A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 57

he Millennium Falcon had made a disguised landing in the forested valley near the mountain ridge. Han had kept his cloaking device activated while landing. Now the ion-engine died out and he heaved a sigh of relief, before he turned around in the pilot chair and looked at his family with a large grin.
"How did I do it?" He asked.
"Excellent, darling," Leia said and gave him a quick kiss, "You enjoyed the chase, didn't you?"
"As in the old days, sweetheart. Well, folks, we're on Palomintar Four at the spot where the harvesters want to work out their part of our plan. We'd better start unloading their equipment."
He rose from his pilot's chair, but Luke held him back. Through the passageway to the control room the mumbling voices of the thirty harvest men were heard. Luke raised his hand and the door of the cockpit locked.
"We have to have a quick counsel. The presence of the Basilisaea changes our plans. It's unfortunate that we had to attract the Basilisae's attention to the Falcon to safe the Quelans on Tyr. If admiral Vestor has teamed up with Darth Golluth; the admiral might land one or more squads on the planet to make sure the Falcon hasn't landed on Myr. We have to make sure, that the harvesters aren't discovered. I want you, Han to go back immediately to Dalmaran with Leia and Ian, and give a full report to our Supreme Chancellor. Tell her we need support from our fleet to keep the Basilisaea at bay. Leia, I want you and Ian, to go to the underground residence and pick up Wedge. He's the commander of the Gold Squad, the Supreme Chancellor might need him and his men to give us back up. Don't stay in the residence, go back to Irithim immediately. Ian, you will stay with Yarmod and Liane. You two are responsible for Liane's safety. "
"Yes, master," Ian said.
"What about you, kid?" Han asked.
"I'm joining the harvesters and if necessary I will defend them against a possible attack of stormtroopers."
"If they send more than one or more squads you outnumbered, kid."
"You underestimate the harvesters, Han. Did you see those weapons they're carrying. If necessary I'm sure, they can defend themselves."
"You want Ian and Yarmod to stay with Liane?" Leia said concerned.
"I know, what you're thinking, Leia, but this time I won't tell Liane these changes immediately. If she objects I will tell her she has to accept what we tell her."
"Why didn't you find yourself a more obedient girl friend, Luke," Han said grinning. Chewie grunted a kind of laughing comment.
"Because she reminds me of some one I know very well, Han. I see his face every morning when I do my hair." Luke laughed, "Liane is the other, maybe, the better side of me and vice versa. She and I have the same character, just like you and Leia."
Han looked at his brother-in-law. The expression of care and compassion in Luke's voice struck him.
"So, in the end, we want help from our government." He commented, "Just as I proposed from the beginning."
Luke laughed even louder.
"Maybe I should listen more often to you, Han, and rely on the Force a little less. Shall we proceed. I want you to leave with the Falcon as soon as possible. Keep that cloaking device activated until you're away in hyperspace."
Han grinned.
"This is not the first time I want to out run any imperials, kid."
Luke rose and unlocked the door. He walked over to the harvesters and quietly explained the changes in the plan. Cornell and his men calmly but fully agreed. They became active immediately.
"We'll get our stuff stacked in our main cave, master Jedi. Let's do it quick, boys."
The thirty men jumped to their feet and followed Chewbacca and Han to the cargo hold. Luke went outside. He looked around and tuned in on the Force, but he found nothing alarming. Together with Cornell he did a quick inspection of the cave where Cornell wanted to set up their main camp. Luke was astounded about the deep cave Cornell had chosen and made him a well deserved compliment about the spot.
"You have to know this spot, master Jedi," Cornell said, "Otherwise you won't notice the entrance."
Cornell pointed to a forest of dense trees on the mountain ridge.
"Behind those trees the river forms that waterfall, we've been talking about, to the other side of the mountains. Under this cave begins the network of the original riverbed, before those earthquake blocked that way. My men have worked out a plan to force the river to resume its original course under the mountain. We have worked on these plans many years before that intruder took control of Ribana, before he set up his realm under the mountain. The work became to dangerous, when his stormtroopers raided Ribana. Moreover our governors asked us to bring our fellow citizens to Tyr. So you're staying with us, master Jedi. We're a close gang, master Jedi, but if you're willing to roll up your sleeves, I bid you welcome to join us."
