A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 47

iane opened the box Luke had shown her on their first visit. Carefully she released the reader, attached the power pack and slid the first datacron in the top side slot. She took the reader to the lounge and mindfully activated the reader. The holographic page popped. Liane looked at the ancient language and sighed.
"It's in Jediese. But it looks so beautiful. Look at those decorations and there are a lot of handwritten comments in the margins."
She flipped to the next page.
"I wish I could understand those readings, but even Luke isn't able to read this and he has been studying this language."
She switched off the reader and carefully put everything back in its place. Slowly she closed the lid and looked around.
It was the first time she was visiting the Jedi Library after Ben had suggested she should spend more time discovering the treasures and knowledge stored in the ancient Jedi books. She had left the residential area immediately after breakfast. This time she had informed Artoo and Threepio were she was going. She had taken the droids to the storage room and told them that behind the wall the caves continued. Artoo had insisted to accompany her, but after Liane had showed him she had to crawl on top of the containers to the other side he had refrained from his duty. However Threepio insisted he would have a possibility to stay in touch with her. She had set up a secret infocom frequency with him and had agreed he would warn her in time, so she could be back for dinner.
"Maybe I should ask Threepio if he can help me with the translation of these books," She thought, "Would Luke agree if I take one of these boxes to Mon Mothma's residence."
She looked at her chrono. There was still time to look around. Her eyes went to the closet with the holocrons. She hadn't payed any attention to the delicate devices, remembering that Luke had told her that only a Jedi could handle them. Her chat with master Yoda had probably been possible, because Luke had accompanied her.
For a moment she sat down on the lounge looked at the shining objects behind the transparisteel panels. They were beautiful and such a mystery. How could it be possible that those ancient teachers had left their knowledge behind for future generations of Jedi? They probably had used a kind of recording system, but it must have been a special way of recording, for she had been able to chat with master Yoda. So the holocrons must also have a kind of Force connection with those Jedi Masters who were united with the Force.
Liane walked over to the closet and opened the doors. She took a closer look at some small written cards which were placed in front of several cubes. Probably Luke had been busy cataloguing the holocrons, so he knew which ancient Jedi Master had recorded his old Jedi knowledge. Liane sighed again and was about to close the doors when her eyes caught the emerald green cube she had held when she had been visiting this cave with Luke. Why not give it a try?
A faint smile curved her lips. No she wouldn't try, she would do, like Luke always said to her. He had told her that it was a statement from his Jedi master Yoda during his training. She stretched out her hand. Would she be able to use it again? She was no Jedi, but Luke had given her his permission to use any of the items in this cave. Would that include the holocrons too? And Ben had told her she would find great treasures of knowledge here. Had Ben also been thinking about the use of the holocrons? Her curiosity won. Firmly she seized the green cube and placed it on her outstretched hand.
'Severini daughter, what you want?' A chuckling voice said.
Liane recognized the voice of Luke's Jedi master.
"Master Yoda, I want your advice. I need your advice." Liane said.
The green haze became denser and the apparition of the little Jedi master appeared.
'Advice, you need, you said?' The chuckling Jedi master asked.
"Yes, master Yoda, Luke has given me permission to study the datacrons in this cave, and Ben Kenobi suggested I would find a great treasure of knowledge here, but most of those digitized books are written in Jediese. Luke told me he finds it very difficult to understand the old Jedi language. How am I supposed to read these books, if even Luke can't read these books fluently? And can I use the holocrons even if I'm not a Jedi? Has my mother also stored her knowledge as a Jedi healer in a cube like yours? I know she has been united with the Force after her death, but can I talk to her when I use her holocron?"
'Questions, questions, many questions you have. Learn to pay attention to what your doing, you must. Always looking for what you want, to the horizon, to the future, you are. Patience, you need. In time solutions, you will find, Severini daughter.' The green apparition said.
"I would love to do as you and Luke say, master Yoda, but where do I start?" Liane said with a sigh looking around the cave walls.
'Severini daughter, strong you are with the Force, very strong. Powerful Jedi parents you had, very powerful. Learn the ways of the Jedi, you have to.'
