUKE! THIS ISN'T TRUE! LUKE!" Her voice echoed through the room.
"Liane, wake up! You're dreaming," A voice said and Liane felt a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked into Luke's face.
"Luke! He has killed you!" She screamed panicking and grabbed his arm.
"Relax, Liane. You had a nightmare," Luke said.
Liane said upright and tried to recall what had happened. She looked at Luke and started to laugh nervously.
"You're right. What a nasty dream. A man in a dark cloak took me to a cave, and you where there lying on a funeral pyre. He said, I had to explore the Dark Side and its powers with him and than we would revive the Empire. Ridiculous. I don't want to have anything to do with the Dark Side anymore."
She frowned, then she looked at her friend with a more joyful smile.
"Luke, I also dreamt I was on board Leia's ship. I heard her voice. She is on her way to Quoith, but I couldn't find her and tell her that Han's on his way back to her, but Ian heard me and I told him he had to tell Leia. Is Quoith a planet, Luke? How odd this is; I also was on Endor, watching the space ships come and go, as I have done just after I had arrived on Endor. That was a nice view; do you think it will be safe enough for me to get back to Endor. I would love to see Chirpa, Logray and Teebo again?"
"Of course you will, Liane. One day it will be safe enough to return to the Ewok village. Tell me, did you really talk to Ian?"
Liane shrugged her shoulders.
"Luke, it was all a dream, wasn't it."
"I don't think so."
"Not, and that horrible man who said you were dead. That really isn't true. You're here."
Luke grinned.
"And still alive, would you say."
"Eh, ... yes."
"That's reassuring, isn't it." Luke laughed.
Liane started to laugh too and Luke noticed a blush on her cheeks. He put his hand over hers.
"Get some sleep again without disturbing dreams."
Liane lay back.
"Luke, did you managed to contact Leia."
He shook his head.
"Not yet, but I will ask Han if it's safe enough to leave hyperspace, but probably he don't want to delay our arrival."
"But Leia has to be on Dalmaran when we arrive." Liane urged, closing her eyes, half asleep again. She smiled, "I want them both to be the happiest people in the galaxy."
"They sure will be, Liane, thanks to you. Now get some sleep. Goodnight, Liane?"
"Goodnight, Luke."
Luke rose and walked back to the control room, where at last Han had fallen asleep too. Luke checked the sychron. Some thirty hours before they would reach Dalmaran. He walked over to the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot's chair. Chewbacca grunted a welcome and asked what had happened. The Wookiee had heard Liane's scream too, but had noticed that Luke had gone to see her.
"She's alright, Chewie, she had a nightmare. Some funny thoughts and images were mixed up in her mind. She has gone to sleep again."
Chewbacca grunted. Luke rose.
"You're right, pal. I get some rest again."
Without delay Leia and Ian had taken off from Coruscant. As soon as they were in outer space they set their course for Quoith. While waiting for the navi-computer to calculate a safe trajectory Leia already started to read some parts of the data they had obtained.
"We will inform Mon Mothma, my young padawan, but first we'll go to Quoith again to ask if they can crack the code on the encrypted files," She said and looked up, "Is the navi-computer ready?"
"In a few minutes, master, I'll check." Ian said and rose.
He walked through the control room to the cockpit, and turned to look at the display of the navi-computer, when he heard a familiar voice.
"Ian, are you there?"
"Liane, is that you? Where are you?" He looked around confused.
"Ian, is that you? I hear you, but I can't find you. Are you onboard Leia's ship?"
"I am. Liane, what's the matter? Isn't master Luke with you? Do you need help?"
"Where is Leia, Ian? Luke and I found Han and we're on our way back to ..."
"Ian, what's the matter?"
Leia entered the control room.
"Master, I heard Liane. She was looking for you."
"Liane? Looking for me?"
"I only heard her voice. Could it be that she needs help?"
"What did she say, my young padawan," Leia said calmly.
"She asked if you were on board? She said: 'Luke and I found Han and we're on our way back to ...'. That was all. I called her name, but I heard nothing.
"Are you sure, master?"
"Yes. You must have a special bond with Liane somehow, as she can reach you through the Force."
"I really spoke to her?"
"Force sensitive creatures can contact each other through the Force. Even when separated by time or distance."
"Shouldn't you asked master Luke, if I really spoke to Liane."
Leia laughed.
"I will, my padawan. Set course for Dalmaran immediately. I want to arrive there as soon as possible. We must tell Mon Mothma what we have discovered so far about Trevor Matrik. Liane must get protection from the moment she lands on Dalmaran."
"What about this person Han, master? Is he an important person?"
"Have you never heard about general Solo, young padawan?" Leia said with a smile.
Ian's cheeks flushed red.
"A stupid question, master, forgive me. I know, that you and general Solo are intimate friends."
"You probably didn't know his first name."
Ian shook his head and grinned.
"At the Academy we only used the official ranks of those who fought for the Alliance. I had just entered the Academy on Corellia, when the Alliance gained its victory near Endor. My friends and I were ecstatic and we watch the holographics of the heroes with awe."
Leia put her hand on his arm.
"And six years later, those heroes have become your friends, Ian. Luke was right to bring you to Dalmaran and make you aware of your Force abilities. You will become a great Jedi Knight. "
"I'm going to set course for Dalmaran, master, otherwise we're drifting off our course too much."
Leia left the control room and went to her private quarters. Her heart pounded in her chest.
"Luke has found Han and together they are on their way to Dalmaran. Han, my love, we never separated again. Never." She whispered.
She sat down and turned her thoughts inwards, reaching out to her twin brother.

To be continued...