A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 22

edge Antilles and his Gold Squadron men escorted the group of Madine's ground forces who transported all the prisoners straight to the Tychorion, using the transport ship Rand Phylotar had flown in to take Liane to Palomintar Four. Wedge and his padawan, Yarmod Martan returned to the Ewok village after the prisoners had been officially handed over to Roxahm Polta, Madine's second-in-command on the Tychorion, and in charge of the detention area of the frigate. They joined Madine, Ian Tydon and Leia who had all followed Luke, Liane and the Grann brothers back to the Ewok village.
Although the Ewoks had suffered several severe casualties the little bears immediately started preparing great bonfires and a party to celebrate their victory. All the companions were welcomed by Chirpa and Logray.
Luke had brought Liane immediately to Logray at his little tree hospital, so she could take care of Teebo and the other severely wounded Ewoks. The medicine Luke had handed to Logray, had eased Teebo's pain slightly, but his life was in considerable danger. With tears in her eyes Liane sat down and took Teebo's head in her lap.
"Please don't die, Teebo," she whispered.
She looked up at Logray, when she saw the terrible wound in the litlle bear's body. A part of the furry skin and flesh had been severely burned. It wasn't unlikely that that laser blast had damaged some of Teebo's internal organs.
"Hado nao kama suna. Miko teno funo." She said.
['I don't know what to do. He's hardly breathing.']
She closed her eyes, while some tears slipped from under her lashes.
"Hama niso emma nudo gowa." Logray asked.
['You can't help him with your hands?']
"Kanua sumo sanoa maka." Liane answered.
['Only if I can touch his mind.']
"Hado kama nako iko suna kama. Kimo." Logray begged.
['You can help him, can't you? Do so, please.']
Liane nodded and wiped away her tears. She placed her hands over Teebo's face and bowed her head.
"Teebo kama diddo suna kama."> She whispered.
['Teebo, try to listen to me.']
"Aay-Lee, emma miko! Mido kalan simo!" She heard.
[ 'Eilidh, stay with me! I'm so scared to die alone.']
Liane moaned as she herself began to feel the unbearable pain her little friend was going through.
"Hama nuda muka. Middo kama suna. Mido haddo suna timo gida." Liane said.
['I can feel your pain. I'll ease your pain. I'll stay with you, until you feel better.']
She felt the little bear's relieve. He didn't want to die alone. Would he really die? All of a sudden Liane's mind was filled with a luminous Force flux which showed her images of the future. She saw a recovered and healthy Teebo waving his little paw to her, laughing and jumping for joy. He grabbed her hands and whirled around with her. Together they danced and leaped for joy. He wouldn't die, he would recover!
"Kama nuda, Teebo! Hadda nuda diddo gifolit. Cando sino diddo mido kamuda !" She whispered elated.
['Have you seen it, Teebo! Look closely at these images. You won't die. You will get better, Look that's you and me dancing!']
Teebo moaned, and moved his legs and paws.
"Don't move, lay still," Liane murmured in Basic, "See the images of you and me."
She repeated her last sentence in the Ewok language again. The images of a dancing Teebo became increasingly clear. Now the little bear began relaxed. His limbs and body laid still as if he became part of her Force trance.
Haddo nuda diddo gifolit. Cando sino diddo mido. Kanda miko. Kanda miko. Kanda miko." Liane said.
['You will get better. Look that's you and me in the village. See these images in your mind. See these images in your mind. See these images in your mind]
She felt how her little friend began to surrender himself to her Force help.
Again she started to repeat the healing sentence, penetrating the little bear's mind with her soft whispering low voice. Her own body felt almost benumbed, but the sharp pain she had felt had ceased and was bearable now. Monotonously she repeated her words like the soft murmur of a brook that sprinkled its water over stones and pebbles in springtime.
After almost four hours she released Teebo's head and looked around.
It was almost midday. Logray had vanished, but she saw the neatly bandages on the other wounded Ewoks. Carefully she laid Teebo's head on a soft cushion, covered him with a fur and rose to her feet. Almost immediately Logray appeared from the opposite corner, looking at her with his dark eyes.
"Haddo Teebo gifolido. Hama diddo kana. Kagua?" She said relieved.
['Teebo will recover fully. I'll help the others after I've had some rest. Is that alright?']
"Kaluma. The little shaman answered with great respect in his voice and handed her a bowl of fresh water.
