A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

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11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 3 months
  • Rand Phylotar arrives near the clearing at the lake;
  • Rand Phylotar shouts at Dendicott that he will bring Liane to Palomintar Four;
  • Dendicott fights with Rand Phylotar;
  • Dendicott, Rand Phylotar and their men are taken prisoner and brought to the Tychorion
  • Luke and Liane 3 months together again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane wakes up from the stunning and uses the Force to untie her hands;
  • Liane attacks Dendicott who stuns her again;
  • Luke and his friends fight to free Liane;
  • Liane punishes Dendicott with Force Stasis and Force Choke;
  • Liane is upset and anxious about her use of her old knowledge;
  • Luke is disappointed and tells her to stop using the Dark Side of the Force, if she feels threatened;
  • Liane tells Luke about Tijan and how Anakin has forced her to kill Tijan with the use of the Force;
  • Liane asks Luke to demonstrate Force Choke on her
  • Luke understands Liane's behavior, but doesn't approve it
  • Luke goes back with Liane to the Ewok village to help Teebo.
  • Luke, Leia, Wedge, general Madine, and the Grann brothers discuss their plans to free Liane;
  • Luke asks Threepio and Artoo to simulate the noise of a hovering space craft;
  • Ian and Luke prevent Liane from killing Dendicott with her knowledge of the Dark Side
  • Wedge Antilles stops Liane as she tries to run away.
  • Yarmod Matan Wedge Antilles' padawan expresses his doubt about Liane's future as a Jedi Knight.
  • Wedge reprimands his padawan for his undisciplined behaviour
  • Spies tell their mysterious master in the Outer Rim that Dendicott and Rand Phylotar have captured Liane;
  • The mysterious masterwants to exploit the knowledge Liane has gained from Darth Vader.
  • Jerno assumes he has found out the true identity of the receiver of the messages of the strange connections.
  • Jerno has ordered admiral Vestor to go keep the Palomintar System under surveillance from the Urervik cluster.


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 3 months
  • Yarmod has to apologize for his biased judgment about Liane
  • The Ewoks celebrate their victory with all their guests
  • Luke and Liane 3 months united again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane helps Teebo and the other wounded Ewoks in her special way;
  • Liane hears that general Madine orders Luke to bring her back to Irithim immediately;
  • Liane wants to leave Endor with the Granns, but she realizes that she can't leave Teebo;
  • Liane tells Yarnick and his brothers, Ian and Yarmod who she is and how she got back her memories
  • Luke encourages Ian to tell Liane what has happened to her on Wegoyy after Dendicott had minddrugged her
  • Luke will stay with Liane as her guard and protector;
  • Luke talks with general Madine and Leia about Liane's way of life among the Ewoks
  • Ian and Yarmod ask Liane if she can show them how she give her help to the wounded Ewoks;
  • Leia tells Liane that she can stay on Endor as long as she has to give her help to Ewoks;
  • Ian and Yarmod get permission to enter Logray's house; and
  • Ian and Yarmod feel how Liane is using the Force to help the Ewoks;
  • Ian and Yarmod help Liane with their Force knowledge;
  • Ian and Yarmod tell Liane, that she probably is a Force healer and has a exceptionally talent to use Force Battle Meditation;
  • Ian and Yarmod tell Liane she should tell Luke;
  • The mysterious master on a planet on the Outer Rim is furious because Liane won't be brought to Palomintar Four


