A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 77

ou've met the guy?" Leia asked, looking at her brother with concern, "So he knows, he isn't the only human on Myr. Isn't that dangerous, Luke?"
Luke shook his head.
"He is indeed what we suspected: an uncover agent of the provisional imperial government. He has to report to Coruscant about Trevor's future plans to revive the empire, and eventually prevent him to get those plans into fruition. He has infiltrated the realm near Ribana under the alias of Doran Whain, but I recognized him after he reprogrammed the droids which had been following him. He is professor Nori Thai. He suggested that I should team up with him."
"Do you trust him, Luke?" Han asked.
"For the time being, yes, I do, and I have to. I have no choice. But I have to remain cautious, because he has also been given the order to intercept Liane, and if necessary eliminate her."
Han looked at his brother-in-law outraged.
"And you want to team up with a guy who wants to harm Liane? Kid, you're out of your mind. We should eliminate him as fast as possible. Liane is on her way to this planet."
"That's indeed what worries me, Han, but at least I know Nori Thai's order, so I can remain one step ahead, and avoid a confrontation between him and Liane. I have told him, that Liane is my padawan learner, so he probably understands that he shouldn't do anything foolish."
"You're still a naive farm-boy from Tatooine, Luke," Han grunted, "Leia, can't you tell your brother, he is the one who is behaving as a fool. We have to find Liane's whereabouts real quick now, for she truly is in danger."
The three friends looked at each other. Luke sighed.
"Trust me, Han. Nori Thai won't harm Liane," He said, but he saw that Han Solo wasn't convinced.
"I going to contact general Madine, Luke, and tell him about that undercover agent. I want Mon Mothma to tell that provisional imperial government on Coruscant to withdraw the order that puts Liane's life in danger."
Han walked over to the infocom of the Millennium Falcon and established an encrypted connection with the Tychorion. Within minutes general Madine's holographic image popped up.
"General Solo, at last. The Astreaga has been found. The ship has landed at Mos Eisley's space port on Tatooine. Mon Mothma ordered me to send Luke to Tatooine to pick up his ship and our three runaways immediately, but I couldn't reach one of you down there in time, so I send Wedge Antilles. He must have reach Tatooine by now, maybe he's already on his way back to the Palomintar System. I told him to board the Astreaga onboard the Tychorion, for I want to question our three fugitives about their flight. Maybe it's an idea if Luke joins me if I question them."
Luke activated his own holo-image, looking at Han, Leia and Chewbacca with some relief.
"Thank you, sir, for taking care of my ship. If the Astreaga lands on board the Tychorion, can you keep Liane there? Ask Wedge to bring Ian and Yarmod down to Myr. He has to land at the coordinates of the Falcon."
"I will do as you ask, Luke, after I have questioned those three myself, if you don't mind. Taking your space ship without your consent certainly is severe infringement of the order those padawans had been given."
Luke grinned.
"I'm not so sure, that Ian and Yarmod are to blame for their flight to Tatooine, general. To me it's more an action of Liane Solichor."
"I will questioned that young lady once again. I hope she will be a bit more cooperative, than on her former interrogation. I let you know, and I will keep her onboard the Tychorion, if necessary I will detain her," Madine said laughing.
"Thank you, general. We also have something to discuss with you," Luke said.
In short Luke told general Madine about he encounter with Nori Thai and the orders the young professor had been given. Madine listen attentively and nodded.
"So that's why you want me to keep Liane onboard the Tychorion. I fully agree with you. I will contact Mon Mothma. She can contact Coruscant and asked for the withdrawal of that particular order. Let's hope the imperials are willing to believe her."
"Maybe she can refer to our cooperation with Nori Thai to keep Darth Golluth under double surveillance," Luke said.
"I tell her, Luke. Anything else to report. How are things going down on Myr?"
"Steady, sir. It's an advantage that you and Gold Squadron are keeping an eye on the Basilisaea." Luke said elusively.
"We do our job, as you do yours. I'll contact the Falcon again as soon as have news from Wedge Antilles."
The holographic image disconnection. Luke look at Han, and saw the relief on his friend's face.
"I know what Liane means to you, Han. I hope this will reassure you about her safety."
