A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

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5 years ABY + 6 months - 1 year AROTJ + 6 months - 6 month after BoY
  • On Coruscant
  • A group of humans, have signed a treaty which will establish the co-existence of the New Republic and the Provisionary Coruscant Council
  • Luke and Leia 25


6 years ABY + 9 months - 2 year AROTJ + 9 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke and Leia /span>accused of treason<
  • Luke and Leia 25 + 9 months
  • On Dagobah
  • Leia's Jedi initiation
  • Luke trains Leia as a Jedi Knight on Dagobah; (lasts 3 months)

  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Mon Mothma has investigated rumors about Luke's and Lei's descent
  • Mon Mothma learns Luke and Leia are Darth Vader's offspring;
  • Luke and Leia in detention
  • On Coruscant
  • Jerno, Kalip and Valann discuss the devastating information about a missing space ship which has exploded near the Urervik System.
  • The commander of that Star Destroyer was one of the two ship that went into hyperspace and fled the imperial fleet near Jakku


6 years ABY + 9.5 months - 2 year AROTJ + 9.5 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Threepio and Artoo visit Han and are disappointed by his rude answers

  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke and Leia on trial
  • Luke and Leia 25 + 9.5 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • In the detention building
  • Leia meets the Force spirit of Anakin Skywalker;

  • On Dalmaran at Irithim
  • An unexpected verdict
  • Trial against Luke and Leia; (1 month after their return to Irithim )
  • Luke and Leia loose their jobs and functions
  • On Coruscant
  • Jerno, Kalip en Valann talk about the future of the Jedi Order. Kalip mentions that both Skywalkers are accused of collaborating with the Empire. Jerno doesn't believe the accusations
  • Jerno, Kalip en Valann discuss the disappearance of the imperial star frigates and the explosion of one of them
  • Jerno
  • tells his co-leader, that if both commanders were on board of the second frigate a memorial service is needed as one of the commanders was an imperial admiral
  • Jerno hopes that the daughter of Darth Vader will stay on Morantan forever.


6 years ABY + 10 months - 2 year AROTJ + 10 months
  • On Morantan
  • On Morantan
  • Luke and Leia 25 + 10 months, Liane 19 + 10 months
  • First encounter between Luke and Liane
  • Luke meets Darth Vader's daughter, Liane Solichor, on Morantan;
  • Luke wonders why he seems to recognize Liane;
  • The Force shows Luke some devastating vision about Liane;

  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Second meeting between Luke and Liane in Irithim detention
  • Liane affronts Luke as he visits her in the detention building on Dalmaran
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Quarrel between Han and Leia
  • Leia quarrels with Luke as she wants to visit Han; (shortly after the end of their trial)
  • Han breaks his relationship with Leia;
  • Han resigns as general of the New Republic and leaves Irithim; (1 month after the trial of Luke and Leia

  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke assigned to mission on Morantan
  • Luke volunteers in the mission to Morantan; (1 month after the end of their trial)
  • Luke meets Yarmod Martan on board the Tychorion;
  • General Madine promotes Luke to lieutenant-colonel;
  • General Madine tells Luke the Dark Princess of Morantan, Liane Solichor, is the daughter of Darth Vader;

  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Who is Liane?
  • Luke and Leia wonder whose daughter Liane can be;
  • On Coruscant
  • The Provisionary Coruscant Council is informed about the attack on Morantan
  • Jerno is reassured that a Jedi, Luke Skywalker, has been assigned to arrest the daughter of Darth Vader.

  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • Some humanoids tell a mysterious person in the Outer Rim territories Liane has been captured;
  • The mysterious person sends his minions to Irithim;
  • The mysterious person plans to bring Liane to his hidden accommodation in the Outer Rim.


