A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 24

space craft, carrying the markings of the New Republic, slowly lowered its landing claws, but remained hovering above the deserted city for some moments. Rand Phylotar cast an astounded glance through the cockpit window. Empty houses, deserted streets and squares, streets and gardens overgrown with weeds. Was this the place where his client was living? He looked at the console to check the coordinates. They matched. The synchron blinked. This was the right spot. Rand walked over to the controls and put the space craft down on what seemed to be a main square in the middle of the deserted town. He stopped the engines, lowered the ramp and walked down. To his surprise he was met by two heavily armed droids. Where they had come from seemed puzzling. One of the droids beckoned him to follow.
"This way, sir. Please follow us," The droid said.
They walked over to a old model imperial speeder. The droids opened the door and invited the captain to step inside. Reluctantly Rand Phylotar sat down at the back seat. The two droids took the front seat and pressed a button. Suddenly the windows, even the front windscreen darkened and the flexasteel topcover became opaque and shielded off any view and light on the outside environment. Rand began to feel very uncomfortable. This welcome wasn't, what he had in mind.
"What's this all about?" He asked, but his voice was lost in the roar of the speeder engine. At high speed they left the landing spot. In the darkened speeder Rand Phylotar lost his sense of direction.
The speeder came to a abrupt halt and the top cover and screens turned transparent again.
"Captain Rand Phylotar, welcome on Palomintar Four, " A voice said.
The location were the speeder had stopped was shrouded in complete darkness. Rand Phylotar tried to penetrate the darkness around him. He rose and wanted to leave the speeder.
"Stay where you are, captain. We can talk this way," The voice continued, "Will you bring me the girl... and her Jedi companion? I'm obliged to you, for telling me about the parentage of Jedi Skywalker. It's been a great suprise. How are your plans proceeding?"
"My man will bring them to you, but I have my conditions. I need the girl's testimony to secure my career."
"I've already taken steps to ensure that for you. Bring her and Jedi Skywalker safely to this place and together we will force the girl to tell those rebels on Dalmaran the truth. Your truth and mine. Do we have a deal?"
For a moment Rand Phylotar hesitated. The sound of the voice gave him an uneasy feeling. It seems to him that he had heard it before, a long time ago.
"Yes," he said with some hesitation in his voice.
"Good," the voice continued, "Now about the details of your plan, captain?"
"I have hired a group of twelve elite guards for a special mission to Endor," Rand Phylotar answered with caution trying, like a blind man, to see the invisible owner of the voice.
"Good, so the girl can be mine without any delay."
"Yes, there's no way she can flee, for those twelve men are highly trained guards of Wegoyy's prison. They are absolutely no match for her, nor for a Jedi. The Jedi is not a real warrior. After Dendicott and I had captured the girl he didn't intervene immediately. He waited to recapture the girl until the New Republican Forces had arrived."
"What about those tree bears? They are dangerous fighters, I was told."
"No match for my men, sir?"
"Good. When do you expect them to leave for Endor?"
"Within a standard month. They will land in the Endor forest and can reach the village on Endor during the night. Their flight the Palomintar System will take no longer than three days."
"Excellent work, captain. I'm glad that the government of the New Republic has seen to it that you've got a fast recovery in a Bacta tank, so you were able to flee from Irithim and continue your important work for me," The voice started chuckling unpleasantly.
"I'll inform your men as soon as the girl and her companion will be in my hands."
"Good, my droids will now bring you back to your ship. My contacts will let you know some new coordinates on Palomintar Four. I will be really pleased to welcome the daughter and son of Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, in my shelter here on Palomintar Four, " The voice chuckled again.
Once again Rand Phylotar tried to penetrate the darkness in front of him. He wanted to see the face of the person with whom he was dealing. Not that it really mattered; he was rewarded generously and all his expenses were paid without questioning, but Rand Phylotar wanted to know who his mystery client was. Why did he want the girl and also Jedi Skywalker? What was so important about them? What kind of plans had this person in mind?
Luke looked at the twelve men in front of him. A bunch of sturdy and heavily armed Ewoks surrounded them. Wicket chattered a long sentence at Luke and raised his hand to silence the angry Ewok.
"I'll handle this, Wicket," He said and turned to the twelve men, "You have been trespassing the Ewoks' territory. Why are you here? Who has sent you?" He asked.
