A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 51

n board the Millennium Falcon Luke awoke from his Jedi trance. Although he had enough confidence in Liane's skills, and was sure that she would keep her promise to use the Jedi-pendant every day; he wasn't convinced any longer in the safety of the underground residence. He left his sister's private quarter and walked to the cockpit of the Falcon where Leia, Chewbacca and Mugin greeted him. Leia looked at her brother and rose from the pilot's seat.
"Take over, Chewie." She said and walked over to her brother.
The two Jedi walked back to the control room. Leia looked at her brother with an expectant glance.
"Bad news, Luke?"
"Mon Mothma has visited Liane. The communication systems on Quoith have been hacked. Mon Mothma can't use the special connection with the underground residence any more. She went to Na'ctaMagh'Ba personally to warn Liane, telling her she shouldn't take unexpected calls via the special connection. What Mon Mothma feared, happened a few days after she left the underground residence. Threepio and Artoo have prevented that Liane could answer the call, and Artoo has intercepted and logged the unexpected call. Liane wants to hide herself in the Jedi archive cave in case the residence would be under attack."
"How would she be able to flee in time? Although the only access to the residential area is via the underwater way; intruders might reach the the underground residence using a submersible. The entrance isn't protected, and an intruder might surprise her and capture her. Shouldn't some one of us go back and protect her. Maybe it's a good challenge for Ian?"
Luke shook his head.
"What's wrong with Ian?" Leia asked.
"Liane doesn't want Ian to help her. She says that Ian still is a padawan learner, and needs one of us to help him. I have to agree with her, Leia. If Ian would be a fully trained Jedi I wouldn't have any objection, but I think it isn't wise yet to give him this more dangerous mission. Liane suggested the Grann brothers as a jest, but she wasn't really serious about that proposal. Leia, there's only one who really can protect her: me, but at the moment I can't let Toallin and Mugin down."
"What about Wedge and Yarmod, Luke?" Leia suggested, "Wedge can go to Na'ctaMagh'Ba. As a Jedi he may set foot on the prohibited continent to reach the Jedi archive without explicit permission of the Supreme Chancellor or the Dalmaranian authorities."
For a moment Luke pondered on Leia's suggestion.
"I have to explain to Wedge how he can reach the secret entrance of the cave, and I have to tell Liane to go the Jedi archive and bring Wedge and Yarmod to the residential area. She can tell him about the unauthorized call, and hand him the data that's locked in Artoo's memory banks. Wedge can take this information to Mon Mothma. I'm sure our intelligence force can track down the intruder."
"Do you think, sh trusts Wedge, Luke? I remember her reaction when he reprimanded her on Endor," Leia said thoughtful.
For a moment Luke recalled Wedge's reaction when Liane had ran away, after she had used the forbidden Force use to strangle Dendicott. Would she see his friend as a friend or as an enemy?
"At least she trusts Yarmod Martan. He made her aware of the Force influence as she was healing Teebo and the other Ewoks. I'm sure Yarmod will convince her to see Wedge's behavior on Endor from a different point of view. I will contact Wedge as soon as we reached Cantamaga, and ask him to meet us there."
The twins returned to the cockpit of the Falcon and Luke asked Mugin about the terrain around Cantamaga, for he needed to know where he could land the Falcon and the Astræa at a safe spot.
"His comsystem is down. I don't know what happened. After I informed my contact on Quoith, they took some measures to destroy the downloaded files on the Palomintar System. They confirmed their action had been successful. I have tried to establish my access to his system, but it no longer accessible. Unknown system is the message I get if I attempt to get in."
Jerno heard the frustration in the young officer's voice and grinned.
"Don't blame yourself, lieutenant. Your work and cooperation is highly appreciated by the New Republic. So far, our combined plan has worked out perfectly. Keep monitoring the Palomintar System."
"I will, sir, no doubt about that. I only wonder what's going on down on the planet. What's wrong with his comsystem."
Jerno started to laugh.
"In the past the admiral was known for his tantrums and outrage. Don't seek for a reason yourself. Just stay alert and keep us informed. You're doing well."
"Thank you, sir. I will carry on with this assignment."
The holo image of the young officer vanished. Jerno pressed the button on his device and leaned back in his chair.