Chewbacca grunted a long sentence at Luke.
"Chewie says that Nori Thai will meet his destiny if he dares to harm Liane, and I fully agree with my co-pilot," Han grunted, "You'd better keep away, if this Wookiee gets really angry."
Ronan, Bran and Conor were on their way back to the docking bay of their freighter when Bran suddenly pointed at a human who was walking in front of them.
"Another Jedi Knight?" He whispered, "Who is that? He doesn't look like Luke Skywalker from behind."
"I think this guy is looking for Eilidh and her two Jedi friends, boys," Ronan answered, " Let's follow the guy and try to find out what he is up to."
"A Jedi seems to feel if he's being followed. We should stay away as far as possible," Conor commented.
They turned and walked back along the other side of the street. Every now and then one of them turned his head and informed the others.
"He is going to the docking bays at the other side of the space port. Isn't that the direction where Ian and Yarmod have secured their space ship?"
"We don't know for sure. They never invited us to have a look, neither did Eilidh," Bran said.
They walked around the corner and stopped.
"Shouldn't we warn Ian and Yarmod?" Conor asked.
Ronan said nothing, but seemed in deep thought. Suddenly he looked at his two brothers.
"I think I know who he is. Remember that Jedi Knight who joined us on Endor with the special forces of the New Republic. He was the commander of a special squadron and a friend of Luke Skywalker and his sister."
"Commodore Wedge Antilles," Bran exclaimed, "That's him, and if I remember correctly Yarmod is his padawan. He must be looking for him and Ian. Guys, I think, there is more to the story of Eilidh and her Jedi friends. She didn't tell us the whole story. Her reactions to our questions last night, were odd. That wasn't the Eilidh we know."
"You mean she's hiding the truth about their trip to Tatooine," Conor said.
"Whatever the truth is, it's none of our business, guys. We have to warn them. It's up to them to decide what they want to do next. Let's get back to our ship, for I think, there some trouble ahead," Ronan said.
They resumed their walked and quickly found their way to the docking of their freighter. The three brothers walked up the ramp and met their brothers who were discussing their next trip to Palomintar Four.
"These are the coordinates of Ribana, the town were the Quelans used to live," They heard Ian say, "These other coordinates mark the spot where we've landed with the Millennium Falcon to assist those harvesters."
"Landing near Ribana can be dangerous," Yarnick remarked, "You said, that that guy Darth Golluth has his underground realm nearby. I suggest we will use the landing spot of the Millennium Falcon. Presumably we will meet Luke Skywalker there too."
You have to change your plans," Conor interrupted.
The others looked up.
"What do you mean, Conor?" Brion asked.
"We've seen a Jedi Knight heading for the docking of your ship, Yarmod," Conor continued, "Bran thinks, it's the commodore of that squadron unit that helps us on Endor: Wedge Antilles was his name, wasn't it?"
Yarmod, Ian and Liane looked at each other.
"Are you sure, Bran?" Liane asked.
"We haven't followed him to the docking bay of your ship, but he was walking in that direction. Are you in trouble?" Conor asked, noticing the worried looks Ian and Yarmod shared. Liane sighed.
"We might be held accountable for taking the Astreaga without telling any one," Liane commented thoughtfully, then she continued, "We will tell you the other reason for our flight to Tatooine once we're on our way, but we certainly need your help now, otherwise our plan to go to Palomintar Four might be jeopardized."
Yarnick raised his hand reassuringly.
"We promised we would help you, and that promise stands, but we have to change our original plan."
"Maybe you should stay with us, and leave the Astreaga here in the docking bay. We can lift off immediately," Brion said.
"You don't know the powers a Jedi Knight has, Brion? Master Antilles surely knows we're here. He must have already felt our presence in Mos Eisley through the Force," Liane said.
Yarnick looked at her. He rose and beckoned his brothers.
"You'd better discuss this matter in private, Eilidh. Come on, guys, we're leaving them alone for a while. It's not a problem we can solve. Our advice definitely won't help them any further," He said, casting Liane a understandable look.
Liane cast him a loving smile.
"Thanks, for understanding, Yarnick. It's indeed better, if Ian, Yarmod and I think about what to do next."