"General Madine, commodore Skywalker. He wants us to take Liane Solichor to Dalmaran"
"Show me your warrant, please." Luke said.
The leader handed him a card with the holographic image of general Madine.
Luke read the warrant and nodded.
"General Madine knows Liane Solichor is with you," The leader said, "He has given you the order to bring her to Dalmaran. Where is con... miss Solichor at the moment?"
"She is out in the forest," Luke said not showing that he had noticed the mistake the man had made.
"She is not with you or in the village? You're not constantly guarding her?" The leader asked surprised, "OK, men let's split up and see if we can find her quickly. Be careful, you know what the general said, she knows a lot of dirty tricks. Commodore, can you ask these creatures to let us do our job, if we have to cap... look for her. If we have cap... found her, we'll come back and you have to join us to our space ship. You're ordered to come back with us to Dalmaran to explain, why you have neglected general Madine's former order."
The last sentences were enough for Luke to know that his general wasn't be involved. It was a trap to capture Liane. He had to be cautious. He gestured to the Ewoks who stood placidly waiting. They split up and vanished among the canopy of the trees, but Luke knew that they were constantly keeping an eye on the intruders.
'You don't have to look for her yourself.' He said in his Jedi voice, making a slight gesture with his hand.
The leader made a gesture to his men.
"We don't have to look for her ourselves," He said to them.
'You can wait in the village. I'll get her for you.'
"We can wait in the village. He'll get her for us."
'I'll bring you to the village center. There you can wait.'
"He'll bring us to the village center. There we can wait."
'Follow me.'
"Follow him."
Luke turned and walked to the village entrance. Quickly, but carefully, he set up a plan in his mind. He needed talk to Liane now, even if she still seemed outraged about what had happened between them. He had to convince her, that her safety on Endor was in danger again, but would she believe him, if he asked her to leave the village immediately and, what's more, leave Endor? Although the warrant the leader had shown him, looked authentic, his Jedi insight told him it was a false fabricated copy. His main evidence against the false warrant was that general Madine would never overrule his original warrant without notifying him, for the general knew why he had asked to be the only one who would be looking for Liane. An agreement which had been approved by Mon Mothma. Secondly there also was the agreement with Leia and Madine that he would bring Liane to Dalmaran after she had cure the wounded Ewoks. Would he be able to explain to Chirpa and Logray that they had to keep these men in their village until he would safely have left Endor with Liane?
They had reached at the village entrance and Luke walked the tree crossings to the village center. The twelve men followed him closely. Several young Ewoks ducked away still scared by the onslaught Dendicott had made. Luke pointed at the circle of tree stumps at the main platform.
'You wait here. I'll explain to the chieftain why you've come here.' Luke said still using his Jedi powers.
"We wait here. You'll explain to the chieftain why we have come here," The leader answered.
The leader ordered is his men to sit down. Luke walked over to Chirpa's house. When he knocked the little chieftain came to the front door. Luke pointed to the men behind him and started to talk.
"Chirpa, these men have come to your village to bring Eilidh to Dalmaran. I need to talk to her quickly. Can you bring her to me?"
"Haddo mako dago nima Logray kita sena. Teebo diddo wano nono."
['She is still in Logray's house. Teebo and the others are much better now.']
Chirpa made a imperceptible gesture with his head in the direction of Logray's house.
"Yes, these men have a warrant from my general. I must see Eilidh," Luke pleaded whispering.
"Haddo mako dag nima Logray kita. Teebo kano siva." Chripa answered again and grabbed Luke's sleeve.
['Follow me to Logray's house. There you will meet Teebo and the others.']
Luke sighed relieved. Chirpa seemed to understand his plea. The chieftain grabbed a long vine and swayed to a platform higher up in the canopy, looking over his shoulder if Luke was following him. The leader grinned and commented to his men, "That little creature seemed to very reasonable. Commander Dendicott certainly has made clear that there couldn't be any negotiations. He is frightened enough to show that Jedi where the girl is."
They all laughed as they saw Luke disappear among the foliage. Meanwhile Chirpa swayed through the branches and the foliage of the canopy high above the Ewok village. After several long sways and jumps through the canopy Luke felt some confusion about the precise location of the Ewok village.
"Haddo miko namo wedo. Haka noma nido." Chirpa said softly grinning, after he had landed on a broad platform.
['You don't trust the men. Now they won't follow us.']
