A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 11

erno looked at his co-leaders and sighed with some frustration. He handed Valann the datapad Kalip had brought some moments before.
"We assumed, that after we had been informed about the eight-year sentence of Darth Vader's daughter and her exile to Wegoyy, we would have a period of relatively calm, but this report from our intelligence force has to keep us alert and on our guard. Kalip, could you tell what your men have found."
"The exact details are in the report, Valann. In short it boils down to this: our intelligence force has been recently alerted, because their attention was drawn to a strange series of messages which have been sent from some strange connections on Irithim and Ortel. Those messages are aimed and received at an unknown location which my men having yet been able to pinpoint, in the Outer Rim. The Irithim connections are not of a recent date, but the connection between Ortel and the Outer Rim location dates a few days after the assault on Dokanta."
"Kalip, you said the Irithim connections are older. How much older?" Valann asked, quickly scanning the content of the report on the data pad.
"They have been sent after the New Republic's space fleet invaded Darth Vader's former stronghold and brought his daughter to Irithim. My men became alerted, because every time something occurred with Darth Vader's daughter the Irithim connection transmitted several encrypted messages to the Outer Rim. The first message was transmitted shortly after her arrival at Irithim, followed by some two messages during her first detention period. After the New Republic took her prisoner again on Ortel, a connection was established from Ortel. It appears that the whereabouts of Darth Vader's daughter are being closely monitored. That information is shared with an unknown recipient in the Outer Rim"
"Is it likely, that those messages sent from Irithim, could have held information about the escape she has been planning, but who could be interested in her?" Valann asked, "Have your men been able to track down the content of those messages?"
"The connections are sending holographic recordings, using an imperial encryption method. It's an older code which has become discarded after the Battle of Jakku. I've ordered my men to retrieved all the discarded encryption keys from the former imperial data archive. These keys might enable us to decrypt those recordings, but so far my men haven't succeeded, for there are millions of discarded imperial codes in the imperial archive. Our systems are running and comparing the keys and the encrypted content of those holographic recording around the clock."
"This gives us enough food for serious thought," Jerno said and frowned, "If someone is monitoring the whereabouts of Darth Vader's daughter, it's possible that he or she knows who the woman is and what knowledge Darth Vader has taught her. Kalip, it's urgent to ask your men, to hurry every effort to decrypt those messages. We must know their content, for if it's alarming, we are obliged to inform the New Republic. Your men must also continue to get more information about the precise sending location of those messages and, if possible, they have to locate the exact coordinates in the Outer Rim those messages are aimed at. Before I can inform our allies, we need to be sure about our suspicions and find solid evidence about what is going on."
On Dagobah Luke sought counsel from his former tutors and his father about Liane's life on Morantan. He especially asked Anakin, if he had found her in a Baroontarian community. At first his father was very reluctant to reveal much, but Luke insisted he needed to know the true story about how Anakin had found Liane. Finally Ben Kenobi and master Yoda persuaded the former Jedi Knight to tell his son how Liane had come into his life.
'The Emperor, son, sent me to Morantan to set up an imperial stronghold. An solid imperial base to control and prevent rebellious systems in the Outer Rim from joining the Rebel Alliance. I hadn't any knowledge about the planet. I'd even never heard of it. It seemed a meaningless mission and a waste of time, but at that moment I still was Darth Sidious' Sith padawan learner,' Anakin said still reluctant, 'However, after I had landed on the planet, I sensed a very strong presence through the Force. I immediately understood why the Emperor had put me in charge to take possession of this insignificant Outer Rim planet and to station a large contingent of the imperial army on its mainland. It was known to the emperor and me, that a few Jedi Knights had escaped the purge; so it wasn't unlikely that one of them had fled to Morantan to find a refuge on the planet. If that Jedi Knight would be Obi-Wan Kenobi, I had a chance to revenge myself for my humiliation and suffering after my battle with him on Mustafar.'
Anakin silenced, and Luke felt how much ashamed his father felt after that confession. He patiently waited until Anakin would continue with his story.
'After I had overseen at a group of technicians who would start constructing the imperial stronghold, according to the emperor's plans, I started an extensive search to find the runaway opponent of the Empire. It wasn't far from easy to pinpoint the exact hiding place of my adversary quickly, for Morantan's mainland is a large continent covered completely with a dense, nearly impenetrable jungle. Investigations from my command ship, looking for possible hiding places and sensing unlikely life forms through the Force, failed, just as numerous manhunts with small one man speeders. So I was left with no other option than to start a search through the jungle on foot.'
'It took about six months before my men had scoured a vast part of the mainland jungle and had reached the east coast of the mainland. A large ocean with an archipelago of hundreds of smaller and larger islets stretched beyond the eastern horizon. Merciless my stormtroopers and I occupied island after island and finally we found a hidden dwelling. It was a well-built residence which had been in use for several years. Its sole inhabitant was a very defiant and courageous woman. The moment I saw her, I recognize her: Severini Liane Solichor, the Jedi-healer, member of the Jedi Council, and the famous principal of the medical center in the Jedi Temple. '
'After Palpatine had issued the occupation and destruction of the main part of Jedi temple and ordered his army of clones to wipe out all Jedi Knights, Severini Solichor had been one of the Jedi Knights who mysteriously had disappeared from Coruscant. Nobody knew what had happened to her, nor where she had gone. Now it turned out, that she had been able to reach the Outer Rim Territories unnoticed, and had lived in exile on one of the Morantan's islands. She defended herself forcefully against the attacking stormtroopers. She defeated them all. Finally she could only challenge me and because I had the explicit order from the emperor to wipe out any surviving Jedi, I was left no other choice than to terminate her life. We fought a fierce lightsaber duel. When I finally wanted strike her down with a blow of my lightsaber, she vanished before my eyes, leaving behind only her clothes and her lightsaber. However, after she had disappeared without leaving the remains of body, I still sensed a Force presence, weaker, but clearly noticeable. I searched the house and there I found a little girl, about one year old, who started laughing and giggling as I entered her room. With big interrogative eyes and ongoing giggling she stretched out her arms to me.'
'It occurred to me that Severini Solichor had not challenged only me because she saw me as her enemy, but because she also had been hiding and defending this little girl. I immediately sensed the great influence the Force had on this little one, and I started to suspect that the former Jedi healer had been attempting to set up a new secret training location of Jedi younglings again. She must have found this Force sensitive girl somewhere and have taken her with her.'
For a long while Anakin and Luke both silenced again.