The Grann brothers left the main control room. Yarmod looked at Ian and Liane.
'I have felt my master's presence already, so he surely knows I'm here. He has made an attempt to reach me, using Jedi telepathy. I didn't respond, but I expect him to find out where I am. However I have a suggestion, that might work out for you, Ian, and Liane,' He said, using the Jedi way to communicate,'You've been in Ribana, and also at the spot where the harvesters are working out their plan. You told me that Luke decided to stay with those men. You know the exact coordinates of both spots. You also had a Force vision about Ribana and Liane running through the deserted streets of the town, and you know what Darth Golluth looks like. You even know where to land on the other continent of Palomintar Four if necessary.'
Ian nodded.
'I do,' He said. Looking at his friend, he suddenly understood what Yarmod had been thinking. Yarmod nodded imperceptibly.
'You leave Mos Eisley with the Granns and Liane as soon as possible. You've been her guard before, so why not take up your old mission. You can help your sister to find master Luke, and the Granns will certainly help you fighting Darth Golluth,'
Liane who had followed the discussion in silence, shook her head.
'We shouldn't get separated, Yarmod. We should stick together.' She said.
'Shaayla-Car, you should leave with your brother while you can. I will go to the Astreaga and tell my master the reason for our flight from Na'ctaMagh'Ba. I'm sure he will understand.'
'But he surely won't agree with the rest of our plan,' Liane objected.
'Before he will start looking for the two of you, you're gone with the Granns,' Yarmod said, 'And I'm not going back to the Astreaga, before you have taken off.'.
'Are you sure you will be able to convince Wedge?' Liane asked, 'I don't want you to get in trouble, Yarmod.'
"Leave that to me, Liane. My master is a reasonable guy. I'm sure he will approve, because Ian and I have stuck to our mission to protect you," He said grinning, but Liane didn't look really convinced.
'Do you agree, Tama-Hinn?'Liane asked and looked at her brother. Ian nodded.
'I will tell the Granns our decision, Shaayla-Car,' He said, and left the main control room. He found the six brothers talking to the docking bay supervisor. Yarnick walked over.
"We've our clearance to leave. What have you decided? Is Eilidh coming with us," He asked.
"Liane and I will come with you to Palomintar Four. As soon as we're away we will discuss our landing spot there," Ian said.
"What about Yarmod?" Yarnick asked.
"He is taking care of the Astreaga and will join his master after we have left. I expect that master Antilles and he will go to Palomintar Four, or back to Dalmaran. Yarmod will let us know."
Yarnick looked at Ian.
"I feel that you're worried, aren't you, Ian?"
"I am, Yarnick. Although our flight from Na'ctaMagh'Ba was the only thing we could do, I think, that Yarmod and I still will be held responsible for our flight, even if we were still carrying out the mission we've been ordered."
On board the Astreaga a complete different conversation was taking place between Wedge Antilles and Threepio, after the Jedi's arrival in Mos Eisley.
"I can't tell you all the details about the way they left the residence, master Antilles, for most part of our journey to Tatooine I was locked down. I remember we left the residence, but my next memory is that we were in a cave outside in some wild country. Master Yarmod brought us to master Luke's space ship across the broad water. Once we had lifted off, mistress Liane argued a bit with master Yarmod and master Ian, because she wants to go to Palomintar Four to meet master Luke. I told her it might be a dangerous decision."
"Why did they go to Tatooine first?" Wedge asked.
"Mistress Liane wanted to go to the house where master Luke's master Ben once lived. We have stayed there for almost a month. I went with the other masters to Mos Espa to get new supplies. We nearly lost our way, because we met with a sandstorm and had to seek cover under a rock. It's all very strange, master Antilles. When we left the Jundland Waste mistress Liane decided the ship should stay in orbit around the planet, and afterwards master Ian said, that she was a real padawan. We went back to Tatooine to land in Mos Eisley, and Artoo and I were ordered to stay and watch after the ship. Master Ian and master Yarmod were here two days ago, but they left again. Artoo and I don't know where they are now."
"Thank you, Threepio," Wedge said, "Luke will be pleased, for you and Artoo haven't been left behind in the underground residence."