['Of course.']
After having finished her drink Liane left Logray's house. She slowly walked to the village center, feeling tired, but in her heart she felt a great joy. Teebo would live. She had seen it and she would help him to recover and make that Force vision come true.
While Liane was taking care of Teebo; Luke was having a long discussion with general Madine, and Leia. Leia and Madine argued, that Liane had to go back with the Tychorion to Irithim to testify in the oncoming trial against Dendicott and the brothers Phylotar. Luke objected, saying that after Dendicott's raid on the Ewok village Liane's help was needed to take care of the wounded Ewoks.
The four oldest Grann brothers were helping to set up the bonfires. Ian and Yarmod were strolling through the Ewok village together with the two youngest Grann brothers. Kieran and Bran who had seen how Liane had punished Dendicott, wanted to know where she had learned those dangerous tricks and why Luke and Ian had objected against the use of it.
As had happened near the lake Yarmod Martan explained Liane's action before Ian could say anything.
"Master Antilles has explained to me that her action was driven by the Dark Side of the Force. She was outraged and her anger and hatred made her susceptible to make use of those Sith skills she has learned," he said, "I clearly felt how the Dark Side of the Force was leading her action; didn't you, Ian?"
"Yes, I did. I can't understand her violent behavior. She still uses her Dark Side powers if she feel threatened and in stead of defending herself, she seeks to revenge herself. I know she has done the same on Wegoyy. I can't understand, why she doing this. As I talked to her in her cell, she was always kind and friendly, and very concerned that I wouldn't get in trouble. That's why I became her friend."
Kieran shook his head, still puzzled.
"Me and my brothers never have encountered any problems with her. She was always helpful and friendly even to the many other species we met, and I assure you that not all the species we meet on our travels have friendly intentions; on the contrary. Yarmod, you said that you understood, why she was called the Dark Princess of Morantan, after she nearly killed that fellow Dendicott?"
"I had heard her nickname, when our forces occupied the imperial domains on Morantan. The imperial force on Morantan seems to have given her that name. Master Antilles reprimanded me about what I said. I shouldn't have mouthed it. Of course it's master Luke's prerogative to take her as his padawan learner and teach her the ways of the Force to become a Jedi Knight in the future. Master Antilles told me, I am prejudiced and I have to tell her what I've said and apologize to her for my uncivilized attitude and harsh judgement. Master Antilles was very displeased with my behavior and called me a blabbermouth. If I want to become a Jedi Knight I have to be more aware of someone's feelings, my master said," Yarmod said with a shameful face.
Ian grinned.
"Master Antilles really is a very tough master, but I don't think Liane has heard your words. Master Luke already had taken her with him out of hearing range," He said, "Does master Antilles really want you to apologize for your words?"
"Yes, Ian, and be sure he knows if I neglect his words. Has any one seen Liane?"
"I heard Luke say, that she should go and help that little shaman to take care for the wounded Ewoks, but that was hours ago." Bran said.
"Let's get back to the village center and see if any of those little tree bears can tell us where Liane is now. After we've captured commander Dendicott I hadn't the opportunity to talk to her. Boy, am I glad she has recovered from that terrible mind drug and has her old memories back," Ian said.
"What happened to her on Wegoyy?" Kieran asked curiously, "Yarnick always asserted that she hadn't escaped. Has she really been drugged more than once as he said?"
Ian nodded, but didn't answer Kieran's question. His thoughts pondered on those last moments when he had to leave Liane in the canyon, hoping that his old friends, the Draga, would find and help her. It seemed all so long ago.
"You probably will hear that story, Kieran. I don't want to talk about it now," He said.
At that moment an agitated Liane ran up to them. She seemed to be very upset.
"What's wrong, Eilidh? What's the matter with you?" Bran asked.
"Luke has to bring me back to Wegoyy immediately. That general said that I'm still a convicted prisoner. The Supreme Chancellor has to decided if I will be put into detention again and brought back to Wegoyy," She said, looking around as if looking for something, "Where is Yarnick, Bran, have you seen your brother?"
"He and the others are helping our hosts setting up the bonfires. Why?"
They stood around the upset girl. Ian and Yarmod looked very concerned.
"I thought you were taking care of the wounded Ewoks, Liane." Yarmod said.
Liane looked at him.
