A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 50

atch this, Threepio, and tell me, what you think of it," Liane asked laughing. She threw the training remote in the air. Immediately the little floating device started to fire, but Liane leaped high in the air and landed behind the device. In midair she had ignited her lightsaber, repelling the three laser beams the remote was firing in her direction. The little device switched off and landed on the grass. Liane picked it up, hooked her lightsaber at her belt and walked over to Threepio and Artoo. The two droids had been her audience for this demonstration. Artoo beeped a long binary stream. Threepio nodded in agreement.
"Mistress Liane, your skills are quite improving. Your exercises remind Artoo of the skills master Luke had to developed under master Yoda on Dagobah. He says, that master Luke will be very pleased with your progress."
"I hope he will, Threepio, but Ben Kenobi told me that the final goal is to beat all seven remotes."
"Seven!" Threepio exclaimed.
"That's what Ben told me. So next time I'm going to use three training remotes."
"But that's going to be very dangerous, mistress Liane. Those firing balls could hurt you severely. Do Artoo and I have to witness those demonstrations too."
Liane started to laugh.
"It's me, they are firing at, Threepio, not you. Those laser beams doesn't really hurt me, but if you're afraid of getting hurt, you two stay away as long as I am practising on the lawn."
As she walked inside the living, she heard the sound of the holographic computer in the library. Startled she looked at the two droids which had followed behind her. Immediately Artoo pushed against her leg, swiveled his blue dome and started to push her toward the passageway that lead to her private quarters. He beeped frantically.
"Artoo says, that you shouldn't answer, mistress Liane. Remember what the Supreme Chancellor told you. Artoo wants you to go to your quarters and stay out of sight."
"I certainly will, Threepio. Can one of you figure out who's trying to make contact."
For a moment she stood motionless in the passageway, listening to the sustained sound in the library, then she turned to Threepio.
"I have to leave this up to the two of you. Threepio, if it's the Supreme Chancellor herself, tell her I'm not in the residence at the moment. She will understand and call back later. If it's an intruder, see if it's possible to log the source of the connection and, also the holographic image. You can do that, don't you, Artoo? Afterwards I hope to figure out who is using this secret connection probably unauthorized, so I can inform Luke that some one has been trying to find out where I am."
She left the living and went to her private quarters. The two droids went over to the library, where Threepio wanted to switch on the console. Artoo beeped a series a violent warnings. Threepio nodded in agreement.
"I see your point, Artoo," The golden droid said. "You're right. Those spies might recognize you and me. I'll get one of the tech droids to answer this call."
Artoo rolled over to the computer outlet, hid himself underneath the console and plugged himself in. Without any noise he established a connection with his internal memory banks. Several moments later Threepio returned with a tech droid. Artoo whistled a series of instructions, than the tech droid took place in front of the console. Threepio closed the entrance doors to the library, and darkened the transparisteel doors to the terrace so all the light from the garden cave was blocked, then he stepped aside and out of sight. Artoo switched on the console.
At the display the holographic image of an unknown creature immerged. The tech droid beeped a long series of binary stream.
"I'm looking for miss Liane Solichor," the creature said, "I have an urgent message for her from her friend, Luke Skywalker."
The tech droid beeped.
"What do you mean, you don't know any Liane Solichor. Who are you anyhow? I got this access code from the Supreme Chancellor herself. Get me, Liane Solichor, quick."
The tech droid wanted to turn around, but Artoo kept it in place. The tech droid beeped frantically.
"Are you saying there's nobody there with that name. Am I not connected with Na'ctaMagh'Ba?"
Again the tech droid beeped.
"I'm not? You're a service droid on Mas'onom space port?"
Immediately the holo-image disappeared and Artoo switched off the connection. He released a binary flow and Threepio acknowledged.
"Fine with me, Artoo. Disconnect this device, until we hear from the Supreme Chancellor personally, that it's safe to use it again. Remember we're here to protect mistress Liane. You can go back to your chores," he said to the tech droid, "You have been a great help. I go and tell mistress Liane, that it's safe again to come back."