'It went as I expected. You lost your temper, didn't you, Trevor, and you cooled your anger on your equipment. You're still the stupid fool you've always been.' He thought.
Liane took a purple octagonal holocron in her hands and turned is over and over again. She admired the absolute regular form of the eight equilateral triangles and the reflection of the soft purple color on the surfaces. The color seemed to whirl around in the triangles.
'Which Jedi master has created such a beautiful gem,' Liane mused while she walked over to the lounge and sat down, still looking at the purple whirls which seemed to hypnotize her. She reached out to the Force and stretched out her hand with the holocron. Immediately the space in front of her was filled with swirling purple clouds. Fascinated Liane watch how the clouds condensed. An alien creature became visible wearing the familiar clothes of the Jedi order.
'Welcome, young Force learner,' A melodious voice sang, 'You're here to expand your Force knowledge, I asume. I'm master Odan-Urr.'
'Greeting, Master Odan-Urr,' Liane said hesitantly. 'Are you willing to tell me more about the history of the Jedi Order; how has it been founded and how did the Dark Side take shape. Have there been Sith lords from the beginning?'
'Why do you want to know, young Force learner?'
'Master Odan-Urr, Luke Skywalker, my friend, and I have been Jedi Knights in the past more than one time. I've seen us several times in different Force visions as Jedi Knight, even as Jedi Masters, but for how long does the Jedi Order already exists.'
'They exists for a very long time, more than ten millennia.'
'Ten thousand years, master Odan-Urr?' Liane exclaimed astounded.
'Maybe even longer, but not all records of ancient times have been archived in a proper way. As a young Jedi I studied much of the ancient Jedi lore about the Good Side and about the Dark Side. If you want to know what has happened, then I can show you. I see on your face you're eager to know, don't you?' the melodious voice sang.
In front of Liane it seemed as if the cave split open and images of a long forgotten past unfolded before her eyes. In a whirling holographic projection the old struggle between the Jedi and their fallen opponents, the Siths, who believed in the Dark Side of the Force came to live again. The images confused, devastated, and frightened her. She saw thousands of Jedi fighting together to restore peace on the planets of the Old Republic. She saw them being slaughtered by those who believed in the Dark Side. Finally she buried her face in her hands.
'Master Odan-Urr, please, this is all aweful. I've seen enough for now,' She whispered.
Almost immediately the images vanished and Liane felt how the soft melodious voice of the old Jedi was soothing her grief over the images she had seen.
'This happened after the Sith raided the galaxy of the Old Republic, young Force learner. There have been eras when the Jedi and Sith lived completely separate in different parts of the galaxy. They weren't aware of each others existence. There are numerous texts here in this library that can tell you how the Sith discovered the great prosperity of the Old Republic under the guidance of the Jedi.'
'All those good lives were lost only because the lust for power corrupts,' Liane whispered again.
'It does, young Force learner, and it will always be so. There is no ways to free this galaxy of the Dark Side and establish an eternal peace. In their strife for power the Sith will always challenge the Jedi Order. Their strong emotions of lust, hate and anger will always prevail, no matter what the Good Side wants to achieve. It is in the nature of many races in this galaxy to dominate each other and to obtain absolute power.'''
'But the Jedi... and the Force?' Liane stammered.
'The Jedi will always do their duty, although it isn't an easy task. Their obligation to battle the Dark Side is an ongoing strife. The Force will help them, but it also helps their opponents. The Force itself is a neutral power. It can be used for good and evil.'
'Are you saying that a long lasting peace is an illusion, master Odan-Urr?'
The melodious voice laughed.
'Certainly not, young Force learner, there will always be periods in which the galaxy will know prosperity and progression. Some of these periods will be short, some of them will last for hundreds of years, even millennia, but somehow the balance between the Good Side and the Dark Side will be disrupted and a new war between the Jedi and the Sith is unavoidable, for the Dark Side may never win the last battle.'
'I have seen what the Dark Side can do, master. My foster-father lost the his connection with the Good Side, although he had been trained as a Jedi, and was a good man.'
'Your foster-father was emotionally a very vulnerable person. His emotional imbalance seduced him to the Dark Side, young Force learner, for he couldn't cope with the changes that happened in his life. That was his undoing as a Jedi Knight. He wasn't the first one to loose this emotional battle, and he won't be the last one, young Force learner.'
