A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 79

an looked at his brother-in-law and shook his head.
"I still can't imagine, why you went out in the middle of the night without taking me or Chewie with you. It could have been a trap, Luke."
"I have faith in him, Han. He's is trustworthy. Could you imagine some one, who is going deliberately to seek some kind of imprisonment, like he did. The treatment he has undergone shows Trevor's unpredictable behavior. Nori certainly is a tough guy, carrying out his assignment without complaining, no matter what way Trevor is treating him. He has act with caution. Like us, he doesn't want Trevor to get suspicious," Luke said, trying to reassure his friend.
"Next time, I'm going with you, Luke."
Luke shook his head, "No you don't, Han. If I have to take some one with me it will be Chewbacca. I have to keep your presence and that of Leia and the harvesters secret. Although I trust Nori, I don't want him to know I'm here with a bunch of people. I'm as cautious as he is, Han."
"I'm still not convinced. What if he warns those imperial friends of his on the Basilisaea, or on Coruscant? Leia, didn't you tell us, that the admiral of the Basilisaea has teamed up with Trevor?"
Leia nodded, "On Endor I've got the impression that admiral Vestor and Trevor have come to a kind of agreement. I have discussed this with Mon Mothma and neither of us were absolutely certain that admiral Vestor teamed up voluntarily. It's reasonable to assume that Trevor is aware of the fact that the Basilisaea is the only star destroyer who has never been involved in the last battles between the Empire and the Alliance."
"That doesn't tell us anything about Nori Thai, or Doran Whain as he calls himself. How can you be sure that he isn't colluding with that admiral too, and thus with our guy Trevor. He has served on Basilisaea, hasn't he?"
"He has gotten the order from the government on Coruscant to stay away from Liane, Han. That's your main reason why you're mistrusting him. Evidently, Mon Mothma conducted emergency consultations with the provisonary imperial government on Coruscant, and they have changed his assignment immediately. Nori has promised me that he will contact me immediately if Liane shows up in Ribana," Luke said convincingly, but Han still looked very skeptical.
"At least that's something, but I think, we'd better stay away from this chap, and continue with the harvesters' plan. I must say, that with some Jedi help, their plan shows a reasonable progression. If we could redirect the flow to a new canal and back into the underground tunnel we might succeed to drive Trevor out of his underground caves. I understand that you've almost reached the point where the underground tunnel meets the caves Toallin, Mugin and the other Quelans have been digging out for him."
"We certainly will continue to support the harvesters with our Force skills. If we could indeed redirect the river in its former bedding Trevor's caves would flood. That would leave him only one option leave his underground maze of caves, but that wouldn't imply that he would give up his plans and surrender," Luke commented.
Han grinned, "Chewie and I can stop him as soon as he runs for his life."
Luke and Leia started to laugh too, and also Chewbacca grunted a laugh.
"Let's hope we'll soon hear from Wedge, or general Madine, that the Astræa has landed on board the Tychorion," Leia said, "Luke, I suggest, that you talk to the general to send Ian, Yarmod, and Wedge down to Myr with the Astræa, while Liane stays on board the Tychorion."
Luke got a fit of laughter.
"And you think, Leia, that Liane will accept such a proposal. You know, as I do, that Liane surpasses our Quelan girlfriend Chati, when it come to finding a way to realize any plans. They could be sisters in improvisation."
After her gentle help to Toallin's wife Liane and her brother Ian were warmly welcomed as honored members of the Quelan community. The six Grann brothers also shared in the welcoming party which Udin, Toallin and Mugin had ordered, after Liane's successful healing of Toallin's wife. In the blink of an eye several tables were set up on which dozens of bowls of food, fruit and cakes seemed to appear out of no where. Some younger Quelans, including Chati's brothers, Talann and Roninn, came with arms full of wood and branches to build a bonfire in the middle of the plaza Liane was a bit embarrassed as almost every Quelan wanted to meet her, and shake hands with her. A elderly man and a young boy had arrived on the plaza and Toallin and Mugin went over to welcome them.
"What's going on here, governors?" The old man asked with a deep voice.