Threepio left and within minutes he returned with Liane. As she entered the library, she frowned and looked worried, but then she quickly walked over to her two droid friends.
"Thank you, so it was an intruder as the Supreme Chancellor feared," She said, "Let's find out who tries to find me. Artoo, can you display this session and provide me with any technical detail you've recorded."
The droid swiveled his dome around and started his projection. Liane listened carefully and shook her head.
"This doesn't make sense to me, guys, but it doesn't feel good, " She said when the recording had come to its end. "Artoo, get me a complete read-out of the technical data. I wonder if this creature is one of Trevor's spies. If that's so, then he is still trying to find me."
"Shouldn't you inform master Luke, mistress Liane." Threepio suggested. "Could it be, that he is in trouble? Maybe the guy spoke the truth."
Liane started to laugh.
"Luke in trouble, Threepio? Are you underestimating your master's power as a Jedi? I will use the Jedi pendant tonight, if that's reassuring you."
For a moment she stared through the open door to the living, the terrace, the lawn and the lake.
'What if Luke has send the Supreme Chancellor an urgent message,' She thought, 'He can't reach me. I'm the one who has to contact him through the pendant. What if Luke is in trouble as Threepio suggested. I promised him to call him every day, but I haven't kept that promise. It's more than seven days ago since we last spoke each other. I also have to tell him about Mon Mothma's unexpected visit.'
She looked at the two droids.
"I think I going to get to Luke now, Threepio. Thank you for your suggestion."
Deep in thoughts she left the library and walked through the living to the lawn and lake.
At the deserted vineyard building the group had spent the rest of the day and discussed the next steps they would take.
"It's unlikely that Mon Mothma would be willing to send some ground forces to this system. There's no central government in the Palomintar system. The planets consist of small colonies without a central administration. Neither the New Republic, nor the Provisional Imperial Government on Coruscant have spoken about establishing outposts on the Outer Rim systems such as this Palomintar System explicitly. Both governmental bodies only have agreed that Outer Rim Territories wouldn't come under the influence of one of them," Leia said.
Chewbacca grumbled a long sentence in Han's direction.
"You mean, we could get some of our old friends to help us. Yes, I know there several of them who owe me a favor, but I'm not sure, Chewie, if they are willingly to this risky operation, but we'll keep your suggestion in mind."
He turned to Luke.
"We're seven of us, Luke, he is one. I suggest we challenge this guy right now. Waiting for reinforcements from Dalmaran is, in my opinion, lost time. If we wait for the bureaucracy to find a solution, we might loose this momentum," Han said, "We can handle this guy ourselves. As Chewbacca suggested it might be better if I can call for help from some old friends."
Leia shook her head. Luke looked at his brother-in-law.
"I don't want you to get involved in the troubles of your past again, darling." She objected.
"What kind of guys are those friends, Han?" Luke interrupted, "Are they reliable?"
"No kid, but they have their honor and always pay back their debts," Han grinned.
For a moment they all were silent.
"I'm not really convinced, Han, that Chewie's suggestion would work out the right way, but it is a option which I want to keep in mind, " Luke said, looking at his sister who clearly showed her disagreement with his words, but before Leia could object, Ian interrupted their reflection on the situation and its possible solution.
"Masters," the young padawan said hesitatingly, "Haven't you both noticed something very peculiar when we were watching Darth Golluth?"
The two Jedi looked at the young padawan who was leaning against the wall near one of the blinded windows. Luke looked at his sister. Leia looked at her padawan, and she nodded approvingly.
"Yes, we did that, Ian, and you too, right. Well done, padawan. I certainly would have asked you about it if you hadn't mentioned it," She said.
Toallin and his brother had listened to four friends without saying anything. Their faces were gloomy. Han and Chewbacca looked at the three Jedi.
