A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 61

uke, is everything alright on Myr?' Leia asked.
'Yes, you're worrying, Leia, because Liane had told you about her second Force vision of me, aren't you?' Her brother answered.
'I am, Luke, for she didn't tell me what she saw. I had the feeling, she didn't want to tell me her Force vision. Do you know what she saw? I only heard her say, 'You're lying, Trevor. He isn't dead. You're lying to me, because you can't feel his presence through the Force. You're trying to fool me, pretending you have gained knowledge of the Dark Side.' Has she really seen Trevor in her Force vision?'
'She has, Leia. On board the Falcon she told me a man dressed like a Jedi had shown her an image of me, laying on a stretcher. He had told her I was dead. Of course those visions frightened her. She screamed and I had to wake her up. I told her she had a nightmare. At that moment she accepted my explanation, but I don't think she will accepted such an explanation now. She has grown too much in the Force, and apparently she could feel my presence through the Force.'
'What can be the meaning of those visions, Luke? Will it be her destiny to meet Trevor again, as she said to me. I have warned her to stay where she is, but I doubt if I have convinced her.'
'I still don't know what to think about those Force visions either, Leia, but we also have to keep in mind that Liane possibly might have the Force skills to use the Battle Meditation. She really might be able see what's going to happen in the future. However, to reassure you, Liane has promised me she will stay in Mon Mothma's residence. ' Luke said.
Luke heard his sister sigh with relief, but she continued, 'Be careful, Luke. We still don't know what kind of knowledge Trevor Matrik really has.'
Luke laughed.
'Don't worry, Leia. I will, I won't seek a direct confrontation with the guy as I wanted to do. I am doing investigations in the old riverbedding under the mountain with Chati Fonaldris. According to the harvest men the former exit is indeed the entrance of Trevor's underground shelter, just like Toallin, Chati's father told me. So far those explorations are promising. The river has eroded a kind of tunnel under the mountains. I have told Cornell that if the tunnel can be used again, his men should lead the river back to its original course.'
'Chati is with you? What's Toallin's daughter doing on Myr? How did she came there?'
'Oh, I forgot to tell you. She had hidden herself in one of the holds of the Falcon when we left Tyr. Cornell discovered her and gave her a kind of camouflage as one of his harvest men. Useless, because I must have felt Chati's presence through the Force already on board the Falcon, as we were on our way to Myr.'
'Toallin and Udin will be very worried and concerned about her disappearance.'Leia said concerned.
'There's no way to let them know at this moment, Leia, unless one of you will go to Tyr to tell them.'
Again Luke heard his sister sigh.
'How are things going on on Dalmaran. Is Mon Mothma willing to send some support to the Palomintar System?' He asked.
'She wants to, but she has to convince the representatives of the other systems. Intervening in a neutral system might break the truce we have with provisionary imperial Council. '
'What about the existence of the Basilisaea? Hasn't admiral Vector violated the truce already. The Basilisaea has gone into orbit around the Palomintar System. Why? What's the ship doing there? Has Trevor Matrik set up a deal with the admiral? You told me he was on board that star destroyer when you and Ian were on Endor.'
'I don't know, Luke. Madine, Han and Wedge are busy preparing an intervention group. Some systems have already expressed their support to Mon Mothma's decision, but the Supreme Chancellor hopes to convince some more. They don't have to participate in the intervention, but Mon Mothma wants them to support her plan unanimously. She hopes the Senate will make a decision the oncoming days, but there still is resistance from some influential systems against her plan. I'll keep you informed. How are things on Myr?'
'The progress of the plan of Cornell's men is extremely slow. Cornell is a very prudent man. He doesn't want to use explosives, for he fears our presence might be revealed. I fully agree with his cautious approach, but the result is a very slow progress of the work which needs to be done. However his men are showing an enthusiasm which is incredible. I love to work with them. By the way I found a reasonable disguise; I'm now dressed as a harvest man and I have chosen a new name: Ben.'
Leia started to laugh.
'So you're a Jedi Knight disguised as a Quelan. Oh, my, Luke, did Liane recognize you in this outfit?' She remarked still laughing. Luke grinned and nodded, before his sister continued, 'I will inform you as soon as Mon Mothma's decision is clear. Take care of yourself, my dear brother. May the Force be with you.'