6 years ABY + 11 months - 2 years AROTJ + 11 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • General Madine gets a visit from Lando Calrissian; (1 month after the assault on Morantan
  • General Madine doubts Lando's intentions and plans;
  • General Madine warns Luke to expect a visit from Lando

  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke accompanies Madine at the High Court building
  • Sorjon Tyloban accepts Madine's rehabilitation request for Luke and Leia.
  • Sorjon Tyloban asks Luke about what happened to the remains of his father
  • Sorjon Tyloban asks Luke if the Dark Princess of Morantan is really his sister
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke and Leia 25 + 11 months, Liane 19 + 11 months
  • Luke gets permission to visit Liane to win her confidence;
  • Luke may use his private shuttle 'the Astræga' again;
  • Leia stays in Irithim and takes over Luke's task to befriend Liane
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Lando visits Luke asking his help to win Leia's hand;
  • Lando proposes to Leia;
  • Leia is aghast that Lando has deliberately caused a break between her and Han;
  • Leia rejects Lando's proposal and uses her Jedi skills to force Lando that he has to look for Han;<
  • Leia suggest Luke should use the lift of his flight ban to continue his Jedi studies;
  • Luke leaves Irithim and goes to Dagobah to get master Yoda's papers;
  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • Spies report again to their mysterious master in the Outer Rim Territories;
  • Mysterious master and spies plan to kidnap Liane and bring her to the Outer Rim


7 years ABY + 1 months - 3 years AROTJ + 1 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke and Leia 26 + 1 month, Liane 20 + 1 month
  • Leia visits Liane several times;
  • Liane isn't cooperative and is silent;
  • Liane gives up her stubborn behavior; (2 months after Leia started her visits)
  • Liane hears of the escape plan with senator Zolgathrii;
  • Liane manipulates Leia with Affect Mind/Jedi Mind Control;
  • Leia decides to join Liane's plan to find out what's she up to.
  • Liane tells Leia about the escape plan;
  • Liane meets senator Zolgathrii again and tells him, using Affect Mind, to take Leia with them as a hostage.
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Leia warns general Madine and Mon Mothma about a possible escape plan
  • Leia volunteers to stay with Liane as she is going to escape;
  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • Spies keep their mysterious master in the Outer Rim Territories informed;
  • Spies have bribed senator Zolgathrii and Liane's guards.


7 years ABY + 3 months - 3 year AROTJ + 3 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke and Leia 26 + 3 months, Liane 20 + 3 months
  • Liane shows compassion with Leia;
  • Leia tells Luke about Liane's changed behavior;
  • Liane and Leia change clothes, so Liane can escape; (2 weeks after Leia decided she'd participate in Liane's plan)
  • Leia tells Luke she will volunteer as a hostage, so she can protect Liane;
  • Leia tells Liane she is not a senator anymore and useless as a hostage
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke returns to Irithim the moment Liane and Zolgathrii leave Dalmaran, taking Leia with them as a hostage; (2 weeks after Leia decision to participate in Liane's escape plan)
  • Luke contacts Leia using Jedi telepathy and asks if she's alright;
  • Leia tells Luke to ask Mon Mothma about senator Zolgathrii.
  • On Coruscant
  • Kalip tells Jerno that Liane has escaped, and expresses his worries about her intentions.
  • Kalip worries about the possibility that Zolgathrii and the daughter of Darth Vader will turn up on Coruscant
  • Jerno and Kalip seek for information about Zolgathrii
  • Jerno will send the information to The New Republic's agent


7 years ABY - 3 year AROTJ + 4 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • General Madine, Mon Mothma and Luke make a plan to go to Ortel, and free Leia and Liane. (1 month after Liane's escape)
  • On Ortel
  • Luke and Leia 26 + 4 months, Liane 20 + 4 months
  • Liane visits Leia a few times in her 'guest' detention;
  • On Ortel Zolgathrii imprisons Liane together with Leia; (1 month after Liane's flight to Ortel)
  • Liane is outraged about Zolgathrii attitude;
  • Liane tells Leia about herself and her life on Morantan under Darth Vader;
  • Leia and Liane become friends;
  • Luke tells Leia that he is on his way to safe her.
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke reassures general Madine about Leia's wellbeing
  • Luke meditates on his meeting with his former masters and his father and what they have told him about Liane;
  • Luke has promised his father he will protect Liane and take her as his padawan;
  • On Coruscant
  • The members of the PCChear about the assault on Dokanta during a meeting
  • Kalipexplains what the triarchy has found about the coup and Zolgathrii
  • The members of the PCCexpress their worries about a possible coup
  • Jernowill contact the New Republic to get all the necessary information