'I was about to slay the little girl, when memories of Padméé, my beautiful and beloved wife, flashed through my mind. She had followed me to Mustafar in one last attempt to save me of the Dark Side. When I saw that Obi-Wan had come with her, I accused her of betrayal, and in my anger I used Force Choke and Force Push to revenge myself, completely ignoring that she was more than eight months pregnant, Luke. '
'After my battle with Obi-Wan, Palpatine ordered a group of medical droids to start a recovery treatment and to create a life support suit to keep me alive. After my recovery I asked him what had happened to Padmé. He lied to me, telling me I had killed her. When the emperor appointed me as his emissary on Morantan and the adjoining section of the Outer Rim Territories, I had been living for years with the humiliating and ashamed thoughts, that I had killed the woman who I had loved with all my heart together with our unborn child.'
'On a whim I took the girl in my arms, hid her under my cloak and decided that I would carry out Severini's plan. I would raise this young Force sensitive girl, not as a Jedi, but as a follower of the Dark Side of the Force, a Sith girl and a secret powerful assistant of the emperor. But how could I raise and educate a one-year-old toddler in a community of soldiers and warriors. A commanding officer brought the solution. He reported that some squadrons had found a community of women on one of the larger nearby islands. They were about to kill them, but their leader, a man in his thirties, had begged for mercy. An officer had reported that question and the commanding officer waited for my decision. I paid a visit to the island, where I met Eremian, the head and leader of a Baroontarian community. Luke, Obi-Wan told me that you have become familiar with their way of life and their weird ideology, haven't you?'
"Unfortunately I have, father, that's the reason why I'm asking you to tell me where you've found Liane and if you know where she has come from. I need to know, if Liane is the daughter of a Baroontarian priestess. After what you've told me, it is likely that Severini Solichor has found a first refuge on Morantan at the Baroontarian community. As a Jedi Master she might have sensed the Force's influence on one of the baby girls in the community," Luke answered reluctantly.
Anakin Skywalker watched his son with eyes full of compassion.
'Obi-Wan has told me, what you've been through, son. You'd better listen to the rest of my story. I showed Eremian the baby girl I had taken with me, and asked him if he recognized the baby as one of his own daughters. He denied, telling me that there hadn't been born any girls in the community for at least six years. So, I can assure you, Luke: Liane is not the daughter of a Baroontarian priestess.'
'Eremian's words fed my suspicions about my encounter with Severini Solichor and the discovery of the little girl. It was almost certain that the Jedi healer had made plans to raise young Force-sensitive babies at a secret location to revive the Jedi Order. Severini had been a great Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi Council. As a Jedi healer, she also had played an important role in raising and educating Force-sensitive babies and younglings at the Jedi temple. So my suspicions were warranted.'
'I ordered and forced Eremian to adopt the girl in his clan and take good care of her. I threatened that Baroontarian leader, that I would annihilate his clan if he wouldn't follow my explicit instructions to treat her extremely well, to nurture and educate her until she would be about seven years old. After that period I would return to the island. I would take her to the Imperial stronghold and personally oversee her training as a follower the Dark Force. Before I left the Baroontarian community I told Eremian to name the girl after the Jedi healer who had taken care of her: Liane Severini Solichor. Luke, I still regret what I have taught Liane. I was wrong to raise her with the knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force.'
"Your decision to take her with you and raise her as your daughter, father, was the right thing to do," Luke said compassionately, "I know how hard it is for you to recall all the wrongdoings you've perpetrated in the past. When you decided to take care of Liane and brought her to Eremian, you showed your compassion with a little girl and you showed you were still a Jedi Knight. The follower of the Good Side of the Force you once has been. Your care for Liane proofs the loyalty you once pledged as a Jedi Knight. There always have remained some good feelings inside you, father. Palpatine never has gotten full power over you. You have taken care of Liane as a father would do for his daughter."
'Thank you, son. Remember what I've asked you. Take Liane as your padawan learner and train her as a Jedi Knight.'
"I will, father, I promise. One day I will take her as my padawan, but I need time to make her aware that she can use her Force powers to do good," Luke said.
"Master, there might be a very good opportunity to blackmail one of the guards at the Wegoyy prison, a guy called Ian Tydon. He seems to have secret chats with her when he's the only guard on duty. We're not yet sure, for we still are relying on some unconfirmed rumors, but if it's true, he is violating the strict regulations of the Wegoyy prison. We're looking for a possibility to send the guy an anonymous message in which we'll threaten him, that we will tell his superior about those secret chats, unless he is willing to cooperate with our plan to help the girl to escape."
"Dangerous plan, but proceed. Have you found some other names of guards and officers?" Their master said.
"The commander is a certain Olon Dendicott, and his first officer is some one called Rand Phylotar. He is the elder brother of our contact at Irithim: Daino Phylotar. We're still working on a complete list of names, but we have to be very cautious. We can't just openly informed everywhere, most of our information we get in bars and canteens. We're not talking to strangers, but sometimes officers from the Wegoyy prison get a leave, and meet in the bars in Tropass. That's how we heard about the chats between the girl and her guard. "
"Good, good, carry on this way. Find a way to blackmail the guard, but be careful."
The holographic image of the spies vanished. The mysterious person grinned.
"So Rand Phylotar, Daino's brother, has become an high-ranking officer at the Wegoyy prison. How did he get that commission? And that counts for the prison commander, Olon Dendicott as well."
Luke left Dagobah and set course to Tatooine. He felt relieved about what his father had told him, how he had found Liane and how he had taken her with him and raise her as his apprentice and his daughter. It strengthened his belief that, despite the negative opinions of Obi-Wan and Master Yoda, his feelings about his father had been right. Anakin had never fully surrendered himself to the Dark Side of the Force. Deep inside he had kept the spark of the Jedi Knights alive.
On Tatooine Luke stayed several days in Ben's former desert home in the Jundland Waste behind the Dune Sea. Before dawn he rose and late after sunset he had a sober dinner and a Jedi meditation, before he sought rest for the night. During his daily hours he paid all his attention to a very difficult, but rewarding, task. The only one with whom he shared some of his thoughts every now and then, was Artoo, Luke's favorite droid and buddy. Only one time, for a short moment, the Force ghost of his former master Ben Kenobi manifested itself, to support the task his former padawan had set for himself.
After twelve days Luke could finish his work. He locked the old house in the Jundland Waste and went back to Mos Eisley space port. The fast federal ship brought him to Wegoyy in less than a day. Once on Wegoyy he rented a small apartment near the space port in the planet's capital Tropass.
Immediately after his arrival he left again, leaving his few belongings in the custody of Artoo. He hired a speeder and set course to the federal prison, which was situated in the middle of the Wegoyy desert; at an eight hours' drive from Tropass. At his arrival at the prison building the duty officer brought him to the office of commander Dendicott.