He pointed at the huge tree house that seemed well hidden among the foliage. For a split second Luke looked at the two storey construction in wonder, then he understood what the chieftain had been doing. Chirpa had made a large detour through the foliage to distract the unexpected group of armed men and now he had brought him to the rear side of Logray's tree hospital. Chirpa walked over to a door in the tree house and knocked in a special way. Immediately the door opened and Logray appeared at the entrance. The little shaman grabbed Luke's arm and pulled him inside. Chirpa followed them.
"Haddo dona simo kano middo givo," He said and cautiously closed the back door on the inside.
['Kom in. Je bent hier welkom.']
They took the stairs to the upper floor, where Chirpa ordered Logray to bring Liane to him.
"Haddo dokomo timo dero Jedi Luke, Aay-lee, " Chirpa said and his voice sounded stern.
['Tell Jedi Luke, how you helped wounded Ewoks, Eilidh ']
"Haddo moka tala muka fido, Chirpa?" Liane asked.
['Why do I have to do that now, Chirpa']
Now the little chieftain became really angry. Furiously he stamped his staff on the floor.
"Haddo dino woku nama. Kama nodu ima simdo." He said and grabbed Liane's arm.
['Because I order you to tell him. I'm the chieftain of this tribe. I have allowed you to stay with us. You must obey me.']
Liane backed off.
"What do you want, Luke?" She said with a tired look on her face.
"Liane, I have to talk to you. Twelve armed men have found their way to this village. They showed me a warrant of general Madine. They want me to escort you to Dalmaran immediately."
Liane looked puzzled.
"I thought that you would bring me to Dalmaran after I had cured Teebo and the other wounded Ewoks. Leia said I could stay here as long as my help was needed," She said.
Chirpa was walking over to the stairs.
"Haddo mido dano Jedi kimo dama, Chirpa?"She begged to the Ewok chief.
['Chirpa, please stay in case that Jedi uses his tricks again.']
"Dana kiro sita modo. Haddo kana Jedi noda. Dido miko sana! Kama sudo life miko." Chirpa answered again furious and annoyed about her incivilized request.
['He will not do that. The Jedi is a good man. You are a stubborn female creature. Now tell him what I said.']
Luke heard the angry tone in Chirpa's voice. He seemed very annoyed, for he went downstairs.
"I asked Chirpa to stay nearby, in case you'll misuse your powers again," Liane said, translating her request to Chirpa, "He says, that I'm to blame for what has happened between us, because my behavior has been the cause of your wrong use the Force."
Luke sighed and shook his head.
"No you're not, Liane. I have to apologize for what I did. I'm very sorry about what happened."
Liane heard the apologizing tone in his voice. He really was sorry; she could feel his regret. She really has hurt him with her uncivil behavior and the harsh words she had spoken. Hesitantly she beckoned him to enter the main hospital room. Luke followed her and saw Teebo and two of his fellow Ewoks who were laying on a soft fern tree mattresses. He looked at the little bears, who were chattering cheerfully. Liane followed his gaze.
"Four Ewoks have already gone home. Teebo and these two were the most severely wounded. They needed most of my help. Now they have almost recovered. Luke, they would have died, if I would have followed your advice a month ago, although I knew you were right," She said, expressing her concern about the wellbeing of her friends.
Luke knelt near the little bears, who greeted him wholeheartedly.
"Logray has explained, what you have done here. He has made clear to me, how you gave your help."
He looked up to her.
"Haddo mikko gamo Jedi Luke noga maka komala fido, done conu fiko Iano ma Yarmo," Teebo said and Luke saw how Liane's face reddened.
['You should have told the Jedi Luke earlier about your help. He knows much more than your friends Ian and Yarmod.']
"Hakko noga mako," She answered but on the tone of her voice Luke heard, that she really felt ashamed.
['I had to be sure you wouldn't die.']
"Dido mika. Haddo minoka Chirpa ima Logray haga Jedi tomo sima, timo saba Jedi juba," Teebo said.
['You're stubborn. Chirpa and Logray have told you more than once that you not deserve the Jedi's friendship.']
"He says, that I'm unwilling and stubborn, that you know much more than Ian and Yarmod. Chirpa en Logray have told me more than once that I don't deserve your friendship."
Luke rose and walked over to her. Hesitating he grabbed her hands.
"I still want to your friend, Liane. Will you, please, accept my friendship." He said softly.