"Some very special human guests have come to visit us, Manall. It's good that you have come down to join this small celebration with us, for our female guest has told us that my daughter Chati is on Myr with your son and his men. Come, Manall, I introduce you to our new friends," Toallin said in an elated mood. He took the arm of the harvester and beckoned the boy to follow them. Toallin looked around and spotted Liane and Ian in the middle of a large group of young Quelans. The youngsters seemed intrigued by the outfit of the brother and sister. Ian showed his training lightsaber and offered a few daring young Quelans to ignite it. He laughed at Liane.
' During my former visit master Leia challenged me in a training duel. These kids enjoyed watching it. Shall we show them again, Shaayla-Car?' He asked suddenly, but before Liane could answer Toallin called her and walked over with the old man and his companion. The youngsters stepped aside to let the elderly man pass.
"Shaayla-Car, Ian, I want to introduce to you to Manall. At the moment his son Cornell is working on Myr with Luke Skywalker."
Ian and Liane turned to the newcomers. Liane noticed that the harvest man had made an almost imperceptible gesture hearing Luke's name, but the old man looked at Ian in an even greater wonder.
"Manall, this is Shaayla-Car. She has told Udin and me that Chati is on Myr," Toallin said. Liane looked at him with a grateful smile, because he didn't reveal how she had been able to help Udin to overcome her despair and shame.
"And this, Manall, is her brother Ian. He was already on Cantamaga, when he and his friends brought us back. He convinced his friends to help your son and free our hometown, so we can get back to Myr."
Manall still looked at Ian Tydon very attentively. Toallin and Mugin excused themselves and left. Manall watched them go, then he turned his eyes back to Ian. The youngsters had formed a group around the old man and the two padawans.
"What was your name again, young man?" Manall asked.
"Toallin and Mugin know me as Ian Tydon, sir," Ian said politely.
"They know you as Ian Tydon, but that's not your real name, isn't?" Manall said inquisitively and looked at Ian's outfit.
After a few moments he continued, "And you and your sister are Jedi Knights?"
"We are padawan learners, sir. We want to become Jedi Knights one day. We're on our way to join our masters."
Manall took a flashlight from his belt and ignited it. The bright beam illuminated Ian's face. Manall shook his head, then he switched off the flashlight, seemingly disappointed.
"My apologies, Ian Tydon. You must forgive an old man, but for a moment I thought I saw an old friend of mine. He also was a Jedi Knight, but it couldn't be you, of course, for my Jedi friend was of my age, so he should have been as old as I am. Maybe you have heard of him. He was quite famous, for he was a great general. Yes, a great general and so was his younger friend, also a Jedi Knight. They both visited Palomintar Four several times in the past. A long time ago. Yes, a long time. I was a young man, a young harvester. My Jedi friends sometimes sought refuge for some days in the caves near the harvesters community building behind Ribana. They told us that there was a war going on. They always arrived very stealthy, as if they were afraid to be discovered. They never stayed long, only a few days, sometimes only a few hours. Yes very short, a few hours." Manall was talking more to himself than to Ian and Liane.
Liane was looking intensively at the old man and suddenly several images flashed through her mind. Images from a past, from a time long ago, when the galaxy had been in turmoil. She wanted say something, when Manall focussed his attention on Ian again. He beckoned the young boy who stood silently waiting next to him.
"I'm getting a bit tired, Lorann. My wounds are aching, those damned Urams have hurt me badly."
Again his gaze returned to Ian, and he looked at him attentively and nodded.
"Yes, I still remember my friend's name. The more I look at you, son, the more I remember of my old friend, but you're too young to have ever met him. What's your age?"
"I'm twenty-eight, sir," Ian said, and continue, "You'd better sit down indeed? You said you're wounded."
Ian turned to Talann, "Talann, can you get a comfortable chair."
Immediately the group of youngster ran away. Within the blink of an eye they returned, carrying a large chair, two pouffes, and a lot cushions. Manall sat himself in the chair. The young boy sat down at Manall's feet. The group youngsters formed a circle on the cushions to listen.
"Yes, sit down, all of you, and listen to some old stories. Yes, you too, Lorann. I've never talked much about my Jedi friends. I've always been secretive about them. Even your father, Lorann, doesn't know much about my friendship with some Jedi Knights. Maybe because by that time this galaxy had been dragged into a horrible war. A war which afterwards wiped out one of the most brilliant groups of all kind of species: the Jedi Knights. Yes, yes, don't look surprised. You've probably heard many rumors about some Jedi Knights who once have visited Palomintar Four in the past. I tell you, those rumors are true. Old Manall's friends have told him what was happening in our galaxy, and after the war I have always tried to find news about my two friends, for when the war was over, and the news was brought to Palomintar Four that an emperor was ruling this galaxy, Manall's old friends never visited this planet again."