'So every Jedi Knight can fall victim to the Dark Side, even Luke?' Liane asked shivering.
'Your friend Luke has become a very powerful Jedi Knight. He has mastered to control his emotional feelings and has committed himself to the will of the Force. You're worried about him, young Force learner, for you care for him, but be ware of those feeling, for they are also expressions of emotions even if they find their source in compassion.'
'Are you sure, master Odan-Urr, that Luke won't be seduced, that he won't turn himself to the Dark Side,' Liane concluded relieved.
Again the melodious voice laughed.
'Luke Skywalker has become a strong Jedi Master and can cope with the task he has to fulfill, but even for the Jedi the future remains unsure. Young Force learner, it will be your task to support him, to be his companion, to be his partner and help him under all circumstances as a Jedi Knight, for the two of you have always supported each other. You have been together in many lives, you both have a long experience on the Good Side of the Force and none of you has ever faltered. You're both the luminous beings within the Force'
'You mean, master Odan, that I don't have to be fear the knowledge Luke's father Anakin has taught me?'
'Young Force learner, you possess a great insight knowledge, for you have experienced the power of the Dark Side; you have practised Sith power, but you have resisted the emotional feelings of domination and control those Dark emotions can give. There's no reason for you to be afraid of the Dark Side, young Force learner. You only have to develop your Jedi skills and become a powerful Jedi Knight next to your twin soul, Luke Skywalker. With your help, the rise of Jedi and the New Republic will know a long period of prosperity and peace.'
'Master Odan-Urr, you know who I am, don't you?' Liane asked.
The apparition in front of her nodded and smiled approvingly.
'Yes, I know, young Force learner, but I can't call you by the name that doesn't belong to you, because you haven't yet mastered the Force skills you need. There's much more for you to learn. You have set your first steps into the larger world of the Good Side of the Force, but the Jedi path asks your full commitment. You've inherited your strong Force power from a long bloodline that goes back on thousands of generations of Jedi Knights. Don't waste your time, young Force learner, find yourself a master, and accept your apprenticeship as a padawan learner. One day you will be a powerful Jedi Knight next to Luke Skywalker.'
The apparition vanished and Liane looked stunned at the octagonal holocron.
'Master Odan-Urr can't call me by the name that does belong to me. What's the meaning of his words? Shall I use his holocron again and ask him to tell me what he meant?'
Liane shook her head thoughtfully.
'I'd better not do so. Master Odan-Urr might get annoyed, because I might sound too curious. He also said I have to become someone's a padawan learner. Does he mean that I have to accept Luke as my Jedi master?' She shook her head again, 'Ian is Luke's padawan at the moment. He can't have two padawans at the same time. Maybe some else would be willing to be my Jedi master; Leia, perhaps, or Luke's friend master Antilles?'
Once again she shook her head deep in thoughts.
'I'd better go back to the residence now. Threepio is certainly worried about dinner time.'
She rose and secured the holocron of Master Odan-Urr in the cupboard.
The Astræa and the Millennium Falcon were nearing the continent of Tyr on Palomintar Four. From his co-pilot seat in the Astræa Han Solo watched the dense forest.
"There's no way to land anywhere here. I don't want to risk the Falcon in a crash landing," He commented over the infocom to the Falcon.
"General," Toallin interrupted, "What you see are the clouds above the canopy of the nut trees. Underneath there are many open areas to land."
"Does Cantamaga have a space port, Toallin?" Han grumbled.
"No, general. We always have reached Tyr by sea."
"So, how can you be sure there's enough space to land a space craft?" Han commented, "Luke, kid, do you have an idea how to land here?"
"Looks like Dagobah, Han. Clouds, impenetrable mist, no visual scanning possible," Luke commented over the infocom
"Fine, how do you suppose to know where it's safe to land?" The former space pirate asked.
"Get me Ian, Han. I'm going to instruct him to land the Astræa near Cantamaga, using the Force."
"And who is going to land the Falcon, kid?"
"I will, Han."
"Also using your Jedi skills," Han murmured sceptically.
Luke laughed.
"Don't worry, Han. I won't crash the Falcon as I did my X-wing the first time I landed on Dagobah."
"What about the Astræa?"
"Get me Ian, Han."