'May the Force be with you, my lovely sister. We'll keep in touch.'
Lieutenant Whain looked up at Darth Golluth and held out a small square datacron card.
"Here are the coordinates of the communication system on Na'ctaMagh'Ba which send that procon message. I couldn't decrypt the message, but the coordinates are correct. If you feed them in your galaxy display system and you will see that they pinpoint the location your spies have to investigate, my lord." He snapped.
Darth Golluth grab the square card and put it in a pocket in the sleeve of his cloak.
"Good work, my dear lieutenant. Did my droids serve you a good meal, and did you get some rest. I will reward for you for all the work you've done. Come with me!" Darth Golluth grumbled happily.
Suspicious and not convinced about the intentions of his host Doran Whain followed the cloaked figure to what he had dubbed 'throne room'. Aside one of the wall stood a holographic display device which he already had recognized as a galaxy display system. Darth Golluth walked over, put the datacron card in a slot and activated the display. A huge map of the galaxy popped up and a blinking spot marked the location of the coordinates on Na'ctaMagh'Ba.
"Excellent, excellent, lieutenant. What did I say: preeminent work. Now I can inform my spies on Dalmaran to do some real work. Is it already possible to access that secret communication system unnoticed?"
"No, my lord. Quoith computer center is monitoring all access to their governmental systems constantly, including this one. You have to send your spies to Na'ctaMagh'Ba itself to do some further investigation."
"Some of them already made an effort, but their submarine has been intercepted. Na'ctaMagh'Ba is a prohibited continent. Only Dalmarian scientists seemed to have access to it."
"Maybe your spies could bribe one or more of those Dalmarian scientists, my lord, leastways if you're willing to spend some extra credits as a reward." Doran Whain suggested.
"Lieutenant, you're not only a good technician, you're also a cunning counselor. I made the right decision to keep you with me. Your good insight in my situation and your technical knowledge might be invaluable for the implementation of my plans. I've been thinking about giving you a higher rank. Yes, don't look so surprise, my dear lieutenant-colonel.
Doran Whain looked at Darth Golluth in disbelief. The latter was still nodding approvingly.
"Yes, you're now a lieutenant-colonel in my new imperial military. I'm the leader of a new empire, and I need a lot of loyal men like you, lieutenant-colonel Whain. The late emperor issued an order to promote me as admiral of his complete fleet of star ships. So it's one of my prerogatives to raise your military rank. From now I am your superior and leader. If you prove yourself to be loyal to my plans with this galaxy I will certainly raise your status again and one day I will put you in full command of a newly build imperial star fleet, and you will be my successor as admiral. Are you loyal to me, colonel?"
Lieutenant Whain looked astounded, but then he slowly nodded.
"I am, my lord. I promise I will follow your commands."
"Then, lieutenant-colonel, you must prove your loyalty to me," Darth Golluth said with a loud voice.
Lieutenant-colonel Whain bowed his head and sank on one knee to show his submission. Darth Golluth looked upon him with a superior laugh, but didn't notice a look of disgust in the new lieutenant-colonel's eyes.
"Very good, my dear lieutenant-colonel. You know where your loyalties have to bee. And now we will discuss the future of this galaxy. It's important that we find a satisfactory way to defeat those rebels who founded that so called New Republic, but first we have to annihilate Skywalker and his new Jedi Knights, before he can rebuild the Jedi Order. You probably know, my loyal servant, that emperor Palpatine had wiped out the Jedi Order. Unfortunately one of the Jedi of the old Jedi Order has escaped the Jedi Purge and he has trained the son of Darth Vader as a Jedi Knight. Maybe we should be more confidential and have dinner together this evening. Droid!"
The majordomos droid rushed over.
"Yes, master."
"Prepare an exquisite dinner for two, and see to it that this loyal servant here gets an uniform according to his new rank. Come, my dear lieutenant-colonel, I will clarify my plans and I want your help and advice to bring those plans to fruition. Take one of those seats! You've told me that much information about the son of Skywalker is common knowledge. Maybe it's a good idea if you share everything you know about him with me."
