A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 23

iane was sitting on the small bench in front of her tree house, looking out over the lake. Logray and Luke had just left her. She sighed, as she recalled the serious words they had said. Luke had warned her, that her tree house was too far away from the relatively safety of the Ewok village. Logray had heartily confirmed his words and had urged her to live inside the village again. Their concern was based on the information of several Ewok scouts that there were still some men of Dendicott's invasion force roaming in the forest. Her tree house was laying far beyond the perimeter of the village and Luke and Logray had warned her that she could be captured again. Logray had offered her all the rooms of his hospital tree to live in. That would also make it easier for her too to give her help to Teebo and his friends. She sighed once again and slowly rose to her feet to start packing her few personal belongings, when she became aware of footsteps on the passageway to the village. Immediately her hand went to the blaster Luke had given her.
"Who is there?" she said aloud.
"It's me?" a familiar voice said, "I've come to say goodbye."
Liane relaxed and put the blaster at her back between her belt.
"Hi, Yarnick, I've heard, that you and your brothers are going to leave tonight," she said and turned her gaze to the lake again.
"Yes, I send Brion to get our ship and pick us up at the clearing near the lake. May I join you?"
"Of course, you're welcome," Liane said and shove aside to make some more room for him on the bench.
Yarnick Grann stepped on the broad terrace around the tree house and sat himself next to her. His gaze was also drawn to the lake and the sky above the trees. For moments they sat together in silence.
"Beautiful, don't you think?" Liane said on a whispering tone, "I love to sit here and watch the trees and the water."..
"Yes, your house has been build on a great spot," Yarnick whispered as an answer.
Again they sat in silence watching the scenery of the lake. Then Yarnick laid his arm around Liane's shoulders and wanted to pull her to him, but Liane moved aside and pushed his arm away. Startled she look up at him and shook her head.
"Don't do that, Yarnick," She said, suddenly looking frightened.
"Eilidh, what's wrong? I thought we were good friends, you and I," Yarnick said.
Liane looked away from him.
"I ... it's not ... I like you ... You are my friend, Yarnick, but I don't ... want you to ... ," She stammered, and frantically shook her head.
"I'm sorry, Eilidh. I didn't want to frighten you. I just thought you understood what you mean to me. You know that Brion and I love you, don't you? You wrote it in the note you left us on Rasth," Yarnick said amazed.
"Things have changed, Yarnick," Liane said with a sigh, "I know that one of you wanted to marry me, but it's impossible."
"What do you mean, Eilidh?"
"Yarnick, do you realize I'm no longer Eilidh; I'm Liane Solichor. I'm no longer the girl you took onboard on Wegoyy. "
"I don't care, Eilidh. I want you to come with us. I want to introduce you to Marek and Aaliyah as their new daughter. I want you to become my wife."
Liane shook her head.
"Yarnick, please, I am Liane Solichor. I grew up on Morantan and have been raised by Darth Vader, my foster-father. You probably know who he was. You've heard enough stories about him and the emperor these last days. As the loyal assistant and commander of Emperor Palpatine he killed thousands of innocent humans and other species. "
"What does your foster-father's deeds have to do with my love for you, Eilidh?" Yarnick commented stubbornly.
"Everything, Yarnick, and, please, stop calling me Eilidh, for that girl doesn't exist anymore."
"So don't you love me? I thought you did," He said and Liane heard the disappointment in his voice.
"I do, Yarnick, believe me, I really do. I love you and Brion and all your brothers as my dearest friends, as brothers. Friends and brothers, for I respect what your father has done in the Civil War. He has risked his life and that of his family on more than one occasion. Luke has told us a lot about the undercover operations in which your father has been involved these last days. Your father fought against the Empire, the emperor and Darth Vader. Do you really think that Marek and Aaliyah will be pleased and welcome me, the foster daughter of their enemy, as their daughter-in-law. They also would have their doubts about my imprisonment on Wegoyy. I'd wish that Marek had informed the government on Dalmaran when I was his guest. Yarnick, the situation completely changed after I got back my memories. With my past I never can be part of your family."
Liane was out of breath and looked at the man opposite her. She stretched out her hand and grabbed his hands.
"I love you, Yarnick, as my elder brother. Please, respect me and see me as your sister as you did while I was on board. I can't be part of your future, nor of the future of any of your brothers. My destiny probably lays somewhere else."
Yarnick Grann looked at the girl in front of him. His gaze turned to the lake. He sighed deeply and disappointed.
"You're right, Liane, although it is very difficult to admit. Marek would always have his doubts about you, if I would introduce you as my future wife," He said hoarsely, "My brothers and I grew up during the Civil War. Our family has suffered a lot. Marek brought Ronan and me secretly to Corellia to avoid that we would be drafted in the Imperial Forces. Ronan and I have lived under a false identity all that time, after Marek had brought us to some friends there. We were both old enough to endure the separation of our family. My father brought Aaliyah and my younger brothers to an unknown obscure planet in the Unknown Territories. Seven long years it took before our family was reunited again. After the fall of the Empire the leaders of the Alliance appointed my father at first as the mayor of Bestine and later the Supreme Chancellor granted him the assignment as the governor of Rasth. He's got permission to go to the Unknown Territories to look for Aaliyah and his four younger sons. After he had found them he came to Corellia and took us back with him to Rasth. He's never talked about his involvement in the Alliance. After Luke has told us what he really did during the Civil War, I respect him even more. He risked everything, even his family, because he fought for his ideals. I should be grateful to him that he survived the Civil War and got the opportunity to be reunited with his family again."