"Mistress Liane insisted that we would be taken with them. I hope you will find them all soon, master Antilles, so we can get back to the residence," the protocol droid commented.
"I will, Threepio," He answered, "Carry on with the order you've been given, so stay in the Astreaga, and have her ready for take off."
Wedge went over to the cockpit and sat down in the co-pilot's seat. He reached out to the Force and noticed the presence of the three fugitives. They were still around somewhere in Mos Eisley, but where did he have to look for them? He had felt them almost immediately after he had landed with the transport ship.
After his arrival, he had informed the commander of the space port about his order to take over the command of the Astreaga on behalf of the Supreme Chancellor. He had gotten permission to access the Astreaga, where Threepio and Artoo had welcomed him. Once inside he had checked the ship log and found that the ship had landed at the coordinated of Ben Kenobi's former home in the Jundland Waste, had lifted off, but had returned to Mos Eisley space port five standard days ago. After these first investigations, he had left the space port area and had walked around in the town center reaching out to the Force to find the three runaways. Using Jedi telepathy he had also urged his padawan to contact him, but Yarmod Martan hadn't responded.
During his walk around in the town center, he had noticed three very familiar faces: three of the six brothers he had met on Endor. He had felt that the three guys had recognized him too. They even had tried to follow him from a distance, but Wedge had deliberately ignored their presence, and avoided a confrontation. He had gone back to the docking bay of the Astreaga and had asked Threepio and Artoo to tell him what the droid knew about the flight from Dalmaran. The two droids had confirmed his earlier findings.
Wedge leaned back in his seat, but immediately he sat upright again, and smiled. He activated the ship's log again and started searching the database for some particular information. It took him only a few minutes before he had found what he was looking for. He memorized the information, closed the log and left the ship. Composed, but convinced he had found a clue where to look for his padawan and the other two, he went to see the ground staff of the space port and asked them further information about the Corellian freighter of the six Grann brothers. To his relieve the freighter, which had arrived at Mos Eisley space port more than a standard month before the arrival of the Astreaga, was still docked in the older docking stations of the space port. During their stay the six brothers had been busy with their normal trading business, but they also had hired a number of maintenance droid to carry out maintenance jobs and repairs on their ship. Liane must have met her old friends coincidentally, and Wedge assumed that the Granns would know where he could find Liane and the two padawans. The freighter's departure had been scheduled for the day after tomorrow, so there was enough time to pay the Granns a visit.
"Are you absolutely sure about this plan, Yarmod? I have a bad feeling about it. Maybe we should all get back to the Astreaga and explain to Wedge why we left Na'ctaMagh'Ba," Liane said, "Leaving you here in Mos Eisley on your own, doesn't feel good."
"Stop worrying, Liane. Stick to your plan. Those Force visions you have had about your encounter with Darth Golluth must be a kind of warning. You told me that Darth Golluth showed you master Luke, laying on a burial pyre. Your presence might be needed to avoid a terrible mistake, or even a disaster. Go to Palomintar with your brother and the Granns. I'll manage, and I will join you and Ian on Palomintar Four, as soon as possible. We know how to reach each other. Now, go, Shaayla-Car, and may the Force be with you," Yarmod said and give her slight push.
"As soon as I'll meet Luke I will tell him everything what happened, Yarmod. Our flight shouldn't be the cause of trouble between Wedge and you," Liane said. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him on his cheek, "Take care, Yarmod, may the Force be with you."
Liane walked up the ramp of the freighter. Yarmod stood on the platform, watching her go. Ian Tydon and Yarnick Grann walked over to him.
"See you on Palomintar Four, Yarmod," Ian said.
"Take good care of your.... Liane, Ian," Yarmod said. They shook hands. Yarmod Martan turned around and left the docking platform, while Yarmick and Ian entered the ship. The ramp lifted and closed. Yarnick walked over to the cockpit and ordered his brother Brion to start the engines. The ion-engines started to roared and slowly the ship started to hover. Yarmod turned around at the entrance door of the pit and waved a last goodbye. He passed the doorway and entered the deserted command post. Through the window he watched, how the freighter vertically left the docking pit. Once outside the wall the ship accelerated as more power was fed to the engines.