"I was," she said surly, "I went looking for Luke to tell him, he shouldn't worry about Teebo, when I heard what that general was telling him. I'm want to ask Yarnick if I can... "
She stopped in the middle of her sentence. Slowly she shook her head and claps her hands before her face.
"No, I can't do that; if I leave, Teebo and the others will die," She stammered.
Ian gently took her arm and pulled her to a circle of tree trunks.
"Sit down, Liane, tell us, what's troubling you?" He beckoned the others to sit down too. Liane looked up to him.
"I wanted to join Yarnick and his brothers again, but I can't do that. I have to stay and give Logray my help. I'm the only one who can cure those severely wounded Ewoks. Logray needs my help, he expects that I will help him now," She said as if in trance.
"If that medicine man needs your help, you can't leave with us, Eilidh. You are the shaman's assistant, aren't you?" Bran asked.
"I gained the tribe's respect for what I can do when there are sick or wounded Ewoks. To them I'm not the Dark Princess of Morantan." She said reproachfully, looking at Yarmod Martan.
Yarmod's face became almost crimson with shame.
"You heard what I said?" He stammered.
"No, I didn't, but your thoughts betrayed you, when you saw me when Luke and I came back to the village, just before you left with the last the prisoner transport."
"I shouldn't have judged you the way I did, Liane. I'm apologizing for my prejudices," Yarmod said shamefully, "It was wrong of me to use your old title. Princess Leia has told me you hate your old nickname."
"I do," Liane said disapprovingly. "That nickname reminds me of my life on Morantan. My previous life and the life I want to forget. The life I wished I had never experienced. Luke told me that you have become master Antilles' padawan recently. Hasn't your Jedi master told you that a Jedi would never judge rashly, at least that's what Luke has told me."
"I'm sorry, Liane. I truly want to know you better. Please forgive me my unreasonable judgment," Yarmod said.
"Liane, I'm sure Yarmod's words are meant sincerely," Kieran said, "You should give him a chance to, as he said, know you better."
Liane looked at the young padawan. Her eyes held his shameful gaze. Her lips curled in a gentle smile and she stretched out her hand.
'I forgive you your words, Yarmod. I accept your apologies.'
Yarmod look at her astounded.
"You can communicate in the way the Jedi do? You must be very Force sensitive, Liane," He said.
"Luke taught me to use the Force this way. I've learned to use the Force in many ways as a young girl, mostly the wrong ways, as Luke often tells me," She said at a self-mockery tone.
"Are you using your Force skills, when you are helping these wounded little bears?" Ian suddenly asked.
Startled Liane looked at him.
"I've never thought about that, Ian. I don't know. If I touch them, I can feel their pain and I can hear their anxious thoughts in their native language. I even communicate with them speaking the Ewok language and most of the times I can take away or reduce their anxieties, as I'm often able to show them some images of their future. Those images soothe their pain and their recovery starts almost immediately, even they are severely wounded."
Amazed the two young padawans looked at the girl.
"Liane," Yarmod said, "Ian's question isn't as odd as it sounds. Because you are very Force sensitive, you are probably using the Force to cure and take care for those wounded bears."
Liane looked at her former guard, and suddenly she realized that he was dressed like Yarmod, wearing the distinctions of a padawan learner: the cloak and tunic of rough materials, the utility belt and a lightsaber. Like Yarmod Ian was wearing a strand of hair as a braid at the right side of his head. His short hair had a pony-tail at the back. Then she remembered that Luke had told her, that Ian had become Leia's padawan learner.
"You really already look like a Jedi, Ian. Leia is your Jedi master, isn't she?" She said with an amazed smile and laid her hand on the sleeve of his cloak.
Ian nodded, and placed his hand over Liane's.
"Yes, master Luke's sister, princess Leia Organa is my Jedi master. She's teaching me the ways of the Force. Master Luke has told me much a the ways of the Jedi, while we were looking for you, Liane. He showed how I could use the Force. One day I hope to be a real Jedi Knight. Liane, will you show Yarmod and me the way you are helping those wounded Ewoks?"
Liane felt some reluctance, before she slowly nodded.
"Come to Logray's house, later this evening. It's that two storey tree house just outside the village center. I'll warn Logray that you're coming."
"Hey, Liane, hey Ian, what are you both talking about?" the laughing voice of Brion Grann yelled.
