A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 74

hewbacca moved cautiously between the sleeping Quelans. For a two-meter creature he managed to make no noise as he stealthily found his way to the place where Chati was sleeping. He bowed over the sleeping girl and tapped her on her arm. Startled the girl woke up. Immediately Chewbacca put his huge hairy hand on her mouth and hushed her. He lifted her from her sleeping place, and walked with her in his arms to the exit of the cave. The Wookiee followed the winding path down to the spot among the bushes where Han's speeder was hidden. He put the young female Quelan on the passenger's seat and pushed the speeder out of hearing range. All the time Chati had looked at the hairy creature without saying a word; amazed, but feeling greatly excited.
Finally Chewbacca maneuvered himself behind the wheel and started the engine. He drove down to the plain in the direction of Ribana. Chati looked aside at her unexpected companion and opened her mouth.
"We're going to Ribana, Chewbacca?"
A grunt and a nod were the answer. Excited Chati looked through the windscreen, but all she could see were the bushes and lower vegetation near the speeder. They moved along in total darkness. The only lights were the tiny blinking dots of the stars in the sky above them. Chewbacca accelerate the speeder's velocity. He seemed to know exactly in which direction Ribana was, but Chati noticed that the Wookiee made a detour to the hills south of Ribana to get near her hometown from a safe side. After more than two hours Chewbacca slowed down. It was still dark, but Chati clearly felt they had reached the southern hills. Finally Chewbacca stopped among the dense forest that covered the hills. He jumped out and lifted her to her feet.
"Why are you doing this, Chewbacca?" She whispered as Chewbacca had joined her again, after he had secured the speeder and covered the vehicle among some dense undergrowth.
The Wookiee grunted a long series of soft growls. Chati put her hand on his hairy arm.
"Thank you, Chewbacca, for your understanding. You also long for your homeplanet sometimes, but you stay loyal to general Solo, your life-long friend," She said, pressing her face against his arm to express her gratitude.
"Can we go and see Ribana a bit more closer?" She asked.
The Wookiee grunted an affirmative and they slowly started to descent among the hills. After a while Chewbacca held her back with a soft grunt.
"We can't get any closer, because surveillance droids might discover us? I understand. Can we stay here till daylight is coming? I want to see the houses myself," Chati asked.
Chewbacca looked around and beckoned her to follow him to a huge tree surrounded with dense bushes. The Wookiee pointed upward and quickly Chati climbed at the lower thick branches which made a comfortable place to wait for daylight to come. Chewbacca sat himself against the huge stem at the backside of the tree. He grunted a few soft words. Chati nodded.
"Fine with me, Chewbacca. I will take a nap, for it will take at least three hours before we can see Ribana more clearly. Will you wake me up?"
She sat down in the fork of several entwined branches, which formed a small plateau. She pulled up her knees and leaned against the stem. Her eyes wandered to the town in the valley below. She tried to penetrate the darkness, but finally her eyes closed and she fell asleep.
Chewbacca woke her up, as the sky started to color, announcing the coming of the new day. Chati stretched and cast a quick glance at her former hometown. The desolated streets devastated her. Chewbacca handed her a set of macro binoculars, so she could see the town in more detail. After some moments she turned to her companion and looked sad, feeling desperate.
"It's deteriorating, so fast. It's only seven years ago, when we had to leave. Look, there's weeds in the gardens and broken windows everywhere. If I tell my parents and the others what's left of Ribana they will start crying."
She jumped down and looked up at her hairy friend with tears in her eyes. Chewbacca put a hairy arm around her to comfort her. He grunted some soft sentences. Chati nodded.
"Yes, master Skywalker, I mean Ben, told me that my father en my uncle have been here and seen what's left of Ribana, but I'm sure they still feel sad about what happened. The gardens in front en behind the houses were always so well maintained. There was an abundance of flowers and greens in every season."
She stopped and looked again at the town below her. Then she turned to Chewbacca.
"Master Skywalker also said that the house in the vineyard is still in a good shape. Can we have a look at it, or is it too dangerous to get there."
Chewbacca looked around, and lifted her. Chati chuckled and put her arms around his hairy neck. With long strides Chewbacca crossed the afforest hill, constantly staying undercover of the dense undergrowth.
Half an hour later he started to descent the hill and vanished among the wilderness of wild grown and tangled vines. The vegetations was so dense and sometimes impregnable that the Wookiee had to seek his path very careful. Finally they reached the building. Chewbacca put the girl down, but firmly held her arm. Chati resisted her first impulse to run to the house and enter it.