"You see, Yarnick, that I don't belong to your family, but I will forever be thankful for what you and your parents wanted to do for me. I have no relatives, my foster-father is dead. I don't know who my real parents are, and if they are still alive, waiting for me somewhere? You, your brothers and your parents will always be like family to me," Liane said with a trembling voice.
"For me you will always remain Eilidh Grann, my younger sister," Yarnick said, "Liane, my brothers and me will always be your friends. You will always be welcome on Rasth. I have to go now, but I expect to see you again some day," He said, and rose.
"I'm coming with you to say goodbye to the others. Wait a minute, I have to get my possessions. Luke and Logray want me to live in the Ewok village again for safety," Liane said.
She went inside her tree house. Some moments later she reappeared, carrying her old backpack. Yarnick started to laugh as he recognize the sack. He took it from her, while Liane carefully closed her tree house. Together they walked to the village center, where Luke was waiting with Leia, Wedge and the two padawans. Several heavily armed Ewoks accompanied the group of friends to the clearing near the lake, where Brion was already waiting with the Grannd Traveler. Liane embraced her six friends with tears in her eyes. Luke shook hands with them and promised to pay them a visit. Yarnick and Brion walked up the ramp. The engines roared. Kieran and his other brothers boarded. The ramp closed and slowly the ship started to hover. It rose higher and higher, until it was above the forest canopy. There it turned, gained speed and vanished into the evening sky. Liane stood silently watching the little glowing spot, until it was swallowed among the tiny dots of the stars.
The mysterious dark robed person listened to the holographic image of the tall humanoid in front of him.
"Master, I have great news. Rand Phylotar has managed to escape from the hospital on Irithim, and has contacted us. He too has heard that the girl still stays on Endor," The creature said.
"Good, how long will it take before she can be brought before me?"
"Captain Phylotar has offered us to assemble a new attack force. He can contact some old friends of him and hire them as mercenaries."
"Alright. When those mercenaries have brought the girl to me, they have to be eliminated. I don't want living witnesses, remember!"
"As you wish, master, do you have any further order for me?"
"Yes, don't forget to thank Rand Phylotar for providing me with the information about Jedi Skywalker. Tell him, that his men should bring the girl ... and Jedi Skywalker to me."
"I will, master, but don't you think, it might be dangerous to bring that Jedi Knight together with the girl to Palomintar Four."
"No, that Jedi Knight might be a great asset to bring me more ultimate power. Together with Jedi Skywalker and the girl I will become invincible."
The hooded figure laughed. The tall humanoid bowed deep, before his image vanished. The dark figure walked back to the huge cave with the torches at the wall and sat down in his chair on the platform. He reached to the pedestal next to him and activated the device. The three dimensional masked figurine appeared on top of the pedestal: the image of Darth Vader.
"Good evening, Lord Vader," The hooded figure said laughing mockingly, "I have a surprise for you. I almost have captured your daughter and ... your son! Amazing, isn't it, Lord Vader! Yes, you have a trained Jedi Knight as a son, a young man, almost still a boy, called Luke Skywalker. I'm sure that your son's Jedi powers will make it much easier for me to gain control over the universe. I'm sorry you're no longer with us to see this victory of the Dark Side of the Force. I assure you, Lord Vader, that the knowledge of the Dark Side will never be lost. I'm sorry I couldn't convince you to pass your knowledge to me when you were alive. We would have been a great team, but I promise you, that with the help of your son and daughter I will be as powerful as you once were."
The figure stretched out his hand to deactivate the pedestal, but looked at the masked holographic figurine in wonder, when he heard a familiar voice rumble softly, 'Don't be too sure of your plans, admiral. My son is a true Jedi Knight and will never turn to the Dark Side. You will never seduce him. You can't seduce him.'
The figure looked around to see if some one had entered the cave.
"I'm imagining things. Everybody can be seduced to the Dark Side, also a Jedi Knight," He murmured. He waved his finger to the holographic statue, "Everybody, Lord Vader. You'll wait and see. Your son and daughter too have sparks of the Dark Side inside them. When they will experience what great power the Dark Side gives them, they will become the Dark Side's loyal servants."
He deactivated the device and the statue vanished. On the armrest a remote control flashed and the mysterious person went back to the room with the holo display console, where the image of the tall humanoid had reappeared.
"Master, Rand Phylotar is on his way to Palomintar Four."
"Good, I'll see to it, that a welcoming party will be ready to meet him."
"Remember our agreement, Luke," Leia said.
"I will, my dear sister," Luke said with a smile and kissed her, "As soon as Liane is absolutely sure, that those wounded fellow Ewoks have recovered, I'll bring her to Dalmaran. You have my word. I expect you, to do your share and figure out who is after Liane and if he lives on Palomintar Four."