Han switched the infocom to Ian Tydon.
"Listen, Ian. Reach out to the Force if you pass through those dense clouds. Those clouds form a high air layer above the trees. Once you're through that layer you can pilot the Astræa with visual flying. There is enough space to fly above the tree tops."
"Yes, master, I understand," Ian answered, but he sounded not really convinced.
"I'll go in first with the Falcon, follow me closely, Ian; do exactly as I do, and rely on your Force skills," Luke said. "Now concentrate on the Force and use her power to guide you."
"Yes, master," The young padawan said. Before he went into a Jedi trance, he firmly grabbed the joystick with both hands. Han looked skeptically at Toallin.
"Strapped yourself in, Toallin. We might have a crash landing," He grumbled.
Through the windscreen Han saw the Millennium Falcon dive. Immediately Ian followed with the Astræa.
"Take it easy, kid. I want to land safe and sound," Han murmured.
"Han, please, don't disturb Ian's Force trance," The voice of Leia sounded over the infocom. "Ian, keep your concentration on the Force."
The two space ships neared the gas clouds.
"I'm going in," Luke's voice sounded, "Follow me, Ian."
"Yes, master," Ian murmured
The two ships vanished one after another in the layer of greenish clouds. Han looked tensely at the visual scope. The display reflected the green mist flares which were visible whirling outside the windscreen. To Han Solo it seemed as if the dense clouds had completely swallowed the Falcon and the Astræa. There seemed to be no end to the whirling patches of green fog, when suddenly the clouds disappeared and the landscape of Tyr became brightly visible. Han sighed relieved when he saw the Falcon flying in front of them. He heard another soft sigh next to him and grinned.
"Well, kid, you're quite a pilot, nearly as good as myself. I couldn't have done better," He said cocky.
"I'm glad master Luke supported me. I really didn't know how to get through that cloud layer. All the scopes seemed to have gone berserk. It was really scaring," Ian confessed.
"Never mind, you made it. Let's head for Cantamaga. Toallin, do you recognize any landmarks?"
"I do, general. Keep right, Ian. Cantamaga lays behind that mountain ridge ahead. Near those mountains you have to turn right again, keep the mountains to your left until you reach a wipe gap. There you can cross the lower mountains, " Toallin pointed to a dark ridge of snowcapped mountains to the right. Meanwhile the Falcon had banked to the right and the Astræa followed. Han looked at looming mountains when he saw a gap between two mountain tops. Luke steered the Falcon straight to the narrow pass. Han grinned.
"Luke's found a short cut, Toallin. You'd better follow him, Ian."
The Falcon now flew on her side and passed through the narrow gorge without slowing her speed. Ian flipped the wings of the Astræa in upright position and also maneuvered the ship through the narrow gap without damage. On the other side of the mountain ridge a beautiful valley became visible.
"There's Cantamaga, general. We can land outside the village on that strip of land to the left," Toallin said.
His brother had indicated the same spot for the Falcon was already slowing down and extended her landing gear. A couple of minutes later both space ships lowered their ramps. Han immediately left the Astræa and walked over to his ship. Approvingly he patted his brother-in-law on his shoulder.
"You Jedi, are great pilots, kid. I case of emergency I would trust my life in your hands," He said with a grin, "but when we leave this place I fly the Falcon myself, if you don't mind."
Luke grinned and turned to Ian.
"Well done, Ian. I can only approve Han's words. Now let's see if the citizens of Cantamaga are willing to welcome some visitors."
Before he had finished his comment a large crowd appeared on the edge of field. Toallin and Mugin were already walking over to the waiting crowd. Suddenly two women broke away from the crowd and ran to the two brothers. They waved their hands frantically.
"Toallin! Mugin!"
The two brothers increased their pace and met the women halfway. They embraced each other and all four started to cry. Luke and his friends stopped and waited until the first emotions of the brothers' reunion with their wives were over. At last Toallin and Mugin beckoned their new friends to join them.
"We want you to meet my wife Udin and my brother's wife, Udin's sister, Camon. All the citizens of Cantamaga welcome you."
They shook hands and the two women couldn't express their happiness to see their husbands again. Toallin led the group to the others who were watching in awe at the three Jedi Knights in the company. That admiration was broken when seven young children released themselves from the group.
"Dad! Father!"