Liane averted her eyes and her face reddened again. She looked down on their hands.
"I'm sorry, Luke, for what I said to you," She whispered.
"It's alright, Liane. You're not to blame. I shouldn't have shown my disappointment the way I did."
For several moments they stood silently together. Then Liane looked up.
"Luke, what's going on. Who are those men? Do I really have to leave Endor with them."
"Absolutely not. I'm the only federal officer who can bring you back to Dalmaran. I don't know where these men come from and who has issued their warrant. The document isn't a real warrant, it's a fabricated fake copy. Their leader made a serious slip of the tongue several times: calling you a convict. He used the word capture and warned his men for your Force use. General Madine would never speak so disrespectful of you. He hasn't signed that warrant, I'm sure of that. I know most of Madine's men, but these are strangers to me. They also doesn't seem to recognize me either, for they addressed me with my official title. They also want me to come with you. The Force is telling me, that you're in danger. Liane, if Teebo and the other have almost recovered; we'd better leave the Ewok village as soon as possible. Do you know, if there is a way to leave the village secretly."
"Leave the village? Do I have to leave alone?"
"I'm coming with you."
"Where are these men now, Luke?"
"At the village center."
Liane went over to the wounded Ewoks. Carefully she checked their wounds. Then she rose and walked to the stairs. She wanted to descent, but Luke held her back.
"Liane, don't go outside! They'll see you."
Liane smiled.
"Chirpa and Logray are waiting downstairs. I want to ask for help."
"I'm coming with you," Luke said.
Chirpa was sitting and talking to Logray in the large room downstairs. They both seemed to be very pleased when they saw Luke and Liane coming in and talking together.
"Haddo gamo diddo nog Jedi maka?" Chripa asked.
['You have told the Jedi you're sorry.']
"Hamma talo," Liane said and she averted her eyes to avoid Chirpa's stern look.
['I did.']
"He's been angry with me for weeks," She whispered, "He has told me over and over again, you're a good friend. He called me headstrong and unkind. I didn't deserve your friendship and your help."
She blushed and said to Chirpa.
"Chirpa, kano makko diddo gimo vuno," She said, but immediately she continued, "Haddo kama tanda Luke gibo nodo. Kama dono gido suna tano. Kano imo tano".
['I told him I was wrong, Chirpa. I know I should have told him earlier. Luke says, that I have to leave the village with him secretly. These men are enemies. I can't stay in the village at the moment.']
"Haddo wasa nodo kano gamo?" Chirpa said.
['Use the passage to the far off ridge. Do you know where it is.']
"Hama nodo. Tono kima dino." Liane answered.
['Not precisely, I've only been there once.']
Chirpa pointed north. Luke waited patiently for Liane to translate her conversation with the sturdy Ewok leader.
"We can leave the village to the far off ridge which is laying at a distance north of village. There's a secret passage among the canopy of the old trees. Chirpa will order seven of his Ewoks to bring us there. We can hide in the maze of caves of the ridge until those men have gone."
Luke shook his head.
"You can hide there, Liane. These men will not leave the village or Endor until they've found you. Does Chirpa know how far it is from the north ridge to the space port?"
"To the space port? Why?"
"Liane, you're no longer safe on Endor. It's obvious that not only Leia and the government at Irithim know you're here. Someone else has gotten has been informed about your whereabout, and is after you. We have to leave Endor as quickly as possible."
Liane looked at Chirpa and thought about all her little Ewok friends. They had become her family, she had felt safe in this village and now Luke was telling her she had to leave Endor. Was he right, was she in danger? She turned to Chirpa.
"Hako doni Luke mikko nago weba savo? Hama kama syla kembo daga." She asked.
['Luke wants to know how much time it will take to reach the space port. He says it's better if I leave Endor.']
She sighed deeply when she had finished her words.
"Jedi kano jaga. Dana dido kana wagu. Hako teno dimo," Chirpa replied.
['Then you must go. Evil men have traced you. The Jedi is right, but it's a long walk through the forest for three days.']
"From the secret exit it's a three days walk for an Ewok to get to the space port." She told Luke.
"Asked Chirpa if one of his men can accompany me to show me the way to the ridge through the forest. I'll go back to the ruins where I've hidden my speeder and I'll pick you up at the north ridge."
"How will you get by those men? They will surely see you, when you leave the village."
Luke smiled.
"Don't worry. Now, go quickly with the others, we'll meet at the north ridge."