"Master Yoda, you've already told me that, but I want to find my own way in the Force. I want to develop my healing skills." Liane said softly.
'Much to learn you have.' Yoda said sternly but also approvingly, 'Much attention to the holocrons you must pay. Take one, you must.'
Gingerly Liane went over to the cupboard her outstretched hand in front of her.
'Blue holocron, you take. Jedi Master Thon, important story he has. To him you should listen.' Yoda said and vanished in a green mist.
Liane closed her fingers around the green cube and put it back at its place. Then she took the blue holocron in her hands and stretched her fingers. Almost immediately a blue haze started to fill the whole cavern and the apparition of a enormous beast became visible. Liane backed off to the wall and was hardly able to prevent the holocron from slipping of her hand.
"Who are you?" She said in a hoarse whisper.
'Nyu'do kan'tor wa'ty' The apparition said.
"I.. I.. don't under...stand," Liane stammered. "Are...you... Jedi master Thon?"
'Kap'ry, diw'mnid w'aty do'uno'""
"I.. do..not... know... what...you mean, master Thon" Liane said still shaking by the appearance of the old Jedi master.
'Concentrate on the Force,' a familiar voice sounded in her mind.
"Master Yoda... no, is that you, Ben?"
'Use the power of the Force meditation as Luke taught you,' Ben's voice sounded again.
"Use the Force meditation?" Liane murmured.
She turned inward and reached out to the Force.
'Concentrate on the Force. Now listen to Master Thon, Liane.'
Liane looked up at the beast apparition in front of her.
"Welcome, you great Jedi" she heard the beast say.
Liane heard a friendly and compassionate sound in the voice.
"You called me, what do you want?" She heard him say and astounded she looked at him.
"Now I can understand you," She gasped.
"You use the Force well. A great Jedi you are," Master Thon said.
"I'm no Jedi, master Thon. I can only use the Force sometimes," Liane whispered.
"Use the Force sometimes? What are you thinking you are? You're a luminous being, Jedi daughter of Severini Solichor." The Jedi master rumbled.
"You know my mother, and you know who I am?" Liane asked.
"Great Jedi you will be. Great Jedi. Assembled a lightsaber have you not?"
Liane looked a the lightsaber on her belt, and shook her head.
"Luke Skywalker took the lightsaber I assembled; this is the one he gave me. This is a training lightsaber, master Thon. I keep it as a present."
"Your master also showed you the rock with Adegan crystals inside, didn't he. Why haven't you assembled your own lightsaber during the Force Illum meditation. As a Jedi Knight you should have done that."
Stubbornly Liane shook her head.
"Please, master Thon, don't call Luke my master. He isn't. I'm not his padawan. I don't need a real lightsaber. I don't want to become a Jedi Knight."
"You are a stubborn apprentice. Yes, another stubborn padawan learner." Master Thon said sternly.
"Another...??? What are you talking about, master Thon?" Liane said raising her eyebrows, but becoming very curious.
"I'm talking about my padawan Nomi. Nomi Sunrider, my apprentice and one of the greatest Jedi Knights ever?"
"Nomi Sunrider? Who is she? Was she a Jedi Knight?"
"At first she didn't want to become a Jedi Knight. Refused to wield a lightsaber. She was very strong using the Force, like you are."
"She was like me?"
"I sensed her strong Force powers when I first met her," Master Thon corrected. "I feel, you have those same strong powers. She was my most powerful student."
"Master Thon, can you... will you tell me about her, please," Liane begged suddenly feeling a great desire to know Nomi Sunrider's story.
"I have to return to my place in the Force now. You, daughter of Severini Solichor, have to come back soon. I'll tell you all about Nomi Sunrider you want to know. It will help you to decide your own future as a Jedi Knight."
The blue mist lifted and the apparition of Jedi master Thon became more and more transparent until he finally vanished.
Liane closed her fingers around the blue cube and with a mind full of thoughts she put it back on its shelf. Mindfully she closed the transparisteel doors, her eyes still fixed on the blue cube.
"Nomi Sunrider didn't want to become a Jedi Knight. Had she felt the same resistance against the use of the Force, like I feel. I have to ask Luke about her. He probably have heard her name."