Again he looked at Ian and Liane who had taken a seat on the two poufs opposite the old man.
"What does my story tell you, my young friends?" He asked.
Liane heard the sadness in his voice and reached out to comfort him. She felt compassion for the old and wounded, but still very proud man.
"Well, what does my story tell you?" Manall asked again.
"Sir, the only conclusion can be, that your two Jedi friends have been killed in that war?" Liane said softly.
"Very good, my dear girl, very good, but that's not true, for I always felt that my friends would return. I felt they hadn't been killed, but weren't able to visit Palomintar Four again. But they weren't dead, at least one of my old friends wasn't, for sometimes during my sleeping hours I dreamt about him, and I saw him as clearly as I see you. Whatever has happened to his companion I don't know, but I knew, that my friend was alive, so I've always hoped that one day he and I would meet again. However a dozen years ago those feeling that he was still alive suddenly disappeared. Suddenly, from one day to the other. So, now I'm sure that he won't come back to Palomintar Four to visit me again. Strange, isn't it? Years I've felt that maybe he would come and see me again, and suddenly I became convinced that it was all over," Manall sighed deeply, and again Liane felt the sadness deep inside the old men.
"You said, sir, that you remember your friends' names?" Liane said.
"Oh, yes, I remember, of course, I do. I have never forgotten their names. For they were famous generals with many great battles at their names. You, young man, you resemble the oldest one of my Jedi friends. Have you ever heard of general Obi-Wan Kenobi, and his friend Anakin Skywalker?"
Ian restrained an astonished gesture.
"Yes, I have," He answered and looked at Liane.
"So the great deeds of those Jedi generals have been told to the next generations. Did they tell you about them during your education and training in the Jedi temple on Coruscant?" Manall asked.
"I've never been on Coruscant, nor in the Jedi temple, sir," Ian said calmly, "My master has told me, that the Jedi temple has been destroyed many years ago, when the emperor took control, and started his reign."
"What a shame, such a beautiful building," the old harvester said slightly angry.
"Have you seen it, sir? Have you been to Coruscant?" Liane asked surprised.
"No, I've never left Palomintar Four, but my Jedi friends have shown me many holographic images of Coruscant and the Jedi temple," Manall answered, but he looked at Ian again, and shook his head, "Young man, it's incredible, how much you resemble my old Jedi friend Obi-Wan; same hair color, your short beard, blue eyes, and almost the same calm facial features."
Ian looked at Liane.
'Tell him the truth, Tama-Hinn,' He heard her say, 'It will bring back some joy in his life. Manall must have some Force skills, that's why Ben and Anakin befriended him.'
"Sir," Ian said slowly, "When I was a young boy I have often been in the company of Obi-Wan Kenobi."
"So he gave you your first lessons to become a Jedi, when you would be older?"
"No, he didn't. He brought me to Corellia where I grew up at some old friends of him. They became my foster-family and gave me the name Ian Tydon, but I've always remembered my real name: Tama-Hinn Kenobi. Your friend Obi-Wan Kenobi is my father."
The look in Manall's eyes became clear and he began to laugh softly, "So my eyes didn't deceive me. You are a Kenobi, you are my friend's son. Welcome to Cantamaga, Tama-Hinn Kenobi, welcome."
Then he turned to Liane, "Our governor said, that you're Tama-Hinn's sister. So you're a Kenobi too? What's your name again, young lady?"
Liane nodded with a compassionate smile, "I'm Shaayla-Car Kenobi, sir, and I'm very proud to know that Ben Kenobi is my father, although I have no real memories of him."
"Ben Kenobi?" Manall asked inquisitively.
"It's long story, sir. Obi-Wan Kenobi, our father, has lived many years on Tatooine in exile, using an alias to avoid, that the emperor would find out the place where Obi-Wan Kenobi has found a refuge," Liane said in a soothing Jedi voice, showing her compassion with Manall, and bringing some comfort in the old man's mind.