Still somewhat overwhelmed by the unexpected change in behavior of host Doran Whain set himself in one of the chairs, while Darth Golluth sat down on his 'throne' on top of the dais. Whain felt a growing mistrust for the man who had promoted him unexpectedly and now seemed to lure him with the promise of much power and control.
"My lord, much information about Jedi Luke Skywalker is common knowledge. Our intelligence has gathered a file about him and his twin sister, princess Leia Organa, sole heir of the Royal House of Alderaan. Luke Skywalker has trained his sister as a Jedi too. Princess Leia Organa has been secretly involved in the rebellion against the empire from the beginning. Although she pretended to be a loyal member to the senate, she has misused her function to cover up for her illegal missions for the Rebel Alliance during the Civil War. It certainly must have been her who recruited Luke Skywalker and persuaded him to join the rebellion. I am told that Lord Vader and the Emperor Palpatine have been very suspicious about her loyalty, but they never could proved her direct involvement with the Rebel Alliance."
"You said the emperor Palpatine already suspected Leia Organa from the beginning of the rebel's uprising and Civil War."
"Yes, my lord. She has been captured and interrogated on the first Death Star, but she managed to escape with the help of some of her rebel friends, including Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader nearly got her and her friends again, but once again she fled, this time from Bespin with a Corellian freighter 'the Millennium Falcon'."
"Have you ever seen images of those Skywalkers, or did you ever meet one of them?"
"There certainly is a file with images of those two Skywalkers in the archives on Coruscant, but I have never seen the file's content. I'm a subordinate, my lord, and didn't have access to our intelligence archives, but in my new rank I might be able to provide you with any information you need about Luke Skywalker and his sister."
"Excellent, lieutenant-colonel. That file probably has a lot more information about them, than what I've found on Quoith. See to it, that I will at least have the images of them. I want to know who my opponents are, before I meet them. Tell me, my dear servant, how long have you been serving in the imperial space fleet."
Thoughtful and cautious, Doran Whain looked at the person on the dais.
"My career as an imperial space officer already started before the collapse of the empire, my lord. I passed my final trials at the Imperial Academy two years after the rebels blew up the first Death Star. Luke Skywalker has been the one who was mainly involved in the destruction of it."
"Yes, yes, that's what I've heard too. Lord Vader and the emperor became possessed with the obsession to capture the boy. They didn't succeed. Darth Vader and the emperor died when those rebels blew up the second Death Star. Emperor Palpatine has made a very reckless decision to oversee the completion of the second Death Star himself. I told him to stay on Coruscant, but he neglected my advice. Well, lieutenant-colonel, you're probably familiar with the outcome of the emperor's decision. The empire has been defeated, the imperial fleet is almost destroyed and the rebels have restored the Republic and rose to power. But, I promise you, lieutenant-colonel, we are going to change that. We are going to build a new, much stronger empire, and we are going to use the full power of the Dark Side again to achieve our goal. Have you ever heard of Lady Liane Vader?"
Doran Whain looked at Darth Golluth.
"I have, but I don't know much of her?" He said, shrugging his shoulders.
"In the early days of the empire Darth Vader has taken a young girl as his apprentice and raised her at the Dark Side of the Force. He never told emperor Palpatine anything about her until she was sixteen years old, then he introduced her to the emperor as a possible future assistant and Sith lady, for she has been well trained in the knowledge of the Dark Side. Lord Vader has taught her all the Sith lore the emperor had taught him. I'm still working out some plans to bring her to Palomintar Four and force her to teach me everything she knows about the Dark Side. It won't be easy to convince her, for she a stubborn and headstrong woman with a fierce determined will of her own, but I have gathered some knowledge which I can use to put her under pressure. That Jedi Skywalker seemed to have teamed up with her and they have become close friends. In fact I suspect him that he is hiding her somewhere, possibly on Na'ctaMagh'Ba, that's why I very interested in the coordinates of the communication system that has been used. A second candidate to persuade her, is her former guard at the Wegoyy prison, a former sergeant called Ian Tydon. My spies have told me that that Skywalker is training him as a Jedi too, but unfortunately he's got an severe accident and is on the brink of death. One of my spies have informed me that Ian Tydon might an even closer friend of lady Vader, it's not unlikely that they are in love with each other. This lady Vader also possesses the special power of Force healing. How and where she has developed those skills, I don't know, maybe that Skywalker has taught her. If her friend Ian Tydon is indeed wounded, and I could get him as a prisoner I'm absolutely sure Lady Liane Vader will find out I'm keeping him prisoner and she will come to Palomintar Four to rescue him."