"Ben is right," She whispered, "It still looks in good shape, less deteriorated than the town itself. Do you think it's safe to enter and have a look inside. Have you been inside on your first visit?"
Chewbacca nodded and took her hand. Cautiously they neared the backdoor still staying undercover of the wild vines which had overgrown the patio and the walls. Chewbacca pushed the door and it opened effortlessly. They slipped inside and Chati closed the door behind them. Still watchful they started to walk around the several rooms inside. Although some windows were broken and vines grew through the gaps, the rooms were in a safe condition. Chati noticed that much of the furniture was gone. She missed several cupboards, chairs, tables, and the side tables in the corridors, even the carpets had gone. She started to wonder if the strange creature who had turned their lives upside down had taken the furniture to decorate those caves under the mountain. Finally they reached the entrance to lower floor, the wine cellar where the huge containers stood to make the famous wine. The door stood open and Chati hesitated to descent the stairs. She looked at Chewbacca, but he nodded. Aware of any possible dangers they descended the stairs. Chati took a deep breath and started to smile.
"I still smell the scent of wine," She whispered and started to walk around. Whispering she told her hairy companion the use of the different caskets and containers. At the end of the cellar she pushed a door. As it opened with some squeaks she peered inside.
"There's not a bottle left. Probably he has taken our complete stock and drank it."
Suddenly Chewbacca hushed her and pointed up. Startled Chati listened. Above them footsteps were heard. Stealthily, but clearly. Some one had entered the building and was walking on the floor above them. Chati grabbed the Wookiee arm and pushed him through the gap of the half open door. Quickly she slipped inside too and cautiously closed the door without making as less noise as possible. She beckoned the Wookiee to take one of the huge caskets, and put it behind the door so it would be blocked. Chewbacca immediately understood her intention and blocked the door with two caskets, then he wanted to pull the girl with him to the rear of the cellar, but Chati pointed to a slit in the wall next to the door. Underneath the slit were two stairs which allowed her to peer through it and oversee the first cellar. They still heard the stealthy footsteps which were now descending the stairs. Chati shivered and looked at the door. It wasn't completely closed. If this intruder had been here before he might notice the difference. She hoped the casket would prevent the intruder to enter their hiding place. Chati bit her lip and shivered again. Who was the intruder? Was it the guy who had occupied Ribana? Hesitatingly she peered through the slit and to her surprise she saw a young man entering the cellar. He was wearing a dark grey uniform, but the jacket was unbuttoned. Chati watched the unexpected visitor. He took off his uniform jacket and pulled a datapad from his pocket, then he went over to wall, took away several stones and took a small object from the hole. The man sat down on an upturned casket and slit the small object in a slot of the datapad. As the holographic display popped up, he started to listen intensively to the message. As the message ended the man tapped at the display to retrieve another file and started listening again. Chati's eyes started to water and the image of the reading man became blurred. For a short moment she turned her head, blinked and peered again through the gap in the wall. What was this guy doing here? Who was he? Why had he entered her father's house so stealthily? She wanted to pull the caskets away and rush in. Again she had to blink to adjust her eyesight, but then she remembered what Ben had taught her already. She reached out to the Force and suddenly it look like she was standing behind the man, looking over his shoulders. She clearly could see the content of the files he was listening to. The content was puzzling her. The guy was listening to a story about an high ranking officer who had betrayed a emperor. Emperor? The empire was overthrown years ago. Rumors had reached the Palomintar System that the emperor had died in a last battle. Chati released herself from the Force and leaned against the wall. In her mind a plan emerged. As soon as the intruder had left, and he hidden the tiny object or the datapad, she had to take it away, get back to the cave and hand it to Ben. Probably he would know what the meaning of it was and what to do with it. She had to wait patiently till this guy would leave again. Once again she peered through the slit in the wall. The man was still listening intensively, and he also was making notes on the datapad. What was he doing? Was he a spy, or was he collaborating with the cloaked occupier under the mountain? What would she have to do if he didn't leave? The others at the camp would know by now that she and the Wookiee were gone. She estimated that it was near midday, for her stomach was making soft rumbling noise. A grinding noise in the other room alerted her. She start watching the guy again. He had switched off the datapad and was putting the small object in the hole in the wall. He grabbed his uniform jacket, put it on, before he replaced the stones very carefully. He put the datapad in the pocket of his uniform jacket again. Chati felt that the man was doing something very secretively. She continued to watch him as he started to ascent the stairs. He seemed to leave, but he came back and inspected the loose stones once again, adjusting one of them. Then he left again, and this time he didn't return. Chati heard the stealthy footstep above her head again and looked back at Chewbacca who had been standing close to her all the time. Before she told him what she had seen, she reached out with her feelings and was assured that the strange visitor had left.