Leia nodded. They turned around and saw Liane entering the clearing near the lake with Ian and Yarmod.
"We're going, young padawans." Leia said, "Yarmod, you will join Gold Squadron as soon as we have reached the Tychorion. Your master is waiting for you on board."
Yarmod Martan bowed in acknowledgement.
"I'm glad master Antilles has let me stay on Endor so Ian and I were able to support Liane. I've learned a lot, master Leia."
"We'll discuss your experiences when we're back on board of the Tychorion. Get on board you both, we're leaving any moment now."
Ian Tydon looked around him and observed the trees, encircling the lake and the clearing.
"I love this village and this planet, master. It's so full of peace. Will we ever come back here?"
Leia looked up to the huge trees that surrounded the clearing.
"Endor is one of my favorite places in this galaxy. What you feel is the great influence of the Force between the Ewoks and this forest."
With a happy sigh she turned around and walked up the ramp. Luke followed her and beckoned Ian and Yarmod to join him.
"We're coming, master Luke."
He and Yarmod turned to Liane.
"You must tell him, Liane." Ian whispered quickly.
"What's the use of it. Haven't you heard that Luke is staying on Endor as my guard. You also have heard what his sister said just said to him. As soon as Teebo and the others have recovered, he has to bring me immediately to Dalmaran. Besides Luke wants me to become a Jedi Knight, a warrior and a fighter, for he has promised his father Anakin that he would teach me the ways of the Jedi. I have to learn to kill people and that's what I don't want to do. Never!"
Liane's whispered voice sounded stubborn.
"A Jedi never kills unnecessary, Liane. He can see through an opponent's true intentions or reason. I hope you'll change your mind," Yarmod said.
"Now you sound like Luke, Yarmod," Liane whispered annoyed.
Ian put a hand on her shoulder.
"Please, Liane, trust us, even if we're only two padawans. Your healing powers are led by the Good Side of the Force. You're a Jedi healer. Don't waste your talent."
"If you're speaking the truth, than the Force will help me to save my fellow tribesmen. I thank you both for helping me these days."
"Ian! Yarmod! We're going now," Leia's voice sounded sternly from inside the space ship.
"We're coming, master," Yarmod said in a loud voice and stepped on the ramp.
"We have to leave now, Liane. Remember what I told you. Master Luke wants to help you, like we did," Ian said.
"Have a good flight back home. May the Force be with you." Liane said with a stubborn smile.
"Thank, Liane. We will meet you again on Dalmaran."
They walked up the ramp and entered the ship. A few moments later Luke came back and joined Liane. The ramp lifted and closed with a clang, then the engine started and the small ship started to hover a few meters above the ground. Slowly it rose higher. Luke took Liane to the edge of the clearing. There they watched how the ship rose above the canopy. The sound of the engines increased and the landing claws were pulled in. The ship turned her nose to the south and vanished behind the tree tops.
"I'm going back to Logray's house, Luke. I'm needed there," Liane said.
"Shall I help you?" Luke asked.
Liane shook her head.
"No, I need to be alone with them."
She turned and started to walk back to the village.
"Tell him," the soft voices of her padawan friends resonated in her mind, "tell him, he'll understand and will give you all the help you need."
Stubbornly she shook her head.
They reached the village in silence. Luke felt slightly disappointed, because Liane refused his assistance. He knew that Ian and Yarmod had helped her to cure the wounded Ewoks. They reached Logray's house. The little shaman greeted her respectfully.
"Haddo noma Teebo naka doa, Logray," Liane asked.
['Are Teebo and the others doing well, Logray?']
"Haddo sama doa,"Logray said.
['They are still asleep']
Liane walked over to the door; Luke followed her. Liane turned to him.
"Please, Luke, understand that I need to be alone if I help the wounded Ewoks. I will come to your tree house, as soon as I have finished my task here."
Liane entered Logray's house and shut the door behind her. Luke slowly turned and walked back to the large tree house which the Ewoks had given him to stay. He entered the house and sat down on one of the benches. He sighed. He couldn't comprehend why Liane refused his help as a Jedi, while she had allowed the two padawans to assist her. Why was she so reclusive about her way of help suddenly? He sighed again. He had no other choice than to wait.
"Hama noga dido Jedi Luke, Aay-lee ,"Chirpa said.
['You must tell the Jedi Luke, Eilidh ']
"Hado kama gona dono mina lada chomo, Chirpa. Hado tamma mido kifo."Liane softly protested.
['He is not really interested in the way I help your people, Chirpa. He's only staying, because he has to guard me, because his sister and the general think I will runaway again.']
"And he wants to teach me to become a Jedi, he wants me to learn, how I can become a Jedi warrior." she continued in Basic.
"Hama Jedi lamasu. Hame kodo imsa mido gido. Kuna boda fima ziga fanda,"Chirpa said angry.
['The Jedi master is a good man. He came to our village when you were sick. You're very ungrateful and throwing away his friendship']
"Chirpa, hado nodo nima iso Teebo. Kanula meto, hama?"Liane answered.
['Chripa, I'll tell him, if Teebo has recovered. Dat beloof ik.']