Doran Whain started to laugh, taking care that his laugh wouldn't express his disbelief in his host's plan.
"And if you have captured him or that Jedi Skywalker, my lord, you will threaten Lady Liane Vader that you will kill her friends if she doesn't cooperate with you and your plan to found a new empire."
Darth Golluth looked at his new advisor.
"Lady Liane Vader won't resist the temptation to rescue her closest friends, for she is a very emotional person."
"Do you have any idea, my lord, where Jedi Skywalker or Ian Tydon are at the moment."
"No, unfortunately not. I have send commander Vestor to pursue all the leads of their whereabouts. I expect that he will soon report to me that he has found one of them and bring him as a prisoner to Palomintar Four. As soon as I have Skywalker or Tydon I want to spread the rumor on Dalmaran that they are severely wounded or dying."
"What can I do to help with your plan, my lord?" Doran Whain asked.
"First of all I want pictures of Skywalker and his sister, and if you can get a good image of Ian Tydon it would be a great advantage. Next I want you to communicate with my spies on Dalmaran and provide them with all the information about the possible whereabouts of Lady Liane Vader. You are a very experienced technician and a good strategist, and you have more patient then I do, so I expect you will get better results. As my loyal servant you are free to move around this place, you even have my full permission to get outside and take a look at the surrounding area and the deserted city of Ribana."
"Master, dinner is served as planned," the majordomos droid said humbly.
"Excellent, come, my dear lieutenant-colonel. Making plans also makes hungry. Join me for dinner, as you please."
The two men followed the droid to another cavern, brightly lit with numerous electric torches. On some side tables a number of dishes were waiting to be served.
Unaware of the conspiracy against him, Liane, a his sister's padawan, Luke Skywalker was exploring the old riverbed tunnel every day. Most of the time he took Chati with him to accompanying him. Mainly because Luke wanted to keep an eye on the girl, but also because Chati's company gave him the opportunity to teach the young Quelan female more basic knowledge about the Force. Chati was an dedicated pupil and absorbed the new knowledge eagerly. Luke refrained of taking her as a padawan learner however. Luke wanted her to get a great awareness of the Force and her influence on her life. She still had a lot to learn and Luke knew that patience was a very important virtue in this case, not only for him as a Jedi Master, but also for Chati.
One morning as they had descended in the riverbed cave, Cornell turned to Luke.
"Ben, are you going to do some further exploration in that dry riverbed today?"
"Yes, Cornell, why?"
"I would like to take Chati outside this morning to the waterfall uphill. I want to put her to work to start preparations for the digging of a new canal near the first waterfall, I planned to create a kind of shallow lake on the plateau which can overflow into the original bedding, if we have dig out the new entrance. I'm asking you this, because I've seen many changes in Chati's behavior, thanks to your influence. She is maturing, quieter, less obstinate, I would say, no longer behaving like as a stubborn girl."
"It will do her good to change her chores, and you're in fact the one she has to obey. No, Cornell, I know what you want to say, we would share the responsibility to look after the girl, but she is one of your people. You want to keep an eye on her and bring her safe back to her parents. In the mean time you will teach her the chores of the harvesters which I fully agree with. She will highly profit of this experience. My task with her is completely different. If you want her to do work for you I don't have any problem with it." Luke said calmly.
"Thanks Ben, for understanding. The more I work with you the more I'm beginning to understand why my father was so proud to have some Jedi friends."
Luke patted Cornell on his shoulder.
"I'm your friend, Cornell. I know the harvesters doesn't like to mingle with strangers. I'm going now and see if I can get a little further in the old tunnel. See you by the end of the day."