"Look, Yarnick, I think, Ian Tydon is a new rival in winning our Eilidh's affection."
Ian's face slightly reddened and quickly he withdrew his hand.
Brion and the other four Granns were walking up to them.
"I was told, Ian, that you were Eilidh's guard on Wegoyy," Brion said.
Liane looked at her former guard with a warm smile. She slipped her arm through his and pressed her cheek against the rough texture of his cloak.
"He was," she said, "a great help to me on Wegoyy. Brion, if Ian hadn't been with me, I really would have had a terrible time there. He took an awful risk to disobey the orders of his superiors. I hope I'll have a guard like him if the Supreme Chancellor decides to send me back to Wegoyy again."
She shivered as she remembered her time in the Wegoyy prison. Wegoyy! Dendicott! The torture chamber!
"What are you talking about Eilidh. Who says that you will be send back to Wegoyy?" Yarnick Grann asked with a frown, "You're a victim of torture and malicious treatment. The Supreme Chancellor can't possibly be serious about sending you back there."
Liane didn't respond immediately, but was gazing into the distance. Yarmod and Ian sensed her fears for the dreadful prison. On a whim Yarmod suddenly put his arm around her shoulders as to protect her. Liane looked into his eyes and she knew, that she had found another good friend.
'If you have to go back there I'll ask master Antilles if we can accompany you, together with master Luke.' Yarmod said, using his Jedi skills, 'I'm sure Ian and master Leia will come with us too. We all will make sure you will be safe this time.'
'Thank you, Yarmod, for these encouraging words, ' Liane answered through the Force and smiled at him.
Kieran interrupted their unheard dialogue.
"Eilidh, you really shouldn't worry about Wegoyy. I'm sure, that after what you've been through you will be pardoned you for what you've done."
Liane looked away, then turned to Ian Tydon.
"What happened to me in the Wegoyy prison those last days, Ian?" She asked, "Please, tell me. I only remember those shrieking sounds and the flashing colors of that torture chamber. Is it still operational?"
Ian Tydon heard the agony in Liane's voice; he felt her fear.
"Forget about that chamber, Liane. My master has ensured that it has been dismantled, and the Supreme Chancellor, lady Mon Mothma, has send a new garrison of guards to Wegoyy and she personally oversees the treatment of the inmates now," He said reassuringly.
"Tell me, what happened to me, Ian? How did I get in that canyon where the Draga found me?" Liane insisted.
Ian sighed; he sensed the curiosity of the group around him.
"Liane, I had to bring you to that canyon and leave you there."
Liane looked devastated and shocked.
"You? Why, Ian? I thought..."
"That was Dendicott's order, Liane. The commander put your personal guard in charge, as was the normal procedure in the Wegoyy prison. You'd better listen to Ian's whole story," a calm Jedi-voice said, "There's nothing to blame him for. If Ian hadn't been in charge when you were brought to the desert; you wouldn't have survived, for the Draga wouldn't have found you."
The whole company looked puzzled, as Luke Skywalker walked over to the circle of friends and took a seat next to Ian Tydon.
"Go on, Ian, tell Liane the last part of her missing memories."
Encouraged through Luke's words Ian Tydon told Liane how it had been his duty to carry out Dendicott's order.
"Luckily I know the desert of Wegoyy very well. I'd been living there on my own for more than a year, voluntarily, before I became an officer and a guard in that prison. I have met the Draga more than once. I've even lived among them for some time, so when I was ordered to bring you to the desert, I immediately planned to leave you in their territory. I hoped, that I could ask them to hide you, until I would be able to find a way to bring you to a safer place. Unfortunately the two guards who were accompanying me, were two of Dendicott's elite guards, so I had to leave you in that deserted canyon on your own. In the past I had met the Draga there a couple of times, so I hoped that they would find you. And I'm glad they did. However, I didn't expect that they would help you to leave Wegoyy with these guys."
Ian pointed at the Grann brothers.
"I wanted to help you to get off the planet myself, one way or the other. Back in the prison I immediately asked permission to supposedly meet a few old friends in Tropass. Rand Phylotar signed my leave and I deserted. I went under cover in Tropass and started to wait. I hoped that master Luke would visit commander Dendicott again. I wanted to tell him what really had happened to you. After more than six weeks his space ship was registered at Tropass' space port. I arranged to meet him in the waste lands far away from Tropass and he took me back with him to Dalmaran and Irithim. Afterwards I accompanied master Luke on all his travel as he started looking for you and your new friends."