Chirpa left Logray's house. The little chieftain looked at Luke, who stood patiently waiting next to the door. He shook his head. Luke nodded.
"I understand, thank you for your help. I'll be patient. Take care of her."
He left the village center and followed the walkway to the lake.
It was the tenth day since he had last seen Liane. She had locked herself up in Logray's house and all his attempts to have a word with her had been in vain. Liane didn't let him in nor she left the shaman's house.
Luke walked over to Liane's former tree house, sat down on the bench and watched the lake.
Why had she shown Ian and Yarmod how she helped the wounded Ewok? Why didn't she want to tell him? She seemed to be very fond of the two young padawans. Luke tried to relax, but he felt some jealous emotions when he thought about Ian and Yarmod. He used a short Jedi meditation session to ban and control these feelings. Then he jumped down to the forest floor, and walked over to the lake. He sat down on the a fallen tree and watch the water. After some minutes he rose, jumped up to the terrace around Liane's tree house again and walked back to the center of the Ewok village, where he silently joined Chirpa's family to have a meal. In the afternoon he strolled listlessly through the forest. He missed his active life on Dalmaran and wondered if the oncoming months as Liane's guard would be quiet and uneventful ones. He had hoped to continue with her Jedi training after the invasion force had left, showing her the good things she could do with the Force as her ally.
It was near sunset when Luke entered the platform that led to his tree house near the village center. To his surprise Liane was sitting on a tree stump near the entrance. She looked pale and under her eyes were dark shadows.
"Liane, what's wrong with you?" He said, feeling a great compassion for her and knelt in front of her.
"I'm so tired. I could sleep for days on end," she answered, nodding half asleep.
"You look exhausted, what's the matter with you?"
"What do you mean? I did my normal work, but curing seven dying Ewoks is a very heavy task."
"Didn't Logray help you."
"Of course he helped me. Now they are all asleep and I can take a few hours rest."
"A few hours. Liane, you look like a ghost. You can't go on like this."
Luke firmly took her hands in his and shook his head.
"Let me have a word with Logray and Chirpa. I will try to make clear that you are exhausted. They must understand, that you needed a rest."
To his surprise Liane became furious. She jumped to her feet and looked angrily at him.
"Mind your own business, will you," She snarled and pushed him aside, "You really don't understand my help, do you?"
"Maybe I will, if you tell me more about the way you care for Teebo and his wounded friends, Liane. I even might be of some help," Luke answered quietly, neglecting her furious outburst.
"Get out of my way!"
Annoyed she wanted to go back to the village center. Troubled Luke grabbed her arm.
"Liane, I only offering my ...?" But Liane didn't let him finish his question.
"I don't want your help. You're here to be my guard. You're here to bring me to Dalmaran immediately after Teebo has recovered. Stick to that task and leave me alone! You're not really interested in what I do. You only came to Endor to train me as a Jedi, because Anakin has made you promise, that you will train me. Tell your father, I never will become a Jedi. I hate him for all the evil knowledge he has taught me. "
"Please, don't blame Anakin for what he has asked me, Liane. You know very well, that he regrets what he has done to you. What have I said or done to make you angry with me? I'm offering my help, because there are so many casualties after Dendicott's attack on this village. You have shown Ian and Yarmod what you're doing. They have helped you every time when you went inside Logray's house. Why don't you want to show me?"
Calm and quiet Luke look at the angry face in front of him.
"So that's the matter!" She snapped, "Now I understand! You're jealous, Luke Skywalker!" Liane snapped.
She jerked loose. She looked at him cold and haughty. Luke clearly felt that she was focusing her aggressiveness and anger on him to hurt him.
"Liane, stop using those dark em..."
"You don't have to remind me of how I should control my emotions. I can decide for myself, do you hear! I already took care of wounded Ewoks the way I do, before you came to Endor. You're jealous, Luke Skywalker, because I have shown Yarmod and Ian what I do? Admit it. I didn't know that a Jedi Knight still could have that kind of dark feelings. You told me more than once that anger, hate, fear and passion leads to the Dark Side. Isn't jealousy also an passionate emotional feeling that can lead to the Dark Side?"
Her harsh words hung between them. Luke struggled to control the emotional feelings that threaten to overwhelm him. He desperately tried to control his jealousy, but suddenly his emotions prevailed, and an uncontrolled desire to show her his disappointment, broke his resistance. Before he realized what he was doing, he used the Force to break her opposition.
'You're going to tell me now, what you're doing in Logray's house?' He said penetrating her mind with his Jedi voice, 'You tell me exactly what you are doing.'
Frightened Liane brought her hands to her head, when she felt how his Jedi powers seemed to paralyze her thoughts.
With a shock Luke became aware of what he was doing. His gaze met the eyes of the frightened girl in front of him. Her stammered words reverberated in his mind. He tried to grab her hands.
"Liane, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten ...!"
But Liane took a few steps back and looked at him anxiously.
She turned and ran away from him, hurrying to Logray's house.
"LIANE! LET ME EXPLAIN! I DIDN'T ...!!" Luke screamed, but she didn't turn.
For split second Luke stood motionless on the platform near his tree house, then he ran after her, but she had already reached Logray's house. She rushed inside and slammed the door. Luke tried to open the door, but she had locked it on the inside.