"Commodore Skywalker, welcome to the Wegoyy prison. I hope you had a quiet voyage. Our Supreme Chancellor, lady Mon Mothma, has informed me about your oncoming visit."
Dendicott made a gesture to the seat in front of his desk.
"What brings you to this far off planet, commodore?"
Luke handed him data card with his warrant to visit Liane Solichor.
"Highly unusual, commodore, but the Supreme Chancellor and the prosecutor of the High Court must have special reasons for their permission, I guess," Dendicott commented after he had read the content.
Luke nodded.
"I'm not in a position to reveal much details myself, commander. If you need more information you have to contact Master Tyloban or the Supreme Chancellor. Is there anything you want to report about miss Solichor?"
"Well, commodore Skywalker, you can report, that inmate Solichor's behavior has given us some trouble during the first month of her imprisonment. She has been very aggressive and disobedient. She even has attacked some of my men, using a strange power to freeze their limps, or suffocate them from a distance. Of course we have punished her for such this insubordination. I hope you understand, that I'm rather reluctant to give you permission to visit her."
He smiled satisfied and confident at Luke, who felt some uneasiness. Liane had been using her Dark Side powers again.
"I will report this, commander, but you have to allow me to talk to her in person none the less."
Once again Dendicott looked at the content of the document at the display. Unwillingly he nodded.
"If you think you can handle her aggressive attacks alone? I can't spare any of my men to assist you."
Luke felt some hidden malice in Dendicott's tone.
"I can cope with her behavior, bad or good, commander. The Supreme Chancellor and her advisor Master Tyloban have personally given me this mandate, because of my abilities."
Dendicott took the small data card from its slot. He patted on it with his other hand, before he handed the card back to Luke.
"Master Tyloban mentions that you're a Jedi Knight? I wasn't aware that the Order of the Jedi Knights still existed. I thought that during the reign of emperor Palpatine all the Jedi Knights had been obliterated." He commented, while his eyes wander over Luke who was wearing his uniform of the New Republic space fleet.
"At the moment I'm the only representative of the Jedi Knights, commander."
"We're greatly honored to have you with us, commodore Skywalker, or do you want to be addressed as Jedi Knight Skywalker? May I invite you have dinner with me and my staff after you have seen inmate Solichor? It is certainly unusual that we can welcome a Jedi Knight in the Wegoyy prison."
Again Luke heard the spiteful and hardly suppressed ire in the commander's voice.
"It would be a great pleasure and an honor to meet the members of your staff, commander," Luke said politely.
"That's settled then. After your meeting with inmate Solichor her guard will bring you to the officer's mess. I will accompany you to meet inmate Solichor, Master Jedi."
Dendicott leaned forward and pressed a button on his infocom. A young sergeant entered.
"Sergeant Tydon, bring inmate Solichor to the left most cell of the empty cell block at the top floor."
The young sergeant saluted and left. After some further small talk Dendicott lead Luke to the elevator block which brought them to the top floor. Dendicott unlocked the door and Luke entered the brightly lit square room. Opposite the entrance there was a transparisteel window covered with durasteel bars. There was a small bench under the barred window.
"We never allow any visitors, so there's no need for a kind of visitor's room to meet our inmates," Dendicott told Luke, "You can ask the guard to bring inmate Solichor to her cell when you're finished your interrogation. Good luck, commander. Inmate Solichor isn't known as a very cooperative person," Dendicott said, while he intended to close the door. Luke turned around and looked at the commander.
'I might need more than one visit. I'll let you know how much time I need,' He said using his soft Jedi voice.
"You might need more than one visit," Dendicott answered, " You'll let me know, how much time you need."
After Dendicott had left, Luke walked over to the window, and while he looked out at the rear side of the prison ground he thought of what the commander had told him about Liane's use of her dark knowledge. He sighed with a worried look in his eyes, but he pushed those feelings aside and recalled Anakin's story about Liane's youth and upbringing. Once again he sighed. This time relieved. His sister had been right; Liane hadn't been born in a Baroonta clan; something he'd been afraid of for a while. Now he could start to tell her more about the Good Side of the Force, but he still had to be cautious. Liane still seemed to be very unpredictable in her behavior. Dendicott's words about her use of her dark powers were a warning for him to have a lot of patience. First their friendship had to get a solid base, founded on mutual trust.
The door opened and the young sergeant entered with Liane. She was dressed in an ill fitting, greenish prison suit, which made her appearance fragile. She looked around and put her hand in front of her mouth in a anxious amazement, when she saw Luke.
"Luke Skywalker?!"
Luke walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders. Her expression looked dull and he sensed how feelings of desolation and misery were surrounding her.
"Luke!" She whispered, staring at him in disbelief, "Why are you here?"
Her voice trembled. Luke smiled at her. He took her arm and brought her to the bench. Gently he forced her to sit down together.
"Although Wegoyy isn't near to Irithim, Liane, Leia and I still will find enough time and possibilities to visit you." He said reassuringly.
Liane still looked at him. She warmed herself at the tender look in his eyes, so full of friendliness and compassion.
"Luke, you don't have to feel bound by the promise you made. I'm really not worth it," She said on a whispering tone as if she feared the sound of her own voice.
All of a sudden her lips began to tremble. Agitated she rubbed her eyes with the sleeve of her overall. She hadn't expected to see him again, for she had been sure, that she had lost his friendship forever. Desperately she tried not to start crying. With a trembling voice she stammered, "I'm ... you ... I'm ... so ... hap ... glad, ... you ... you're ... here."
"I understand very well that you did not expect me. Maybe it would have been better if I had sent you a message, that I was on my way to you. If you want me to come back later, you must say so, Liane. I don't want to upset you," Luke said concerned, when he saw that her eyes were filled with tears, despite her desperate attempts to hold them back.
"No...you.. don't... have .. to...go, Luke. I'm... alright. I... glad ...to ...see... you. I ... want ... to see ... to you. I... want to ... talk ... to ... you. It's...so.... unbelievably, for I didn't...expect you to come and visit me. Wegoyy ... is ... so far away from Dalmaran."
Luke took her hands in his and gave her fingers a slight squeeze to give her some more confident.
"Commodore Skywalker, I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation with our prisoner, but I have my orders. Shaking hands is allowed, but you seem to be very much involved with the wellbeing of this prisoner."
Liane wanted to pull away her hands, but Luke covered them with his left hand. He looked at sergeant Tydon, who had disturbed their soft conversation. He made a slight gesture with his gloved hand.
"You have been given the order to wait outside this room, until I leave." He said in a soft, but compelling voice.