Her infocom buzzed.
"Yes, Threepio. I'm coming back. I'm leaving now.
"How long will it take you, mistress Liane?" The golden droid asked.
"I'll be in time for dinner. I'm starving, Threepio, for I've forgotten to take something to eat with me," Liane said with a grin.
"Artoo and I will instruct the chores droids to have dinner prepared in four hours, mistress Liane."
"That's fine with me, Threepio. Any other news."
"No, mistress Liane. I have to remember you, that the day after tomorrow the Supreme Chancellor will make her regular call."
"Thank you, Threepio."
Liane switched off the infocom.
"I'm going now." She said to no one in particular, "but I'll be back soon, for I want to hear more about Nomi Sunrider."
"It was so incredible, masters. I was walking in a garden; I was really there, for I could smell the fragrances of numerous flowers and grasses. There was a lake and Severini - I think it was Liane's mother, who accompanied me in that garden - encouraged me to go swimming and diving. When I got out of the water she took me by the hand and we walked on until I saw a absolutely beautiful milky white pavilion. Inside there was a couch and I fell asleep while Severini was comforting me, using her healing powers," Ian's eyes sparkled when he recalled the memories.
"And masters, what's absolutely terrific and unbelievable, when I woke up I didn't feel any pain and all my wounds were healed. I still can't comprehend what happened to me," Ian's voice sounded excited and full of disbelieve.
Han and Mugin looked skeptical. Luke and Leia had listened to Ian's recovery story with great attention and interest.
"A great privilege has been given to you, Ian, meeting one of the masters of old to help you, while you're still a padawan learner," Luke said.
Han frowned.
"You have been dreaming, Ian. Luke, do you seriously believe this?" He asked looking at his brother-in-law with a with half mocking laughter.
"I do, Han, and I'm sure Leia does too. The evidence is clear. Toallin has confirmed that yesterday Ian's back and chest were covered with blisters and several wounds. He has told us that it's impossible that those bacta's have healed those wounds overnight spontaneously. Something special has been given to Ian. I have read about the Garden of Force Healing in an ancient Jedi book, but even I couldn't fully comprehend what the outcome of a 'visit' to that garden could be."
"Sounds like a kind of magic. You Jedi aren't magicians, as far as I know, are you?" Mugin asked.
"No, Mugin, we're certainly no wizards, although some people think we are. We're just relying on the power of the Force. We can use her power to gain knowledge other people can't see. We see and feel more than non Force sensitive people do. Sometimes that's an advantage, like in Ian's case, but it also brings a great responsibility. Ian, you're a very lucky guy to have the greatest Jedi healer of all times as your protector." Luke said with a smile in Ian's direction.
"Masters, I haven't told you that this all started when Liane visited me and helped me in the same way as I saw her help the wounded Ewoks on Endor. She talked in such a quiet way to me that I forgot my worries. She also showed me that one day I will be ..." He stopped and for a moment he looked quite embarrassed. Then he quickly changed to subject of their chat, "Toallin and Mugin also have a special power. Toallin told me that all Quelans can adept the color of their skin according to their surrounding, isn't Mugin?"
Mugin nodded with a smile.
"Can you tell us more about those skills. Are you using it often?" Ian asked.
"It happens naturally and involuntarily. As soon as our environment differs from our natural skin color - this olive skin color - our skin adepts to the predominant color around us."
"When Toallin was looking for me at the lake his skin was nearly as green as the leaves around him. At first I hardly noticed him; I only heard his voice," Ian said enthusiastically.
Mugin started to laugh.
"Don't think, Ian, that we can take on every color. Our skin can't get blue, yellow or red. The reactions are limited from a yellowish-green, which happens mostly in a sunlit environment, to brownish grey and green-dark grey, nearly black, and all kind of grey shade colors in between. We have used it often here, when we were hunting. Among the bushes we're almost invisible, with the emphasis on almost. We can't become invisible."
Luke had listened attentively.
"I've heard about that special potential of the Quelans. As you said it, Mugin, it's very useful when you don't want to attract unwanted attention. I know, that our intelligence force employs several members of your species to carry out under cover operations. Their secret work is greatly appreciated."