"You have left out something very important in your story, Ian," Luke said with a smile.
But Ian silenced and Luke took over his story.
"Ian and I met in the Wegoyy desert. He told me the truth about what had happened to you and Dendicott's part in it. Together we met the Draga and afterwards he helped me to find the names of Yarnick and his brothers and the ID-marks of their space ship. He also agreed to tell lady Mon Mothma what was going on on Wegoyy. After his testimony he stayed on Dalmaran, became my co-pilot during the time I was looking for you in the Outer Rim Territories and a few months ago he has become Leia's padawan learner. But, Ian, when you left Liane in the canyon, you left her something of great importance...."
"The Jedi-pendant!!" Liane exclaimed and she firmly grabbed her former guard's arm again, "Oh, my goodness, . Mintob has recognized you, when you left in the canyon. He asked why the guy who has lived among them, had brought to the place. I didn't know what he was talking about. You knew about the Jedi-pendant Luke had given me. So you put that package with the box in my hand. One of the Draga handed it to me, but I didn't recognized the box, nor the pendant. I took it with me, because I liked the looks of the pendant. Oh, Ian, it was not until here on Endor that I remembered how I had to use it again, but how did you get it?"
"Do you remember the hiding place we've found in your cell? Well, immediately after Dendicott had issued the order to lock you up in the SL-chamber, I took that box with the pendant away, for I knew what was going to happen to you. You had told me that you could use the pendant to contact master Luke. Although your explanation sounded incredible, I believed that story. I hoped, that when you would recover from the mind drug, you would be able to tell master Luke the truth about what they had done to you. When I met Luke in the Wegoyy desert I realized why you could reach him: he was a Jedi Knight. You can reach him using the Force. My parents have spoken to me about the Jedi Order; about those special powers the Jedi can use because they can feel the Force in everything that surrounds them; about their role in the history of the Old Republic and about the Jedi Knights as the guardians of peace and justice. I'm glad that I've taken the risk, to put master Luke's gift in your hands, for indeed it enabled you to tell him where you were."
Liane leaned against his arm to show her gratitude.
"Eilidh, how did you get back your memories?" Yarnick asked, "Luke has told us on Rasth, that you had been send to the Wegoyy prison for what you have done, but my brothers and I still don't know who you really are."
Liane looked around, all her friends were sitting around her, even general Madine, Leia and Wedge Antilles had joined the group.
"The High Court at Irithim has sentenced me to serve fifteen years in the Wegoyy prison for what I did wrong," She said calmly.
"Fifteen years!" The Grann brothers whistled between their teeth.
"Sorry, my lovely foster sister," Kieran laughed, "You must have done something very extraordinary to deserve a punishment like that. What did you do, Eilidh, did you blow up a planet?"
Liane looked up and met general Madine's friendly face. He smiled at her encouragingly. Maybe Yarmod was right, maybe she had to see that general as a good man too. Maybe he would let her stay on Endor, if she would explain to him that the Ewoks needed her help for a while. At least until Teebo and the other wounded Ewoks had recovered. What would be the difference, as long as she wasn't returning to Dalmaran. The Ewoks would take care of her.
"It's not only for what I did wrong, but probably also because Darth Vader has been my foster-father. Years ago he adopted me. On Morantan he has raised me as his daughter ... and his Sith apprentice," She said cautiously.
Kieran whistled again.
"Eilidh, Darth Vader! The Alliances most important enemy! He was your tutor?"
"It's said that he died during the last battle against the Empire. At least that's what our father told us," Ronan remarked.
"That's right," Leia said, "He died during the Battle of Endor."
"Here?" Yarnick asked.
"No, on the second Death Star; but Liane, please continue your story," Luke said quietly.
Liane looked up at him and suddenly she felt Luke's hidden pain about the death of his father.
'We know that Anakin has renounced the Dark Side, and redeemed himself to the Good Side. He is a Jedi Knight again, Luke, living on in the Force. Without his help and that of your old master Ben, I wouldn't have been able to recall the use of the Jedi-pendant so soon,' Liane said, unwittingly reaching out to him to sooth his pain.
'Thank you, Liane,' He answered, while a nearly invisible smile curled his lips. For a moment he held her gaze, then Liane returned to her part of the story.
