A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

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11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11 months
  • The Millenium Falcon and the Astreaga land on Tyr near Cantamaga
  • Toallin and Mugin are united with their families
  • Udin ,Toallin's wife, tells her daughter to stop daydreaming and apologize to Luke
  • On Quoith the technical problems have been solved, but general Madine tells Mon Mothma that they are still checking on the secret connection with Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Connection with Palomintar System can only be established via Ktafunda on Palomintar Six
  • On the other planets of the system, no message can be send to the Jedi
  • A reconnaissance ship may only land on Palomintar Six, as has been agreed in the treaty between the New Republic and the Provisionary Imperial Government on Coruscant
  • Mon Mothma expresses her worries, because Darth Golluth certainly has made himself a shelter on one of the other planets in the Palomintar System
  • If the Jedi are on one of the other planets, they can't be reached
  • Luke and Liane 11 months united again, Liane 4.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane uses a purple octagonal holocron and meets Odan-Urr
  • Liane asks him to tell her more about history of the Jedi Order
  • Odan-Urr show the wars between the Jedi and the Sith
  • Liane wonders if a long lasting peace is possible
  • Odan-Urr tells her not to worry too much about Luke Skywalker
  • Odan-Urr urges her to become a Jedi Knight and support Luke Skywalker
  • Odan-Urr tells her to accept Luke as her Jedi master and become his padawan
  • Luke tells Leia about Mon Mothma's visit to Liane, after the Quoith computer center has been hacked and the intercepted call from an unknown source on Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke also expresses his worries about Liane's escape plan to his sister
  • Leia suggest that Wedge and Yarmod could protect Liane against intruders
  • Luke meets Chati, Toallin's eldest twenty year old daughter who asks him and Ian about the Jedi Knights and their way of training. She is born eight years BBY
  • Luke asks Udin if he may tell her daughter about the Jedi Knights
  • Luke and Ian are amazed about the Force's influence on Chati
  • Darth Golluth's computer system is still out of order which outrages him anew
  • Darth Golluth is angered because he has lost all the information about his possible preys
  • Anakin mocks Darth Golluth, calling him Trevor as he addresses him
  • Anakin reminds Darth Golluth of what happened on Solgar
  • Darth Golluth is still convinced that Liane will pass her knowledge of the Dark Side to him
  • Obi-Wan warns Anakin to stop provoking Darth Golluth
  • Obi-Wan expresses his worries about the revelations about his son
  • Anakin sooth his old friend's worries, telling him his son will be proud


11years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11.5 months
  • Luke and Liane 11.5 months united again, Liane 5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane tells Luke about her chat with master Odan-Urr
  • Liane tells Luke that master Odan-Urr wants her to become his padawan learner and accept him as her master
  • Luke answers that she already knows much about the Jedi and the Force, but he will help her to put her knowledge in the right perspective
  • Liane senses that Luke wants her to tell something of importance
  • Luke tells her he will send his friend Wedge Antilles and Yarmod Martan as her guards
  • Liane promises she will welcome Wedge and be a good hostess
  • Liane warns Luke to be careful, if he is going to confront Darth Golluth
  • Liane looks at the transparisteel doors of the entrance which can't be secured
  • Liane orders Threepio and Artoo to make a plan with the tech droids to secure the doors
  • The tech droids show Liane the hidden control panel in the living
  • A button on the control panel can activated a double set of blast doors which secure the residence entrance and the living
  • Liane instructs Threepio how to activate the blast doors
  • Luke, Han and Chewbacca meet a group of harvest men and make an appointment to meet them
  • Han objects against Luke's ideas. He thinks they should ask Mon Mothma for support
  • Luke tells Han that Mon Mothma will not violate the treaty unnecessarily
  • Luke meets Chati, while she is watching Ian's training
  • Luke is amazed about Chati's insight and correct predictions
  • Luke asks Chati to show him a bit more of Cantamaga
  • Chati tells Luke that she was twelve years old, when they had to flee Ribana
  • Luke and Chati meet with Kamalin who has been her teacher
  • Chati shows her great affection for Kamalin
  • Luke walks with Chati to a hill outside Cantamaga
  • Chati explains her name which comes from 'chatino' and means, 'reckless' or 'fearless'. Her real name is Mayan. Only her mother uses that name
  • Chati tells Luke one her adventures with Darth Golluth
  • Luke senses that Chati isn't really a lady "Daredevil" as Kamalin called her. She is very sensible, because she seeks no real danger
  • Luke tells her that a Jedi never attack an enemy immediately, but looks for other solutions to solve a conflict
  • Luke tells Chati how he has become a Jedi Knight and tells her about the Force
  • Luke explains that he senses the influence of the Force in her and tells her she can become a Jedi too
  • The idea overwhelms Chati, but she accepts Luke's offer, but she wonders who will teach her when Luke has gone
  • Luke tells her that Kamalin who is a Force user too, will be her teacher and guide in the Force