Manall rose.
"There seems to be a lot more to talk about, but it's getting late, and I need some rest. Come to the harvesters' community house one of these days. I want to hear your story. I want to know what happened to my old friends."
"We will, sir. It's our pleasure to tell everything we know about our father and his friend."
"Good. Oh, one last question, before I leave; have I been right, and has my friend died many years ago?"
"Our father died during the Civil War, sir," Liane answered, "Shall Ian and I accompany you to your home?"
Manall shook his head and smiled, "You're very kind people, both of you, and I feel that you will become great Jedi Knight, like my old friends."
He beckoned the younger boy who has accompanied him.
"This is my youngest grandson, Lorann. My son, Cornell, took care of me, after I've got wounded, but he has gone to Myr. My son Cornell is the leader of harvesters now. Lorann will help me to get back to the harvest men community building."
Nori Thai attached a small device underneath Darth Golluth's communication system. The protocol droid on duty looked suspiciously at the officer's activity.
"What are you doing there? What are you changing to my master's system.?" The droid asked.
"Listen, you know-it-all mechanical, your master has ordered me to keep this system in a flawless condition. Many parts are outdated, so every now and then I have to replace some circuitry which needed repairs." Nori said, sounding annoyed.
"Apologies, colonel, for being inquisitive. I know my master has great confidence in your skills, but I have to explain to him all the changes you're making to his communication system." The droid said.
"You'd better leave those explanations to me," Nori snapped and walked over to the protocol droid, "You'd better keep your mouth shut for a while. Just let me do my job, will you."
Now Nori stood in front of the protocol droid and looked into its photoreceptors. Provocative Nori put his hands in the pockets of his colonel's uniform. His left hand enclosed the small remote and unseen he pressed a sequence of buttons. The light in the protocol droid's photoreceptors suddenly went out, its head dropped to its chest, and its arms were hanging limp along its body.
"Pleasant dreams, mechanical fool," Nori grinned and turned the droid around.
He attached a small display at the droid's back and activated it. At a rapid pace his fingers touched the holographic keyboard that had become visible above the screen. Within minutes he switched to display off, turned the droid to the front, and looked at it with a grin.
"From now on you won't report any of my activities to your master. You only are able to tell your master I'm continuously improving his system." He said, still grinning at the dead eyes of the droid.
He pressed the code on the remote in his pocket and the droid's eyes sprang to life again. The protocol droid looked at him and began nodding approvingly.
"My master will be very pleased with your continuous effort to improve his way to communicate with the worlds outside this system. I will tell my master, you're a great asset, and a very loyal partner of him, colonel."
The droid opened the door of the communication system and left. Nori Thai, alias Doran Whain, walked over to the main system and activated the system. Several holographic screens popped up. Nori selected one of them and typed an access code. The screen changed and became a message input display. Nori typed only a few words, confirmed he wanted to exit the display. The screen went blank and switched off automatically.
"Let's hope it'll work," Nori murmured inaudible, while he activated one of the other screens. He began to scroll to the activated screen, when a buzzing sound at the tip of his collar send an alarm. Quickly Nori deactivated all the screens except one. He increased it to full size and looked at it attentively. The door of the communication center slid and Darth Golluth entered.
"My droid just told me, that your way of working shows great dedication to my goal. That's a pleasure to hear, colonel. Have you been able to set up a new attack on that underground hiding place of Liane Vader?" He asked eagerly.
"I have issued several attempts, my lord," Doran answered, "but none of your Dalmaranian spies is very willing to give it a try again. They probably have heard about the failure and arrest of the former group."
"Those were incompetent fools," Darth Golluth snarled, "I want you to find some other more reliable guys. Would one of those bounty hunters be willing to set up a successful attack."
"I have contacted a couple of them, but they have rejected your offer, my lord,"
"Rejected my offer of a million credits?"
"They said that the risks are too high, but if you want to raise the amount to two million they would consider your offer again, my lord."
"Forget it. Tell them I withdraw even my first offer. They don't have to search for the girl any longer. In fact hiring them has turned out to be useless. None of them could ever provide me with useful information about her. Any news about those Skywalker twins, or Ian Tydon?"