But Liane didn't answer and the door remained closed and locked.
Feeling miserable and downhearted, Luke turned around, and jumped down to forest floor. Once outside the village he started into a wild run, desperately trying to suppress the shameful thoughts that rushed through is mind.
""LIANE!" He felt the great disappointment in his own behavior as a agonizing failure. "LIANE! I DIDN'T WANT TO SCARE YOU!""
Stumbling over fallen trees and roots in the now dark forest he found his way to the clearing where he had found Liane, but the place laid deserted, and felt hostile cold.
The words stuck in his throat. He had used Affect Mind, or Mind Control, to control her! Why, why, he had done this! This was not the way a Jedi had to respond to an aggressive opponent. Hadn't Yoda taught him, that a Jedi always uses the Force for defense, never to attack? He had attacked Liane; he had used his Jedi skills to penetrate her mind, so that he would know why she was rejecting his help.
"Liane!" He sighed desperately. "Liane, please, listen to me. Please, forgive me. Yes, I'm jealous of Yarmod and Ian, for I want to help you too, why are you refusing my help?"
He leaned with his head against the stone.
'Luke!' A soft voice sounded behind him.
Luke looked up and turned his head. In front of him stood the apparition of Anakin Skywalker.
"Father!" He cried out.
'It isn't easy to cope with Liane's unpredictable temper, is it, son?' The older Jedi said in a soothing tone.
"Father, I did something terribly wrong!" Luke moaned.
'What happened, son? Come on, tell me.'
Anakin beckoned his son with his hand. They walked over to the fallen stem near the edge of the clearing. There they sat down; Luke looked up to the apparition of his father.
"Father, I misused my Jedi skills. Liane accused me of being jealous of the two padawan learners. Her words hurt me deeply, and before I realized, what I was doing, I used Affect Mind to let her tell me, why she was refusing my help. I penetrated her thoughts trying to let her tell me the reason."
'Liane has a special habit of provoking and irritating people, Luke! Even we, Jedi Knights, can have difficulties coping with such a temper,' Anakin said calmly.
Luke nodded.
"Her outburst seemed so irrational, when I told her she needed a long rest," He admitted. "She looked ill and exhausted. Her face shocked me, but I probably must have used the wrong words to express my worries."
'Luke, you should have learned by now, that Liane is a headstrong young lady, tenacious, stubborn and with a strong will of her own. She doesn't want anyone to meddle in her affairs without her consent. I've never told her, but she outraged me more than once. I had my ways, of course, to make her obey me, but I've never broken her resistance, or her headstrong will. Until I left Morantan for the last time, she constantly opposed against my use of the Force with her obstinate outbursts, calling me an unworthy and evil user of the Force.'
"I shouldn't have used Affect Mind on her. It frightened her, I saw it in her eyes. A Jedi doesn't use his knowledge this way. I am no Jedi! " Luke murmured, hardly listening to Anakin's confession. "I should have controlled these jealous emotions I felt, as Yoda taught me, but I couldn't. I've failed my old master."
'Luke, every Jedi is a living being with emotional feelings, that makes him compassionate and empathetic. Our emotions still are influencing many of our actions and the Good Side is the narrow path we're following, son. Even though we are fully aware, that we are luminous beings and part of a much larger world, we will always be confronted with our own emotional failures every now and than. You have become aware now, that you did something wrong, but you're not the one who is to blame for what happened.' Another soft voice said.
'Take it easy, son,' Ben said. 'You've just heard from your father, that Liane always has been obstinate and stubborn. It's the influence of the Force which sometimes causes her furious outbursts. The influence of the Force she feels, confuses and frightens her, for she has seen how much evil could be done with it, but her help to those injured Ewoks and the lessons you have given her, has made her aware, that there also are different ways to use the Force. Unfortunately she's still convinced, that her use of the Force is influenced by Anakin's teachings. She needs a Jedi Knight as her tutor now. He has to show her how to cope with her true powers. You're the one who must guide her and show her the ways of the Jedi. You're a Jedi Knight and she needs the help of a Jedi Knight to develop her Force skills.'
Luke sighed and shrugged dejectedly his shoulders.
"I'm not so sure if I'm really fit for this task. As you said it, Ben, she is so Force sensitive and powerful, but she's wasting her talents. She can be a Jedi Knight, but those aggressive outbursts make it impossible for me to let her experience the Good Side of Force. "
Anakin nodded and said half aloud.
'Liane has inherited her strong defiant character from her mother.'
Luke looked up astonished.
"Her mother? Do you mean, father, that the woman you've defeated on Morantan, the Jedi-healer Severini Solichor, is Liane's mother? You told me that you thought, that Severini was trying to revive the training of Force-sensitive younglings?"
'That was indeed my first conclusion after I had defeated the Jedi healer and found the little toddler in her house.'
"Are you sure, father, that Liane is Severini Solichor's daughter?"
Ben Kenobi shook dismissively his head.
'Anakin, be careful of what you're revealing,' Ben's calm voice interrupted.