Toallin entered the room and put several large bowls of steaming broth on the table. He responded to Luke's comments.
"You're right, master Skywalker, the New Republic knows how to appreciate the Quelan's strength and qualities, but our skin changing skills has been the cause of misunderstanding too. In the past the Quelans have been persecuted, because others were afraid of us. Many others think we're a kind of shapeshifters, because, due to our color changing we often turn up unexpectedly, although the Quelans mostly avoid as much as we could to get into situations where our skin changing skills could frighten others. That's why many Quelans have sought a sanctuary on uninhabited worlds. A group of Quelans sought a living in a small area of Myr, one of the two continents of Palomintar Four. The Quelans have colonized Myr several centuries ago, for they wanted to build a peaceful life without disturbing others. We earned our living trading the surplus of our harvests and products," Toallin said and Luke sensed a strange pain in his voice.
Toallin stared into the distance, then he turned to Ian.
"Ian, I've made your favorite recipe to celebrate your recovery. I don't know how you did it, but I believe in the power you have. Enjoy your meal, son, before you're leaving us."
"Leave, Toallin?" Ian stammered looking bewildered.
"Of course, son. Do you think your masters will let you stay with us, after all the troubles they have had of finding you. You're going home, son, to that wonderful girlfriend of yours, that lovely girl Liane you told me about. Mugin and I would love to meet her one day. Don't wait too long to marry her, son."
Ian's face became red hot; he cast a shameful look at Luke before he ran over to the cabin door and rushed outside. Toallin looked at the open door; Ian's unexpected reaction had completely overwhelmed him. Chewbacca let out a growl.
"Did I say something wrong?" He said with a embarrassed grin. "He told me he is in love with that girl. Is anything wrong with that?"
Leia looked at Toallin. With a smile on her face she walked to the door.
"It's alright, Toallin, you haven't said anything wrong. I'll have a word with him."
She went outside. Ian stood a few steps from the cabin, looking at the Astræga. He turned when he felt his master's presence.
"Master, Toallin shouldn't have said this in master Luke's presence. It's so embarrassing. I shouldn't have told Toallin about her help, but he guessed my feelings for her," He murmured with downcast eyes.
"You don't have to be ashamed of your feelings for Liane? She is a wonderful girl, isn't she?"
Leia looked at her padawan, and sensed his uncertainty, "What's wrong, Ian?"
"Master, before Severini brought me to that Jedi Garden of Force healing I had a long chat with her. Severini said there's a special relationship between Liane and me, but it's of a different order than the friendship between master Luke and her. I had to promise her that I will be some kind of inspiration, a kind of role model for Liane. I have to do it in a way, that one day she will decide to become master Luke's padawan learner. "
Leia placed her hand on Ian's arm.
"Severini has given you a wonderful task. Do you think you can fulfill it, for it seems that once gain you're chosen to be Liane's guard or guardian."
"Absolutely. Master, do you know why the friendship between master Luke and Liane is so special."
"My brother once told me about it, but it's better if he tells you himself. It's an amazing story."
"Has he talked to Liane about it?"
"Yes he has, and she has accepted her special bond with him. It's even better; the Force has shown her the deeper meaning of their bond."
"That means, they will .... I mean ... Ian stammered, "they once will get married."
"Not necessarily, but it's likely, but that doesn't mean that Liane will like you less. She's very fond of you. Maybe her mother is right, maybe you are the right person who can convince her to accept Luke as her Jedi master."
"That's what Severini also said. I'm more Liane's equal, while she sees Luke as a Jedi Knight. Severini said that Liane trusts my judgment, while she sometimes doubts master Luke's intentions, because he reminds her too much of his father. That's not fair, master. Master Luke want the best for her. He has always been very concerned about her; especially when he couldn't find her after she had left Wegoyy with the Grann brothers," Ian said.
"You're absolutely right, Ian, but Liane's main problem is that she is still struggling with the dark knowledge our father has taught her. She has seen a lot malice and evil done by the power of the Dark Side and that's been a frightening experience for years. That's the reason why Liane objects against Luke's efforts to train her. Come on, Ian, let's go back inside."