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11.5 months
  • Wedge and Yarmod land on Tyr
  • Wedge wonders if Chati will be Luke's next padawan, but Luke denies
  • Wedge tells Luke and Leia about his mission at Lumeara
  • Luke and Liane 11.5 months united again, Liane 5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane uses a blue holocron and meets Nomi Sunrider
  • Liane is startled, because Nomi's image looks like her own reflection in a mirror
  • Nomi Sunrider tells Liane about her ancestry. She, Nomi, is Liane's ancestral mother
  • After Nomi has told her about her daughter Shaayla with Ulic Qel-Droma, Liane realizes she is a Sunrider too
  • Nomi tells Liane to use the Force to read the old language of the Jedi, Jediese
  • Liane expresses the wish to become a worthy descendant of her ancestral mother, Nomi Sunrider, and take the box with Nomi's story to Mon Mothma's residence
  • Luke reconsiders all the facts and meditates to find his balance in the Force again and clear his mind of any disturbing questions and thoughts
  • Chati welcomes Wedge Antilles and Yarmod Martan
  • Luke talks with Toallin about Chati's training as a Jedi Knight
  • Toallin gives his permission and will talk to his wife
  • Luke, Leia and Wedge talk about the situation on Dalmaran and Liane's hiding place in Mon Mothma's hidden residence
  • Luke tells Wedge about the connection between the Jedi library and Liane's hiding place
  • Luke asks Wedge to be Liane's guard
  • Wedge agrees, but expresses a slight concern. He hopes Liane will see him as a friend.
  • Wedge wants to leave immediately. With the Astreaga he can reach Dalmaran in fourteen hours
  • Luke brings Wedge to the Astreaga and share the access permission code to enter Na'ctaMagh'Ba as a Jedi Knight.
  • Luke explains the way to the hidden Jedi library and passes a holographic map to Wedge and Yarmod
  • Wedge and Yarmod take off and head for Dalmaran
  • Darth Golluth disables a bunch of tech droids which have completely disassembled his communication system
  • Darth Golluth orders his protocol droid to fix everything; the protocol droid comments that the remaining techs first have to fix their counterparts, but that they are running out of spare parts
  • Darth Golluth orders to set up a short range communication with the Basilisaea to get new stock of spare parts
  • Darth Golluth mumbles that he needs to contact the Basilisaea and order the admiral to come to Palomintar Four with the best technician he has on board the Basilisaea