"Darth Vader taught me his points of view of the Force. He taught me, as Luke has told me, the use of what belongs to the Dark Side of the Force, the dark knowledge of the Sith. That's the wrong use of the Force. You've all seen how angry I became at commander Dendicott and what I did to him. My foster-father taught me to use my aggressive feelings to manipulate and control people. When the Empire was overthrown I was still living on Morantan, Darth Vaders imperial stronghold, expecting that one day my father would return. When the Alliances forces invaded Morantan, I was taken prisoner. I was detained in Irithim on Dalmaran and had to await a trial. I escaped with help of Zolgathrii, a member of the Senate, who wanted to gain the power in the New Republic. He had planned a coup to overthrow the Supreme Chancellor's administration. I took Leia with me as a hostage on Ortel. My freedom was short lived, for general Madine and Luke came to rescue Leia and I was brought back to Dalmaran. Because of my help to Zolgathrii's coup and my knowledge of the Dark Side, which is still seen a severe threat to the New Republic, the High Court has exiled me and sentenced me to stay in prison for fifteen years on Wegoyy. You all know what has happened to me there. I'm glad I have survived the torture. I found a new life with you and your brothers, Yarnick. I hope you and your parents will forgive me that I ran away. Endor, more precise the Ewok village is now my new home. I've learned a lot here, especially, because I've regained here the memories that I had lost during that torture on Wegoyy. On a clearing in Endor jungle behind the lake, " Liane pointed in the direction of the lake, "stands a stone whic commemorates ... my foster-father's death and his renouncement of his life as a Sith lord. He died as the Jedi Knight he once had been. The chiseled words on the stone brought back my lost memories. After Luke had come to Endor I had to face the truth about my relation with him. After all he wasn't my father; he only adopted me and raised me at the Dark Side of the Force."
She looked at the familiar faces around her.
"Now you know who I really am. I've made many wrong decisions, but I hope that I don't have to go back to Wegoyy. Maybe I can stay on Endor for fifteen years."
"For the time being you can stay here, Liane," Leia said, "Luke will stay with you as your guard and if necessary to protect you. We understand that you want to help the Ewoks to overcome Dendicott's attack on their village. There are a lot of casualties and severely wounded Ewoks and you are helping Logray with their treatment. You can stay as long as you need. Later my brother will accompany you to Dalmaran, so you can to tell Mon Mothma what happened to you on Wegoyy. It's up to the Supreme Chancellor to decide if you will be pardoned."
"Thank you, Leia," Liane whispered.
An oppressive silence fell after Leia's words; they all looked with pity at the young woman in her dark brown outfit. Was she really such threat to the safety of the New Republic to deserve such a long sentence in exile?
The shadows of the trees were growing longer and among the trees it was already dark, but huge bonfires lit by Luke and Wedge, were driving away that darkness. Their glow was everywhere. Among the tree houses hung an atmosphere of joy, although there also was a feeling of sadness, because of the many casualties and the severely wounded.
Chirpa had invited Luke and the others to be his guests of honor. They got the best seats at the table which was laden with all kinds of food. The Grann brothers were sitting next to Chirpa and the other Wisests to honor them for defending the village against the attack of Dendicott's mercenaries.
Liane, who was sitting at the far end of the table, looked concerned and halfway the banquet she slipped away to Logray's house.
Ian Tydon saw her walk away and nudged Yarmod Martan. The two young padawans slipped away too and followed Liane. In the darkness of the trees they saw her enter Logray's house. Silently they neared the house, but almost immediately two sturdy Ewoks blocked their path. Ian held his pace and made a peaceful gesture.
"We mean no harm. All we want is to see Eilidh," He said.
In the entrance Logray appeared. He talked to the two guards.
"Haddo noma kanna?"
['What do they want.']
"Haddo nomata kanna Aay-lee ."
['He wants to see Eilidh.']
"Haddo kanno diddo meno."
['She isn't here.']
Logray turned to Ian and Yarmod shaking his head, but before he could send them away Liane's calm voice was heard, "Haddo kanno medono, Logray"
['It's alright, Logray, please let them enter.']
The little shaman stepped aside.
Liane's voice continued in Basic, "You may enter, but please be silent."
Ian and Yarmod bowed to enter the low door. On the staircase to the upper floor stood Liane. Her face expressed the sadness and the great worry she felt. She put her fingers to her lips and beckoned them to follow her.