Chewbacca listened, as she told what she had seen and agreed to her plan to take the small object to their friends, but before he wanted to take the caskets away a loud metal clanging was heard. Frightened Chati look at the Wookiee. Once again she took her place near the slit again and saw with abhorrence that two droids were clambering down the cellar stairs noisily. She withdrew and grabbed Chewbacca's arm. Reassuringly the Wookiee pointed to the caskets behind the door. Chati exhaled and relaxed. Behind the door in the wine cellar the droids were stomping around. This time Chewbacca peered through the slit and saw how the droids seemed to investigate the cellar, as if they were looking for something. After some half hour the droids left the cellar and Chati and Chewbacca heard how they walked through the corridor above them. Finally the whole building became quiet again.
Chati wanted to get the object as soon as possible, but Chewbacca prevented her rash action. He made clear that they had to wait till darkness, before they could leave the place unseen. Reluctantly Chati accepted his proposal and the two companions sat down in the darkness of the storage room. Still on a whispering tone they discussed their encounter with the man and afterwards with those droids.
"Those droids were definitely spying on the man, I think," Chati said.
The Wookiee grunted, but she saw the questioning expressing in his gesture.
"Yes, you're right. The question is, is the man a spy too. Perhaps he is spying on that cloaked man under the mountain. Is he in the cloaked man's service? The message he was listening too, said something about the emperor, but I didn't understand its content."
Her stomach rumbled again and she rose, looking for something to eat, but the cellar was completely empty. Through the split in the wall they could see the small window near the stairs to the upper floor. It was still bright daylight. It would take many hours before they could leave the place unseen.
Chati leaned against a casket and listened to the noises around her. Master Skywalker had said that she should become aware of all the living things around her. She closed her eyes and listening more intensively. Strange, but she always seemed to have heard the little noises of numerous small life forms that were living nearby. She heard the birds outside in the entangled vines, chattering and singing, she became aware of wind that rustled through the leaves, she even heard the gnawing of some caterpillars which were feeding on those same leaves. Outside was a peaceful and quiet world. Slowly her eyes closed and still listening to the many noises she fell asleep.
Chewbacca watched the Quelan girl. He felt a strange attachment to the young female refugee who was so determined to help her people to get their former life back. She reminded him of another headstrong young lady who had saved the life of his friend. He wondered where she had gone, after she had fled Na'ctaMagh'Ba with Leia's padawan Ian Tydon, and Yarmod Martan, the padawan of Luke's friend Wedge. He grunted, as he suddenly remembered that the cloaked man, and Darth Golluth, were one an the same. To Chati's people he had done much harm, and he was a threat to Liane as well. Chewbacca would never allow Darth Golluth to do any harm to one of these girls, nor to his other friends.
Chati stirred and opened her eyes.
"Can we leave, Chewbacca?" She asked.
She rose and stretched. The long wait on the cellar floor had made her feel stiff and a bit cold.
"Have you heard anything?"
Chewbacca grunted and shook his head. Chati sat down on lowest stair near the split.
"It's been a strange day. I never expected we would run into these encounters, but now I wish I would be back in our camp and get something to eat. I'm starving. Aren't you hungry too, Chewbacca?"
The Wookiee grunted and Chati started to chuckle.
"I will ask Cornell to prepare some dried nagawa for you, when we're back. What do you normally eat on board the Millennium Falcon? You love meat, but I guess that master Solo isn't going for a hunt and a kill every day."
Now Chewbacca grunted a chuckle and told her that Han's meals on board weren't always satisfying his appetite, but he managed to control his eagerness for a good piece of meat, until they were staying on a planet longer that a day.
"You've seen the whole galaxy with master Solo, haven't you, Chewbacca? You're really a lucky creature."
Again a grunted chuckle. Chati chuckled too, but then she said very seriously.
"I've never been any further than Cantamaga. It's so boring, being a female Quelan, Chewbacca. Male Quelans can do anything without being reprimanded, but with everything I do, there's always my mother, or my aunt, or any other elderly female Quelans to scold me. I'd wish I had been born as a male. My mother wants me to marry, get a family and watch after my offspring. I can't imagine anything worse. I want to see other planets, meet other species and life forms, and find new friends on different places. Master Kamalin says, I'm very curious and he is right. I want to learn about other places, other people, other species. I don't want to stay on Palomintar Four my whole life. There's so much more to experience."