Yarmod turned away from the window and looked at his master who was standing in the doorway. Wedge Antilles watched how the Corellian freighter vanished into the sky above Mos Eisley, before he turned to his padawan.
"We'd better get to the Astreaga, and follow them, my padawan. You know where they are heading, don't you?" He said.
"To Palomintar Four, master," Yarmod said, looking straight into his master's eyes.
"Then we certainly have to follow them immediately. You can tell me what happened in Na'ctaMagh'Ba and the reason for your flight, as soon as we're in hyperspace. Come on, Yarmod, we haven't time to loose." Wedge said.
They left the docking station and hurried to the platform where the Astreaga stood waiting with her engines already at idling speed. Wedge contacted the traffic control center and got his clearance to leave. Yarmod had already gone to the cockpit, ordering Threepio and Artoo to be ready for lift off.
Wedge entered the cockpit, "You flew the Astreaga to Tatooine, Yarmod."
"Yes, master. Ian said I was the better pilot."
"He right, so take us out and set course to Palomintar Four. After I have heard your story, we will discuss the way how we can help Liane and Ian," Wedge said calmly and sat himself in the co-pilot's seat.
A bit embarrassed Yarmod sat himself in the pilot's seat, pressed the control button and took the joystick in both hands. With precision he slowly pulled the joystick to him. The ship hovered about the platform, rose, and as Yarmod increased the power to the engines the Astreaga left the space port of Mos Eisley. Wedge fed the navi-computer with the coordinates of Palomintar Four and once outside the gravity field of Tatooine the Astreaga disappeared into hyperspace.
Darth Golluth looked at Doran Whain suspiciously.
"My droid guards told me, that you took a walk again in the hillside around Ribana, colonel." He said.
"Being locked up in this dark, humid maze of caverns is really healthy, my lord. It would also do you good to take a walk outside every now and then," Doran Whain said.
"I did, but those empty houses are very depressing, don't you think, colonel,"
"They are, my lord. The town is deteriorating slowly. Within a couple of years it will be fully overgrown with weeds, but walking in the hillsides around the town is refreshing."
"Maybe I should order some of my droids to demolish the town. Those empty funny domed homes have become ugly buildings, but the streets and the plazas are well paved. It would be nice to take a walk without seeing the ugly buildings."
Nori Thai, alias Doran Whain, looked at the cloaked figure on the dais. Suddenly the figure raised his head again and looked at him.
"My droids also told me, that you have been visiting that vineyard outside Ribana. They saw you entering the house. Is that correct, colonel?"
Whain nodded.
"I visited the house to inspect the wine cellar, my lord. The Palomintar Quelan Wine is famous on Coruscant. Did you ever taste it?" Whain said carefully.
"Taste it?" Darth Golluth said and burst out in a roar of laughter, "Taste it? Of course I have."
The self proclaimed Sith lord rose and beckoned Whain to follow him. While they walked through the underground realm, Darth Golluth kept laughing and chuckling. Finally he stopped at a rough wooden door. He took a key from his girdle and unlocked a padlock. He pulled the door open.
"Have a look, colonel, here take this flashlight," Darth Golluth said, chuckling and grinning.
Whain entered the dark cave, ignited the flashlight and looked around. The whole cave was filled with hundreds, maybe even a thousand of bottles, laying in niches, and resting on beds of dried leaves and branches.
"Take a bottle with you, colonel, when you're finished," Darth Golluth laughed.
Whain took some time to read some of the labels, then he took a bottle from one of the niches, and returned to the passage. Darth Golluth took the bottle from him and nodded approvingly.
"Excellent choice, colonel. I can see that you're a connoisseur. Come with me. We will drink and bring out a toast to the Quelan wine makers of Ribana."
Darth Golluth locked the door and walked back to the main cave, where he ordered his major domus to bring two glasses. He uncorked the bottle himself.
"Sit down, colonel. Here taste this drink. What do you think of the vineyard house? Empty, and ugly as the houses in Ribana, don't you think?"
"There's not much left of the inventory and the furniture," Whain remarked cautiously.