"No, my lord. As far as I could infiltrate any of the rebel systems he or his sister haven't made contact with the girl on Na'ctaMagh'Ba."
"So she still is on Na'ctaMagh'Ba, colonel?" Darth Golluth snapped.
"I haven't gotten any information that she isn't, my lord," Doran Whain said humbly.
"Colonel, could you make contact with those scientists on Na'ctaMagh'Ba. I remember you once suggested that I should bribe one of them."
"No more than a suggestion, my lord, but I always can get to work on a serious attempt."
"Do it now. Probably those scientists has unlimited access to those underground caves, so it will be easy for them to find the cave were the rebels are hiding the girl. Let me know if this new plan might be successful."
Darth Golluth walked back to the door.
"I want some answers tonight, colonel. Let's say during our common dinner?" He said.
The door slid aside and Nori's visitor left. Nori turned to the screen again and activated the other ones. To his surprise the first screen he had used popped up with an urgent message. He activated it and the holographic image of Luke Skywalker appeared.
"Got your test message, Nori. I've asked the technicians on board the Tychorion to relay any message on this frequency automatically to my infocom. No one on board will notice our contact, for your messages will be deleted immediately after my infocom has confirmed its receipt."
"Excellent. We can't have some further talks at the moment, Luke," Nori said, "I'll contact you later, possibly at night hours."
"That's alright with me, Nori. It's you who has to be cautious. I'll answer your messages any time," Luke said.
"Fine. I'll contact you again, if there is some news, or if I want to discuss the situation with you."
"Good. Be careful, Nori,"
"I will."
Nori Thai disconnected Luke's secured contact screen, and deactivated the whole system. He removed the small device under the console, and and slipped it into a pouch on the inside of his waistband. Carefully he buttoned the jacket of his uniform, before he left the room.
Wedge landed the Astræa next to the Corellian freighter and his own transport ship. Yarmod pointed at the freighter.
"That's the Grannd Traveler, master," He said.
Wedge nodded, "At least the Grann brothers are still here. That means that Liane and Ian haven't changed their plans."
He switched off the engines and lowered the ramp. Together with Artoo and Threepio, they walked to Cantamaga, where the inhabitants once again looked surprised at another two newcomers. The Council of the Elders with Toallin and Mugin in the lead met Wedge and Yarmod near the village entrance. The two governors greeted them, and bit them welcome. They brought them to the community building in the center of the village.
"Our guests didn't mention you. Aren't they expecting you, master Jedi?" Mugin asked.
"We agreed earlier, that we would meet them here, governor Fonaldris," Wedge answered dignified.
Toallin nodded, "So they won't be surprised to see you, master Jedi?"
"I guess not. Can you tell me, where I can I find Liane Solichor, governor?"
"I'll send my son to the harvest men community building, master Jedi. Shaayla-Car and her brother have spent yesterday's evening with Manall, one of our oldest and most respected harvest men. They had a long talk with him already on the evening of their arrival. The outcome of their conversation was highly remarkable, my eldest son Talann told me. Manall recognize Ian Tydon as the son of a certain general Obi-Wan Kenobi, an old Jedi friend of him. Our galaxy may seem large, master Jedi, and the Outer Rim Territories are far away, and hardly known to many, but sometimes distances and time don't seem to matter."
Wedge nodded in agreement.
"Has one of our friends told you anything, governor?"
"No, They haven't, master Jedi. Shaayla-Car has told me and my wife that our daughter Chati has gone to Myr when Luke Skywalker, and general Solo brought Cornell and his men to the other continent. Even they didn't know that our daughter had hidden herself in general Solo's space ship before they took off for Myr. Neither did Chati tell us her plan."
"You and your wife must have been very worried, governor," Yarmod said compassionately.
"Yes, we were, master Jedi, especially my wife Udin. Shaayla-Car had a long talk with her; she seems to have a great influence on people to overcome worries and anxieties. Afterwards my wife was very relieved, and so was I, because we thought that the Urams in the nut forests had killed our daughter," Toallin said with a relieved smile.
The group had reached the village center and Wedge Antilles and Yarmod Martan followed the Council of the Elders and the two governors to the administration building. In the mean time Threepio and Artoo had mingled with many of the younger Quelans who were admiring the golden droid, asking him many questions about his duties. Wedge ordered the droid to make themselves useful while he and Yarmod would address the Council. Toallin send Talann to the harvesters' community and told him to hurry, before he too joined the others.