They walked over to the door. Before they entered Ian turned to Leia.
"Master, do we really have to leave immediately? Can't we give Toallin and Mugin some help?" He asked.
"You have to complete your training and it's our duty to find out what is going on Palomintar Four."
"Toallin and Mugin have lived on Palomintar Four, master. Maybe they can help us?"
"We'll see, Ian," Leia answered.
Ian opened the door and let Leia pass.
"You mean, Toallin, that that odd looking deserted town we saw on Palomintar Four is Ribana, the hometown of the Quelan community you used to live?" They heard Han say.
"Yes, general. Darth Golluth who has settled in the cave network in the mountain ridge behind Ribana, has exiled all the Quelans. They have found refuge in Cantamaga on Tyr, the other continent of the planet. Darth Golluth has captured about eighty to a hundred male Quelans, especially the strongest, young men to carve and dig out several passageways and corridors to connect the underground caverns and prepare a kind of underground settlement for him. Mugin and I have been among them doing hard labor for more than a year before we found a way to escape. We have been lucky. Rumors say that Darth Golluth' droid have killed the other Quelan young males."
"Darling, maybe we should have a another look at that city. You've sensed something when we did that fly-by, you said," Han said turning to Leia who had taken her seat. "I think we would do these guys a great favor if we could drive out whoever has forced himself a living there. It could also serve our own mission?"
"Han, you're talking about a possible user of the Dark Side." Luke said concerned.
"Yes kid, and we have you, Leia and her padawan to tell the guy that we don't want to start a war with another dark ruler." Han said determined.
"I'd wish it would be that easy, Han, but I agree with you, that at least we can do some further investigations." Luke said. He turned to Toallin and Mugin.
"Mugin, you told me you and your brother owned an estate with a vineyard on Palomintar Four. Was that vineyard in the vicinity of Ribana? Do you have any maps, so we can get a clear idea of Ribana and its surrounding area," Luke asked.
"Our vineyard was in a valley outside Ribana; the house of my brother and me lays in the middle of the vineyard. Of course we can show more on a maps. Toallin, did you take the datapad with the Ribana maps with you, or did we leave it in the vault in Ktafunda?"
"It's here. I took it with me when we left Ktafunda the last time, Mugin, but I guess our guests have other obligations, then listening to our story," Toallin asked while he turned to Luke, "Are you sure you want to have look, master Skywalker?"
"Master," Ian said, "Let's have a look at those maps, for we might be able to help Toallin and his brother to get back to Palomintar Four. I owe them part of my rescue. Let's stay here for another day. "
"Let's have a look at those maps first. I think it might indeed be interesting to pay Ribana a visit and have a look around ourselves, but we need to be very cautious. I don't want to attract unnecessary attention. If Darth Golluth can use the Force as a Sith, he might sense our presence and that's the last thing I want. I fully agree with Han and you that we should help the Quelans to restore their former way of life. However that might also mean that we will encounter Liane's adversary earlier than I had in mind."
"Hey, kid, if we could get rid of that Sith lord, our visit would have a double advantage; the Quelans will be able to return to their old way of life and Liane and you can start your lives together."
"You're running ahead of things, Han." Luke said with a laugh, "Sure, there are advantages to connect our case with that of our new friends. Toallin, Mugin, if we decide to go to Palomintar Four, will you accompany us?"
Astounded the two brothers watched Luke.
"You're going to help us, Luke?" Mugin asked.
"As Jedi Knights, my sister and I want justice to be done, Mugin. Let's have a look at those maps you're talking about."
Mugin rose and left the room. Within a couple of minutes he returned with a bottle of wine.
"I told you about our wine, Luke. This is the last bottle of our stock. I want to bring out a toast."
He uncorked the bottle and poured a sparkling dark ruby wine in the glasses Toallin hastily put on the table.
"Here's to our new friends and to our new future." The two Quelans said in unison.
Luke watched the sky above Palomintar Six. It had been an eventful day. He thought of Ian and smiled. His young padawan had been saved thanks to the combined strength of Liane and her mother. He knew that Severini's help has been of more importance than the young padawan realized.