Han looked at Leia and grinned.
"I hope, darling, that one day I will be welcomed this way, as I'm returning home."
"I won't let you travel alone, darling. So probably we will have our children with us." Leia whispered.
The acquaintance with the offspring of the two brothers broke all formalities. The citizens surrounded the two brothers and thousands of questions sounded on both sides, until two elderly persons stepped forward.
"Welcome back, governors," They said and bowed. Toallin stretched out his hands and fondly embraced the two men.
"Kamalin, Woldin, so good to see you, but we're not your governors any more. It's been too long to claim those rights. You surely have chosen yourself some new leaders here."
"The Council has led our citizens in your names, governors. Now everything will become as normal as we will go back to Ribana, we hope."
"In time, we will, but there's a lot to be done, Kamalin. Jedi master Skywalker and his friends have agreed to help us, but we need a lot of volunteers to support them and defend our claim on our home town."
Kamalin turned to Luke with an intense glance in his eyes. He bowed deeply to show his respect.
"Welcome Master Jedi, we hope you'll bring an army with you to defeat those imperial invaders and their leader?"
"Unfortunately we haven't, master Kamalin," Luke said, feeling the disappointment in the speaker, "but my friends and I will do everything to undo the injustice that has been done to the citizens of Ribana."
"We talk about it later, Kamalin," Mugin said and took the older man's arm, "It's good to be back among all of you again. I'm sure that our new friends will come up with a plan to defeat Darth Golluth, so we can go back to Ribana."
Surrounded by their fellow citizens Toallin and Mugin with their wives, and their new friends walked to the center of Cantamaga, while the younger kids ran around the group, looking in admiration at the three Jedi Knights, the Wookiee and Han Solo. They whispered enthusiastically at each other.
"Some of our guests are Jedi Knights! Did you see their lightsabers? The younger man looks different, but he also has a lightsaber. Maybe he's a special Jedi Knight," a young adult female Quelan, wearing a male outfit, remarked. She walked over to Luke Skywalker, and grabbed the sleeve of his cassock.
"Pardon me for asking, master Jedi. Is that younger man a Jedi too? He looks different with that braid at the right side of his head," She asked frankly and pointed at Ian.
"You should ask him yourself," Luke answered politely, "What's your name?"
"Chati Fonaldris, master Jedi. I'm the eldest daughter of Toallin."
"Nice to meet you, Chati," Luke said and watched the young girl with great interest. He sensed a strong wave of Force connection between both of them.
"Ian, please, come over here, and join me. This is Chati, Toallin's eldest daughter, she wants to ask you something," He said.
Ian Tydon joined Luke and the young female Quelan. He laughed friendly at the young Quelan woman.
"Nice to meet you, Chati. What'd you want to know?"
The young female looked up at Ian with a curious glance.
"I want to know, if you're a special Jedi, sir, because you're wearing a braid?" She asked with a polite, but frank smile.
"I'm a padawan learner, a Jedi apprentice, Chati. One day I hope to pass some final trials, a kind of exam or proof, and become a Jedi Knight."
Chati turned to several younger children who were standing around Luke and Ian, looking curiously at the two men.
"See, it's true, like I always have said. There's a school where you can learn to be a Jedi Knight," She said and turned to Ian again. "Where did you go to school; where did you learn to become a Jedi?"
"Why are you asking, Chati?" Luke asked curiously, watching the young female Quelan with interest.
"Master Jedi, if I could go to such a school and learn to be a Jedi Knight, I would attack the guy that has driven us from our hometown. If you are going to fight him, can I come with you? I want to help you, I want to free Ribana, so we all can return to our former way of life," Chati said with a great determination in her voice, while looking straight at Luke.
"You're not going anywhere, Mayan Fonaldris," A woman's voice sounded sternly, and Udin took her daughter's arm. "And, stop bothering our guests with your silly believes about becoming a Jedi Knight. Jedi Knights are fighters, they are fierce men and warriors. I've told you before there isn't a way to become a Jedi for a Quelan girl, for any girls or women at all. The Jedi Knights once lived on Coruscant, they seldom visited the Outer Rim. After the empire had been proclaimed all the Jedi disappeared. They say that they have left this galaxy, and no one knows where they went. Other rumors say that the emperor ordered to kill all the Jedi, but what ever it is, it's all myths and legends."