Luke looked curiously at his father. Anakin nodded, but continued, 'After I had left the girl with Eremian, I started to look into Severini Solichor's life among the ruins of the Jedi temple. I especially searched what had been left of the Jedi Archive to find out where she had found her protégé. I looked for some proof of the lineage of the girl that I wanted to raise as a Sith apprentice, but there was not much left of the registration that documented the origin of Force-sensitive new-borns.'
'The Jedi archives only revealed, that Severini Solichor had gotten her initiation to Jedi Knighthood at a very young age. She had passed all the Jedi trials successfully at the age of seventeen, shortly after she had become the padawan of master Yoda. Yoda had encouraged her to develop her Jedi healing powers and Severini became the youngest Jedi-healer, she wasn't yet twenty, who ever was in the lead the Jedi medical center on Coruscant.'
'Everybody knew and respected her enormous knowledge and commitment. She was kind and was always ready to give personal help, also to the least species or citizens of Coruscant. Master Mace Windu once had told me that Severini's healing skills were an inherited Force power which for generations has been passed on to the female members of a bloodline of Jedi, that goes back several hundreds of generations to the days of the beginning of the Old Republic. As the head of the Jedi medical center Severini also was involved in the early upbringing, education and care of new Jedi younglings and new-borns.'
'In her position as the principal of the Jedi medical center Severini had several close relations with politicians and senators on Coruscant. The records in the archives revealed that your mother Padmé had consulted Severini regularly during her pregnancy. As far as I know Severini has been the only one who knew about our secret marriage and that I was the father of Padmé's child at an early stage. Subsequently I also found evidence of rumors that she had been intimate friends with some space fleet generals, and that she also seemed to be closely attached to some male Jedi Knights, among her admirers were master Mace Windu, and of course master Yoda. That didn't surprise me, for Severini was a very attractive and beautiful woman, and although the Jedi Order forbade a marriage and personal attachment, it wouldn't have surprised me if Severini Solichor should have been involved in a similar secret relationship, as your mother and I were. '
'Remember I told you, that after the fall of the Jedi Temple Severini disappeared all of a sudden without telling anyone. Nobody knew what had happened to her. Palpatine and I assumed that she had heard about the annihilation of the Jedi Order and had found a way to evade the same faith, but the reason for her disappearance could also be an indication that she secretly had planned to run away with an unimportant space fleet official, or a civilian, with whom she had fallen in love. If she has married someone secretly, it's very likely that she got pregnant after some years.'
Luke looked flabbergasted at the two Force ghosts after Anakin's story. Reaching out to the Force he looked for a confirmation about what he had heard. In a flash he thought he saw a young pregnant woman who looked very much like Liane.
"Father, I think you're right. Severini Solichor is ....!" He wanted to exclaim, looking surprised at the two apparitions, but Ben Kenobi silenced him, and sighed with a worried smile.
'You have developed a tremendous insight, my son, but Anakin and I want you be careful. Keep what your father has told you to yourself. Don't reveal the images the Force has shown you to Liane yet, Luke.' Ben Kenobi interrupted again.
"Are you confirming Anakin's words, Ben?" Luke asked holding his breath.
'Let me put it this way, Luke. I know what the Force has shown you, so I'm not denying what Anakin has told you. He told you the truth; Severini fled Coruscant with some one else. They went to Morantan together, but it's not the right moment to reveal this to Liane.'
Luke was silent, but then he said reluctantly.
"Ben, why can't I tell her, that she might have inherited the influence of the Force from her mother and that her possible use of the Force as a healer has nothing to do with her upbringing by Anakin."
Ben shook his head.
'First of all Liane has to form a new, solid relation with the the Good Side of the Force and we want you to stay with her and guide her. It won't be easy for you, son, but you're not alone. We will all be there to help you,' Ben said calmly, 'There will be better moments in the future. Keep this knowledge to yourself, Luke. Liane isn't yet ready to know her true ancestry, and you might lose what you have achieved so far. She is improving her faith in the Force, even if the results seem disappointing. You've done well so far, my son.'
Luke looked very serious and remained deep in thoughts for some moments. He nodded slowly.
"You're right, Ben. I now fully understand, in which way she can cure those wounded Ewoks, and you want me to be passive and reserved. I will, I can assure you. I will show her and extend the Force skills she is willing to accept. Thanks, Ben! Thanks, Father! I'm going back to the village now and will make it up with her. Even if that isn't going be easy."
While he rose, the images of Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker disappeared.
"Kalip, Valan, we need to talk, for the situation near the Palomintar System is getting more complicated, I fear," Jerno said, "Kalip, my compliments to our men on board the Basilisaea. The messages he has intercepted from Endor and Irithim clearly show the intentions of our former admiral. He always has been a loyal supporter of emperor Palpatine, but it seems that he is making plans to revive the empire. In the last intercepted message he speaks of getting not only Darth Vader's daughter, but also of getting the dark lord's son."
"Vader had a son?" Valan asked.
"Yes, and a famous one, no one else than commodore Jedi Luke Skywalker," Jerno said.
Startled Valan looked the his two companion.
"Commodore Skywalker is a Jedi Knight. Jerno, are you sure?"