'Thank you, Severini, thank you for your help. I fully understand why you did this,' He thought reaching out to Force to show his gratitude to the Jedi-healer.
"Luke, where are you? What are you doing?" Leia's voice sounded softly.
"Over here, Leia." Luke answered.
His sister joined him.
"Are you in doubt about the developments of our case against Darth Golluth, Luke?"
"Not at all, Leia. I just wanted to enjoy the serene surroundings of this spot. It's lovely here. When you look up to the stars, it's impossible to imagine that so many species are still living a life in danger or fear. I would love to stay here for a long time. Why aren't you sleeping?"
"I felt you were awake and went outside. I was just worried about you," She said and put her arm through his.
"You shouldn't. It's just that I miss Liane. It would be so great to be here with her," He sighed, then looked at his sister and placed his hand over hers.
"I'm very impolite, Leia. I should be glad that you're here with me," He said with a smile.
"I understand your wish to be with her, Luke. Let's finish our mission on Palomintar Four quickly and then you both can enjoy your lives together."
Luke sighed.
"It's not going be that easy, Leia, and you know it is. If he is a Sith, we must destroy him, there is no other way."
"If that's necessary then we must." She said determined.
Luke was silent.
"Join me for a walk, Leia. There's something else I want to share with you." He said.
"So something is troubling you, Luke?"
They walked away from the cabin to the path among the trees. Without saying anything they walked on for a while, enjoying their bond as brother and sister and as Jedi twins. They crossed the stream, using the stepping stones and followed the path on the other side. Finally they reached the lake where Ian had been swimming that morning. Luke sat down on the fallen trunk and invited Leia next to him.
"What did Ian say to you after Toallin's blunt remark?" He asked.
"He was quite embarrassed. I told him that his feelings for Liane aren't wrong and you know, Luke, Toallin spoke the truth; we all know that Ian is in love with Liane. I guess, he must have fallen in love with her the moment he has met her on Wegoyy. You too have doubted Liane and Ian and their mutual feelings for each other, you remember"
Luke neglected his sister's last comment.
"You said, that he is in love with her? Does that mean that he still sees me as a rival?" He asked.
"No, Luke, Severini has lifted the veil of the eternal bond between you and Liane a bit. She has told him, that he has a special relationship with Liane, but different from the one you have with her. She has made him promise that he will help Liane to find her way to the Good Side of the Force."
"Even I can't persuade her," Luke said with a laugh.
"Severini has asked Ian to be a role model to her. You know that Liane often opposes you because you are already a Jedi Knight, Luke. As a Jedi Knight you represent the authority of the Jedi Order and...you're Anakin's son."
Luke sighed. Leia placed her hand on his arm.
"Ian is a great padawan. He is learning fast to rely on the Force and to control her power. Liane is doing the same, but in a different way. You told me that she believes in her healing powers and that she likes to use of the Force for practical purposes and meditation. Severini has asked Ian to show Liane how he is part of the Good Side of the Force, and how he trusts and relies on her power. Not by talking to her about the Force, but just by being her friend as a future Jedi Knight. "
Luke nodded.
"I understand. I think that's indeed what went wrong between Liane and me, when she was helping Teebo on Endor. Ian and Yarmod never questioned her healing powers; they didn't give an explanation; they just offered their help and she accepted it. Afterwards she accepted Yarmod's comment that she was using the Force to heal Teebo. With me it was different. Too often I wanted to explain why she could use the Force the way she did. She flatly refused those explanations and my involvement with her way to help the wounded Ewoks. She thought that I wanted to press her to use her Jedi healing power to start her Jedi training. If Ian could show her how he's following his way along the Jedi path it would help her and me."
They were silent again.
"Luke, Ian can have a good influence on her. Don't see him as a rival for Liane's affection."
Luke laughed.
"I don't Leia. Liane and I belong together and she knows we're one. I'm just a bit worried about how fast the situation is changing."
Leia frowned.
"What do you mean? You think it's a bad idea to go to Palomintar Four already?"
"No, I was thinking about Severini's words."
"I think she has done you a great favor, my dear brother."
"She has asked him to perform a difficult task that might have some unexpected consequences. Aren't you wondering, Leia, why Severini has helped him and asked him to give Liane his support?"