Luke disappeared into the tunnel. He quickly walked on. The first part of his journey was well known in the meantime, but it would take a couple of hours to reach the spot where further careful investigation was needed. He wanted to take a rest there and use a deep Force meditation to show him more of the dried riverbed, the tunnel walls and possible obstacles. He hadn't yet reached the spot where he wanted to start with his further explorations, when he became aware of a strong Force presence. He stopped, focussed on the Force disturbance and saw the apparition of his father standing in front of him.
'Luke, my son, are you ready to adapt your knowledge of Force healing meditation?'The former Jedi asked.
Astounded Luke looked at his father.
'Adapt my knowledge of the Force healing meditation, father?'
'Obi-Wan, Yoda and I think you might need this in the future.'
Luke look puzzled.
'It's not uncommon Jedi knowledge, my son, but it's a valuable one, if you know how to use it.'
Now Luke's curiosity had been aroused.
'Tell me more, father. You know I always want to improve my Jedi skills.'
'Before I will teach how to get use Force healing to get into Jedi hibernation I need to know what you think of Liane's Force vision. The one that frightened her on the Millennium Falcon.'
'Liane told she had seen me laying on bier. A man, wearing a kind of Jedi cassock, probably Trevor, told her I had died. I eased her mind and told her she probably had had a nightmare.'
'But you knew that she had a Force vision, Luke, didn't you? You knew Liane had seen a certain moment in the future.'
'Father, Yoda told me that those future visions are difficult to see, because the future is always in motion. Even for a Jedi it's impossible to see what's going to happen.'
For a moment Luke looked at the apparition of his father.
'That's true, son. Every event will reshape the future, but a Jedi must also be aware of the future, as he also is aware of his Force union with all that surrounds him. Liane has had this Force vision a second time, hasn't she?'
'Yes, she told me about it, and Leia told me that Liane had spoken some strange words. She said I was alive. It seemed that she was talking to Trevor Matrik and she called him a liar and a deceiver.'
'My foster-daughter has inherited a great gift, my son. She can see and manipulate the future.'
'I know. She has been using a form of Jedi Battle Meditation to cure wounded Ewoks on Endor and later she astounded me when she used it to awake Han Solo. Leia and Han told me that Liane had shown Han images of Leia's wedding dress; something only Leia knew about.'
'What does that tell you about Liane's latest Force vision, my son.'Anakin asked.
'You mean, father, that Liane's has seen my death?'
For a moment Luke was aghast, but then he looked up relieved.
'No, she said I was alive.'
He called upon the Force to look at his own words from a different point of view. Then he looked again at the apparition of his father.
'Are you telling me, that Liane saw me in a special state of Force meditation. That's why she knew Trevor was lying to her.'
'Exactly, son, that's why we want you to learn, what is called, Jedi hibernation. It's not a new skill. It is a deeper state of Jedi healing. You're familiar with Jedi healing, aren't you?'
'I've read about it and I've done some practise, before I told Wedge and Ian about it. It has been very useful for Ian when he was wounded.'
'Jedi hibernation requires the same surrender to the Force as Jedi Force healing, but your commitment has to be much stronger and more intensive. Force hibernation has been developed as a Jedi skills to prevent an untimely death, in case a Jedi is severely wounded. It gives a Jedi the opportunity to reduce damage to his internal organs and reach a planet where he can get proper medical treatment. To the outside world a Jedi in Force hibernation state looks as if he has died. There's no heartbeat, no breathing and his body temperature is at an absolute low.'
Luke had taken in Anakin's words with intense interest.
'Liane saw me in Jedi hibernation,' He said slowly and pensively, 'So it might indeed be useful if I know how to bring myself in a Force hibernation state if needed. How does a Jedi in hibernation wake up again?'
'There are several ways. We will discuss all of them. Listen carefully, Luke. We start with the basic principles.'
Anakin Skywalker started to explain to his son the use of Jedi hibernation. He encouraged Luke to do a short practise to bring himself into a hibernation state for about ten standard minutes and wake up again by himself. Luke fully committed himself to his father's instructions and was able to perform this new knowledge without any difficulty. He brought himself into the deep Force meditation and let the Force slow down his heartbeat and his breathing, and drop his body temperature gradually. After ten minutes he started to inhale and exhale in a normal way, and his heartbeat and his body temperature came back to normal. Slowly he opened his eyes. Anakin looked pleased.