"What are you talking about?" He asked with some frustration in his voice.
Luke now laughed.
"Excellent, Ian. You tell all of us, what you've noticed."
Ian blushed at Luke's compliment.
"Master, master Luke warned us that he sensed those guarding droids of Darth Golluth through the Force. After we had sought a hiding place in that deserted house, we have all seen how Darth Golluth strolled through the street at a leisurely pace. He seemed to be full of self-confidence, for he even put back the cowl of his cloak, so we had a clear view of him. Maybe he is overconfident, for I've seen him doing the same on Endor, when you could take several images of him. On Endor we weren't sure if he wouldn't feel our presence, but in Ribana it seemed as if he was completely unaware of us. He didn't seem to feel our presence through the Force. I wonder, if he really is as sensitive to the Force as we are thinking. You and master Luke are fully trained Jedi. Isn't it odd that he didn't notice the two of you through the Force."
"You've compare your knowledge from Endor with what you've experienced here, my young padawan. And you did very well, for Luke and I have been fully aware of Darth Golluth's carelessness, and his inattentiveness of our presence. His behavior was indeed very peculiar and raises a number of new questions. However, I don't agree with your conclusion, that he might not be as Force sensitive, as his personal dossier from Coruscant mentions."
"What do you mean, madam?" Toallin asked, "Are you saying he isn't the guy who has expelled the Quelans from Ribana. I can assure you, it is him."
"Oh, yes, he is our man, Toallin. No doubt about that. The guy we saw, is Darth Golluth who has built himself a shelter on this planet at the expense of your thriving town Ribana," Luke said reassuringly, "but for us it's also very important to know that this guy wasn't aware of the presence of some Jedi. Every Force user - whether he is a follower of the Good or the Dark Side of the Force - would have been alerted to our presence."
"So he has tricked us," Mugin said interested.
"Could be, Mugin, but we still should be cautious and don't underestimate him."
"But you are saying, kid, that you have sincere doubts about his Sith knowledge?" Han asked with a relieved grin, "Well that makes the situation a lot easier to get rid of him."
"He surely isn't a Sith yet, Han, but he might have set his mind on becoming one," Luke said carefully, "It's clear to me now why he wants his spies to bring Liane to Palomintar Four. He knows that Anakin has taught her how to use the Dark Side of the Force. He probably assumes that he can still persuade her to share her knowledge with him, that she could teach him the dark knowledge he lacks. As for you second remark, we need to do more investigation. We don't know if he's really alone. Does he really has a team of droids only, or are there any hidden armed forces? I suggest we leave Ribana, go to Cantamaga and see if Toallin and Mugin can convince their fellow Quelans to help us. We don't need an army, but a group of sturdy men would be a great help to make some further plans."
Luke turned to the two brothers.
"You told us about those harvest men. Do you think they would be willing to help us?"
"We're certain that all our citizens will volunteer, if you tell them that this guy has been bluffing, when he raided our city," Toallin said fiercely, "I'd wish I hadn't let him intimidate my brother and me with his tricks."
"He had stormtroopers brought with him. We've seen the evidence of their presence," Leia remarked, "You told us, that after you had fled to Palomintar Six, you've heard that he had them killed by his droids, but it's important to know, if he really has ordered to kill them all. Are you sure, that Darth Golluth is living alone in his cave network with only droids as his servants?"
"No, madam, we aren't. On Palomintar Six we've only heard rumors. During the months Mugin and I have been working for Darth Golluth a number of stormtroopers were always standing guard. We've managed to flee, before Darth Golluth definitely took possession of his underground shelter. I only can confirm that it were stormtroopers who raided Ribana completely by surprise. They ordered Mugin and me to leave the city within twenty four hours. They threatened us, that if we would neglect Darth Golluth's ultimatum, they would start killing the citizen one by one, starting with the elderly people. We were so shocked, that our first concern was to save the lives of our oldest citizens," Toallin said.