The two governors presided the meeting, and gave Wedge the floor.
"First of all I'm going to tell you, governors and honorable members of this Council, that our arrival on Tyr is in principle prohibited and has to remain secret for the time being, for we are violating an explicit order of the leader of the New Republic, lady Mon Mothma."
"Prohibited, master Jedi?" Toallin asked, "but general Solo, and master Skywalker also landed on Tyr, They brought us to Cantamaga, after we've visited the other continent of Myr and our former home town of Ribana."
"Recently the situation around the Palomintar System has changed. An imperial star destroyer has shown up around Palomintar Four. The commander of that star destroyer is violating the truce between the government of the New Republic and the Provisionary Imperial Government. The mutual agreements between those two governmental bodies about some specific systems in the Outer Rim Territories are the most important. The Palomintar System is one of them."
The Quelan council members seemed highly surprised.
"We've never heard of any agreements, master Jedi. Neither your government, nor the representatives of the empire have ever communicated the existence of a truce. What do these agreements implicate to Palomintar Four?"
"Mainly protection and peaceful existence for the inhabitants in this particular system. To all planets in the Palomintar System applies that no foreign space ships may land on any of the planets except for Palomintar Six which has an official space port for trading business."
"We have to object against this treaty, master Jedi. It certainly isn't to our advantage," Toallin remarked sternly, "In the past many traders have landed near our former home town of Ribana to buy the surplus of our harvests." The other members of the council nodded.
"This might become a problem, if our people want to get back to Ribana on the other continent of Myr," Mugin interrupted, "I suggest we have to contact both parties about our worries."
Woldin shook his head.
"I'm sure the harvest men can bring us back in their submersibles, Mugin?"
"Most of the harvest men are on Myr, helping the other Jedi and his friends," One of the other members remarked.
Wedge raised his hand.
"You shouldn't worry about returning home, once Ribana has been freed. The truce only mentions the landing of foreign space crafts from outside the system. Interplanetary transports, or transports between different land masses on a planet in the system will not meet violation. The presence of an imperial star destroyer from Coruscant has raised my government's suspicion. Our leader has send one her space cruisers to keep an eye on the imperial activities. To avoid a confrontation the lady Mon Mothma immediately has issued the order that none of these space ships may send transport ships to land on Palomintar Four. That also means that the help my friend Luke Skywalker intended to give to the people of Cantamaga, is actually forbidden."
Kamalin looked at Wedge.
"Master Jedi, how does your government know about the situation on Palomintar Four? Does your leader know about the occupation of our home town of Ribana."
"Yes, she does. General Solo and his wife have informed her after the imperial star destroyer pursued general Solo's space ship."
Several members of the council, including Toallin and Mugin looked concerned.
"Master Jedi, your words tell us, that it's very unlikely, that, despite master Skywalker's sincere intentions, the Quelans can't return to Ribana, and that our harvest men take a great risk."
"I share your worries about the Quelans who went to Myr with my friend. I can give some reassurance. General Solo could avoid a confrontation with the imperial star destroyer, and has brought your men safely to Myr. I also can assure you that Luke Skywalker will fulfill the promise, he has made, " Wedge continued, "He has stayed with your men on Myr, when general Solo went back to Irithim to inform my government about the situation on Myr and Ribana. My friend's first goal still is to seek a way to bring your Quelan community back to Ribana. His second reason is a bit more complicated, although the outcome will be the same. That's why I have come to Tyr too. We, the Jedi Knights, want Darth Golluth to surrender himself to us, and leave Palomintar Four and Ribana; voluntarily or under pressure. So the aims are two-way. If we will succeed to dismantle Darth Golluth's occupation of the area around Ribana, we will also be able to liberate your home town, so you can go back to it. Governors, did my friend Luke Skywalker tell you anything, about Liane Solichor's involvement in this matter?"
"No, master Jedi. Liane Solichor is known to us as Shaayla-Car, that's how her brother has introduced her to us. Master Skywalker never mentioned her name, but he has promised us, that he will help us to liberate Ribana. However, Ian Tydon has told us about her problems with Darth Golluth, after his identity as a Jedi padawan had been revealed," Toallin said, "It seems that Darth Golluth is looking for her, because her foster-father Darth Vader has taught her the Sith lore."