'Well done, son. The oncoming days you should practise to go in and out Jedi hibernation, whenever you want. Fully rely on the Force to guide you if you're practising this new skill. If you are able to go into Jedi hibernation on any moment you want, it might help you with your mission in the future. Come back here again, alone, within a couple of days. There are some more things you need to know about Jedi hibernation.'
The apparition of Anakin vanished as suddenly as it had appeared, leaving Luke behind with a mind full of questions. Anakin would teach him to use Jedi hibernation to simulate his death, but he had also said that it could be of so help to complete his mission.
Yarmod Martan watched how Liane and Ian were dueling a lightsaber battle. He was amazed about Liane's skills. She acted fast and Ian had trouble to find the right position to attack her. Liane managed to ward off and block most of his charges. She did great. She would be a terrific fighter.
Liane raised her lightsaber in the surrender position and brushed her hair aside.
"Your turn to defend yourself, Ian," She said and took the first stance of a lightsaber battle.
Ian immediately changed his attitude and took a defensive stance. Liane pushed forward and tried to put the young padawan off balance. She had much difficulty to break his defence and Ian drove her back. Then Liane took a high leap and somersaulted behind him. Ian whirled around, but the blade of Liane's lightsaber hit his hand. His lightsaber dropped on the lawn and switched off, but he reached out with his other hand and the lightsaber immediately sprang to life again. He brought the lightsaber high up and took it down. Liane lost her concentration and Ian's blade hit her ankle.
"Well done, Ian," Yarmod commented.
The two duelists brought their lightsaber in the official ending stance and shook hands.
"You have become an excellent fighter, Liane," Ian said with admiration.
"I didn't want to, but Master Thon said I had to learn to wield a lightsaber and it seems that my mother Severini has been a Jedi Knight too, as was Nomi Sunrider, my ancestral mother.
"Don't you feel it like a burden to know that you're a descendant of such a famous Jedi Knight?" Ian asked.
Liane shook her head.
"No, I feel proud about it. I talked to Nomi using her holocron and she told me many things about her life as a Jedi. I want her to be proud of me too. After I've heard her story and listened to Master Thon and Master Odan-Urr I changed my mind about becoming a Jedi Knight. I still hate fighting, but I realized I have to learn to wield a lightsaber. Master Thon told me that using a lightsaber is the correct way for a Jedi to meditate on the Force, for it shows the connection and alliance between a Jedi Knight and the Force.
"So, you're not afraid anymore of the power of the Force," Yarmod concluded.
"Oh, yes, I'm. I'm fully aware of the danger the use of Force might have, if it's used the wrong way. I have seen it all my youth, Yarmod."
"Do you want to tell us more about your life on Morantan?" Ian asked.
Liane shook her head.
"No, there's a lot of memories I don't want to recall," She said.
"You talk about those ancient Jedi, who are locked up in holocron, " Yarmod started.
Liane started to laugh.
"They are not locked up, Yarmod. The holocron they made is a kind of recording and storage of the knowledge they want to pass on, but it's also a way to communicate with them through the Force. The first holocron I used was made by Master Yoda. He told me a lot about my mother Severini, but he also confirmed Luke's words that not only my mother was a Jedi Knight, but my father too."
"So, you've got your Force power from both your parents. Now I know why it's so difficult to defeat you," Ian said.
They all started to laugh.
"That probably hasn't anything to do with how I can use the Force. Ben told me that every padawan learner has to walk the Jedi path step by step and from the beginning. Having two parents as a Jedi Knight doesn't mean I can use the Force without thorough training." Liane remarked.
"Are you going to be master Luke next padawan?" Ian asked.
"Master Odan-Urr said I should be, and Luke has accepted me as his padawan learner, but I fear some of the knowledge I've learned from Anakin."
"It's good that you're thinking about your padawan training from every point of view, but if you want to improve your Jedi healing powers I think you should complete your Jedi training under master Luke." Ian said.
Liane looked at him and blew him a kiss.
"Nice try, Ian, but words can't convince me," She said laughing.
"Liane, I think it's shame if you waste the powers you possess," the young padawan commented.