"Can you estimate the approximate number of stormtroopers Darth Golluth has sent to Ribana? A squad, a troop, or a whole regiment," Han asked.
Toallin gazed in the distance and tried to recall the events that happened more than seven years ago. Finally he shook his head.
"I'm sorry, general Solo, I have no idea how many stormtroopers occupied Ribana. Do you, Mugin?"
"From one day to another they were suddenly everywhere. There might have been a hundred or more, but it's also possible that their number was much less than that. They were seen everywhere in Ribana and you couldn't say if those you had seen, were the same ones you met a couple of minutes later. They could not be distinguished from each other. They were complete look-a-likes."
"And after those men had done the job for him, he had them killed. The guy is really nuts," Han commented, "If he wants to revive the glory of the Empire, he definitely needs a grand army. How will he be able to stay in power once he has taken control; how will he come to power without an army? Does he intend to fight the whole galaxy on his own?"
"We're going to Cantamaga after dark," Luke decided, "Staying here won't help us any further at the moment. It even might be dangerous. Although I haven't sensed the presence of other droids, it's not unlikely that this area is under surveillance of probe droids. We shouldn't risk, being discovered from above. Our first aim has to be the support of the Quelans in Cantamaga. We at least need a group of tough guys to help us."
They all nodded in agreement. Mugin unloaded the backpack he had taken with him after their landing. To their surprise he provided them with a good ration of different kinds of food.
"As we have to wait until dark, we'd better spend the rest of the time at leisure like we've seen that guy doing," He said with a big grin.
They all enjoyed the unexpected meal and gave Mugin many compliments of his foresight, but Luke also urged them to remain cautious. They had to take care, that all traces of their visit were undone, before they would leave. After having finished their meal Ian asked Toallin to tell them about the vineyard and the production of the wine. Both brothers showed a great willingness to lead their guests around, but Luke thought it better if they wouldn't start walking inside the building, although he had noticed that Ian was showing some restlessness. The young padawan was constantly walking to and fro as if he was worrying or at least seriously concerned about something. Luke walked over and joined him.
"What's the matter, Ian," He asked as they stood in a far corner near the back door of the building.
Ian looked back at Leia and Han, who were talking to Toallin and Mugin.
"Master, it's not that I want to criticise master Leia, but there is something else about Darth Golluth that's puzzling me. He didn't seem to sense the presence of your sister and you...," Ian said reluctantly
"... And of you, Ian. He didn't sense the presence of the three of us," Luke said, "but, go on, Ian, what's on your mind."
"Master, on Endor I saw him, walking down the ramp of that transport ship of the Basilisaea. Master Leia was worried that he might sense our presence, but I had a very odd feeling when I was looking at him, master, and I had the same feeling again when I looked at him in Ribana. It was as if ..."
Luke put his hand on the young man's arm.
"You're right, Ian, but it's better not to talk about what you've felt both times. I can tell you I had a similar feeling, and it's indeed an odd feeling, for I have never sensed this before. You said you felt the same on Endor, didn't you?"
Ian nodded, but continued, while looking at the others, "Do you know, if my master has felt it too?"
"I can't tell you. All I can say is, that there's a different perception of the Force between you and my sister," Luke said.
"A different perception of the Force?" the young padawan asked questioningly.
"Yes, and it also exists between me and my sister. It's not a big difference, it's the way a Jedi experiences the influence of the Force. I've told you about the Living Force, and the Unifying Force, remember."
"Yes, master. The Living Force is all around us. A Jedi has to be aware that he is part of his surroundings. He has to feel and even see the Force in and around all living things. The Unifying Force is the Force that penetrates all things and binds the galaxy together. A Jedi has to learn to feel the Force not only around the living things, but also around non-living objects, like stones, rocks, water, even whole planets, suns, and moons."