"Thank you, Cornell. I'll carry on with the part of the plan my friends and I had in mind. I want to investigate the river outlet near Ribana. Toallin told me that entrance of Darth Golluth' realm is near the place where the river use to resuface again. Possibly we might join forces, as you're doing research at the entry point of the orginal riverbed. We'll discuss our plans later, shall we?"
Cornell walked back to the Falcon and Luke wanted to go over to his four friends when he felt a familiar Force influence. Silently he cheered. Quickly he hide out of sight among a group of large boulders, closed his eyes and became one with the Force.
Inside her private quarter Liane had taken the Jedi-pendant in her hand. She had decided not to give in, but neglect Wedge's advice, but her disappointment about what had happened prevailed.
"This isn't fair. He is ruining everything I've done. I'd wish Luke was here. Luke wouldn't have ordered me to dismantle the waterfall cave. He loved the place as much as I do." She murmured, stubbornly holding on to her own idea.
'What's the matter with you, my dearest comrade? You seemed to be quite angry with Wedge,' A concerned voice sounded on the other side of her room.
Liane looked up and saw the apparition of her friend standing in front of her. She looked at him; a stubborn frown on her face, but Luke also felt her disappointment.
'Liane, tell me, what's the matter?' Luke said gently and stretched out his hand in an attempt to comfort the girl who was clearly struggling with her disappointed feelings and her rising anger.
"Master Antilles is not the friend you said he was, Luke."
'Control your feelings, Liane, and tell me what went wrong between Wedge and you?'
"He wants me to dismantle the waterfall cave and give up all my other explorations. I have to take away the lamps and the rope. I don't want to do that, Luke. I need to go there, whenever I want to meditate," Liane said surly, expressing her frustration.
'Did Wedge tell you, why he wants you to give up the waterfall cave? Does he want you to give up that particular cave or has he said more about your explorations.'
Liane looked at him and all at once she understood he knew what was going on.
"He told to you, didn't he?" She asked suspicious.
Luke shook his head.
'No, my dearest pixie, he didn't. Maybe he will, but first you have to tell me your point of view. Why has he disappointed you? What did he advice you?'
Liane sat upright. She took a deep breath to control her mixed feelings and looked at Luke who had taken a seat opposite her.
"Master Antilles told me that I shouldn't do anymore explorations, after I had shown him all the caves and caverns I found. He did not agree with what I have done to illuminate the waterfall cave. After he had looked around, I thought he approved my work and liked the cave, as you do."
A little calmer Liane told Luke everything that had happened, after she had shown Wedge Antilles the map of her explorations. She had visited the waterfall cave together with Wedge..
"He seemed very interested and I took him to several other caverns and caves and finally I returned with him to the waterfall cave. As I said, I thought he liked it, but he said I had to give up all the caves and caverns I had explored, especially the waterfall cave. He said I had to take away the lamps and everything that make that cave so wonderful."
'So Wedge approved your efforts, but he told you dismantle everything afterwards. I want you to think about his words. You've done all these explorations when we all thought you were safe in Mon Mothma's residence. None of us had the idea that it would be possible for an intruder to find you in the underground residence of Mon Mothma. I have seen the map of your explorations and there was one thing that struck me.'
Liane listened intently to Luke's calm explanation.
'I want you to recall the map of your explorations in your mind, Liane. Can you do that?'
Liane nodded.
"Of course, I can. That's easy, Luke. I know the map by heart."
'Can you tell me on which side of the residence all those caves and caverns of your exploration branch out?' He asked using his Jedi voice.
"They all branch out be... Oh, is that what master Antilles meant?" Liane said astounded, suddenly feeling ashamed.
'I'm sure he does, Liane.'
"Did you also got the same idea, after we had visited the waterfall cave?" Liane opposed weakly.
Luke shook his head.
'No, I didn't, because I thought your explorations didn't seem dangerous. You've told me that the extra double blast doors are completely sealing off the entrance of Mon Mothma's residence, but what about those other caves you've found.'
"Any one can enter them, because there's a broad chasm next to the entrance of Mon Mothma's residence."
'See, that's why my friend has advised you to dismantle the waterfall cave. Can you imagine, what could happen if an intruder would found the rope and the lamps in the waterfall cave.'
Liane sighed visibly disappointed.
"Luke, I get the feeling that it is no longer safe for me here."