Liane explained to Chirpa what Luke wanted. They all went outside at the backside where Chirpa ordered six sturdy Ewoks to accompany Liane. Before she left, she rushed back inside Logray's house. A few moments later she was back with tears in her eyes.
"I had to say goodbye to Teebo," She whispered.
"I know what you feel, Liane, but we have to leave. It's too dangerous for you to stay here."
"I know, you're right. I see you at the north ridge."
She left with six of heavily armed Ewoks. Luke watched her go.
"Take care of her," He said softly.
He turned around and went inside. Logray showed him Liane's private room. In the corner Luke saw an old backpack. Quickly he checked its content, and put Liane's ID-card in a pocket at his belt. He hoisted the bag at his bag, and said goodbye to Logray and Chirpa. As he stepped outside Wicket handed him his Jedi cloak. Surprised Luke thanked his companion who grabbed a nearby vine and swung high up into the canopy. Immediately Luke followed. Quickly his furry companion and he found their way to the ruins of the bunker where he had hidden his speeder. Without making any noise Luke and his Ewok companion pushed the speeder out of hearing range, before starting the engines. Making a detour through the forest the Ewok led him at a great distance around the village. Once at a safe distance Luke drove at high speed in the direction of the north ridge. The Ewok brought him at the end of the secret path. Liane and her six guards were already waiting. Luke saw a frightened look on her face.
"Did anything happen?"
Liane shook her head but she looked nervous.
"Luke, Wangret has described the men and their uniforms. I've recognized these uniforms. Only the special guards of Wegoyy prison wear them. These men were feared by all the inmates. They have no mercy. Can it be that Dendicott or the other captain have send them? "
"Not likely, Dendicott and Rand Phylotar are in detention on Dalmaran. We'll find out later, but first I'll have to bring you to safety. Don't worry, Liane. They won't get you. We will be at the space port in no time, but I have to drive fast."
"Luke, I don't want to go back to Wegoyy!" Liane's voice sounded shrill and frightened.
Luke put his hands gently at her shoulders.
"Liane, relax; Chirpa and his men will deal with these men. I'll get you away safely, I'll promise."
Using his Jedi skills he managed to tell the seven Ewoks his suspicions about the real intentions of the twelve men. They looked angry and held their spears up. Luke thanked them and turned to Liane.
"Let's go now. Get on the speeder, hold on. Concentrate on the Force and follow the movements I make."
Liane hugged the Ewoks and said goodbye. Then she stepped behind Luke at the back seat of the speeder.
With high speed Luke drove through the forest, ducking fallen trees and slipping between small paths. Within an hour they reached the space port. After the check at the entrance Luke drove the speeder over to landing pit where his space ship stood. He put the speeder in the cargo hold and walked to the cockpit followed by a nervous Liane. Suddenly she grabbed his arm.
"Luke, I forgot my old bag. The green box with the statue Muguro gave me and my ID-c..."
"... here," Luke answered and gave her few belongings. She grabbed them and clung to the backpack, still looking frightened.
"I feel scared," She whispered.
"Sit down on the co-pilot's seat and strap yourself in. We're almost away."
Without problems Luke got his clearance for take off and within half an hour they had left Endor.
Once in hyperspace and light years away from the forest moon Luke brought Liane to the flight control room of the Astræa.
"You're safe," He said.
Liane nodded absentmindedly. Luke felt her sadness about this unexpected flight.
"One day you'll return to them, Liane."
"I hope I will," she whispered.
"Of course, you will. The Ewoks will forever see you as a member of their."
Liane was silent again. Luke sat down next to her.
"Liane, will you please forgive me, for what I have done to you. It was wrong. I shouldn't have use Affect Mind to know how you give your help to Teebo. I should have waited patiently, until you would have shown me."
Liane looked up. Again she felt how much he regretted the misuse of his powers.
"Did you really feel jealous at Ian and Yarmod, Luke, because I showed them?" She asked, "Did you scare me with Affect Mind, because I refused your help? "
"I admit, I did. I felt disappointed, because you showed two padawans how you helped the Ewoks."
"I felt their respect for what I did, Luke, especially from Ian. He is a friend, Luke, like you are. I'm still grateful, because he took a great risk, neglecting the rules in the Wegoyy prison."