"Excellent, Ian. A Jedi has to be aware of both ways the Force is connecting him, so he is aware of being a part of a much bigger world than most other species. Through long and deep meditation a Jedi learns to feel both ways at an equal level, but every Jedi develops his own preference, or stronger influence of one of these ways. You're strongly aware of the Living Force around you, and that's a good start for a padawan. At a later stage you will learn to feel the tremendous power of the Unifying Force. At that time you have become a fully trained Jedi, for then you will be aware of both ways the Force connects us Jedi. As a senator Leia has been trained to develop overviews of the many situations in which she had to use her diplomatic skills. After her initiation as a Jedi Knight, that old habit hasn't left her. Leia is more aware of the Unifying Force, the great power that's binding this galaxy together, and specifically all the worlds of the New Republic."
"Isn't she aware of the Living Force, master?"
"Oh, yes, she is, but her awareness of the Living Force is less explicit. Leia is fully incorporated in her surroundings, always aware of the many things that happening around her."
"So she probably also has noticed ..."
""I'm sure she has, Ian, but like me she knows, that's to early to draw a conclusion. We have to gather much more knowledge, before we can be sure of what the Force seems to be telling us, and that counts for you too."
"Thank you, master, for explaining this to me, for I was wondering if my feelings were right," Ian said.
"They probably are, but as I said, we need to rely on the Force to tell us more. Now come, Ian, let's join the others again," Luke said and gently pulled his friend to the group.
"Master, there's a message coming in from one of our spies on Dalmaran," the majordomos droid announced.
"So my communication system been repaired?" Darth Golluth snarled.
"Yes, master, but..."
"What? Is it still not working properly?" The dark hooded figure grouched.
"It's working, master, only the holographic projection might still shows indications of malfunction. The tech droids are working on it, but the damage you caused at the equipment is severe." the droid said.
Darth Golluth grabbed his stick, pointed at the droid and pressed a hidden button. A flash of electric bolts hit the droid and turned it into a heap of short circuiting electric sparks. Darth Golluth kicked the sparkling heap with his foot aside and walked out of the room with a wrathful face. Half running he crossed the corridor and slammed a button to enter his communication room.
"Get out of here," He snarled to the seven tech droids which quickly vanished in all directions.
Darth Golluth switched on the holographic project and entered several codes. A blurred image appeared on the round display.
"Ma..ster, is ... that ... you?" A voice asked.
"Of course it's me. Who else would answer you?" Darth Golluth grumbled. "Any news?"
"Ma..ster, Quoith ... found out ... the changes you have made ... Central computer on Quoith is down, and we ... have discovered that the Supreme Chancellor has had a ... regular contact with a comsystem with coordinates that lead to Na'ctaMagh'Ba." The blurred image hawed.
"A comsystem on the forbidden continent of Na'ctaMagha'Ba? Why does that rebel lady has to communicate with those Dalmarianian scientist." The voice of Darth Golluth sounded impatient.
"Not with those scientist, master ... but another unknown comsystem.... We have made access ... but a droid answered.... a technical droid on Mas'onom."
"This is indeed odd. See that you make contact with the comsystem again," Darth Golluth ordered.
"Master .... those contacts of the Supreme ..... Chancellor were ......" The holographic image vanished and on the console a series of blue, green and red dots started flickering then they all went out.
"Tech droids!" Darth Golluth screamed. The seven little droids beeped and reappeared.
"Fix it immediately!"
The droids beeped and started to unscrew the front panel of the console. A plume of smoke whirled free. Outraged Darth Golluth wanted to slam his fist on the device. The droids started to beep vehemently and the dark cloaked figure stopped. He breathed heavily, before he left the room, fuming and outraged.
The majordomos droid had recovered and stood silently waiting for new orders. Darth Golluth sat down on his seat on the dais and made an unhappy gesture to the droid.
"Leave me, and ask those techs how long it will take before the holo can be repaired."
The droid bowed and left the room without a word. Darth Golluth looked gloomy into the distance and gritted his teeth.