'You still are safe, my dearest pixie. Stop worrying about your safety. My friend and his padawan will take care of you. Please, trust Wedge, Liane, and rely on his judgment. He doesn't want to upset you, he wants to protect you as I've asked him to do.'
"I understand, Luke. I will do as you and master Antilles advice me, for if you would have been here, you would have told me the same, wouldn't you?" She said with a deep sigh.
'I certainly would have asked you to do the same, my lovely eternal partner. Promise me, you will reconsider Wedge's advice. Give up that beautiful cave for a while. If Leia and I have dealt with your adversary, you can put those lamps back.'
Now Liane started to laugh.
"If you have dealt with Trevor Matrik, I no longer have to stay here. I can leave this place and you're coming to pick me up, aren't you, Luke?"
'You bet I do,' Luke said laughing too.'Feeling better, Liane.'
"I do, Luke; thank you, my good friend, for being so patient always. Thank you for listening. Mezorahimed dejan Forka tusale, Luke."
'Mezorahimed dejan Forka tusale, Liane.'
Luke's apparition vanished as Liane released herself from her Force connection with him. Her disappointment about Wedge's advice had vanished. She adjusted her clothes and went to the living. Wedge and Yarmod looked up when she entered.
"Master Antilles, when do you want me to dismantle the waterfall cave," she asked. Her voice trembled, for suddenly she really felt ashamed about her unreasonable behavior towards him.
Wedge stood up and walked over to her. Liane tried to smile, when she felt his compassion. Like Luke he truly was a Jedi Knight and he wanted to be a friend.
"I will do it for you, Liane, if you have any difficulty with it." He said.
"Maybe that's a good idea, for it feel strange to me to give up all my explorations. Should I delete my explorations on the map too, master Antilles."
"Secure the map on a datacron, Liane, before you delete your explorations, for they might be valuable in the future. Haven't you told me that the Supreme Chancellor wants to have the waterfall cave as an expansion of this residence?"
In the hidden cargo hold Chati rubbed her head. The bumpy ride of the Millennium Falcon had left her with the feeling to be black and blue all over her body. Carefully she stretched her arms and legs. She sighed relieved as she discovered that she was only a bit bruised. She had just finished, when the cover plate was lifted. Bright light entered the dark place and Chati blinked to adjust her eyes. To her dismay a man jumped in the cargo hold and started to pull at the crate which she had used as his hiding spot. She couldn't do anything to prevent her discovery.
"What are you doing in here?" A stern and irritated voice asked.
Chati recognized the voice of Cornell, the leader of the harvesters.
A strong hand pulled her out of his hiding place.
"I asked you something, Mayan Fonaldris?" Cornell said sternly.
"Master Cornell, please, don't get angry with me. I only want to participate in the liberation of our city."
"You're always interfering with other people's business. You're a nuisance, Mayan, a annoying nuisance. Come on, I'll take you to master Skywalker. Before we left Tyr, he was wondering if we had seen you."
"Please, master Cornell, don't do that?" Chati begged.
"Why not, afraid he'll punish you with his Force knowledge. Maybe he knows a Jedi way to send you back to your parents."
"Please, master Cornell. I want to help to retake Ribana, so we all can move back to Myr again. Master Kamalin said I always have been a great help, when we had to set up our new way of life in Cantamaga."
"Kamalin has always been defending you. You're a spoiled, reckless girl, never behaving as a female Quelan should do. Well, I have to think about what I have to do with you. I can't let you stay on board this ship. I fear that general Solo isn't a very forgiving person, when he finds out that you've been hiding in his ship. I don't think he would like it to find you on board his ship as he is on his way to Dalmaran."
"General Solo is going back to Dalmaran? Isn't he going to help you and master Skywalker."
"The general and his wife, his co-pilot and her Jedi apprentice are going to Dalmaran to get help from the New Republic's government."
"That's great, master Cornell. Now we can go back to Ribana very soon."
Suddenly Cornell hushed. Quickly he lifted the cover of the crate, took out several pieces of equipment and motioned Chati to get inside. Quickly he threw her bag inside the crate, before he put the cover on top, when Chewbacca put his head through the opening of the hidden cargo hold."
"Oh, Chewbacca, can you give me a hand with this crate," Chati heard him say, "I can't lift it on my own."