"I should have realized that you and Ian have build up a friendship on Wegoyy. Ian is a good guy, he certainly is worth to be a friend. But I hope you will also see me as your friend again. I can't undo what I have done, but I really regret what happened."
"Your response to my allegations is primarily my own fault, Luke," Liane whispered, "Before Yarmod and Ian left Endor, they have insisted more than once, that I should tell you and show you too how I helped Teebo and the others, and so did Chirpa and Logray. Chirpa called me stubborn. He was mad at me and said I wasn't worth your loyalty."
Luke put his hand over Liane's and felt how her fingers trembled.
"Chirpa and Logray are wrong. I'm sure that one day you will show me how you can absorb some else's pains and sorrows and help him to start his recovery."
Astonished Liane looked at him.
"You know, what I did? Who told you?" She asked.
"Logray demonstrated what you were doing and I know that's the way a Jedi can feel suffering and pain. I can use the Force in the same way, only not as strong and intense as you can. In the past only the Jedi healers were using the Force like you do."
Amazed Liane listened to his words.
"Yarmod said that he was sure, that I was using the Force, if I was helping the wounded Ewoks. He could feel that."
For a moment Liane silenced, then she looked up at Luke.
"I shouldn't have argued with you, Luke, if I had known that you already understood my help, for there's is something else Yarmod said. He said that I was using Jedi Battle Meditation or something like that, because I could visualize images of the recovery of the wounded Ewoks and put those images in their minds. I always saw them, laughing and happy, being healthy again at the beginning of my way of help. When they became aware of those images in their minds, their pain and fears disappeared and they fell in a deep sleep. When I came back to help them again, they were feeling more confident about their recovery and their wounds had started to heal."
"You posses a very special talent to use the Force, Liane," Luke said, and Liane heard an undisguised admiration in his voice, "Visualizing the future is a great Force skill. In the past only a few Jedi masters possessed this ability. Even for master Yoda the future was difficult to see. The Jedi masters who had mastered that skill could intervene and influence the outcome of a battle, a struggle or a fight. Their use of Jedi Battle Meditation have encouraged whole armies with images of victory, or they have passed positive images to those who needed extra encouragement against fearsome enemies."
"Influence the outcome of a fight, or a battle? Encouragement against enemies? I don't understand, Luke. Against what did the Ewoks fight? They were almost dead. They absolutely were no match against the weapons the Dendicott's force used."
"I'm not talking about the way they got wounded, but about the way they have overcome their fear to die. You don't have to fight with weapons to win a fight?" Luke said with a calm smile. "You have visualized the outcome of their fight against death. Using your Force meditation powers you've influenced their recovery in a positive way. Teebo needed your encouragement to overcome his fear to die, for Dendicott had shot him deliberately at point blank range to set an example for his intentions. You've done a great job, Liane."
Liane tried to comprehend Luke's words. She could use the Force in a way only some great Jedi masters had used in the past. How was that possible?
"No one taught me to use the Force this way, Luke. How do I know all this?"
"Liane, you're sensitive to the influence of the Force. I've already felt it when I first met you on Morantan. You're using her power with almost everything you do, but you're using the Force intuitively. Let me give you some examples: you easily surpass your physical endurance. If you run, jump, or somersault through an unknown environment, you're reaching out to the Force to make the right decision for every movement; you have learned to surround objects with the Force and replace them; you can communicate with me via Jedi telepathy as if it's a natural habit and you have met the Force ghosts of some Jedi Knights who passed away. You've told me that Ben and Anakin visited you on Endor, when you had recalled your past and possibly you have had a talk with Ben Kenobi again in Logray's tree house. It must have been my old master who urged you to give this back to me, didn't he?"
Luke held out his gloved hand. Liane saw the Jedi-pendant. Her face reddened. She stretched out her hand, but didn't dare to touch it.
"I nearly threw it out of the window, Luke," She whispered, "Ben warned me I shouldn't. He said that I would wear it again. Has your old master spoken to you about the conversation we had?"
Luke shook his head.
"No, Logray gave me the pendant and with a lot of gestures and chattering in the Ewok language he made clear, that he had heard you talking to some one and you wanted me to keep the pendant for you, as long as you were helping the wounded Ewoks. May I give it back to you? Shall I fastened the chain?"
Liane bowed her head and Luke fastened the chain at the back of her neck.
"I'm feeling foolish, Luke, I behaved like the stubborn girl from Morantan," Liane whispered inaudibly and suddenly she knew how tactless, disrespectful and impulsive her behavior had been to him, "I treated you... in the same way... I treated father... when we were quarreling..."