On the upper floor they saw seven wounded Ewoks on fern beds covered with thick fur blankets. They were all unconscious. Some of them moaned. Liane beckoned them to a separate room. Without any noise she lowered the leather curtain and looked up to the two padawans.
"You said you would show us how you're able to help them" Ian said on a whispering tone.
Liane looked at them and saw their warm looks of interest.
"I'll show you, what I'll do. Follow me."
She rose, and went back to the room where the wounded Ewoks were sleeping. Liane knelt near Teebo's head.
"This is Teebo. In the beginning he was my guard, but he also learned me the first words of their language. Thanks to him and Logray I got my own treehouse near the lake."
She carefully placed her hands around Teebo's head and closed her eyes. Ian and Yarmod watched her and saw how her face began to twist in pain. Amazed the two young padawans felt how the Force started to vibrate between Liane and the little wounded bear and surrounded them both.
"She is using the powers of the Force for healing. Master Antilles has shown me how I can feel the suffering of a living being," Yarmod whispered to Ian. Ian nodded.
"Let's help her,"Yarmod whispered and silently he kneeled at Liane's left side. He winked Ian to kneel on her right side. Gently both padawans placed their hands over those of Liane. They closed their eyes and turned inward to a Jedi meditation stance.
'Accept our help, Liane' Yarmod said in his Force trance. 'Together we can strengthen the power of the Force.'
They both felt how Liane accepted their help and was able to intensify her trance. Several moments passed in silence, then Teebo started to smile.
"Hado kanoma doda niko, Aay-lee miko"
['I feel so much better, Eilidh']
"Kamo boda Jedi sico mino." Liane answered and she too smiled.
['There are two Jedi friends with me to help you.']
Haddo nuda diddo gifolit. Cando sino diddo mido. Kandu miko tima. Kandu miko tima." Liane said.
['You will get better. Look that's you and me in the village. See these images in your mind. See these images the images in your mind.']
Almost immediately Teebo's strained features became soft and relaxed. His breathing became deeper and more regular. Liane continued to repeat her words a few times until Teebo was sound asleep. She opened her eyes and looked down on the soft features of her Ewok friend. She was still holding his head between her hands which in turn were held in the firm grip of Yarmod's and Ian's. Slowly she raised her head and looked at the two padawans.
"Thank you for your help. This time he went to sleep very fast thanks to you. Normally it takes me hours before he relaxes," She said in a whisper.
"Liane are you realizing you're using the Force to heal him?" Ian said.
Liane shrugged her shoulders.
"Am I, Ian? How do you know that for sure? I hope I won't hurt them with the Force in this way, for actually I don't want to use the Force. It's an evil power. "
"You are afraid of the Force, Liane?" Yarmod asked.
Liane rose to her feet. She walked over to the next wounded Ewok. Ian and Yarmod followed her. Again she put her hands around the little bear's head.
"Will you help me again?" she asked.
They silently nodded an placed their hands over hers. Both became aware of the pain the little bear suffered, but then their minds were suddenly filled with images of a bright future. The little bear was again swaying through the forest. The images they saw were so clear that they felt as happy as the little wounded Ewok. Like Teebo he felt asleep with those happy images in his mind. Liane came out of her trance and wanted to rise, but this time Yarmod firmly grabbed her arm.
"Where did you learn to use the Jedi Battle Meditation?" He asked astounded, "Did master Luke taught you this, or did you get this knowledge also on Morantan?"
"Use what? What are you talking about?"
"Jedi Battle Meditation. It a very uncommon talent among the Jedi Knights. For a Jedi the future is always in motion, but with this talent a Jedi can see the future clearly and influence it. Master Antilles has told me about this Jedi way of meditation. There haven't been many Jedi over the aeons who possessed this ancient knowledge. My master said that this knowledge has been lost after the Empire took power and the Jedi became extinct. In ancient times there have been only a few Jedi who had a natural talent for it. One of them was Nomi Sunrider, and even she has developed those skills under the tutelage of an ancient Jedi Master."
Liane smiled, but shrugged her shoulders.
"Never heard of her, but thank you for telling me this, Yarmod. Well, if my help shows my little wounded friends their future through the Good Side of the Force, then at least I can do something good with the evil power I possess."