For a moment Ian Tydon hesitated. He looked at Luke who repeated his words with more emphasis, then he shook his head and salute toughly.
"I have been given the order to wait outside this room, until you leave, commodore." He said, still rather unwillingly.
"I can stay and talk with Liane Solichor as long as I want." Luke continued emphatically.
"You can stay and talk with Liane Solichor as long as you want."
The young sergeant opened the door and left. Liane looked astonished. Luke laughed.
"Don't look so surprised, Liane. You know how to manipulate a person's thoughts using the Force. Leia told me, you used it to control senator Zolgathrii."
Liane's cheeks reddened.
"I never expected I could control him so easily. My father taught me to use Force Mind Control, but I never thought that a Jedi Knight would misuse the Force to manipulate people likewise."
Now Luke laughed out loud.
"This is no real misuse of the Force, Liane. Even if your guard wouldn't have interrupted our chat I would have ordered him to leave us alone, using my Force skills. I want to have a private talk with you. Don't worry, your guard thinks, that my words are indeed the order he has been given."
Liane watched him stupefied. She still couldn't believe he had come to visit her. This was so unbelievable. Luke had come to Wegoyy to visit her and again she felt surrounded by his friendship and concern. He truly was her friend, just like Ian, her guard. She must tell him, that Ian Tydon was helping her.
"Luke," she whispered, "the guard is a very friendly guy. His name is Ian Tydon. We have become friends, because he wanted to know why I was reading so many books about droid programming and maintenance. He has explained some parts I found difficult to understand. He takes a lot of risks doing this, for he isn't allowed to talk to me."
Luke nodded.
"I'm glad you've found someone you can trust a bit, Liane, but be careful. The Wegoyy prison is known for its harsh regime. How are you doing? You had some difficulties, I've heard. The commander told me you've used your aggressive powers."
Liane averted her eyes and a shameful blush covered her cheeks. Reluctantly she nodded.
"Yes, I did. In the beginning I asked questions, many questions, but I was supposed to keep silent and obedient. It was difficult to adapt to the rules here. Because I disobeyed the rule that I should never address the commander directly, one of his guards slapped me in my face with the butt of his rifle. I became outraged and before I realized what I was doing, he started choking and his limps and face froze. As punishment I was brought to the SL-chamber."
Luke frowned.
"What do you mean, Liane? They brought you to the SL-chamber? What is it?"
Liane shook her head.
"I don't want to talk about it, Luke. It's not that I don't want to tell you, but I'm scared they will put me there again, if they would hear that I told you about it. It was a horrible experience."
"You mean, you've been tortured somehow?" Luke asked very seriously.
Again Liane averted her eyes and nodded imperceptibly. Luke watched the girl next to him closely and gently caressed her fingers. He felt how tremendous feelings of fear engulfed her. His Jedi skills allowed him to pick up her train of thought without disturbing her. What he discovered, devastated him. Carefully he released her mind and pressed her fingers. Liane looked at him with a scared glance in her eyes.
"You know, don't you?"
Luke nodded; his mind was in turmoil. He had to warn the members of the High Council about the situation here on Wegoyy as soon as possible.
"It has happened only once. I've learned to obey to the rules here. At the moment I'm doing fine. That guard Ian is more or less protecting me, so I won't do anything foolish." Liane continued on a whispering tone.
Luke quickly made up his mind and decided not to put her under more pressure.
"Don't say anything more about this, Liane, you've told me enough. I'm glad you're doing fine now," He said softly.
She looked up and a faint smile curled her lips.
"I do. I'm really very glad you're here. Why did you take so much trouble to come and visit me?"
"Because I have a little present for you," Luke said in a mysterious voice, "I want you to remember every day that you have to stay here, what promise I made."
Liane looked amazed at the wooden, dark green, flat square box he took from his breast pocket.
"Here, take this and open it."
With trembling fingers she took the small box in her hands and opened the lid.
"Oh! How beautiful, Luke? Are you really giving this to me? I can't believe it! Is this really for me?"
Very careful her fingers caressed a circular pendant attached to a glimmering chain, laying on dark green piece of velvet.
"Absolutely. I especially made it for you?"
"You made this yourself? And for me!" She placed the pendant on her hand and looked at it closely.
"It's so beautiful, Luke. Oh, thank you so much," She stammered.
"It's a token of my friendship, Liane. You really like it, don't you? " He said with a teasing smile.
"Like it?! It's unbelievable, what an awesome gift! I can hardly understand, that you, the Jedi Knight my father feared, made this for me? It's incredible. I never thought, that I would ever see a real Jedi-pendant, nor that I would wear one myself. This pendant shows the union of a Jedi Knight with the Force. It's an ignited lightsaber surrounded by a circle of light rays. Oh, look, there are tiny green stones to mark the lightsaber blade."
Liane turned the pendant over between her fingers.
"At its back a text is engraved in an strange language ..." She stopped, looked up at him as she noticed his amazed stare.
"What's wrong, Luke? This is a Jedi-pendant, isn't it?"
Luke took a deep breath, before he answered slowly as if in a Force trance.
"Yes, this is a Jedi pendant, Liane. The text at the back reads, 'Mezorahimed dejan Forka imajors dejan bacarlam tarminan.'
"What does it mean, Luke?" She asked, looking up at him in wonder.
"May the Force always be with her servants who are forever united with her. It's in Jediese; the old language of the Jedi Knights. It's a long forgotten language. May I help you to put it on?" Luke said, while he took the pendant from her hand and fixed the chain at the back of her neck. "
"Liane, I absolutely don't understand, how you can recognize this as a Jedi-pendant? Where did you get that knowledge? Have you learned the old Jedi language on Morantan? I can't imagine that your father ... ", He said still sounding surprised.
Liane fingers touched the pendant as she put it under her tunic. She looked at him with sparkling eyes.
"... told me about the Jedi-pendant or that old language", She said and laughed, "Oh, no, he didn't, nor did any of my teachers, he brought to Morantan to instruct me, taught me the meaning of those words. My father wouldn't have allowed me to gain any knowledge of the Jedi Knights. They were the most dangerous enemies of the empire, he always told me".
After some moments she continued thoughtfully and slowly as she recalled things of her past.
"My father always was reprimanding me as I questioned him about matters he didn't want to talk about, or which annoyed him. I've often asked him to tell me more about my mother, but he never answered any of my questions. He simply didn't want to talk about her, I think. I guess, she had died in an accident or so, and he still was regretting her death. When I became older, I often argued with him, for I didn't took his reluctant behavior and blunt refusals to answer my questions for granted anymore. I remember he scolded at me and sometimes he punished me for being too curious and tenacious. He also became outraged if he discovered I had left my rooms and had been roaming the imperial stronghold in secret, looking for unknown hidden places to discover".