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 3 months
  • The Grann brothers, Leia, general Madine, Wedge and the padawans leave Endor;
  • Rand Phylotar escapes from the medical center in Irithim;
  • Rand Phylotar heads for Palomintar Four;
  • Luke and Liane 3 months united again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Yarnick proposes to Liane, but Liane refuses, as she isn't Eilidh any longer;
  • Liane refuses Luke's help;
  • Liane locks herself up in Logray's house;
  • Luke uses Jedi Mind Control to force Liane to tell him about her help
  • Liane doesn't want to talk to him again;
  • Liane talks to Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi as she wants to throw the Jedi-pendant away
  • Ian and Yarmod insist that Liane will tell Luke about the way she's helping the Ewoks
  • Luke consults his masters and his father;
  • Anakin tells Luke more about Severini Solichor, and hints on a secret marriage
  • Luke sees a Force image of a pregnant Severini and the resemblance between Severini and Liane;
  • Ben and Anakin warn Luke not to reveal too early conclusions of Severini's pregnancy.
  • Ben talks to Liane about becoming a Jedi Knight, and the origin of her healing powers;
  • Ben tells Liane to hand the Jedi-pendant to Logray, so Luke can keep it for her.
  • Spies tell the Outer Rim master Rand Phylotar has escaped and has a new plan that he wants to tell the master personally;
  • The holographic image of Darth Vader tells the mysterious master that he shouldn't be too sure about his future plans
  • The mysterious master expresses his joy to a holographic image of Darth Vader
  • Rand Phylotar is on his way to Palomintar Four to meet his mysterious contact.
  • Rand Phylotar tells the mysterious master, that Luke Skywalker is the son of Darth Vader
  • Jerno, Valan, and Kalip discus the content of the intercepted messages from Palomintar Four
  • Jerno tells his co-leaders about his contact with the New Republic about Jedi Luke Skywalker
  • The three leaders on Coruscant decided to watch and monitor the developments on Palomintar Four more closely to avoid that the 'Master' in the intercepted messages will be in touch with Darth Vader's daughter.


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 4 months
  • Luke and Liane 4 months united again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Luke seeks a way to convince Liane to leave Endor with him;
  • Liane still is annoyed about Luke's use of Affect Mind;
  • Chirpa and Logray tell Liane she is wrong;
  • Luke and Liane settle their argument and leave Endor;
  • On board the Astræa Luke tells Liane they go to Tatooine;
  • Luke hands Liane the Jedi-pendant he has kept while she was helping the wounded Ewoks;
  • Liane tells Luke about her chat with Ben Kenobi;
  • Liane asks Luke to tell her about Ben's death;
  • Liane uses her Force skills as a healer to sooth Luke, as he see the images of his old master death again;
  • The Ewoks bring Rand Phylotar's mercenaries to the entrance of the Ewok village to meet Luke;
  • Luke meets with Rand Phylotar's mercenaries;
  • Rand Phylotar reaches Palomintar Four and meets his mysterious contact;
  • Rand Phylotar presents his new plan to the Outer Rim master;
  • Rand Phylotar has hired twelve of his elite force as mercenaries and send them to Endor;


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 4.5 months
  • On Endor
  • The Ewoks take care of the mercenaries, after Luke has left with Liane;
  • On board the Astræga
  • Luke and Liane 4.5 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Luke brings Liane to his father's old meditation chamber in the Astræga
  • Liane feels how the Force unites her with the galaxy;
  • Luke reveals Liane her mother has been a Force user with healing powers;
  • Luke apologizes to Ben as he thinks he looks at Ben in stead of Liane;
  • Luke gets a Force vision about Severini;
  • On Tatooine
  • Luke and Liane land near Ben former home;
  • Liane gets a strange vision and hears a female voice telling her more about her relationship with Luke;
  • Luke and Liane prepare their stay in Ben's home
  • Liane thinks she feels Ben's presence
  • Luke sees the ruins of his former home unexpectedly
  • On Palomintar Four
  • The Outer Rim master is outraged because Liane has escaped him again;
  • Rand Phylotar is held responsible for the failed capture on Endor and taken prisoner on Palomintar Four
  • The mysterious master order some droids to keep Rand Phylotar prisoner, until he has captured Liane
  • The Outer Rim master wants Liane to punish Rand Phylotar for the second failure on Endor
  • The Outer Rim master decides to go searching for Liane's hiding place himself.
  • The communication droids tell their mysterious master that the Basilisaea is traveling through the Urervik cluster
  • The Outer Rim master tells his droid to send admiral Vestor a flattering invitation to visit him on Palomintar Four
  • On Coruscant
  • Jernoinforms Valann and Kalip about Rand Phylotars failure on Endor
  • The Coruscant leadersdiscuss what will happen if Luke will head for Irithim and bring Liane before the High Council