Chewbacca grunted a long sentence.
"Oh, certainly, there's danger too, but once I'm a Jedi I can defend others against injustice and dangers."
She rose and looked through the split in the wall.
"It's getting dark, Chewbacca. Can you take those caskets aside. I want to retrieve and secure that object. I think it's safe to leave this place soon."
The Wookiee cast a glance through the split and wheeled the caskets back to their original position. Chati pulled the door open and slipped through the gap. Chewbacca followed her with some difficulty, and closed the door of the storage room with some squeaking noises. For a moment they both listened if their presence attracted the attention of unwanted onlookers. They went over to the wall of wine cellar, and Chewbacca took the stones from the wall and took out two tiny memory cards. He put the stones in their place and handed the memory cards to Chati who put them in the leather pocket at her belt. Cautiously they ascended the stairs, left the door to the cellar open, passed the corridor and left the building through the back door. It was almost completely dark. Chewbacca took the girl in his arms again and hurried with her along the entangled vines to the afforest hill. Within an hour they were driving along the plains east of Ribana back to their other friends.
"Before we land at Mos Eisley space port, Yarmod, can we get back to Ben's house. I want to secure the rock with the crystals, I've been using. There are several more crystals inside which can be used in a lightsaber."
"The rock is broken, Liane. You told us, that to create a lightsaber a future Jedi has to choose a solid rock with crystals inside. I think, the rocks we've used are useless now. We'd better go straight to Mos Espa to find you a pair of boots. You can put the rock you've used in the vault in the flight control room. If we meet master Luke you can tell him."
Liane considered Yarmod's arguments, and nodded.
"I will tell Luke about it, and I will accompany him to Ben's house and show him the file Ben has left for him. Set course for Mos Espa space port."
They were nearing Tatooine again at sublight speed. Yarmod piloted the Astreaga with ease. Liane admired his skills. Ian constantly checked their position. As they came in range of the space port Ian asked clearance to land. Without any problems Yarmod landed the space craft in one of the docking bays. Liane ordered Threepio and Artoo to stay and watch after their space craft. After the standard landing procedure they left the space port and looked for a shop where Liane would get herself a pair of boots. They asked several passersby and finally they were directed to a little shop where all kinds of leather products were hanging outside. As they were carefully looking at the different products, the shop owner came outside and asked them what they were looking for. Liane pointed at the boots her companions were wearing and asked if he had something similar for her. The shop owner looked at the padawans' footwear and shook his head.
"I haven't a pair of these ones available, madam, but I can have a pair ready in three days, if that suits you?"
"Three days," Liane said and looked at Yarmod and Ian. The guys nodded.
"I accept," She said, "What your price?"
"Three hundred credits, madam, in cash, if you please."
"That's fine. Three hundred credits in cash and you have my boots ready in three days." Liane stretched out her hand in agreement. Amazed the shop owner took it, then he beckoned the three friends to enter.
"I'll take your measure, madam. You will find that your new boots will fit perfectly," The man said and brought Liane to a chair at the back, "Sit down here, madam. I'll be back in a few minutes."
He left, but returned almost immediately with a very sophisticated looking droid.
"Take the precise measure of her feet the form of her legs and show the results in a holographic image," The shop owner order the droid, "Madam, would you please, take off the shoes you're wearing?"
Liane took off her low boots and the droid started to touch her feet and legs.
"How high do you want your new boots, madam. Up to the knee, as your companions."
Liane nodded and the shop owner instructed the droid. Within a few minutes the droid was ready and a holographic image of a strong pair of knee high boots popped on the display next to the chair.
"What kind of leather, do you prefer, madam?" The shop owner asked, "I would suggest you take this very fine womprat leather. It's absolutely the best, resistant to all weather conditions, and indestructible, but it's also very soft and comfortable, due to a special process which I have developed myself. The fur will keep your feet warm and dry under all circumstances. The soles will be of Bantha leather which has been strengthened with filaments of durasteel, thinner than a hair. What color did you have in mind, madam? I would say take dark brown."
Liane and her friends started to laugh.
"You're really an expert in your profession," Yarmod said, "Liane, if you take this man's advice, you will have a pair of very sturdy boots which will last for years."
"They certainly will, sir. What do you think, madam?"
"I rely on your expertise, sir," Liane said kindly while putting on her old boots.
The shop owner beamed.