"But our guests are Jedi Knights, mother, look at those lightsabers. So some of the Jedi did return, or managed to survive their destruction, and not all of them are men. Look at that regal lady. I'm sure she's a Jedi Knight too," Chati said stubbornly, turning to her mother.
"Mayan! I told you to stop bothering our guests with your silly daydreams. My apologies for her behavior, sir," Udin said, "but although she's grown up Quelan woman, she is still insisting that she want to become a Jedi Knight. I don't know where she got those funny ideas."
"Do you mind, if I tell your daughter some stories about the Jedi Knights. It might satisfy her curiosity," Luke asked friendly.
"Not at all, sir. Maybe you can explain to her that she is chasing myths and fantasies. She twenty now, and I expect her to marry one of our Quelan boys and start her own family. I'm very grateful to you and your friends, sir. It's a great relief, that you brought back my husband and my brother-in-law. I hope Toallin can bring some rest in my household again."
She walked back to Toallin, and gestured furiously at Chati to follow her. Luke and Ian exchanged a understanding glance.
'Are my feelings right, master, is the Force influencing this girl Chati?' Ian asked
"The Force certainly is influencing this young female Quelan, Ian," Luke answered the young padawan through the Force, "This is no coincidence. Remember how you and I felt a Force flow when we entered this system, and your master also has mentioned some tremors in the Force when the Falcon did a fly-by of Palomintar Four. Now, let's follow the others. I will have a chat with her at a later moment."
Ian nodded. Together with Luke he caught up with the other of their group and the citizens of Cantamaga. All of them were busy talking about the situation in Ribana, the city they had left more than seven years before in a hurry.
Darth Golluth was walking to and fro in his communication center. His face expressed the outrage, the anger and the frustration he felt. More than once he walked over to the console panel and wanted to slam his pole on unit. With loud protesting beeps his tech droids kept him from destroying the delicate device again.
"I don't believe it. All my data has been erased. It's impossible that those rebels found out what I have been doing. Now I've lost all the information I gathered about those Skywalkers. How did those rebels find out, that I downloaded that file about their trial? Some of them must have infiltrated my communication center and now those rebels have also blocked my access to Quoith," He grunted.
"Tech droids, when will this set be operational again?" He snarled to one of the tech droids.
The droid beep a nervous sounding stream of binary information. Darth Golluth looked at his protocol droid and yelled, "What's he telling me?"
The protocol droid translated the binary flow, but the answer of the tech droid infuriated the dark hooded person more.
"Do you mean, those rebels have disconnected my system. They have disconnected my whole communication center. That's impossible!"
Once again the tech droid beep a long binary stream. A translator droid displayed the answer, before the protocol droid had interpreted the binary stream.
"What do you mean with, 'they've traced the identity of the system'. See to it that you establish a new communication with the outside galaxy worlds. I need to contact my spies on Dalmaran, and Palomintar Six. Do it quickly, and encrypt that new frequency, so nobody could trace its source to this planet."
Darth Golluth walked to the door and vanished. The tech droids hastily began to disconnect all the wires and to dismantle the console and the holographic display. In no time the floor of the communication center was littered with all kind of wires, connectors, bolts and screws. After they had dismantled the panels completely, they started to reassemble the panels, constantly beeping and frantically chattering in their binary language as if they were arguing and quarreling with each other.
Meanwhile their master had returned to his main cavern; he still was expressing his angry feelings, slamming the walls of the passageways and the furniture in the room.
"Lost everything," He shouted at the top of his voice, "Lost everything. I should have secured the information in a better way. How will I be able to recognize those Skywalkers twins now? Their little malicious sister Liane I always will recognize immediately; I still hear her mocking laughter when she rejected my marriage proposal. I never forget the arrogant glance in her eyes, as if I was one of the subordinates of her father. I, the most important admiral in the Imperial fleet, was ridiculed as a common soldier. I, the most committed user of the Dark Side; even her father knew less than I."
A scoffing laughter suddenly sounded through the room. Darth Golluth furiously looked around him.
"Who's laughing? Is that you, lord Vader? It is you, isn't it?" He yelled becoming more and more angry.