Again she was silent for a few moments. Luke didn't disturb her for her words gave him an insight on how her life had been under the regime of his father.
"A few months before he told me about you and the old Order the Jedi Knights, I had found a very old, weathered trunk in an abandoned cellar some ten storeys below the ground level of the building. It was hidden in a far corner behind numerous messy piles of empty crates and boxes which were stacked disorderly. In it I found some old dark brown clothes and beige robes of different sizes and a little book. It was bilingual, on the left pages was a text I couldn't read, on the opposite page stood a text in Intergalactic Basic. I understood, that the pages in Basic had to be a translation or transcription of the opposite page. The last chapters of the book held several beautiful images of a gem called the Jedi-pendant. That was the part I loved the most. I've read those chapters over and over again. The former owner of the book must have done the same, because the pages bore signs of intensive reading as there were a lot of scribbled notes in the margins."
The memory of the discovery of the book brought a laugh in her eyes.
"On the pages in Basic I mean. I have tried to read some words of that old language and some full sentences I've learned by heart, like the one at the back of the Jedi-pendant. It sounded so mysterious. I saw, you have engraved that text in this one too."
"Of course I did. The pendant wouldn't be complete without it," Luke said, "I wonder if this book is still on Morantan."
Liane shook her head.
"It isn't. My father became outraged, when the commander of the domains told him, where I had been and what I had been reading. The commander had taken the book and the clothes away from me and showed them to my father after his return. I'm sorry, Luke, my father has destroyed the book and all the clothes."
"He destroyed everything! Oh, my goodness, why has he done that!"
Liane heard regret and disappointment in his voice.
"Was it an important book, Luke?" She asked.
"Very important. Can you remember its title?"
Liane frowned and searched her memory.
"Could it be ... The Jedi Path, Luke. The cover was soft grey. The lettering was in silver, I think."
Luke nodded.
"Just what I thought. Liane, your father destroyed the book he once had been studying, when he was learning how to use the Good Side of the Force as a Jedi Knight."
"That's impossible, Luke. My father has never been a Jedi Knight. You have told me he was a Sith Lord, a follower of the Dark Side of the Force. Why would he have been studying the ways of the Jedi?"
Luke kept silent to avoid any further unwanted revelations. He thought of the other copy of the same book he had studied himself in Ben's old home, shortly after his first encounter with his father on Bespin. That copy was now safe in his possession. Liane didn't seem to notice his disguised embarrassment.
"But maybe you're right," She continued with a laugh, "Maybe he did study the book once, because he wanted to master the Jedi knowledge too. He was as curious to gain new knowledge, as I was. I probably have inherited my curiosity from him."
Luke sighed with relief; he nearly had revealed the true identity of his father to Liane, and it wasn't yet the right time to tell her more.
"You know, Luke, there were some odd changes in my father's behavior after he had told me about the Jedi Knights and especially about you. In the beginning I felt that he seemed concerned about your ... existence, as if he was afr... no, not really afraid of you ... It felt as if he was surprised ... no, that's also not the right word. It felt as if he didn't believe you existed. Sometime his feelings became very emotional as he was telling me about you and the Jedi Knights, especially as he was pronouncing the name of Skywalker. I never had felt such strange emotional feelings in him before ... It was...as if he ... cared for you, as if your existence ... made him... a happy man, although he always said you were his ultimate enemy. I couldn't understand his strange attitude. He truly believed that the Dark Side was the most powerful side of the Force, then why would he be so concerned about you? You were a Jedi Knight, a follower of the Good Side; you were his enemy. Do you have any idea, Luke? Did you also see him as your enemy?"
"During the Civil War Darth Vader was a dangerous opponent for the fighters of the Alliance, Liane, as was Emperor Palpatine. The Alliance fought against the Empire, because of its oppressive reign. But to answer your questions, maybe your father couldn't believe that a Jedi Knight had survived the annihilation of the Jedi Order at the end of the Clone Wars. Probably that's what you must have felt as your father talked about me and the Jedi Order."
"I don't know. All I know is that I don't want to have anything more to do with the Force, Good Side or Dark Side. I don't want to be a Sith, nor a Jedi," Liane said determinedly; she shrugged her shoulders. For a moment Luke watched her intently, before he changed the subject of their conversation.
"Do you have to stay in your cell all day, or have you been given some special task or activity?" He informed, after some moments.
"I've been given work maintaining, refitting and reprogramming the many droids they are using here." Liane said restrained. "I know a lot of programming droids and it's a task I can do on my own. All the prisoners get jobs or tasks they can do alone. We're never allowed to talk to each other or to the guards. Well, I don't care, it's never been any different all my life."
"What do you mean?"
"On Morantan my life was more or less the same. I never was allowed to leave the imperial stronghold without some droids guarding me. I had to pass most of my days studying and practicing what my teachers, or my father, had taught me. I lived in a separate wing, where those same guarding droids prepared and served my meals and did all the necessary chores. I never was allowed to have contact with the men of my father's garrison. His men also weren't allowed to speak to me, except for the commander. Those were my father's very strict orders." Liane said, "There's no difference between Morantan and Wegoyy in this respect. After nine hours of my mandatory work I am brought back to my cell. I get my diner and I have some time to do some reading and studying. At ten the lights go out. At five in the morning I get a breakfast and a packed lunch. There's a separate closet in my cell furnished as a small bathroom and at six my guard brings me to the maintenance department which it guarded by droids.
In the prison library I may download the books I want to read, but all my downloads are monitored by droids. I'm allowed to read some digital books on droid programming, one of the subjects I was working on, before I was brought to Dalmaran. I have already told you that my guard is helping me.
Every other day I have to do heavy physical exercises during two hours with two or three other inmates in the courtyard which is also guarded by droids, but even outside the building we aren't allowed to talk to one another."
She silenced for some moments.
"Luke, why aren't the prisoners allowed to talk to each other?"
"Most of them are former Imperial collaborators, Liane. Their traitorous activities have harmed the Alliance. After the Alliance had won the final Battle near Jakku, they were convicted and brought here. Several of them are brought on trial by my friends and me."
"You've worked as a bounty hunter?"
"No, as a federal officer. I'm the commodore of the Gold Squad."
"You're a pilot in a space squadron? But during the attack on Morantan you were in command of the ground troops forces?"
"They needed the knowledge of a Jedi Knight to lead the ground forces, after our intelligence force had gotten intel that the imperial troops on Morantan were led by a Force-sensitive person. You! Shortly before the attack on the Morantan domains I also had some problems about my task as a commodore. After you had been brought to Wegoyy my flight ban was lifted and the first thing I wanted to do, was to visit you, and see for myself how you're doing. I was worrying about you, Liane."