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11.5 months
  • Wedge and Ian reach the cavern to the Jedi archive on Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Wedge informs Luke.
  • Luke promises he will tell Liane about their arrival
  • Wedge and Yarmod discuss Liane personality and wonder if she has changed her habits
  • Luke and Liane 11.5 months united again, Liane 5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane is elated about her meeting with Nomi Sunrider and tells Luke about her
  • Luke confirms he knew about her ancestry
  • Luke laughs if Liane explains that she knows how to read the books in Jediese and wants to help him with any translation.
  • Luke tells Liane that Wedge and Ian are on their way to the cave with Jedi archive
  • Liane tells Luke about the blast doors that can seal off the entrance of the hidden residence. She will discuss the working with Wedge
  • Liane leaves the residence, after she has activated the blast doors and dimmed the lights
  • Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca discuss their strategy, using information from the harvesters and Toallin and Mugin
  • Leia objects, if Luke proposes he will confront Darth Golluth alone.
  • The Millennium Falcon will take a group of the harvesters back to Myr, together with Han, Leia, Ian and Chewbacca
  • The Falcon will land in a ravine to remain unseen, and after enough from Ribana. The location is near the place were Cornell and his men are already working on their project to redirect the river.
  • The group will leave Tyr, after Luke has received word from Wedge and Yarmod, that they have reached Na'ctaMagh'Ba and joined Liane in the underground residence
  • Finally they discuss their way of communication while investigating the underground riverbed
  • Admiral Vestor and one of his lieutenant, Doran Whain, arrive on Palomintar Four
  • Lieutenant Whain tells he has news about the underground residence on Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Darth Golluth mocks the lieutenant and tells his communications system has been hacked.
  • Lieutenant Whain offers his assistance and admiral Vestor promises to send spare parts for Darth Golluth computer system
  • Darth Golluth orders the admiral to search for the Skywalkers and their padawan
  • Admiral Vestor stays in orbit around Palomintar Four and neglects Darth Golluth's orders
  • Darth Golluth inspects lieutenant Whain's progress and punishes him as the lieutenant opposes him
  • Doran Whain continues with his work, but become infuriated as he finds out that Darth Golluth is keeping him as a hostage, and has confiscated not only his weapon, but also his infocom and some other personal belongings.


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11.5 months
  • Mon Mothma is worried about Liane. After a message from Wedge Antilles, she order Madine to send a reconnaissance ship to the Palomintar System to find Luke and Leia
  • Luke and Liane 11.5 months united again, Liane 5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane tells Wedge and Yarmod she will explain to them how they can use the Force to read the holographic books with the knowledge of the Jedi
  • Wedge and Yarmod enter the cave with the Jedi archive and are astounded about the knowledge the archive holds
  • Luke starts with Chati's Jedi training. They discuss the status of a padawan learner
  • Chati hopes she will be Luke's padawan, but Luke explains he already has a padawan
  • Chati uses the Force to eavesdrop on Luke's meeting with the harvesters and hides herself on board the Millennium Falcon
  • Lieutenant Whain is outraged as he finds out Darth Golluth is keeping him as a hostage, but he accepts the situation after a good meal


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11.5 months
  • Admiral Vestor decides to stay in the Palomintar System against Darth Golluth orders
  • Admiral Vestor chases the Millennium Falcon, and wonders why Han Solo is in the Palomintar System
  • Luke and Liane 11.5 months united again, Liane 5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane brings Wedge and Yarmod to Mon Mothma's underground residence
  • Liane shows Wedge the working of the blast doors. Wedge does some investigation on the outside of the residence. Afterwards he shows Yarmod and Liane what happens as the blast doors seal off the entrance
  • Liane protests against the raised blast doors, but accepts Wedge's advice as he explains that with the blast doors raised, she is absolutely safe.
  • Liane and Yarmod practise with their lightsabers
  • Liane opposes Wedge as he wants her to abandon the waterfall cave and her other explorations. Her opposition frustrates Wedge
  • Luke his friends, and a group of harvesters are leaving Tyr with the Millennium Falcon
  • Luke wonders where Chati is
  • Han eludes the Basilisaea by going in and out hyperspace for short moments


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11.5 months
  • Cornell discovers that Chati has been hiding in the Falcon. He disguises her as a harvester.
  • Luke and Liane 11.5 months united again, Liane 5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane is upset about Wedge's idea to abandon her exploration and uses the Jedi-pendant to ask Luke to help her
  • Luke discusses the new development after their encounter with the Basilisaea
  • Leia, Han and Ian will go back to Irithim and tell the Supreme Chancellor about admiral Vestor's presence in the Palomintar System.
  • Luke wants Mon Mothma to send some assistance. Admiral Vestor is violating the truce
  • Luke will stay with the harvesters
  • Leia and Ian have to pick up Wedge. Ian will stay with Yarmod and Liane
  • Luke tells the harvesters about the changes in their plan. Cornell accepts Luke's help and presence
  • Han, Leia, Chewbacca and Ian leave
  • Luke joins Cornell and talks with him about the Jedi
  • Luke talks to Wedge and reassures him. He tells his friends about the changes in his plans.
  • Darth Golluth seems pleased with lieutenant Whain's efforts to restore his communication system
  • Lieutenant Whain knows more than Darth Golluth expected