"Definitely. After I had read the content of those messages I have made contact with Irithim to warn them about the kinship of their famous Jedi, and their answer surprised me, but also has reassured me. They have confirmed that Jedi Skywalker is the son of Darth Vader. They also told me that he is the twin brother of the princess of Alderaan, senator Leia Organa. They have promised me to send us an encrypted file about the Skywalkers, which will explain in detail their relationship with Darth Vader."
"Did you also check our old archive?" Valan asked.
"I did, but most files dating back to the Old Republic, have been deliberately corrupted or destroyed. The data isn't reliable anymore."
"I wonder, if Darth Vader has ever known he had twins," Kalip grinned, "but, Jerno, what do we know about his daughter from Morantan."
"The decrypted message aimed at the Palomintar System mentions that she is staying on Endor at the moment, and that Jedi Skywalker seems to be with her. There is talk of a kind of attack on Endor. A group of hired mercenaries seems to have tried to kidnap her, but the New Republic has intercepted their plans and send a small armed group as reinforcement. No harm had been done to the woman and the mercenaries have been captured, including some old deserters of the imperial forces: Olon Dendicott and Rand Phylotar. And now I come to our next issue. The last intercepted message mentions that Rand Phylotar is on his way to Palomintar Four to meet the one who always is addressed as 'Master' in the messages. We have two options. We can order admiral Vestor to intercept Rand Phylotar's ship, but then our man on Palomintar Four will know he has been monitored, or we could let Rand Phylotar land, so he will meet our man. In that case we have to order the Basilisaea to refrain from action. What's your opinion?"
Kalip and Valan looked at Jerno.
"Any idea what the consequences might be, Jerno?"
Jerno shook his head.
"No, but we're also not yet fully sure if the one in the Palomintar System is indeed our former admiral. We assume it's him. We also need more evidence of his intentions with Darth Vader's daughter, and her brother Jedi Skywalker, if we want to capture him and bring him back to Coruscant."
"You're thinking about an action on Palomintar Four?" Kalip asked.
"That is a last option at the moment, Kalip. As long as the New Republic is controlling the whereabouts of Darth Vader's daughter, we only have to ensure that, if our man on Palomintar Four is indeed our missing admiral, he'll never will meet her. She has learned how Darth Vader has wielded the Force, and the knowledge of the Sith must never fall in the hands of our former admiral."
"In my opinion we should allow Rand Phylotar to land and meet our man," Kalip said.
Valan nodded, "We could need more detailed information about what's going on on Palomintar, so I suggest that we increase the monitoring and watch the planet more closely."
"Haddo noma Jedi ido!"Liane said to Logray with an angry look on her face.
['Never let that Jedi come in here!']
"Haddo tano moma dido"Logray answered.
['What has he done?']
"Haddo mino Jedi doga. Haddo mino mika dona toio"Liane said and her voice trembled.
['He is no real Jedi. He tried to control me.']
Chirpa entered Logray's house and heard Liane's last words.
"Haddo nima dido kama toio wido. Haddo kama simo lada tomo."He said.
['You should tell him how you help us. You have told the others.']
"Haddo noma Yarmo endo Iano mesa tala,"Liane said stubbornly.
['Yarmod and Ian understood my help']
"Haddo kama simo, toio wido namo Jedi,"Chirpa answered and looked at her with a stern face.
['The Jedi will understand better, why are you so stubborn.']
Liane turned to Logray, who nodded in agreement. She neglected the two Ewoks and walked up the stairs.
"I'm going to help Teebo and the others," she said in Basic.
When she was washing her hands; she saw her face in a piece of polished metal above the basin. Yes, she looked pale and yes, and she felt deadly tired. Luke had been right of course; she needed some rest. But his way to interfere with her tasks, had outraged her. He had hurt her deeply, when he had tried to read her mind using the Force. What he had done to her, was a great misuse of his knowledge. She shivered; again she felt the fear, when she had become aware that his Jedi voice had penetrated her mind. Then her gaze caught the Jedi-pendant in the mirror. Angrily she unfasten the chain and walked over to the window. She rose her arm and wanted to throw the pendant away.
'Stop, Liane! Don't do that,' A soft voice behind her said.
She whirled around and saw an old man, clad in the clothes of a Jedi Knight surrounded by a bluish Force light.
"Who are you? And why don't you mind your own business. I don't want to wear this pendant anymore. Luke's no longer my friend, not anymore. He never has been," she snapped.
The Force apparition smiled.
'Are you sure? Liane, can you recall the moment Luke gave you the pendant? Can you recall what's engraved on its backside? Can you recall the moment here on Endor when you became aware, that you needed Luke's help, and that you should use the Jedi-pendant to resume the contact between the two of you? Didn't Luke come to Endor immediately to help you? If you throw away the Jedi-pendant now, you're making a big mistake. Luke is your friend, Liane, he is the best friend you can have.'
"I don't think so. He has come to Endor, because he has a warrant to bring me to Dalmaran, so they can exile me to Wegoyy again. He also has made a stupid promise to his evil father who has asked him to train me as a Jedi Knight. A warrior and a fighter," Liane snapped angrily.
The apparition laughed at her snappy comments.