"What do you mean, Liane. You're using the Force in a great way! You can be a Jedi too, like myself and Ian, like master Luke and the others!"
"I can't be a Jedi, Yarmod, and I don't want to become one," Liane said determinedly, "I know too much of the Dark Side of the Force."
She turned to the next wounded Ewok. Without further conversation they nursed the other five wounded Ewoks. Ian and Yarmod did everything to help Liane as best as they could, but at some moments they just observed her, when she was using her specific powers to ease her patients pain and suffering. They wondered how it could be possible, that she didn't want to accept the source of her healing powers. The strong influence of the Force vibrated through the little room. All Liane's gestures and whispered words were driven by that powerful ally.
Especially Yarmod was astonished; he had learned much Jedi knowledge already from the teachings of his Jedi master, commander Antilles, and he was eager to learn as much as he could about that unseen power he possessed.
After he had met Luke Skywalker on board the Tychorion - first as the general's liaison officer; later as a pilot under commander Antilles - Luke had asked him, if he wanted to be trained as a Jedi. Luke's question had overwhelmed him, but Luke had explained some details in his behavior and more and more he became convinced that the young Jedi master was telling the truth. When finally he'd agreed and Luke had asked commander Antilles, after the latter had become a Jedi Knight himself, to take him as his padawan learner.
Liane rose and walked over to a bucket. She filled three cups with water and offered them to her companions
"We can go back to the party. They will now be at ease for some hours. Thank you, for your help."
They descended the stairs and left the house. In front of the house Ian held her back.
"Liane, have you told master Luke about the way you're healing the Ewoks?" he asked.
"No I didn't. I've never talked about it, because there haven't been any wounded Ewoks after Luke had come to Endor. Logray didn't need my help, but Luke has shown me how I can use the Force. He says that the Force is influencing all my actions."
"He's right. You should tell him what you're doing in Logray's house, Liane. I'm sure he will be as amazed as we are."
He placed his hands on her shoulders and forced her to look at him.
"Liane, if we can feel that your actions to cure these wounded tree bears are influenced by the Force, master Luke surely can."
"Why did you come here? I ordered you to stay on Endor," a voice snarled.
"Master, the girl got help from a group of ground forces and several Jedi. They came to her rescue. A New Republic's general took Olon Dendicott, Rand Phylotar and all their men prisoner."
"So she escaped me again. This is outrageous, do you understand," a voice said.
"We understand, master."
"You all, failed me!" the voice sounded angry.
"Those New Republic forces were too well prepared, master."
"You're miserable idiots, fools! All of you!"
"Yes, master, we're miserable idiots!"
"Both Phylotars eliminated by your stupidity."
"Master, maybe we can help to plan another attack on Endor."
"Of course you can, but what will the result be. More men captured. May I'd better hire some bounty hunters. They know how to cope with those Jedi Knights and their rebel friends."
"We understand, master. Tell us, what we must do."
"Nothing you fools. I'm going to handle this myself. Now go."
A gloved fist came down on the broad armrest. The two little humanoids anxiously raised their hands.
The humanoids ran to the door and vanished.
"Ok, my little dark princess," The voice whispered, calm again, "So the New Republic is protecting you. Why can't you understand that you're the only hope for this galaxy ..."
The thoughts of the dark robed figure were interrupted by a loud beep. Quickly the mysterious person rose and rushed through the corridor to the dimly cave where his holo display was flashing. He touched a button.
"My lord," A soft submissive image said, "the girl will stay on Endor. Her only guard will be Jedi Skywalker."
"Are you sure?"
"Absolutely, my lordship. She seems to have become a member of a indigenous tribe. She's helping the shaman to cure the tree bears that have been shot by Dendicott's forces. The Jedi has been given orders to be her guard and bring her to Dalmaran in about three months time."
"Good. Your source is reliable?"
"Guaranteed. An imprisoned officer of the Wegoyy elite guard seemed to have heard a conversation between two officers of the New Republic on board the Tychorion."
"Can he keep us informed?"
"Not likely, my lord, but I will find an other source. Perhaps at the Endor space port."
The screen went black.
"Well, the longer she stays on Endor the better. It will give me a new opportunity seek some bounty hunters who will certainly kidnap her and bring her to Palomintar Four. So, everything isn't lost yet. If she's mine I finally will get the knowledge I need," The dark hooded figure mused.

To be continued...