Liane blushed. Instead of being outraged for her rude manners in the court room, he had hurried to Wegoyy, because he was worrying about her. He also had made her a special gift, a Jedi pendant, so she would remember the promise he had made. Her fingers touched the pendant under her tunic again. What a great friend he was! It was so difficult to understand that her father had seen him as an enemy. He wasn't, he was a friend, her best friend, a real true friend, he would certainly come to Wegoyy often to visit her again.
"Do you have to go back to Dalmaran tonight, Luke?" She asked suddenly.
Luke heard the tension in her voice.
"No! I stay on Wegoyy for some days, before I have to return to Dalmaran. I can come back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, if you want me to."
"Will you!" She said out of breath. "That would be wonderful. I hope I will get permission to see and talk to you again."
"I've already settled that, Liane. I have a special permission from the Supreme Chancellor to visit you."
"Will I really see you tomorrow?"
"Yes, and the next day. I made you a promise. I won't break it, Liane."
"You are a very honest friend and true to your words, I can feel you are," She said in a whisper. "Thank you, Luke, I hope I'm worth your friendship."
Luke pressed her fingers.
"You certainly are, Liane. I'll see you tomorrow."
"I'll be waiting for you. Thank you so much for your beautiful gift, I'm very happy with it."
Luke stood up and walk to the door. The guard entered and brought Liane back to her cell.
On his second and third visit Luke told Liane about his adventures as a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, but Liane especially loved his stories about his youth at Tatooine.
Several times Luke tried to let her tell more about her life at Morantan, but she didn't want to talk about her former life. Luke felt her reluctance and stopped asking her. He didn't want to scare her off, but he wondered, why she refused to talk about her past.
The hours went by so quickly, that Liane didn't realize that at the end of his third visit Luke had to say goodbye and return to Dalmaran.
"When are you leaving Wegoyy?" Liane asked, averting her eyes.
"Late tonight." Luke answered. "What's wrong? I have to go back, Liane."
She nodded.
"Yes, you told me on your first visit, that you could only stay for a few days." She whispered, and bowed her head. "It will be difficult to be alone again, and be silent again all day."
She scratched the edge of the bench with her finger nail.
"I can't stay any longer at the moment. I'll come back soon. You have to believe me. This isn't my last visit to you." Luke said softly holding her hands in his.
Liane felt his fingers around hers. She nodded as an answer to his words, but couldn't say anything. No one had ever offered her friendship so clearly, she always had been on her own, alone without any friends.
"I'll be back soon, very soon. Remember what I promised you. I'm your friend."
She looked up to him.
"I'll count the days, till your next visit, Luke," She whispered. "Have a good trip back. May the Force protect you." She tried to smile.
"Thank you for that wish, Liane." Luke said. "Remember, that the Force is protecting you too. Always."
He tenderly caressed her cheek. He brought her to the door and watched, while the guard brought her away. He raised his hand in a salute, as she looked back.
Back in the apartment in Tropass Luke gathered his few possessions, before he prepared a meal. Artoo whistled a flood of binary beeps, while Luke was eating. He laughed, when he heard the droids's curious intonation.
"Yes, Artoo, tonight we're going back to Dalmaran."
"DiEEUtk koOOidt GTDABdik?" The little droid continued.
"No, Liane isn't coming with us. She has to stay here."
Feeling suddenly downhearted, he put his hand on the dome of his electronic companion.
'Liane, eight years here, and most of the time you'll be alone.' He thought.
Liane's solitude was troubling him the most. Therefore he had made her the Jedi-pendant. In the near future his gift had to become the most important link between them.
He sat down on the couch, contemplating about the use of the Jedi pendant between them. During his next visit he would tell her more about the pendant. She had to know that there was more to it than only its beauty. She had been trained by a former Jedi Knight. The Force had a great influence on her. If she could learn to trust and use the Force power in the pendant, they could be together at any time of the day, at any place in this galaxy. Time and distance wouldn't separate them anymore.
"UTopdkk dyTTjkkdl dbnBEWDl YYvcdfdll." Artoo beeped to get Luke's attention.
"You're right. It's time to leave. I'll clean up here in a minute and then we go to the space port, Artoo."
"REWdkkjk doodmHeeK dkjdKKjdi FkdllBFDs."
"Of course, Leia wants to know, how Liane is doing. Next time we will visit her together."
Luke got to his feet, cleaned up the small kitchenette, before he put on his jacket and grabbed the small bag with his belongings. As he reached to the button to open the door, he heard his name.
'Luke Skywalker? Luke, can you hear me?'
There was some hesitation in the sound. Surprised Luke put down his bag.
'Liane?! Is that you?' He said and return to the sofa.
He took a Jedi meditation stance, turned inwards and let the Force bring him to Liane's cell. She sat on her bench, her eyes wide open in surprise, when she saw him walking up to her.
"So, it is true!!" She whispered ecstatic. "I can talk with you if I take the Jedi pendant in my hand, whisper your name or concentrate myself on you."
'Yes, you surely can, Liane! We can talk and you can ask me for help through the Force whenever you want. How did you know this?' Luke said, smiling at her.
Liane chuckled.
"Remember, what I told you about that little book in the old Jedi language. Neither my father, nor the commander ever knew that I copied that chapter about the Jedi-pendant, so I could read the text in my room. I understood, but didn't comprehend, from those mysterious words, that the Force is uniting the Jedi Knight who made the pendant with the person who's wearing it, making it possible for them to communicate with each other through the Force. Now that I'm wearing such a wonderful gift myself, I wanted to know, if those words were true."
'Liane, your knowledge is incredible. Yes, you can use the Force through the Jedi-pendant, because the Force is strongly affecting you. Promise me, that you will use the power of the pendant as much as you need it.' Luke urged her.
"I will, Luke, I promise" Liane nodded with a smile, "You're my best friend. I trust you, for only a real friend would do so much to help me. "
'I'm your friend. I want to help you, as much as I can and wherever I am. Through the Force of the Jedi-pendant there is no gap between Dalmaran and Wegoyy.'
"Really? So I can with you, even if you aren't on Wegoyy? That's unbelievable."
'Use it in about a day, Liane, after I'm back on Dalmaran. You will see that it's true' Luke said.
"I'll do that, Luke. This means very much to me. Have a good trip back, Luke ... Till we meet again ... I'll be waiting for you. How can I say: May the Force be with you in the Jedi language."
' Mezorahimed dejan Forka tusale. ' Luke answered.
"Mezorahimed dejan Forka tusale, Luke. Did I say it right?"