"Of course there is not. My droids brought every chair and table, cupboards and dressers to this underground residence. I needed to decorate this place, after I took control of the surrounding area. So, what was easier than to take every piece of furniture I needed from those deserted houses in Ribana and the vineyard building. I also took the complete stock of bottled wine with me. More than twelve hundred bottles, colonel, were stacked in their store room. Take a sip and enjoy this beautiful wine."
"What are your further plans, once you have brought lady Vader to Palomintar Four, my lord?" Whain asked, carefully taking a sip from his glass.
"She is going to teach me everything her father Darth Vader has taught her. She is the last one in the galaxy with Sith knowledge. That knowledge is invaluable, colonel, for if mastered it gives a person ultimate power and control. A Sith lord can control and manipulate everything. I need to master this knowledge to take control again on Coruscant, eliminate the provisional imperial government and revive the glory of the empire," Darth Golluth emptied his glass with an elated glance in his eyes, "I will be the next emperor and lady Vader and her two Skywalker siblings will be my three powerful assistants: one dark lady and two Jedi Knights."
Darth Golluth poured himself another glass of the wine. Over the brim of his glass he watched his companion.
"What would you say, colonel, if you could become one of those assistants too. Lady Vader can also share her knowledge of the Dark Side with you. Are you willing to accept such a generous offer?"
"Difficult to say, my lord. I don't know if I have the same skills as the three Vader children," Whain answered cautiously.
"Anyone can master those skills, colonel, like I will master them. Let's make an agreement. As soon as lady Vader has arrived her I will tell her that you and I want to learn and practise the knowledge of the Sith. If we have mastered that knowledge we imprisoned lady Vader here, supervised by my droids. The two of us leave for Coruscant, taking with us the other two Vader children as our assistants and apprentices."
Liane, Ian and the six Grann brothers sat in the control room of the Grannd Traveller.
"We will reach Palomintar Four in eight hours," Yarnick announced.
Liane smiled, "We owe you all an detailed explanation. Unwittingly we have drawn you into our affairs and problems. Let me tell you what happened to me after I returned to Dalmaran with Luke."
Sticking to the essentials of her stay in the underground residence on Na'ctaMagh'Ba Liane told her old friends how she and the two padawan had decided to leave and flee, once the residence had been discovered and attacked.
"After I had that frightening Force vision of Luke laying on a burial pyre for a second time, I knew I had to go to Palomintar Four myself. When the residence came under attack I knew it was time to leave. I have told you already why we went to Tatooine first, before we wanted to set course to Palomintar Four, but there something else that happened to Ian and me while we were staying in Ben Kenobi's old home."
For a moment Liane's thoughts trailed off. The six brothers looked at her, respecting those moments of contemplating.
"I have met the Force ghost of Ben Kenobi several times," she continued, "Luke told me that a Jedi can seek consult and advice from those who went before him. I'm not a Jedi yet, but already on Endor I met Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker as Force ghosts. Ben's Force apparition also turned up several time while I was staying in Mon Mothma's residence. He advised me, guided me, and taught me about the ways of the Jedi. While the three of us stayed in Ben's house in the Jundland Waste I stumbled upon a delayed message in Artoo's memory banks. In the message Ben Kenobi asked Luke to go to Corellia and seek out his son: Ian Tydon."
"What!" the six brothers exclaimed in unison. Liane raised her hand.
"Let me tell you what happened after I heard the message. Once again Ben's apparition appeared and he asked me, no, he almost begged me to tell Ian that Ben was his father. I also had to look for the entrance of a hidden cave behind the alcove where I slept. There I would find all I needed to tell Ian the truth about his birth. In the hidden cave I found a metal box with a datapad. The data on it revealed the truth not only of Ian's birth, but also of my own. Ben Kenobi was married to my mother Severini Solichor. Ian was their son: Tama-Hinn Kenobi. During the rise of the empire Ben brought him to safety on Corellia, but he had to leave my mother who was pregnant again on Morantan. Severini gave birth to a daughter, but the situation on Morantan worsened as imperial forces invaded the planet. Anakin - Darth Vader - discovered my mother's hiding place on the island of Ferlusa. He killed her in a lightsaber duel, and took me, her daughter, with him, and brought me up at the Dark Side of the Force."