'Still trying to become a Sith Lord, Trevor? Do you feel the power of the Force? And what do you want to do with that power? You're no Sith. The more you irritated the emperor with your stupid requests and lamentations, the more you have run to your doom. Your arrogance and your boasting about your superior use of the Force always outraged the emperor, but you are simple minded fool and never noticed that your repeated requests brought him on the brink of ordering your elimination. Your fate was sealed when you failed him at your mission on Solgar.'
Darth Golluth face flushed with anger and in a fit of rage his electro pole rammed on the top of the pedestal destroying the holographic display in a shower of sparks.
"This will end your insults forever, lord Vader. I'm sick of your humiliating comments. It's your fault that the emperor never accepted me as a Sith apprentice."
He was walking back to his chair on the dais, he whirled around and looked at the destroyed device. The mocking laughter sounded even louder. Darth Golluth walked over the remnants of the device and kicked them with his feet.
'I'm still with you, Trevor, for I will prevent any of those evil plans you have in mind.'
"Who are you?" Darth Golluth screamed.
'I was Darth Vader. The Dark Lord who enjoyed, humiliating you during your visits on Morantan. The Dark Lord who solved the problems with the Solgarians more effectively than you did.'
Darth Golluth slammed his fist against the wall of the cave, but the voice of Anakin Skywalker roared with laughter.
'Hearing the truth isn't easy, Trevor. You're still a pathetic fool. You will never be a Dark Lord.'
Now Darth Golluth started to laugh.
"Your daughter, Liane Vader, will teach me everything I need to know. When I left her on Morantan she was well on her way to become a Dark Lady, a powerful follower of the Sith, and a expert in the use of the Dark Side"
'My daughter will never share that knowledge with you, Trevor? My son has shown her her real Force potential and destiny. She fully understands the difference between the Good Side and the Dark Side and she has made the right choice.'
"Your daughter was only too happy to use her dark powers, just like you. She is as malicious and evil as you were, Lord Vader, and she will share all that knowledge with me and help me to fulfill my new plan with this galaxy. A galaxy ruled by the Dark Side of the Force, and with me as the new emperor."
'The emperor thought as you do and the use of Dark Side was his undoing. His power of the Dark Side surpassed yours a million times, don't forget that, Trevor. For there always will be Jedi Knights who will keep the Force in balance and prevent that Dark Side will rise again.'
The voice faded and Darth Golluth strode with unstoppable fury through his main cavern, slamming at every object within his reach.

'Aren't you challenging that guy too much, Anakin?' a concerning voice whispered, 'What do you want to achieve with your insulting words. Are you seeking revenge?'
'No, Obi-Wan, revenge is not my purpose.' the voice of Anakin Skywalker sounded calmly, 'I'm only defending my foster daughter against his lunatic plans.'
'He knows he lacks the knowledge he seeks, and that makes him a dangerous opponent for Liane. She hasn't mastered the Good Side fully yet. She is still no Jedi Knight. If you want to protect Liane, stop challenging this guy. The Force will lead this self-proclaimed Sith Lord to his downfall. You and I need to support and strengthen our last Jedi and Severini's daughter,' the calm voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi said.
The voice of Anakin Skywalker chuckled.
'I know, Obi-Wan, but I can't resist the temptation to bully this guy. During my life I've never met some one as stupid and conceited as admiral Trevor Matrik, but I will stop to defy him. I'm aware of the Force influence with which we can protect your...'
'Hush, Anakin. Too much has been revealed already,'the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi sighed.
'What are you afraid of, Obi-Wan? No one will blame you for what you did in the past. If someone is to blame it's me. I've caused all the trouble.'
Now the voice of Anakin Skywalker sounded shameful. The voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi replied on a soothing tone.
'Liane doesn't blame you anymore, Anakin, nor does Luke and Leia, but I brought Severini's son to safety. He grew up in ignorance, and has never been informed of his Force abilities.'''
'If that's what's bothering you, then I can reassure you, Obi-Wan. Does my children blame me for becoming Jedi Knights at an older age, or for growing up separately,' Anakin's voice sounded compassionately, 'They don't. The decision master Yoda and you took was right. Luke and Leia are all too happy to know they are brother and sister. I'm sure that your son will successfully complete his Jedi training, and he also will be very proud if he learns that you're his father. '
'I'd wish I had your confidence, Anakin. Now let's get back to our tasks, for there's a lot of work to do for both of us.'