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 5.5 months
  • Luke and Liane 5.5 months united again
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane offers Luke her help to ease his mind
  • Luke accepts her help and shares his most painful memories with her
  • Liane sees a future image Luke's future family and of herself as a Jedi Knight
  • Luke cherishes the image Liane has shared with him.
  • Luke tells her how a padawan has to assemble his own lightsaber, before his initiation to Jedi Knight on Dagobah;
  • Liane helps Luke assembling a training light saber;
  • Luke give Liane a second gift in the form of a training lightsaber;
  • Luke takes the training lightsaber Liane has constructed as a reminder of their time together on Tatooine
  • Liane still doesn't agree to become Luke's padawan;
  • Liane still wonders about the Force image and the words she has heard.
  • Ian Tydon has a Force vision about Liane and the mysterious person who is after her;
  • Ian mentioned the name of Darth Golluth, and draws an image of him;
  • Leia use the Force to find out if her brother is still on Endor with Liane;
  • Admiral Vestor visits the mysterious person on Palomintar Four;
  • The mysterious person is former grand admiral Trevor Matrik, now calling himself Darth Golluth;
  • Darth Golluth reveals his future plans to his visitor, and asks admiral Vestor to cooperate with him
  • Admiral Vestor invites Darth Golluth on board the Basilisaea
  • Darth Golluth and admiral Vestor set course to Endor in search for Liane and Luke;


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 6 months
  • Rand Phylotar manages to escape from Palomintar Four
  • Rand's escape plan fails and he is captured and brought into detention on the Tychorion;
  • Luke and Liane 6 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Luke and Liane can't leave Tatooine immediately to get back to Dalmaran;
  • Luke and Liane talk about Han, the Jedi Order, and midi-chlorians;
  • Luke rents a luxurious apartment;
  • Luke tells Liane he sees her as his foster sister
  • Luke teases Liane, and refers again to the Force image she has shown him.
  • Liane expresses her confusion, because she has seen herself dressed as a Jedi Knight
  • Luke wants to explain the meaning of their friendship, but is interupted
  • Liane wonders what Luke wanted to tell her;
  • Liane feels her close relationship with Luke, and immitates a vision as his padawan learner
  • Luke and Liane have a meal in Wuher's cantina
  • Luke is recognized by Chewbacca and hears about Han;
  • Luke and Liane go to the Millennium Falcon
  • Leia hears that Luke has left Endor and leaves with Ian to check with the Ewoks;
  • Leia and Ian arrive on Endor and have an encounter with some of the intruders who wanted to lure Luke and kidnap Liane
  • Leia and Ian visit the Ewoks;