"You won't be sorry, madam. Your boots will be ready at the agreed time. Three days from now."
They left the shop and were walking back to Mos Espa's center, when a unexpected yell, calling Liane's old name: Eilidh, caught their attention. Three young men came running in their direction. Liane immediately recognized them.
"Kieran, Ronan, Bran! So good to meet you here, are your other brothers here too. They must be, you're always traveling together," Liane exclaimed and hugged her old friends.
The three Grann brother enthusiastically greeted Yarmod and Ian.
"What are you doing here, Eilidh? Come let us look at you. You're a Jedi padawan I guess," Kieran said, looking at Liane.
"Almost, Kieran," Liane said.
"I guess, that commodore Skywalker is your master," Ronan commented.
"He will be shortly."
"Come with us, or are you in a hurry. You have to tell us all what has happened to you and commodore Skywalker. Hey, Yarmod and Ian, are you both already Jedi Knights. No, you aren't, you're still two padawans. Where are your masters?" Bran asked.
The three brother pulled Liane and her friends with them in the direction of the space port.
"Yarnick, Brion and Conor are discussing necessary checks and repairs to our ship. We're docking here for at least three days. It's nothing serious, but Yarnick wants a thorough check of our ion-engine and the hyperdrive motivator. They will be delighted to see you again."
Cornell, and Ronall were looking at Chati with stern faces. Luke, Leia, and Han were silently observing the reprimands they gave the girl.
"You should have let us know, what you're intended to do, Chati," Ronall said.
Chati looked at the young harvester with undisguised contempt in her eyes.
"And have you tell me, I can't go. By the way, it was Chewbacca who took me with him. He is more sensible than you are, Ronall," She snapped, "He understands my feelings."
"Mayan Taollini, you're a female ...," Cornell started, but Chati interrupted the harvesters' leader, "Don't call me, Mayan, master Cornell. I hate that name. I'm Chati, and not Mayan."
"Mayan is the name your parents choose when you were born," Cornell said sternly.
"Yes, and they choose a wrong name. My father later changed my name to Chati."
Cornell sighed.
"You're impossible for a female Quelan. You never listen to what we are saying."
"We!" Chati said defiantly, "Are you talking about the Quelan males. You're right, but it's you who never listen to me. It's going on for years. Any plan, any idea I came up with, was always been swept away, and discarded as useless chatter. But I'm finished with your patronizing me, I am going to do what I want to myself. I want to retake Ribana and get our people back to Myr. You can help, or you can leave me to carry out my plan on my own with help of others."
Chati's voice had become furious and frustrated.
"You even haven't asked Chewbacca and me, what the outcome was of our nightly trip. You only came up with reprimands and silly acquisitions. Who do you think, you are, Ronall, my boyfriend, my future husband?"
Ronall's olive-green cheeks slightly colored.
"Enough, Mayan. You're talking to my son, and I forbid you to address him the way you do," Cornell said surly.
"Can't Ronall speak for himself," Chati snapped, "does he still need his father's protection?"
"Chati, calm down," Luke Skywalker's soft Jedi voice sounded suddenly, "Look at Cornell's words from a different point of view. Chewie and you left the safety of our camp and went to Ribana, only to satisfy your curiosity. Remember that Cornell carries the responsibility for your safety. Your parents still don't know what you did, or where you are, and Cornell doesn't want any harm to be done to you."
Chati's expression lost the clear anger and frustration she felt.
"I apologize, master Cornell, for my last comment about Ronall," She said.
Cornell still looked at the young female with a similar frustrated look on his face.
"If you were one of my men, I would find an appropriate punishment for your disobedience, Chati, " He said roughly.
"What do you have in mind, master Cornell?" Chati said quirky, "I don't want to be treated differently because I'm a female."
Cornell looked at the obstinate girl.
"Alright, if you want to be treated as an equal, you will be punished as an equal. Tomorrow I want you to work near the waterfall on your own. No one will, or may give you a hand. I will tell you what I expect of you, and you have to carry out my orders all by yourself." Cornell said.
"That's fine with me, master Cornell. I will accompany you tomorrow morning to the waterfall. "
"Get inside, Chati, and get something to eat. You too, Chewbacca," Cornell grumbled and left the entrance of the cave, followed by his son.
Inside the cave the other harvesters looked up as Chati and the Wookiee entered. Chati looked at the broth which was steaming in the pan, grabbed a plate and heaped a large amount of broth on it, then she went to Chewbacca and handed him the plate and a spoon.