"Our techs succeeded, Chancellor," Madine said aloud when he dashed unannounced into Mon Mothma's office.
The Supreme Chancellor looked up from her work and duties and made an inviting gesture.
"Succeeded what, general?" She asked and walked over to the comfortable lounges that looked out over Irithim.
"They have destroyed the illegal download on that unknown communication system. The source has been located at Palomintar Four. The techs told our intelligence force that that Palomintar system was relatively unprotected so they could take over and scan all its data. After they had destroyed the illegally obtained data, they have blocked all outgoing access of the system. In other words they disconnected the system completely. Whoever has been using that communication system for his malice purposes will find it very difficult to get his system reconnected again. Quoith also has destroyed the corrupted data that had been entered in our system. They are now checking if our communication system is completely free of malware, and malevolent viruses."
"Did they also succeed to find the source of the hacking of our system?"
"They are still working on it, madam. The one who did it, must be an expert with communication system. What I understood from our intelligence force is, that the little program that caused all this trouble, had a kind of sophisticated self-destruct, after it had infected our system with those viruses. You have to ask our technicians, or the expert of our intelligence force to explain for details."
Mon Mothma nodded in agreement.
That's indeed very good news, general, for I'm worried about our protégé's wellbeing. It's not good for her to be alone without any communication with the outside world, although my emergency residence is well hidden and unknown to spying eyes," Mon Mothma remarked.
"Quoith is now thoroughly checking if the communication center in the underground residence can be safely used again, madam. They're not yet sure about that, so they advice that you still have to be restrained to use the emergency system already," Madine said.
"Did they mention when the emergency system will be available again?"
"No, madam, they are performing a thorough check." Madine added, "Our Intelligence Force is monitoring the system constantly. They will inform you if the system is secure again."
Mon Mothma looked concerned.
'Let's hope that miss Solichor hasn't taken any calls after I visited her,' She thought, and looking at her advisor, she continued, "What do you suggest, what further possibilities do we have, general? Is there a way we can warn the Jedi in the Palomintar System, maybe one of them should return to Irithim to look after our protégé."
"The only way for commander Skywalker, or his sister to communicate with Irithim is via our encrypted procon system, but you and I know, that the scope of our procon system is limited to the worlds that have joined the New Republic. Our intelligence force could send a normal encrypted message to Ktafunda space port on Palomintar Six, and ask if the officials to make contact with either commander Skywalker, or senator Organa. However, if they are staying on one of the other planets in the Palomintar System, sending such a message will useless."
Mon Mothma nodded.
"I feared that would be your answer. So, we can't reach them directly. What about sending one of our neutral reconnaissance ship to the system? As long as our ships don't land on one of the planets in the system, we adhere to the agreed options of the treaty."
"A neutral reconnaissance ship also could pay a visit to Palomintar Six only, madam, if we want to avoid a formal protest from the temporary imperial government on Coruscant. Leaving the planets in the Outer Rim alone is one of the agreements of the treaty with the provisionary leaders on Coruscant. We're allowed to communicate with Palomintar Six, because there is a trading colony in Ktafunda. There's no real government or central administration, but the space port authorities keep an eye on what's going on in and around Ktafunda. It's a simple form of local control, but they manage to keep all too violent rogues at bay."
"In other words, general, if our Jedi aren't on Palomintar Six, and I'm almost certain they aren't, it's useless to send one of our scout ships to the only space port in the system. We also might expect a formal protest from Coruscant, if they find out that our Jedi friends have landed on Palomintar Four."
"That's right, Chancellor. The Outer Rim systems are known to give shelter to many fervent supporters and other remnants of the empire. The Phylotar brothers probably had contact with that guy Darth Golluth on Palomintar Four. If the Provisionary Imperial Council would issue a former protest, you could argue that one of their own people also has acted against the rules of the treaty."
Mon Mothma nodded.
"That's true, general. I'm sure that our Jedi are more or less sure that Darth Golluth has found a refuge, or made himself a shelter on Palomintar Four. Well, thank you for your message, general, and, please, send my compliments to our intelligence force and our technicians on Quoith. I hope I can use the emergency system soon, as I need to talk to miss Solichor as soon as possible."

To be continued...