"Luke, it's indeed very amazing, that a padawan can communicate with a former Jedi Knight, who has been united with the Force, maybe all before Ian was born. However, I can taste in your words that there is a much deeper intention behind her visit?" Leia remarked.
"She had, Leia. Anakin killed Severini about a year, after she had given birth to Liane. Ian is less than two years younger than we are, and about three or four years older than Liane and than we might conclude that Ian had been born before Anakin defeated Severini on Morantan."
Leia looked up at her brother. She saw his quiet mature features. The warm compassion in his eyes; the smile around his lips.
"Ian was a young toddler on Corellia when Severini gave birth to ..." She stopped and turned inward, listening to Force and gasped.
"Luke, you can't be serious. Are you saying, ...?"
"Leia, Liane was able to contact Ian on board your space ship. Liane had a Force vision about Ian's injuries. Ian told us about his Force vision that Liane visited him here in the cabin. That wasn't a Force vision, for Liane reached out to him through the Force to help him to surrender to the Force again and start his healing process. Severini, her mother, helped her to cross the distance between Dalmaran and Palomintar Six as a Force spirit."
Leia's face got a thoughtful expression.
"Ian was the one who discovered the existence of Darth Golluth. In his Force vision he saw how some droids and an imperial officer captured Liane in a strange environment, a deserted town."
She looked straight in her brother's eyes.
Luke nodded slowly.
"Severini hasn't told Ian the real reason behind her help, Leia, only a part of it, for she fully understands what kind of impact it would have on him if she would have told him the truth. She only told him that there is a special bond between him and Liane."
"You mean that Severini is also Ian's mother, that he is her son, but then Liane is ...!" She gasped and suddenly she clearly saw what the Force had been telling her, "Oh, Luke, how wonderful. Now I fully understand Severini's unlikely support. She wanted her son to survive. But I thought that Ian has told us, that he was born on Corellia?"
Luke shook his head.
"He isn't. I had my doubts about Ian's birth after we've visited his parents on Corellia. During my search for Liane Ian and I went to Corellia. Ian asked me if he could tell his parents that he would become a Jedi Knight. The moment I met Ian's parents, I knew, that Ian couldn't be their offspring. They are the nicest and kindest people you can imagine, but there wasn't any influence of the Force between them and me. However they were so proud when they heard about Ian's new future prospects, that I didn't dare to ask them more about his birth. Ian's high midi-cholorian count and some Force visions I had in the past, have confirmed my doubts about his lineage with the Tydons."
"Like what, Luke?"
"Ian has been brought to Corellia when he was a young boy. Ian has been adopted. The people he sees as his parents have raised him and taken care of him, but he isn't a relative. Probably he has been brought to safety for the same reason as we have been living a separate hidden life."
"How did you find out that Severini had to be his mother?" Leia asked curiously.
"I have asked master Yoda about the meaning of my Force visions. He told me that Severini had been married. Ian was her first born son. On Morantan you've found the evidence that Severini is Liane's real mother. That makes all too clear that Ian and Liane are siblings."
"Did master Yoda also tell you who's Ian's father?" Leia asked.
"Master Yoda is quite elusive about Severini's marriage. He doesn't want to talk about it, or confirm all of my visions. He gave me the impression, that he still doesn't agree with her marriage. Remember that in the past Jedi Knights weren't allowed to marry. The Jedi Code forbade any emotional attachment. I had some Force visions, but I'm not sure how to interpret them yet. So please, Leia, don't tell anyone about the possible family ties between Liane and Ian. Nothing is sure, yet. I wanted to tell you this, because Ian has to complete his padawanship under your leadership. We only have to ask Han if he has any objections."
Leia shook her head.
"He hasn't. He knows by now what Ian means to me. Luke, it's good you entrusted me with this knowledge. Now I better understand Ian's great surrender to the Force and also his devotion to Liane."
For quite a while brother and sister sat in silence in the dark Palomintar night. Luke had placed his arm around Leia. She leaned with her head against his shoulder. They both felt their great responsibility for those who relied on their knowledge as Jedi Knights.

To be continued...