Chewbacca grunted and Chati heard how Cornell climbed out the cargo hold. Almost immediately the crate was dragged out the cramped space.
"Chewbacca, be careful, please, it's content can be easily damaged. Can you put it inside the cave entrance?"
The big Wookiee hoisted the crate effortlessly on his shoulders, walked down the ramp of the Falcon and brought the crate to the indicated place. Very carefully he lowered the crate and put it down.
"Thanks for your help, Chewbacca," Chati heard Cornell say, "No, this was the last crate with equipment. I can handle it further alone. I guess, you and general Solo want to leave as soon as possible, don't you? Have a good flight to Dalmaran and we hope to see you back with the fleet of the New Republic."
Chewbacca grunted a kind of goodbye and Chati heard how the Wookiee walked away. She tried to move, for in the cramped space her arms and legs began to feel numb. Suddenly the cover of the crate was taken away and Cornell dragged her out again and brought her inside a shallow alcove. The harvester's leader whispered sternly, "Stay here and don't move. I'll have to get you a proper outfit, so that nobody recognizes you as Toallin's daughter. I'll be right back."
Cornell left. Chati huddled in a corner of the shallow niche, trying to become invisible for spying eyes. Within a couple of minutes Cornell returned with a pack of heavy clothes. Chati recognizes them as the normal outfit of a deputy harvester. Cornell ordered her roughly to change clothes. When Chati had changed Cornell grabbed a pot of dark greenish-brown liquid and began to smudge the olive skin of the girl's face, arms and legs. Finally he took a pair of scissors and cut off the four long pony tails that grew at the top of her head.
"I haven't a mirror to show you the result, but now you're looking a bit more like one of us harvesters. While you're here, I'm going to treat you as one of my men and I want strict obedience, do you understand. Do exactly as I order you. Here is a belt with a set of our standard equipment, a blaster, two poniards. Be careful with them and only use them if you're in danger. I've told the others about you. Stay among them, they will protect you. Oh, and stay away from Jedi master Skywalker. He also has joined our group. You should avoid his company, for I'm sure he won't be pleased with what you have done. Now come with me. Act as the others do. No, you don't have to thank me or the others. We're doing our duty. You're the governor's daughter and I want to get you back home in one piece if this is all over. Oh, by the way, your name is Fanoll, don't forget."
Chati followed. The clothes and the belt felt heavy and in the beginning she found it difficult to walk in a casual way, like she had seen of the other harvesters. Cornell brought her to the rest of the group. Some of the men grunted a kind of greeting, others silenced only cast her a quick stern look, but one of the younger guys stepped forward and petted her on the shoulder.
"Hi, Fanoll, I'm Ronall, Cornell's son. My father has asked me to make you familiar with our weapons and equipment. Follow me, I found a spot where we can practise without being seen. Dad, I'm leaving, see you later."
Cornell waved and Chati saw his lips move, as if he wanted to say, she had to stay close to her new comrade.
Luke came out of his Force trance, blinked with his eyes and walked over to Han and Leia.
"Where have you been?" Han snapped impatiently.
"Talking to a very rebellious and frustrated girlfriend, Han," Luke answered and winked at his sister, "She had an argument with Wedge about the explorations she has done."
"Can't she solve that kind of problems herself. Does she need your advice in everything?" His brother-in-law commented.
"Sometimes she still does, Han. I assume that Wedge's direct advice to dismantle the waterfall cave threw her off balance and irritated her. Liane is actually very fond of that place, and I agree with her. It's wonderful. I had to make her understand why Wedge wanted to abandon that spot."
Han shrugged his shoulders.
"Why didn't she accept his suggestion immediately?" Leia asked concerned.
"Because, Leia, she finds it difficult to see Wedge as a friend. To her he is a stranger, although he is a Jedi Knight, like me. She still addresses him with master Antilles, she never calls him Wedge. It's a matter of trust, I presumed. I will have a word with Wedge after you have gone."
"Did you tell her about the changes in our plans?" Leia asked.
Luke shook his head.
"I didn't. I leave that up to you, Leia. You first have to convince our Supreme Chancellor to send some help. If she refuses there is no need to go to the residence to pick up Wedge."
Chewbacca interrupted the conversation with several impatient grunts. Luke started to laugh.
"You have to go, now."
He walked up with them to the spot where the Falcon stood. Chewbacca, Ian and Han boarded. Leia kissed her brother.