'So, the Supreme Chancellor had been communicating with a communication system on a continent which was prohibited for outsiders. Could it be that the New Republic government is concealing the whereabouts of the girl. But that could mean that they knew I'm after her. Maybe they also suspect my reason.'
He shook his head.
'No, impossible, I have kept my identity well hidden. However, it could be that the girl has found a hiding place on that prohibited continent herself. She is very cunning, I know. How could she get permission to join a group of Dalmaranian scientists; she is an outsider. It's very inconvenient that I have lost my temper again. Now I can't access the Quoith computer and I need to find more information about those two Skywalkers and Lady Liane. It could take weeks again before those techs have reconnected my equipment without any malfunction. '
Darth Golluth looked at the pedestal with the holographic console of Darth Vader, his idol and his greatest adversary. He pressed a button on the arm of his chair and the console sprang to life: the holographic image of Darth Vader became visible. Darth Golluth watched the image in silence for a long time, then suddenly he pressed the button again. The image vanished.
"I will be a greater Sith Lord," He swore under his breath, "No, I will be a greatest Sith Lord, than Darth Vader was. I will even be a greater Sith Lord than Darth Sidious."
From the direction of the console a mocking laugh could be heard. Darth Golluth looked at the console with a frown face. He rose and inspected the console and the pedestal, then he shrugged his shoulders.
He sat down again and devoted himself to his dark thoughts and possible new plans. He wasn't aware that the image of Anakin Skywalker was watching him closely from behind the pedestal.
The night sky above Palomintar Four was pitch-black and dotted only with tiny twinkling stars. The group was gathering under the landing claws of the Falcon. Luke asked Chewbacca and Toallin to get the Astræa ready for take off. He turned to his sister and her husband.
"We need to hover through this dry riverbed as low and as long as possible, using our cloaking devices. Do you think you can do that, Han?"
The former space pirate snorted.
"Of course, I can. Ian, get her ready. Oh, and take Mugin with you," He ordered his co-pilot. "Anything else, Luke."
The young Jedi shook his head when all of a sudden his mind seemed to go astray.
'Liane, wait,' He whispered. For a short moment he focussed his attention again on Han.
"Han, can you fly the Astræa with Ian. Leia and Chewie can fly the Falcon, I'll will take over when we reach Cantamaga. I need to talk to Liane now." He said.
Immediately Leia took the lead.
"Do as he asks you, darling," She said, "I take my brother with me in the Falcon. We meet at Cantamaga."
For a moment Han stood speechless watching his brother-in-law who now seemed completely in a Force trance.
"Fine with me," He said and walked over to the former Imperial shuttle. Leia grabbed her brother's arm and pushed him up the ramp of the Falcon. In the Astræa Toallin had already strapped in, when Han came in. Chewbacca was busy in the cockpit of the former imperial shuttle, grunting about the lack of space.
"Get to the Falcon, Chewie, and send that ... Oh there he is already. Hi, Ian. Did Luke tell you that you and I fly together with the Astræa?"
Ian nodded and sat in the co-pilot chair. Chewie left the Astræa without any comment.
"Where's master Skywalker, general Solo," Toallin asked.
"Flying with the Millennium Falcon with your brother," Han answered. "Ready to leave, Ian?"
"Ready for take off, Han?" Ian answered.
"Fly low, this ship must have a cloaking device switch?
Han's eyes cast a glance at the console and flipped a switch back and forth.
"Here it is. We use it to avoid spying eyes."
Through the windscreen they saw the Millennium Falcon hover and vanish too.
"Toallin, give me the coordinates for Cantamaga. How long do you think it will take us to get there?" Han commanded.
"Our harvest men can reach the other continent with their hover boats within twenty hours, general. At the east coast of Myr the distance between the two land masses is the smallest. Here are the coordinates of Cantamaga."
Han fed some figures in the navicomputer and immediately the Astræa turned her nose. Han opened the communication frequency for the Falcon.
"Chewie, do you copy, we're flying north three-two-nine, west five seven. Ian, standby."