'You did. I'll be back soon, don't forget that. In the meantime you must use the Jedi pendant as often as you need. Now, you'd better get some rest, Liane. Release yourself from your Force concentration.'
Luke came out of his unexpected Force mediation and woke up to the reality of his apartment. For a short moment he considered, if he would cancel his flight and stay at Wegoyy to teach Liane how to make a better use of the Jedi pendant, but he shook his head
"DIetkwi PZEuiKLn DxXyDbEe KozTYy!!"
The little Artoo unit pushed against his leg impatiently.
"I'm coming, Artoo. No, I can't stay now, even if I wanted to. That commander would be suspicious if I would continue my visits to Liane. Besides I have to get back to Dalmaran and inform the High Council about what's going on here."
He grabbed his bag for a second time and left the apartment with his droid companion. About an hour later he pulled the hyper space level and disappeared into deep space.
Twelve hours later Luke landed at Irithim space port. Leia was welcoming him. As always his serious looks as a Jedi Knight impressed her. He had changed so much over the years. It had become difficult to recall the image of that wide eyed farm boy, who had saved her from being terminated, when she was held captive at the first Death Star. His Jedi training, but also the violent deaths of his foster parents, his tutors who had passed away and of numerous friends he had lost during the Civil War, had made him look older. Sometimes Leia had the idea, that he needed her protection, instead he had to protect her.
"How is Liane doing?" She asked, but Luke grabbed her arm
"Let's go home immediately, Leia. I have something very serious to discuss with you. Is there any news about a possible transfer of Liane to Dalmaran?"
"No, Mon Mothma hasn't made up her mind yet. It's a difficult decision, Luke, all the Republic's enemies have been sent to Wegoyy, for safety reasons."
"Liane isn't ..." He snapped, "Come on, Leia. I can't talk here. I must see the Supreme Chancellor as soon as possible."
"There is something wrong with Liane, isn't, Luke? Listen, Mon Mothma has promised me to consider my request. Madine and I have told her, that it would be better for Liane, if she's brought back to Dalmaran, because that would make it easier for you, to persuade her to follow the Good Side of the Force from now on."
Luke relaxed a bit, but Leia still felt the tension in her brother.
"Are you sure, Mon Mothma will do so?"
"I hope so. We already have a permanent mandate to visit her in the Wegoyy prison as often as we want, Luke. There's nothing more we can do for Liane at the moment."
"That commander Dendicott isn't very cooperative. He clearly showed his regret, after he had read the Supreme Chancellor's mandate. I'm not so sure we will get a warm welcome on a next visit. " He said with a wry face.
They walked up to their land racer. Luke dropped his bag in the back and jumped next to his sister. After an hour's drive they were home.
After dinner Luke told Leia about his experiences on Wegoyy. Leia looked concerned.
"Are you serious, Luke. They have tortured her?" Leia asked.
"I'm certain, they did. Liane didn't want to talk about it. She was afraid they would do it again." Luke said, "I was able to pick up her thoughts. She was really scared. I wasn't able to extract everything, but what whirled in her mind, devastated me. Have you ever heard of an SL-chamber?"
Leia's eyes widened in horror.
"Of course I have. It was an Imperial method to torture prisoners. Are you telling me they have a SL-chamber on Wegoyy?"
"They seem have one and are using it, otherwise Liane wouldn't have mentioned it. I want you to report the use of torturing equipment to Mon Mothma immediately. She has to know and she has to take some precautions immediately, otherwise much harm will be done to Liane and the other prisoners. It would be better, if Liane is transferred back to Dalmaran. For her own safety."
"I can't believe this. Do you have some real evidence of what Liane has told you?"
"No, I haven't. I could have asked her guard, but the guy is already violating the prison strict rules, for he visits her every now and then and talks with her about the books she's reading. Liane likes him and probably his feelings are mutual. I don't want to put him in real danger by asking what is really going on there. Anyway, it's lucky I have forge a Jedi-pendant for Liane. Now I have a way to be kept informed, although I made it for her with another purpose in mind."
Calmly and serenely he told his sister about his meeting with Anakin on Dagobah. Leia listened to him with growing amazement.
"So after Anakin's story you decided to forge a Jedi-pendant and gave it to Liane?"
Luke shook his head.
"I already intended to forge a Jedi-pendant for her. I want to stay in close contact with her, Leia."
"Luke, with a Jedi-pendant you have tied your life with hers. How did she respond to your gift?"
"I know, Leia, and after what Anakin has told me about her I want it this way. I want to train Liane at the Good Side of the Force, as I promised father. She will be a Jedi Knight one day. I feel you have objections, so do I, but let's stop worrying, for Anakin taught Liane a lot about the use of the Force. If I can get real evidence about her real parents I'm convinced that one day she will become a fully trained Jedi Knight, using the Good Side of the Force, that's for sure."
For a moment Luke leaned back, remembering his last experience on Wegoyy, after Liane has been using the Jedi-pendant. His sister watched him attentively, but Leia felt his determination about the decisions he had taken.
"And how are you doing, my lovely sister? I've missed you, when I was on Tatooine in Ben's house. We had such a wonderful time there together when you constructed your own lightsaber," He said taking his sister's hand, after he had finished his tale.
"I'm asked to become a member of the High Council. Mon Mothma wants me to become her special counselor." Leia said slowly, "Mon Mothma thinks that my function as a senator of the Royal House of Alderaan becomes more and more odd, because Alderaan no longer exists. At first her words hurt me, but I know, she is right. I don't represent an existing planet."
"Mon Mothma's special counselor. That's great news, that's wonderful, Leia. This will definitely silence those, who opposed you."
Luke looked at her with admiration, but she didn't seem to share his enthusiasm.
"What's wrong, Leia? You've always wanted to be a member of the High Council, haven't you? But you don't look pleased?"
Leia shrugged.
"I haven't made up my mind yet, Luke. I don't know, if this really is, what I want. I'd wish, Han was here."
Luke put his arm around her.
"You still miss him, don't you?" Luke said gently, feeling the pain of her loss.
"I do, Luke. I'd wish I knew where he is now, so I can start looking for him." Leia said softly.
"You know it's Han, who has to find out what went wrong between the two of you. Your search will be in vain, if he can't see that and he would humiliate you again. I can't let that happen to you, Leia."
He pulled her closer.
"I know, Luke." She said softly. "But everything I do, seems so meaningless without Han."
For a while they both silenced. Each of them was lingering on the things that were dear to them. Leia thought of Han and Luke's thoughts were returning to his unexpected experience with Liane using the Jedi-pendant.