"I'm not wasting my powers, I'm using them the way I think it's best for me, Ian," Liane said still laughing, "but I sensed that you both are eager to know more about the Jedi holocrons, maybe even use one of them. Yarmod, you have already been in the Jedi archive a few times, but Ian is totally unaware of the Jedi treasure that's stored in the Jedi archive cavern behind this residence."
Ian looked puzzled.
"Do you mean, that those holocron are stored nearby?"
"Well, nearby, that is to say," Liane answered and winced at Yarmod, "You have to do some walking, climbing, splashing through shallow riverbed, using the Force to open secret doors, but if that's no obstacle, Yarmod and I can show you, Ian."
"If you want too, yes. Shall we go? Wait I have to tell Threepio and Artoo, I'm leaving. Ian, take off that Jedi cloak, it's impractical on this trip."
Liane left the terrace and walked through the living to the library where Threepio and Artoo were always waiting to carry out her wishes. Liane told them she was going to the Jedi cavern with Yarmod and Ian and asked Threepio to prepare some packages with food.
"Will you be back before dinner, mistress Liane?" Threepio asked.
Artoo whistled a mocking answer and Liane laughed.
"Probably not, Threepio. But I want you to prepare a good breakfast tomorrow morning. I guess that we will be hungry as we return."
"You're staying all night there, mistress Liane?"
"We do. That's why we want to take those food packages with us."
Threepio and Artoo vanished. Liane went to her private quarters to change her clothes. When she got back in the library Threepio handed her three stuffed packages. Liane cast a quick glimpse in one of them.
"Hm, nice. Wow, you packed some of those delicious rolls. Lovely. Thank you, Threepio."
"Mistress Liane, Artoo and I want you to be careful. What's is master Luke always saying: May the Force... "
... be with you," Liane answered, "Thank you, for that wish, Threepio."
She took the packages and walked over to the terrace where Yarmod and Ian where waiting.
"Let's go. Yarmod, will you take the lead?"
They walked along the edge of the lake and entered the passageway that lead to the corridor with the storagerooms. At the last room Yarmod unlocked the door. Liane pushed an astounded Ian through it and locked the door behind her, directly activating the random code change on the inside. Ian looked at the huge stack of containers in wonder. Liane saw his amazed glance and chuckled. She jumped to the second highest container. Liane beckoned Ian to follow her. She waited on top of the container and showed him how to crawl on top to the other side. Yarmod who had already climbed the containers, stood waiting at the other side of the stacks and caught her when she jumped down. With a laugh she thanked him. Ian joined them. He still didn't understand what it was all about. Liane took his hands and laid them against the wall.
"You're almost a Jedi Knight, Ian Tydon," She said, "So you must be able to open this secret door."
"Secret door?" Ian looked at the rocky wall in front of him, but almost instantly he understood. He concentrated on the Force and the door slid aside with a soft grinding noise. Liane took his hand and pulled him to the other side. Yarmod followed and closed the door, while Liane switched on her flashlight. For a moment Ian looked thunderstruck around him.
"Who made this cave? Is this the Jedi archive you were talking about?" He asked.
"No, it isn't. This is the anteroom to it. Leia and Luke smoothed the walls of this cave and installed the secret door. It's a long story. I will tell you while we're going on. Yarmod, will you, please, use the Force to open the next door?"
"Sure, Liane. Ian, you're not going to believe this. Watch me!"
They had reached the opposite side of the cave and Yarmod took a Jedi meditation pose, closed his eyes and reached out to the Force. Completely impressed Ian saw how the complete wall in front of his padawan friend disappeared in the ceiling of the cave which opened a wide gap to the beginning of a tunnel behind it. Liane took Ian's hand and together they passed the opening. She handed him her flashlight, waited for Yarmod and concentrated on the Force to close the door. Ian looked at her.
"You can handle this door, Liane?"
"Now I can, in the beginning I thought it was too huge to lift, but the Force is a great help. You only have to feel her power flow through you, so you can feel how the Force surrounds this huge door." She grinned.
She jumped off the small plateau in the shallow riverbed.
"Be careful, if you walk these wet stones. It's slippery inside this tunnel." She warned and started to walk.