11 years ABY - 7th year AROTJ + 11.5 months
  • Luke and Liane 11.5 months united again, Liane 5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 30, Liane 24
  • Liane, Wedge and Ian visit the Jedi archive again
  • Liane talks to Luke through Jedi telepathy
  • Liane and Wedge become friends, as Liane shows Wedge the Jedi-pendant
  • Leia and Han report Mon Mothma about the presence of the Basilisaea, and the intercepted access to the infocom in the residence
  • Luke talks to Fanoll/Chati and tells her a Jedi can't be deceived the way she did.
  • Luke and Cornell will share the responsibility for Chati's safety
  • Cornell tells Luke about Chati's adventures in the nut forests on Tyr
  • Luke asks Cornell for a similar set of clothes as he has given to Chati
  • Leia and Ian leave Mon Mothma to go to Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Han and Madine will make preparation to go back to Palomintar Four with the Tychorion
  • Lieutenant Whain is still set to work on Darth Golluth communication system as a slave laborer. He finds out that the Basilisaea hasn't left the Palomintar System


12 years ABY - 8th year AROTJ + 0 months
  • Admiral Vestor orders that any strange space craft arriving in the Palomintar System must be intercepted
  • Luke and Liane 12 months united again, Liane 5.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 31, Liane 25
  • Liane daydreams about the wonders of the Jedi-pendant
  • Liane feels sorry for Anakin, and as Anakin's apparition appears they talk together
  • Liane tells Anakin she doesn't feel hatred, because he has killed her mother
  • Liane and Anakin have a very serious discussion about the influence and power of the Force
  • Liane tells Anakin that she will become Luke's padawan and be a Jedi Knight one day.
  • Wedge warns Liane that Leia and Ian have arrived
  • Leia and Wedge talk about the situation on Palomintar Four, as Liane gets a Force vision similar to the one she had had on the Falcon
  • Leia can't leave, because Threepio has closed the blast doors. Mon Mothma's submersible is turned upside down
  • Liane suggest that Wedge and Leia should use the Force to upturn the vessel. Wedge suggests Leia and he will leave through the hidden path, but Leia rejects his proposal.
  • Luke disguises as a harvester
  • Luke helps Chati, using the Force, to entangle a heap of rope
  • Leia and Ian encounter a strange submersible which is following them
  • Leia uses the Force to shake the strangers off
  • Leia and Ian arrive in the underground river and are surprised that the jetty and the terrace are gone
  • On the Basilisaea Whain's encrypted message is spotted, but no one can decrypt it.


12 years ABY - 8th year AROTJ + 0 months
  • Chati and Luke made a first nightly inspection of the dried up riverbed.
  • Chati expresses her worries about a possible blocking of the path
  • Luke uses his lightsaber skills to clear away a block of rock
  • Luke and Liane 12 months united again, Liane 5.5 months op Na'ctaMagh'Ba
  • Luke and Leia 31, Liane 25
  • Liane ponders on the Force vision she has had about Trevor Matrik and Luke. She feels she will meet Trevor again
  • Leia warns Liane to stay in the residence, in stead of making plans to go to Palomintar Four
  • Liane is upset and calls Luke for help. She tells him about Leia's unexpected arrival
  • Luke tells Liane about Chati. His chat reassures Liane
  • Luke and Cornell do a first inspection of the underground where once the river was flowing
  • Cornell gives a demonstration of the technic the harvesters use to crumble the rock and create a new inlay for the river
  • Leia Wedge, Liane, Yarmod and Ian succeed in turning the capsized vessel. The damage is minor
  • Leia wants to send a message to Mon Mothma, and Artoo activates the infocom for a short time
  • Whain still works for Darth Golluth, and finds the coordinates of the infocom as Leia sends her message
  • Darth Golluth praises Whain and releases him from his duties. He may sleep and will get a good meal