Suddenly Luke said, "Let's go together on a trip through the galaxy. We need some fresh ideas. I need to start looking again for future Jedi apprentices. Maybe you can even pay some systems a diplomatic visit. Let's take a break of our official tasks for a while. Maybe we can make inquiries on our way, if someone has seen the Millennium Falcon. What do you think?"
Surprised Leia looked up at him, then she flung her arms around his neck.
"You really want to help me find Han, Luke?"
Luke smiled and nodded.
"Han is my friend too, Leia. I miss him. I surely hope we'll find some information about him and Chewbacca, but the galaxy is wide and Han probably knows, much better then I do, where to hide. But I hope someone has seen the Falcon recently."
"He is a jealous hotshot, Luke, but I want him back. Nothing can change my feelings for him."
"I know, that's why I will come with you. Come on, Leia, let's inform Mon Mothma about what's going on Wegoyy and tell her and Madine we're leaving for awhile. It's up to Mon Mothma what she wants to do with my information. "
"Maybe it's an idea to visit Wegoyy on our way back home. I want to see for myself how Liane is doing. I would love to talk to her again."
"I'm sure Liane would enjoy our visit."
They talked for several hours and at last they decided to leave Dalmaran at least for two standard months. They would travel through the Outer Rim Territories, where the Millennium Falcon had been spotted some three months ago; Leia would also pay a visit to Tambrin, one of the systems that had expressed the intention to join the New Republic; the last two weeks of their trip they would visit Liane at Wegoyy.
The next morning they informed general Madine.
"A wise decision," the general said, "Get some rest and forget all your duties for a while. You both deserve a break. Leave it to me to inform Mon Mothma and tell her about the possible torture practises at the Wegoyy prison, Luke. We also will inform commander Dendicott about your next visit."
"You can always try to reach us, general, but we don't know where we're going. We haven't a fixed plan."
"If I really will need you, I'll use Quoith's new secret holographic procon system. I hope you will check that, every now and then. Have a good trip and may the Force be with you. Oh, and Leia, when you have found that stubborn smuggler of yours, tell him to report back to me immediately. I have something important to tell him."
They all laughed.
In the darkness of her cell on Wegoyy Liane sat cross-legged on her bench, her eyes half closed. In her hand she held the pendant. Gently she caressed it with her finger. She concentrated on Luke Skywalker. In her mind she saw his friendly face and his blue eyes which always expressed his friendship for her.
Ian had left her several hours ago, before the lights in her cell had been turned off. Although he had told her about Don Neato and how he would be able to talk to her for almost an hour if Don would be eating in the mess, she had warned him to be cautious and not to push his luck. She insisted that he always would leave her after thirty minutes.
They had talked about a new book she was reading. Ian had asked if she already had spoken to Luke again, for shortly after Luke's last visit Liane had showed him the Jedi-pendant Luke had given her and she had explained that she could use the pendant in a special way to make contact with Luke. Ian had warned her not wear the pendant during her daily work and together they had looked around her cell to find a secure hiding place in her cell. In one of the corners Ian found a shallow hollow behind a durasteel plate which framed and covered the outlet of the ventilation system. The plate could be pushed aside and opened a little ajar. The little box fitted effortlessly through the gap in the hollow behind. Ian told her that she only must take out the little box, or hide it behind the durasteel plate, after the lights in her cell had gone out.
Her fingers caressed the pendant again.
"Luke, can you hear me," She whispered. She wanted to tell him more about Ian and about the warning he had given her not to wear the pendant always. Ian was good company, but Luke still was her real friend. He had to know he could trust Ian.
"Luke!? Are you listening?"
Her thoughts focused on the young Jedi Knight.
But in stead of the apparition of her friend, strange images started to whirl through her mind. She saw Luke and herself dressed in the ceremonial clothes of the Jedi Knights performing a deep and intense Jedi meditation. Their minds had become one and Liane could hear him say, 'We have no other choice, Fukanda. Master Emerold is expecting us on Muntilan. He wants us to carry out that mission to the Ra'ghbita cluster and help their king against the invasion of some unknown hostile army.'
'I sense your inquietude about this mission, Karda. The Ra'ghbita cluster lays very close to the border region where the Jedi fought a Sith army, ten years ago, ' She heard herself say.
'True, and that is why Master Emerold wants us to do investigations in the system, Fukanda. Master Emerold told me that King Harmycon's reign has changed. He always was a reliable ally, but Master Emerold thinks the king's court has been infiltrated with one or more Sith advisors. '
The images vanished as suddenly as they had turned up, and the apparition of Luke materialized in front of her. Relieved Liane sighed.
With a smile he sat down next to her.
'Liane! How are you? I was already wondering, if I would feel your presence through the Jedi pendant soon? Are you alright?'
"What do you mean, Luke? Can't you reach me through the pendant?"
'No I can't, only you can establish the contact between us. You're wearing the Jedi pendant. As soon as you concentrate your thoughts on me, I'll feel your presence through the Force.'
Liane nodded, but kept silence. Luke saw how she stared absentmindedly to the opposite wall of her cell.
'Liane, is there something wrong? Have you been in trouble again?'
"No, I'm alright, but.. " She hesitated.
'What's wrong, Liane, tell me.'
"I feel a sad, Luke, because we can't really talk."
'Aren't we talking now, Liane?' Luke said gently. 'but I know what you mean. I have a surprise for you. Leia and I are coming to Wegoyy to see you. Together.'
She looked up and her eyes started to shine.
"You're planning another visit again! Together with Leia! Oh, Luke! When! When are you coming!"
'Within about seven standard weeks. Leia and I are going to look for a friend of ours and Leia wants to pay some official diplomatic visits to possible new allies of the New Republic. We will come to Wegoyy the last two weeks of our voyage.'
"I'll wait for you, Luke. I will count the days and be patient just as you want me to be."
Luke laughed
'You haven't forgotten our chat on the Tychorion, but you don't have to wait all that time to talk to me. You know now how to contact me. Don't hesitate to use the Jedi pendant as often as you need, Liane.'
"I know, Luke, I know, and I will use it. It's such a wonderful, mysterious gift. Send Leia my best wishes. Have a good trip. Talk to you soon, my most trusted friend."
Liane's fingers slipped off the pendant, as her Force concentration reduced. Luke waited for several minutes, but he didn't feel the influence of the pendant again.
In her cell Liane took off the chain with the Jedi-pendant, put it in the box and hid the box behind the durasteel plate. Luke's gift gave her so much to think about. She had always feared the Force her father had forced her to use, but the Force of the Jedi pendant, the Force of the Jedi Knights, the Force which Luke used, gave her peace and confidence, warmth and comfort.

To be continued...