'Let me explain something to you, Liane. In the past not all Jedi had a career as fighter, not all Jedi were warriors. Some Jedi developed more interest in scouting unknown parts of the galaxy, others became diplomats, supporting our politicians and senators. There also have been Jedi who took care in the education of the younglings in the Jedi temple, or sought a career to help and cure other living beings, but all the one who were raised and educated at the Jedi temple have accepted the Force as their ally, they had to pass the Jedi trials, to become a Jedi Knight. That's a commitment every padawan had to make, but no one can be forced to commit his life as a Jedi Knight. Becoming a Jedi Knight, a servant of peace and justice, is a personal choice. There are numerous other tasks for those who want to serve the Force as a Jedi. If you don't want to become a Jedi Knight, then Luke will respect your choice.'
"How can you be sure. Do you know him?" Liane said.
The apparition nodded.
'Luke was my padawan for a short time.'
Liane's lips curled a bit cynical.
"It must have been a very short time. He seems to have forgotten your lessons. Do you know what he did to me? He used Affect Mind to find out why I didn't want his help. He tried to force me to tell him how I was helping the wounded Ewoks. "
'And now you think, Luke is as evil as your foster-father Anakin Skywalker once was, because Anakin often did the same to you, don't you, Liane?'
Liane nodded.
"Yes, Luke has been using the Dark Side powers to control me, like his father did. He is jealous, because I don't want to let him help me to take care of Teebo the way Yarmod and Ian did."
'Luke hasn't used the Dark Side of the Force, Liane,' the apparition said sternly, 'Luke is a servant of the light side, the Good Side of the Force. He wants to help you, so you will become aware of how the Force is influencing your life and your behavior. The way you use your Force abilities to help your Ewok friends are exhausting you, because you're a learner. Your skills to cure your Ewoks friends haven't matured. They take a lot of your energy, for you're not yet fully aware how you can make full use of the powers you possess. Luke is concerned about you and your use of your slumbering Force skills.'
"I don't want his concern, nor his help. If I'll tell Luke about it, he might tell me, that my use of the Force is wrong, that Anakin has taught me how to use the Dark Side of the Force that way. I want to help the Ewoks my way. It works; many of them have fully recovered, even very bad injured ones," Liane said stubbornly.
'Your way to use the Force to cure and help your wounded friends, is, what Luke wants to support. Liane, you have discovered here on Endor a complete different way to use your Force abilities. You are using the Good Side of the Force to cure wounded Ewoks. It has nothing to do with what you've learned from Anakin. You use the Force intuitively, but with a enormous commitment. Ian and Yarmod called you a Jedi-healer, and they were right. You posses the Force's healing power. Inadvertently you've discovered this very special way of Force use. An way which is lead by the Good Side of the Force, not by the Dark Side. The Dark Side hasn't any knowledge about Force healing powers, for the Dark Side is focussed on destruction of life, like Anakin taught you. You have experience much of its evil influence on Morantan.'
Liane sat down on a tree stump and looked at the bluish apparition. She felt strange, annoyed and angry, but there was also a strong feeling of relieve and familiarity.
"You're Ben Kenobi, aren't you? It was you on the clearing who told me to use the Jedi-pendant again. Luke has told me about you," She said.
The apparition nodded.
'Indeed, I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Ben Kenobi, Liane. Luke's former teacher,'
"Are you here to help Luke?"
The bluish apparition smiled.
'No, I am here to help you, together with Anakin, your foster-father, for he deeply regrets what he has done to you.'
Liane looked at Ben. She felt at ease with the apparition. She felt he was telling her the truth; she could trust him. Ben smiled again at her, as he noticed her anger had vanished.
'Give the Jedi-pendant to the little shaman, if you don't want to wear it at the moment, Liane. Ask him, if he will give it to Luke, so he can keep it for you. I am sure you will wear it again. Luke's friendship is more important to you, than you perhaps realize. Now go on with your task, Liane. Help this tribe with your Force abilities as a Force healer. Don't fear those skills; they are driven by the Good Side of the Force, you can use them to do good. These little furry creatures respect you, for what you can do for their wounded fellows. Let the Force guide you to bring joy and happiness among this tribe. And remember, Liane, the Force will be with you, always!'
The apparition vanished and slowly Liane walked to the next room; her mind full of thoughts. She had talked to Luke's former master. He seems to be a very wise and trustworthy man. Maybe she should go down and find Luke? Maybe she should tell him everything, as Ben Kenobi more or less has been suggesting? Suddenly annoyed she threw back her hair, as she remembered how Luke had used his Force skills. Logray looked up as she entered.
"Haddo kama simoti vedo Luke?" She said to Logray and put the Jedi-pendant in his paw.
['Will you hand this to Luke?']
"Kima hama kuma soti lona." The little shaman said and shook his head.
['You're doing the wrong thing']
"Kama dodi, Logrya, tama" Liane said.
['Please do, what I asked you, Logray'.]
One of the wounded Ewoks moaned. Quickly Liane knelt down and placed her hand soothingly on the little bear's forehead. Her concentration deepened. Her mind absorbed his pain and suffering, and she returned the wonderful images of a happy recovery in her little friend's mind. All thoughts of Luke and their broken friendship were driven from her mind.

To be continued...