7 years ABY + 5 months - 3 year AROTJ + 5 months
  • On Ortel
  • Attack on Ortel (2 months after Liane's escape)
  • General Madine puts Liane in detention on the Tychorion;
  • Luke meets Yarmod Martan on board the Tychorion as a member of Wedge Antilles' Gold Squadron;
  • On Ortel
  • Luke and Leia 26 + 5 months Liane 20 + 5 months
  • Luke saves Leia and Liane; (2 months after Liane's escape)
  • Liane helps them to escape through a maintenance shaft;
  • Luke asks Liane, using Jedi telepathy, if she recognizes him;
  • Liane shoots Zolgathrii to safe Luke;
  • Leia tells Liane that Luke is her brother and that they both are Jedi Knights;
  • Liane is interrogated but becomes scared and refuses any cooperation;
  • Liane remains silent during another interrogation.
  • Onboard the Tychorion
  • Luke and Leia worry about Zolgathrii's incomprehensible remark, that he would bring Liane to the Outer Rim Territories;
  • Luke tells Leia that Anakin has asked him to take Liane as his padawan;
  • Leia tells Luke that Liane has lived in a Baroontarian community until her seventh birthday;


7 years ABY + 5 months - 3 year AROTJ + 5 months
  • Onboard the Tychorion
  • General Madine's third interrogation of Liane doesn't change anything;
  • Onboard the Tychorion
  • Luke and Leia 26 + 5 months Liane 20 + 5 months
  • Liane asks if she may talk to Leia; (about 2 months after her escape from Irithim)
  • Leia tells Liane she has to see Luke as a friend;
  • Liane finds it difficult to apologize for her attack of Luke on Morantan;
  • Liane and Luke have a first talk together;
  • Luke visits Liane again before they land on Dalmaran again;
  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • The spies report to their mysterious master in the Outer Rim.
  • The spies are order to go back to Irithim;
  • The mysterious master will come up with a new plan to get Liane to the Outer Rim


7 years ABY - 3 year AROTJ + 10 months
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke and Leia 26 + 10 months Liane 20 + 10 months
  • Liane's trial begins three months after she's brought back to Dalmaran; (3 months after return to Irithim)
  • Luke has to help Liane again, because she has misinterpreted their talk on board the Tychorion;
  • Liane is sentenced to eight years detention on Wegoyy; (2 weeks after the start of her trial)
  • Liane refuses any more help from Luke;

  • On Wegoyy
  • Liane is tortured in the SL-chamber for her behavior in the prisoner
  • Liane gives up her strife and is left to her chores (6 weeks after her arrival in Wegoyy)
  • Liane becomes friends with her guard on Wegoyy, Ian Tydon(2 months after her arrival on Wegoyy)
  • On Dalmaran in Irithim
  • Luke and Leia get their former functions back and are rehabilitated (1.5 month after Liane's trial)
  • Leia encourages Luke to start with Wedge Antilles' training as Luke's padawan;
  • Luke rejects Leia's plan and plans a visit to Liane on Wegoyy
  • Somewhere in the Outer Rim
  • The spies inform their master about Liane's detention
  • The spies are ordered to go to Wegoyy and found out the names of the Wegoyy prison guards and officers.

  • On Coruscant
  • The triarchy of the PCC get an unexpected holo message from the New Republic in which Mon Mothma express their gratitude for the PCC's cooperation against Zolgathrii
  • Mon Mothma discuss the danger Liane Solichor might possess with the triarchy.
  • Jerno and his co-leaders are pleased and reassured.