Wedge nodded, "Partially true, governor, but if your conclusion is, that Shaayla-Car is a user of the Dark Side of the Force, a Sith lady, I must strongly deny it. She is Luke's padawan learner, and my friend would never take an apprentice who would use the Dark Side of the Force. The matter is, that Shaayla-Car knows Darth Golluth well. He has frequently visited her home planet Morantan where she grew up. She has met him several times, while she was the foster-daughter of Darth Vader and his apprentice."
"And Darth Golluth seeks the Sith knowledge, because he wants to become another emperor, like former emperor Palpatine. That is what he told us, just before his army drove us away from Ribana. Darth Golluth wants, what you Jedi call, to become a real Sith lord, and he thinks that Shaayla-Car will share with him the knowledge her foster-father taught her, which is quite unbelievable, considering the great way she has helped my wife and me. What you told us, master Jedi, is the reason why Luke Skywalker and his friends have taken her to a safe place in the hope that the Ribana intruder can not find her? But now she has turned up here, and I can only concluded that she wants to meet Darth Golluth again," Toallin asked with a grim face.
The members of the council looked at Wedge Antilles, but before he could answer, Kamalin intervened.
"Governor," He said, "as Liane Solichor, or Shaayla-Car, is our guest at the moment, I have an urgent question to this Jedi master."
"Go on, Kamalin," Mugin said.
"Master Jedi, if this young woman seems to be familiar with Sith knowledge, can she be a threat to the Quelan community? Toallin, you just said, that she showed to have a great influence on Udin's ideas about Chati's assumed death, and that she has convinced your wife and you that your daughter is alive, even if she has never met your daughter, or given you proof of the truth of her words. I have told you many times before, that Chati had gone to Myr with our harvest men and Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. You didn't listen to me, nor did you believe my words, but you seem to believe some one with Sith knowledge."
Yarmod made an indignant gesture, but Wedge looked at his companion and shook his head imperceptibly.
"I can assure you all, that Shaayla-Car will never ever make use of the knowledge Darth Vader has taught her. She is fully aware of the evilness of the Sith lore. Luke Skywalker has felt the great goodness and compassion she has and wants to use. He has convinced her, that she should use her Force skills along a different path and follow the ways of the Jedi. It's has been a difficult time for her, but Shaayla-Car isn't a threat to any one of your community, nor to this galaxy; on the contrary."
Toallin took the floor.
"Kamalin, I haven't told you what Ian Tydon said to me, when his sister took care of Udin. Shaayla-Car seems to have a very special Force talent to help and reassure people who are suffering, wounded, or in despair. He told me, that she has some special Jedi healing powers which seemed to be very rare."
Yarmod couldn't be silent any longer. He looked at Kamalin and the other members of the Council.
"Shaayla-Car Kenobi is a Jedi healer!" He said indignantly, "I wonder, why are you accusing this young woman who is one of my best friends, and who isn't present in this meeting, so she can't defend herself against your allegations? Why don't you all believe, what we Jedi and your governors, are telling you about her. We know her, and we can assure you, that she is kind and helpful, and not an evil Sith lady as some of you assume. Especially you, master Kamalin, seem to be in doubt about her intentions. She is a great compassionate Jedi healer. I personally have seen her doing several miraculous recoveries on Endor where she has lived among a local tribe - the Ewoks. Armed mercenaries of Darth Golluth attempted to kidnap her. Several Ewoks were shot, some were severely wounded. Shaayla-Car took care of those wounded Ewoks, and she cured them all. Ian, her brother, and I have seen how she did it, and we have helped her all the time, and we've felt how she was using the Good Side of the Force as a Jedi healer. She could ease the pain of the wounded Ewoks, even feel and absorb it in her own mind, so that those wounded creatures would suffer less. She even could show them the images of their recovery... and ... and... It isn't fair to accuse her of being a Sith lady. I know for sure,... I feel, she isn't evil, she is good. She's a Jedi Knight, like we are."
'Yarmod, as a Jedi you have to stay in control of your emotions. Your irritation about Kamalin's sincere meant words, shouldn't lead to an emotional respons. You won't convince an opponent this way. You'd better apologize for these accusations to the council,' Wedge said sternly through the Force.