Amazed the young padawan pointed at the flight path they really were following. Han grinned, but didn't respond.
"There's the end of the trench. Pull up and increase speed, now, and go into hyperspace on my mark."
Then he turned his attention to the console of the hyperdrive engine.
"Alright, here we go." Han pulled the hyperdrive level and the Astræa shot away, followed a couple of seconds later by the Millennium Falcon.
"Ian, in two minutes standby to return to sublight speed."
They flew on in silence. Han kept a close look on the synchro.
"Get ready for sublight. Now, cut off the hyperdrive," He said.
The streaks along the windscreens vanished and they were back in normal space. They were more than twelve hundred planet diameters from Palomintar Four. The planet was a largest celestial object in the night sky.
"Leia," Han said over the infocom, "We're going to approach the planet from the rear. Keep the Falcon cloaked. You're alright darling, how's your brother. He acted a bit strange when we were ready for take off."
"Luke's in a Jedi trance talking to Liane. I have brought him to one of our private quarters. I don't know what's going on. I hope Liane isn't in trouble. What time will we arrive at Cantamaga?" She asked.
Han looked at the synchro.
"Sublight flight will take eight hours from now. I told Ian to keep the Astræa cloaked. We don't to attract any unwanted attention."
"We'll hold the Astræa's slipstream. I'll tell Luke to contact you as soon as he has finished his talks with Liane."
"You sound worried, darling. Do you think, she is trouble?"
"Can't tell you, Han. We have to wait for my brother."
On Dalmaran Liane released herself from the Force. She had called Luke, but he had told her rather briskly to wait. She opened her eyes and looked at the Jedi-pendant in her hands. This was what she always had feared. Now she was trying to make contact with him while he was too busy to listen. Maybe she'd better contact him later ...
'Wait, Liane, don't loose your concentration. I've felt your presence.' A familiar voice said.
The apparition of Luke appeared on the lawn. Liane looked at him with a relieved glance.
"I am disturbing you, am I not?" She said.
'You're not, my dearest comrade. You sound distressed. Can I be of some help?' Luke said kindly and walked over to her.
"Luke, Mon Mothma has visited me personally. She had bad news," Liane said and in a few sentences she told Luke what had happened the days before. Luke's eyes got a serious look and he shook his head very disapprovingly.
'You should have contacted me immediately after Mon Mothma had left you. Why didn't you?' He said curtly.
Liane cast an unsure glace at her friend.
"Luke, please, don't get angry with me. I know, I promised to use the pendant every day." she said while she looked away from his stern look.
'Liane, what you've just been telling me, is a very serious matter. My little precious pixie, you shouldn't take Mon Mothma's warning too lightly,' The young Jedi said reproachful.
"Luke, the Supreme Chancellor's visit was only a few days ago," Liane objected. She felt ill at ease at his behavior.
'And I can't imagine what could keep you so busy that you weren't able to inform me sooner.'
Liane looked up at the image of her friend who was now walking to and fro on the lawn in front of her. His attitude showed his worries. She knew she had warned him too late. The apparition of Luke walked over to her and sat next to her on the rough stone near the pond.
'This is a serious, Liane. It's clear that Trevor is still trying to find out where you are and he shuns no means of finding you.'
"Luke, I took some precautions after Mon Mothma left. The infocom I'm using now has an alarm, so Threepio can tell me if I can return to the residence. No one can find the Jedi archive cave and I can stay there until it's safe again."
'And what would you do if Threepio doesn't warn you, or isn't able to warn you? What if Trevor's spies or bounty hunters find out where you're hiding, invade the residence and start turning the place up side down. They will immediately put Threepio and Artoo out of order. Maybe even destroy them. My dearest comrade, have you fully reflected on your plans?'
"You mean I could find myself trapped in the archive cave." Liane said.
'For instance.'