"Don't get upset about what happened, Liane. Anakin has told me, that you sometimes refuses to speak to him for months," Luke said grinning a bit.
Liane nodded with a shameful look in her eyes.
"I've often argued with Anakin, if he made me obey him without reason, or if I found his use of the Force shocking, or frightening."
Luke silently followed the flow of old memories that suddenly flashed through Liane's mind. Her mind became filled with many memories from her youth.
Her fath... no, her foster father had always dominated her and she had hated him for his behavior and the ways he had made her obey him. She had often dreamed about how she could earn her fa ... Anakin's respect for having her own independent opinion about the obligations he had always imposed on her; she often had yearned to be her own master and to be free to make her own choices. On Dalmaran and Wegoyy she had felt trapped, like she had felt on Morantan.
She had experienced what it was to be free, when she had been traveling with Yarnick and his brothers. Those travels had given her a feeling of independence, although she had left them very ungratefully on Rasth to find out what had happened to her.
But when she got her memories back on Endor, she had realized, that she wasn't leading an independent and free life among the Ewoks. In her past she had made several wrong choices. The consequences of those choices had brought her to Wegoyy as a prisoner. The guards of the Wegoyy prison still seemed to be chasing her, forcing her to flee and leave the life she had gotten use to and a life she had loved. However this time there was a difference. There was a good reason to leave Endor and flee and she wasn't on her own. Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight who had offered her his friendship, before she had been sent to Wegoyy, was accompanying her. Would he find a way to ensure that she could live a life in freedom, or would it be her destiny to have to flee over and over again?
"One day you'll will be a free person and you also will find your destiny," Luke said calmly, giving her hands a gentle press.
Startled Liane looked up at him, then she realized that he knew what she had been thinking of.
"You still know what I am thinking of, don't you, Luke?"
"I've told you before, that for me as a Jedi it's easy to follow your thoughts. Does it bother you?"
Liane gave his words a thought, then she shook her head.
"Maybe it's better if you know. You could warn me before I do anything foolish. Apparently I need someone to protect me against wrong decisions or behavior"
Luke laughed, "Your decisions aren't always wrong, Liane, but your behavior is too impulsive or impatient."
Liane commented seriously, "Ian once said, that I've lived a far too sheltered life on Morantan, that I am naive and ignorant about what was going on in the galaxy, and he was right. During my youth on Morantan I never heard anything about what has happening in the galaxy , Luke. During the reign of the emperor and the war against the Rebel Alliance fa... Anakin never told me about what was going on. He taught me a lot about the Force and the way he used it, but I wasn't aware that the other side to use the Force - the way the Jedi use the Force as he told me - was a better side. For me there existed only one way of Force use; a way I felt as the wrong use of her power. That's why I became scared of my use of the Force's power. I thought that my use of the Force always was influenced by the Force's Dark Side. Ben has told me that I use the Good Side of the Force, if I took care of the wounded Ewoks. That use of the Force had nothing to do with what my fath.... I mean Anakin has taught me. Ben said that using the Force the way I have done on Endor could never be led by the Dark Side, for the Dark Side doesn't care about healing; the Dark Side only focuses on destruction. His words have reassured me. Luke, I want to learn more about the Good Side of the Force, as long as I don't have to become a Jedi Knight."
"You've had a very serious talk with my old master, Liane. It's good to know that he has explained the way of the Force you have used on Endor so explicitly. It will help you to feel more assured about your Force power. If you really want to learn more about the Good Side of the Force I'll explained to you as much as I can about the ways of the Jedi, Liane. I will leave it up to you if you want to use the Force as a Jedi, the way I do. I have promised you that some years ago and I will keep my promise."
"I remember our chat on the Tychorion, Luke. I haven't forgotten it."
They both laughed. Liane felt a great relieve that her friendship with Luke was as strong as before.
"Where are we heading, Luke? Are we going to Dalmaran now, so I can tell the Supreme Chancellor what has happened to me?" Liane asked.
"In time we will, but first we're going to Tatooine."
"To Tatooine? You've told me about your home planet and I've been there several times with the Granns, but only at Mos Eisley's space port. Are we going there now?"
"No. I want to show you some other part of the planet. Therefore we'll be landing in the Jundland Waste. There's the old home of Ben Kenobi. It's behind the Dune Sea, the Tatooine desert."