Yarmod and Ian followed, watching Liane who went slightly ahead of them. While walking through the riverbed Ian and Yarmod told Liane about their adventures. Ian told her about Toallin and Mugin and the way of life of the Quelans, but he avoided to mention his visit at Ribana and his encounter with Darth Golluth. Yarmod told her about his mission with his master to Lumeara. Liane listened with interest and asked all kind of questions. Both young padawans sensed how eager Liane wanted to hear about the outside world. Liane, in turn, told them the story about the installation of the secret doors and why Leia and Luke want to keep the hidden Jedi archive a secret. They reached the big boulder that marked the entrance to the Jedi archive cavern, before they were aware of it. Liane stepped in front of her companions, raised her hand in a light Force trance and switched on the light tubes along the walls. Ian didn't know where to look first. Liane enjoyed his amazement, remembering her own first glance at the huge collection of saved Jedi knowledge. She showed him around and explained the working of the datacrons. Yarmod told his friend how he could use to Force to understand the old language of the Jedi. Finally Liane took her two friends to the transparasteel cabinet. In awe the two young padawans looked the different shapes of the Jedi holocrons, as Liane opened the doors and pointed at the different names on the cards.
"Can we use one?" Ian asked.
"Of course, you can," Liane answered.
Ian stretched out his hand and to Liane's surprise he took the emerald green holocron of master Yoda. He hardly had taken the holocron in his hand or the green mist started to whirl around the device. Ian seemed to be completely focussed on the Force.
'Well, well, a future Jedi Knight. And an important question he has,' The voice of master Yoda chuckled and slowly the apparition of the old Jedi master appeared.
"Greetings, master Yoda," Ian said and brought the official Jedi salutation.
'Good, good manners, you have, young padawan, good manners,' The Jedi master chuckled.
"Master Yoda, I feel honored if you want to help me,"Ian said subdued, "Indeed I want to ask you a question, for there are some things that are bothering me. May I tell you?"
'Certainly, you may, but unnecessary.'
"Unnecessary, master Yoda? What do you mean?" Ian asked surprised, but still humbly.
'Know your question, I do, young padawan. The answer at this moment, not easy to accept, it is. A burden, it is, and not yet ready, you are.'
"Master Yoda, I will accept your answer, for what I want to know is easy; can you tell me if my Corellian parents are my real parents?"
Liane put her hand to her mouth and stepped forward, but Yarmod held her back. The apparition of Yoda looked grumpy. Ian looked with an intense glance at the greenish apparition.
"Master Yoda, you said ...
'Patience, you should have had! Answer, you will get. Your parents they are not.' The Jedi master said in a stern voice.
Almost immediately his apparition disappeared and Ian stood motionless with the holocron in his hand. Liane walked over to him and took the precious device from his hand. Carefully she put it back in its place and closed the door of the cabinet.
"We go back to the residence, Ian. Come, Yarmod," she said softly with a compassionate voice. She took Ian's arm and pulled him to the chasm in the corner of the cavern. Yarmod slowly followed, dumbfounded. Liane dimmed the light tubes and the three friends started their walk back through the riverbed in total silence. Liane constantly watched Ian, holding his hand in hers, trying to comfort the turmoil in his mind. When they reached the hidden door, Liane automatically tuned in on the Force so they could enter the first cave. She closed the door and they walked over to the secret door that lead to the storageroom. Again it was Liane who open the door, beckoned her friends to follow her and closed the entrance again. They climbed the stack of containers. The door of the storage room slid aside and they were back in the passageway. When they entered the lawn and the lake cave, an astounded Threepio appeared on the terrace.
"You're back already, mistress Liane. Is anything wrong?" The protocol droid asked with concern. His photoreceptors had registered the gloomy expression on their faces, "Shall I prepare a light meal?"
Liane made an evading gesture.
"No, Threepio, thank you. We'll see you tomorrow."
She watched Yarmod, who took care of his padawan friend. For a long while Liane stood motionless on the terrace. Threepio and Artoo watched her without commenting. Finally she turned to the droids.
"Good night, Threepio," She said and walked to the passageway that led to her own private quarters.

To be continued...