The six Grann brother watched her, as she silenced and put her hand on Ian's arm. After a few minutes Kieran hesitantly asked, "Ian is Ben's son: Tama-Hinn. Severini Solichor is your mother, but also his. Does that makes you his sister, Eilidh,"
Liane nodded.
"I'm Severini's daughter, and Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi is my father. I'm Shaayla-Car Kenobi. Tama-Hinn and I are siblings, and the offspring of two Jedi Knights."
"Now I understand why you've chosen the Jedi path as your guidance, Eili... sorry, Shaayla-Car," Ronan said.
"What a incredible story!" Bran muttered.
Completely baffled the six Grann brothers looked at Liane and Ian.
"You're the children of the great general who fought in the Clone Wars: general Obi-Wan Kenobi?" Kieran exclaimed
Liane and Ian nodded in unison and Ian said, "We are, and it makes me very happy to know that Shaayla-Car or Liane or Eilidh, as you have named her, is my sister."
"I remember that Marek once told me about him, when I asked him about the man on a holographic image in his office. He was a great admirer of general Kenobi, he only had met a few times," Yarnick said with a thoughtful look in his eyes,"He had met the general shortly before the collapse of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire. Marek had been assigned as a rookie pilot in the one of the squadrons which were under the commands of the last Jedi forces. When the Empire took control Marek went back to Rasth and married our mother, Aalijah. In the years afterwards he made himself a living as a local trader while taking care of his family. When he heard rumors that the empire was making plans to invade and occupy Rasth he brought his family to different safe places and joined the Rebellion against the empire. He told Aalijah that he wanted to find out if he could get in touch with general Kenobi again who he greatly admired. It was a long shot. After the Civil War he told Aalijah that he hadn't succeeded and that the rumors were that the general had been killed during the Civil war. "
"Our father died in a lightsaber duel on the first Death Star. He knew he wouldn't survive, that's why he left a message in the memory banks of Artoo for Luke Skywalker." Liane continued.
Conor shook his head, "So Darth Vader killed both your parents. You must hated him for what he has done."
"No, Conor, I don't. I've learned what happened to him. I won't say he isn't to blame for what has happened to him, nor what he has done to this galaxy for such a long time, pursuing the remaining Jedi, killing them and so many opponents of the empire. Anakin's biggest problem was that he couldn't cope with the events that could change his life. He wanted to stay in control of everything that happened to him and to the ones he loved deeply. The imbalance of his emotions made him vulnerable to the influence senator Palpatine, the Sith lord and emperor Darth Sidious, had on him and the temptations and promises that Darth Sidious had predicted," Liane said softly.
"What about you, Ian?" Bran asked.
"I only know him by name, Bran. I never met him. I grew up on Corellia with my foster-family. Of course I've heard stories, but I've lived a quite protected life during my youth. My foster-parents probably kept me away from everything that could reveal my true identity. I agree with my sister. She has been brought up by him, she has learned a lot of Force use that only belongs to the Sith lore, but from the moment Anakin met her, after he had killed our mother, he took care of her. My sister has forgiven him, and so do I," Ian said calmly, looking at Liane, who smiled.
"Bran, his own children have forgiven him, so who are we, the children of his life-long friend Obi-Wan, to condemn his deeds. Ben and Anakin were once very close friends, before Anakin fell victim to the Dark Side. Luke believed in the spark of goodness in his father, and he was right. When the emperor threatened to kill Luke, Anakin redeemed himself of the temptations of the Dark Side and embraced the Good Side again. He killed the emperor to save Luke's life, but at the expense of his own. He died as the Jedi Knight he once had been."
"You Jedi are very generous, Eili... Shaayla-Car," Yarnick said, "I now understand, why Marek admired general Kenobi. I'm sure that Marek would be greatly honored if the children of Obi-Wan Kenobi would pay him a visit."
Liane started to laugh and gave her friend a push.
"Your parents know me. I am still grateful for the way they wanted to help me, when I had troubles remembering my past. I promise you, Yarnick, that Ian and I will come to Rasth and stay with Marek and Aalijah for a while, but first I want to set thing straight on Palomintar Four. Trevor Matrek has to be stopped."

To be continued...