Yarmod looked calmly at the council members.
"I'm apologize if my words have offended you, master Kamalin," He said.
"Kamalin, Luke Skywalker asked you to be my daughter's tutor, because you seem to be a Force-user yourself," Toallin said intervened, "Maybe you should have a personal chat with Shaayla-Car one of these days. I'm sure that you will change your opinion about her. Our young friend has seen to some medical miracles she has done. I had a similar experience. On Palomintar Six Mugin and I took care of Ian who had gotten severely wounded in a fire. My brother and I feared that Ian wouldn't survive. It's an odd story, but while we were very concerned about his health and recovery, Shaayla-Car seems to have visited him while he was asleep, using her Force skills to help him heal his wounds. The following days Ian fully recovered in a miraculous way."
"Well said, governor," One of the other members said, "but the Jedi master hasn't told us, why they all have come to Tyr. Am I right, master Jedi, and please correct me if I'm not, but has the young lady - Liane Solichor,as some of you called her, or Shaayla-Car which seems to be her real name - come to Palomintar Four to settle some serious disagreements with Darth Golluth? She knows him well, you said, so she must be familiar with his extreme ideas of becoming the next Sith emperor."
All members of the council nodded. Wedge looked at them.
"You're all very wise people. Yes, Shaayla-Car has come to Palomintar Four, because she wants Darth Golluth to stop chasing her, and threatening the galaxy. She wants to go to Myr and team up with Luke Skywalker. Together with him she wants to seek a way to solve Darth Golluth obsession with her and his ideas about our galaxy, and so do we, Ian Tydon, and master Yarnick Grann and his brothers." He said.
"My conclusion is," Woldin said, "that our lady guest is just as much a victim of Darth Golluth as we are. I suggest, that we should accept the explanation these Jedi masters have given us, and help them to get to Myr unnoticed. The more people and Quelans co-operate in this matter, the faster we might get the results we're looking for. Thank you, master Jedi, and thank you, young friend, for defending the young lady so vigorously."
He looked around, all the other members of the Council of the Elders nodded unanimously.
Toallin and Mugin rose.
"Thank you, master Jedi, for this explanation. You said, you wanted to talk to Shaayla-Car. She probably is waiting outside for you."
Toallin was right, for when the door of the conference room slid aside, Liane was waiting on the plaza chatting joyously with Threepio and Artoo. As Wedge and Yarmod, accompanied by the two Quelan governors, neared; she looked up and held out her hands to say hello to Wedge and Yarmod. For a moment she looked at her padawan friend in wonder, but then she turned to Toallin and Mugin.
"Thank you, for sending your son to Manall's house, after my other friends arrived. I've come back to the village with Talann. My brother has stayed with Manall. He loves to hear Manall's stories about the secret visits of our father Obi-Wan."
Yarmod looked at her and raised his eye-brows. Liane noticed his astounded look.
"It was impossible to keep our family ties secret, Yarmod, especially after Manall, the most respected of the harvest man, recognized Ian as Obi-Wan's son," She said and gently pressed his arm, before she turned to Wedge Antilles, "Wedge, I really didn't expect, that you would agree with my plan to go Palomintar Four."
'Agreeing with your plan, is only one of the reasons why I have joined you, Shaayla-Car Kenobi. I want a word with you, Liane. Is there a way to have private talk,' He continued, using Jedi telepathy.
'We can go for a walk on the hillside outside Cantamaga,' Liane said, and turned to Toallin and Mugin again.
"Ian and Manall have promised, that they will join us for an informal meeting with you, the council members, and all our friends. We want to discuss and seek your advice, about how we will proceed, because in fact we are here illegally."
Woldin and some other members nodded, but smiled as they heard the young woman's honest words.
"The Jedi master has told us already, miss Kenobi." Woldin said, "The members of the council have already decided that we'll give you our support. We'll talk about it one of these days."
Liane nodded enthusiastically, before she turned to Wedge.
"Shall we go, Wedge? Is Yarmod joining us?"
Wedge turned his young friend.
"Yarmod, you can follow your own council now. Maybe you could set these droids to work and assist our hosts and his fellow men. I'll see you, after I have spoken with Shaayla-Car."

To be continued...