"There's meat in this broth, Chewbacca. Eat your fill, if you want more, there enough to get a second serving." Chati said.
She took another plate and scooped two spoons on it. Without saying anything to the other harvesters, she sat down next to her Wookiee friend and started to eat. All the others watched her in amazement. Suddenly Han walked over to Chati and Chewbacca and laughed.
"I like what you did, Chati," He said, "Not the way you did it, but I understand why you did it."
"Thank you, master Solo. Chewbacca has been with me all the time. He protected me and I'm sure he would have defended me if the situation would have run out of hand. It didn't we've been very careful."
Chewbacca grunted a long sentence and nodded in agreement. Chati jumped to her feet and filled Chewbacca's plate again. The Wookiee grunted with glee. Chati cleaned her own plate and sat down.
"Maybe there is someone who is interested in our experiences?" She asked.
Luke heard the defiant tone in the girl's voice again. He intercepted her look and shook his head. Immediately Chati looked at him guiltily.
"We certainly are, Chati," Ronall said, "Tell us, what does Ribana look like? Is there anything left of the town."
Chati heard a kind of unfulfilled desire in the young harvester's voice. He wasn't a bad guy. In fact he was nice and kind, but she hated the way he treated her because she was a girl. He could help his behavior. He had be brought up with the traditional way of the Quelan community in which the females were the ones who did all the domestic duties and the males were doing their outside chores. Problem was that she didn't want to fit in this traditional way of life.
"There's a lot of work to be done in Ribana, after we will be back there," She said, "I haven't been in the town itself, for that was too dangerous. Chewbacca warned me there could be surveillance droids spying around. I've looked at Ribana from the southern hills. It's a sad view. Our gardens are a mess, weed is growing in the streets, and I've seen many houses with broken windows."
She silenced. The other Quelans were silent too.
"What about your father's vineyard, Chati, have you seen that too?" Ronall asked again.
Chati nodded.
"Chewbacca took me there. The grape plants have overgrown everything. It's a wild and tangled mess of vines. I was lucky that Chewbacca cleared the path to the house. The house is pretty well, although most of the furniture has gone, probably it has been stolen."
"You've been inside. Wasn't that dangerous to do?" One of the harvesters asked.
"The grape vines grow to the rooftop. They cover almost the whole building. The backdoor was open and we slipped in. As I had inspected the groundfloor, I went to the wine cellar. The door stood open and I wanted to see what was left in there. Luckily most of the equipment, my father and uncle use, to ferment the grapes are still there. There is still a faint smell of wine."
"At least that is good news for our governors," Cornell said.
"They have seen it, Cornell," Leia said, "Before we've got to Cantamaga, we've made a stealthy visit to Ribana and the vineyard."
Cornell nodded.
"And after you have seen your old home you and Chewbacca went back?" Ronall asked.
"We couldn't," Chati said, "We had to hide in the storage room, for there was an unexpected visitor. We heard him coming. He descended to the cellar, a young man in a uniform, but he wore his jacket very untidy. I watched him through the small window next to the storage room door. He sat down on an empty casket and took a datapad from the pocket of his jacket. Next he took out some stones in the wall and took out these." Chati took the memory cards from the pocket on her belt and held it out. She turned to Luke.
"Ben, I use your teachings to find out what the guy was reading and listening to. I managed to use the Jedi's power to sneak behind him, not really, but I could see what he was doing. I don't understand what I saw. Maybe one of you can find out what's on it. After the guy had listened to those holographic words he switched off the datapad and put two of these in the hole behind the stones. He put the stones back and left. Chewbacca and I immediately made a plan to take these memory cards with us, but before we could act, two armed droids came down the stairs and searched the cellar. We decided to wait until it was dark again, before we would leave and take these memory cards with us. It was a long wait, and we became very hungry. Ben, can you figure out what the guy was listening to. Maybe it's important for us too. Chewbacca said the guy probably is a spy, but then those droids are spying on the guy. He might be in danger. I feel, that we should warn him, that he has been followed."
She handed the memory cards to Luke. Astonished the others looked at the girl. Ronall expressed his admiration for her what she had done.
"I apologize, Chati. I made a wrong conclusion."
Chati shrugged her shoulders.
"That was all. And although I did some sleeping in the storage room, I'm tired."
"We'd better get some sleep all of us," Cornell said.
"Don't forget to wake me up, early tomorrow, master Cornell," Chati said and rose. She went over to her sleeping spot, wrapped herself in the rough blanket and turned to the wall.

To be continued...