Liane stared to the forest cave and felt how Luke's protective manners annoyed her. For a moment she allowed herself to feel those emotions, but then she controlled her feelings, realizing that he was reprimanding her because he was particularly concerned about her safety. She relaxed and turned her attention again on her friend.
"Luke, I can take care of myself. I have been doing that on Morantan, years before we met, and I have survived on Endor without you. I know you're worried about me and I understand your reason, but ..."
She hesitated.
'But ... what, Liane. What's your reason for neglecting a very serious warning from the Supreme Chancellor'
Liane looked away, then suddenly she blurted out, "I wanted to surprise you. Artoo says you will be quite pleased with my progress. Master Thon told me that a lightsaber is the most valuable attribute for the Jedi to use for his meditation, because it shows the way a Jedi is one with the Force. He says that I'm as stubborn as Nomi Sunrider and I have been practising with one of the remote training devices I found in your desk."
Luke raised his hands and a twinkle appeared in his eyes.
'Stop, my lovely pixie. What are you talking about? You've been practising with your lightsaber using a remote ball? Please, tell me the whole story more slowly. I'm not angry at you. I'm only concerned that you're living in this underground residence relatively unprotected. Tell me, what have you been doing?'
Liane relaxed. She looked at Luke and suddenly she smiled. With great self confidence she told Luke how she had met Master Thon and what he had told her about the use of a lightsaber and about his padawan Nomi Sunrider. How she had discovered the remote practising balls and how Ben had shown her how to use it.
"It was very difficult in the beginning, Luke. I've got angry, because I couldn't control the remote. Ben said I had to rely on the Force if I wanted to defend myself against those random beams. I can now easily beat off one remote without being hit. Luke, honestly, I wanted to surprise you. I wanted to show you, I'm not wasting my time here."
Luke began to laugh.
'My eternal friend, you are - as always - incredible. You've indeed surprised me with this story, that's for sure. I could never have imagined that you started practising with the lightsaber I gave you without my help.'
He looked at the girl opposite him and reached out to her with feelings of love and care.
'And you're not only improving your Jedi skills with your lightsaber. You've also done very well, when you managed to control your annoyance over my words. I know you can take care of yourself, Liane, but you mustn't underestimate spying eyes. You've solved the problem of the call, thanks to Artoo and Threepio, but I advice you to reconsider your plan to stay in the archive cave when an intruder would turn up. I want you to use the pendant from now on, every day. Just say 'hello' or smile at me, but let me know you're alright.'
"I will do as you asked, Luke, if that's reassuring you, but I wonder what difference it would make; for if any serious problem would turn up, you're still on the other side of the galaxy and unable to run for help. I still have to rely on my own skills. The Jedi archive cave is the safest place here, but I agree with you that it might be difficult to leave it when I'm not sure if the residential area is safe again."
For a moment they both were silent.
"Luke, I can let you know, when I have to flee to the hidden cave and have to stay there. I can take the droids with me, so they are safe too. If that would happen we can come up with a better plan. I will take care that there will be enough rations of food stored in the library, so I can live there for a while." Liane urged.
'I'll think about it. Maybe I should send Ian to you to protect you.'
Liane shook her head.
"No, Luke, Ian is still a padawan learner and he needs you or Leia as his master. Yarnick and his brothers would be of more help, but I can't expect them to have themselves locked up here to protect me."
She laughed and Luke could not help laughing too.
'I'll come up with a plan to help and protect you, my dearest friend. In the extreme case I'll come back to you myself.'
Liane laughed even louder.
"You're always seeking for another reason to be together again, Jedi-master Skywalker?" She said happily teasing him.
'Yes, I am, but I also have myself dedicated to a more urgent task. I know you're safe on Na'ctaMagh'Ba, but be careful, Liane, and keep your promise to use the pendant every day from now on.'
"I will, Luke, and stop worrying. I can defend myself," Liane said with a smile, feeling her story had reassured him.
The image of her friend vanished as she released herself from her Jedi trance.

To be continued...