"Ben has lived on Tatooine for a long time, hasn't he? Was he already an old man when you met him? Will we meet him there? I mean, ...."
She searched for words.
"I mean... as I talked to him on Endor, he was so kind and friendly. He didn't reproach me, because I had been so unreasonable to you. He just stayed calm and good-natured. Friendly and understanding. He must have been a very wise Jedi Knight during his life. Actually it's strange that I can see and talk to him? You can also meet him, can't you? How is that possible?"
She looked puzzled. Luke laughed about her inquisitiveness.
"After his death, Ben became, what the Jedi call, a Force ghost. During his long and lonely stay on Tatooine his former Jedi master Qui Gon Jinn taught him how a Jedi Knight becomes united with Force, when his life in this galaxy comes to an end. Ben mastered that old Force knowledge. Being united with the Force gave him the opportunity to guide and help me as a Force ghost. During the first years after the destruction of the first Death Star, I had to become more aware the Force had on my life and how I could use her power. I heard his voice many times, always encouraging me. While the Rebel Alliance had found a refuge on Hoth Ben urged me to seek master Yoda on Dagobah to complete my training. There I saw his Force apparition for the first time."
"What happened to him when he died? How did he die?" Liane asked suddenly.
For a moment Luke silenced and a Force flash from the past brought back the terrifying images of his former master's death. Liane noticed the almost unnoticable pain on Luke's face and put her hand on the sleeve of his Jedi cloak.
"You don't have to tell me, if it's hurting you so much, Luke," She whispered softly, trying to comfort him with a soothing tone in her voice.
Luke felt her concern and wondered if she was aware that she was using her Force skills as a healer on him. For a moment he let the soothing words comfort his mind and ease the pain he had felt.
"Ben died in a lightsaber duel with my father on the first Death Star," He said softly, "I witnessed his death. I didn't understand what happened to him. He looked at me, and when he saw me looking at him, it was as if he gave up and simply surrendered himself. When Anakin struck him with his lightsaber he disappeared, leaving only his clothes and his lightsaber on the deck. During my Jedi training on Dagobah master Yoda explained, that when a Jedi Knight dies he doesn't have to leave his corporeal body behind. Master Yoda became one with the Force after I returned to Dagobah to complete my training and on the second Death Star Anakin only left his life support suit, after he deceased. On Endor I've burned that life support suit in which he had been trapped more than twenty long years. Burning his dark harness freed his Force spirit, so he could be the Jedi Knight again he truly was, and live on as a Force ghost."
"Is that the reason, why we still can see them?" Liane asked.
"Yes, but my unexpected experience of Ben's death devastated me. I couldn't comprehend what was happening, I felt lost without his guidance. That's why the images of his death live so vividly in my mind, Liane."
"I shouldn't have asked you about Ben's death, Luke," Liane said softly, again using her soft soothing voice.
Luke looked in her eyes and placed his hand over hers which was still resting on his sleeve.
"During my training on Dagobah I learned that a Jedi Knight can see what has happened in the past or even long ago; he can learn from it, Liane. He can meet old friends long gone."
"That must be painful," Liane said.
"Sometimes it is, but it's also a great source of old knowledge. Ben, master Yoda and later Anakin have taught me a lot, after they had become one with the Force, and knowledge is invaluable for a Jedi. It gives a Jedi Knight the right insight which he needs to make decisions in difficult situations"
"I hope I will meet Ben again. I want to know, how it's possible, that I can use the Good Side of the Force, although nobody has ever taught me."
"Do think too much about it. Accept the Force influence on you, Liane?"
Liane shrugged her shoulders.
"Using the Force the way I did on Endor made me feel happy."
Luke thought about Anakin's words about Liane's ancestry, but the moment passed, for Liane asked impatiently, "When will we reach Tatooine?"
Luke watched the display of the navi computer.
"Within five hours. You'd better use these hours to take a long rest, after all the excitement of our rushed flight. You're still looking very tired. I'll bring you to Leia's cabin."
Liane put her hand to her mouth.
"Oh, my! Leia's clothes! They are still on Endor!"
"Don't worry about those clothes. We can tell her, you had to leave them on Endor," Luke said with a humorous twinkle in his eyes, "She might get them when she needs them. There are enough of her clothes left in her closet on the Astræga."

To be continued...