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 6 months
  • Luke and Liane 6 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Liane enters the Falcon and hears Han's voice calling Leia
  • Liane feels Han's pain about his loss of his love;
  • Luke doesn't know how to help his friend;
  • Liane tells Luke she has heard Han's pleas
  • Liane tells Luke she has to help Han the way she has helped the Ewoks;
  • objects, but Liane insists to accept her point of view
  • Luke takes Chewbacca to the flight control room and hears the story about their dogfight.
  • Liane has her first session with Han.
  • Liane offers Han her help and passes images of his future with Leia to him.
  • Liane succeeds and manages to bring Han in a quiet sleep
  • Luke admires Liane's help
  • Luke, Liane and Chewbacca talk about Liane's help
  • Luke goes back to the apartment to pick up their luggage
  • Luke has to land on a smugglers planet to get spare parts
  • Leia hears from the Ewok leaders the story about the group of armed men, and Luke's departure with Liane.
  • Leia is reassured as Chirpa tells her the Ewoks keep an eye on the remaining armed men
  • Leia and Ian go back to the space port
  • Leia and Ian hide among the foliage around the space port as they notice that an unmarked space ship has landed
  • Leia and Ian see an unknown person appear
  • Leia compares her images with Ian's drawing; it is Darth Golluth
  • Leia and Ian notice a strange darkness around Darth Golluth
  • Leia confronts admiral Vestor and summons he to leave Endor immediately, otherwise the New Republic space fleet will open fire.
  • Leia and Raman Lengko cooperated, bluffing about the arrival of the New Republic's space fleet
  • Leia and Ian leave Endor and head back to Dalmaran
  • Darth Golluth shows up on Endor and reveals himself personally, taking off the hood of his cassock
  • Admiral Vestor leave Endor orbit, after a serious warning from Leia


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 6 months
  • The Millennium Falcon gets into problems due to the galactic turbulence
  • Luke and Liane 6 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Luke can't send a message to Dalmaran to inform his sister
  • Luke seeks out a way to leave Tatooine and find a full equipped medic center to help Han
  • Luke expresses his worries about Liane's help of Han
  • Liane is furious about Chewbacca's opposition
  • Liane helps Luke and Chewbacca as they are trying to get out of the galactic turbulence
  • Liane returns to her duty in the medic bay. Han is safe, but many vials are broken
  • Liane tells Han he can call her Eilidh
  • Liane shows Han the images of his wedding with Leia again
  • Luke tells Liane that Chewbacca and he will seek a solution to repair the Falcon on a nearby moon Myydkr
  • Liane continues her help, and Han finally fully surrenders, showing her everything what happened between Leia and him
  • Liane feels Han's pain as he let her be part about the way he broke off his relationship with Leia
  • Liane manages to make Han sleep again, but she is so shaken, that she looses consciousness, before she is able to reach Luke for some solace
  • Chewbacca interferes and blocks the entrance to the sick bay.
  • Luke and Chewbacca manage to stabilize the Falcon again
  • Leia transmits the images of Darth Golluth to Quoith computer center and gets a file with information on admiral Trevor Matrik
  • Leia decides to get to Coruscant to get more data about the former imperial admiral
  • Luke and Chewbacca get help from a fellow Wookiee on Myydkr
  • Luke and Chewbacca get a memorycard to restart the Falcon and a weathered droid to help them
  • Darth Golluth scoffs admiral Vestor about his flight with the Basilisaea from Endor
  • Darth Golluth denies that Leia has become a Jedi Knight
  • Darth Golluth goes back to Palomintar Four, while Admiral Vestor will continue the search for Liane
  • Darth Golluth is former admiral Trevor Matrik


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 6 months
  • Luke and Liane 6 months together
  • Luke and Leia 30 Liane 24
  • Luke and Chewbacca return and find the unconscious girl.
  • Luke finds out the no harm has been done to Liane. She is just asleep
  • Liane wakes up and Luke tells her to stop with her way of help
  • Liane become outraged and shouts to Luke, arguing with him about her Force potential
  • Luke and Chewbacca manage to reset the Falcon's computer system
  • Han is awoken by Liane's yelling and asks and explanation
  • Chewbacca explains to Han what has happened, as Han wonders why Luke is on board the Millennium Falcon
  • Han asks Luke if Leia has found someone else, and feels relieved if Luke tells him Leia is waiting for him.
  • Han wonders about Liane's help, and calls her by the name the Grann brothers had given her: Eilidh Grann
  • Luke urges Han to get back to Dalmaran and see Leia
  • Han stumbles to the cockpit and sets course to Dalmaran.
  • Leia and Ian do investigations on Coruscant in some classified files about Imperial officers
  • Ian expresses his worries, as Leia uses her Force skills to get access with Mon Mothma's permission