"Take care of yourself, Luke," She said.
"I will, my dear sister. If you visit Liane, tell her I always think of her," He answered.
Leia smiled.
"I won't forget that, Luke."
"Oh, and remind your husband to keep the cloaking device activated, until you've entered hyperspace. I don't want any unexpected visitors on Myr."
"I'll remind him, but I'm sure he already knows, otherwise Chewbacca will remind him."
She walked up the ramp and some moments later it closed. The Falcon started to hover about the grassy plain. Luke saw Han wave his hand and then the ship suddenly vanished.
"That was a very fast departure, master Skywalker," A voice said, "I wonder, how he did that?"
"He activated the ship's cloaking device, Cornell, so it's invisible for spying eyes."
"Nice feature, should be a real help if every species could get invisible too in that way," Cornell grinned.
Luke laughed too.
"It sure would be, Cornell, but as far as I know there's no way yet for humans to become invisible, like you Quelans. How are you doing?"
"We're setting up a camp inside the cave. You talked about spying eyes, well I hope our presence here will not attract any unexpected visitors. I've also found a nice separate place for you, master Skywalker, so you have some privacy."
"That's very generous of you, Cornell. There are indeed moments I want to be alone," Luke said.
"I saw you hiding behind those boulders a while ago," Cornell said and pointed to the group of boulders Luke had used, "I know a Jedi sometimes needs a place where he can be alone."
"Where did you get that knowledge, Cornell?" Luke asked a bit surprised.
"My father had two Jedi friends. Sometimes they visited him here on Palomintar Four, but after the empire was founded under the leadership of emperor Palpatine he never met them again. My father once told me about your kind. In fact he was very proud that he had known some Jedi, and could call them his friends. That's how I know about your need for some privacy. Shall we get inside. The men are preparing a meal. It's not very luxurious, but it's healthy and nutritious."
They got at the cave entrance. Huge thick bushes which seemed impenetrable, concealed the cave entrance. Through a short winding path they entered the cave. Cornell showed Luke a wide alcove which was for the most part hidden behind one the cave walls. At the wall a soft glowing lantern had been fixed and the alcove was furnished with some nagawa furs as a place to sleep.
"It looks primitive, master Skywalker, but our needs are always sober."
"So are the Jedi, Cornell."
One of the men warned Cornell that their meal was ready. Cornell took Luke to a central cave where the men had set up a circle of flat boulders. In the middle a small electronic furnace heated the place. On top of it a large steaming metal bowl contained a broth with a delicious smell. The men sat down, each of them collected a smaller bowl from a stack next to the furnace and dished a portion of the broth. Luke calmly waited for his turn, when he suddenly became aware of a strong Force flow when a young deputy harvester walked to the center to get some food. He observed the young man with an unfathomable look. The young man turned his head and their eyes met. It looked as if he was startled, for he quickly took a scoop or two from the broth and got back to his seat. Luke followed him with his eyes. The young man covered his face with the cowl of his tunic and started to eat in silence.
Lieutenant Whain looked up at Darth Golluth who stood on the dais in the audience cave.
"You did a good job, lieutenant," he said in a low voice.
The young officer didn't respond. Silently he looked at the man who held him against his will in this underground network of caves.
"It pleases me, that I can indeed communicate with my spies on Dalmaran again. Tell me, lieutenant, seem to know precisely where the girl might be, don't you, lieutenant?"
"Not precisely, if you mean I can give you the exact coordinates of the place, I can't." Whain said.
"You could do me a great favor, if you could find those precise coordinates, lieutenant," Darth Golluth said.
"I don't know if I want to do you a favor. You're keeping me hostage against my will," Whain said furious.
"Of course, I do, you're an excellent technician, what do I say, a more than excellent technician. I can make use of your talent, and I want you to find out at which exact location those calls of the rebel leader Mon Mothma were aimed. You said on your first visit she called a communication system at Na'ctaMagh'Ba. One of my spies accessed the system with a stolen code, probably provided by you, but he was connected with Mas'onom space port. Can you explain what went wrong?"
"Nothing went wrong," Whain grunted, "Your spies were fooled. Somehow the hack of Quoith's computer system had been discovered. Those technicians on Quoith have shut down the complete communication system of the New Republic, cleaned it and went looking for the source of the interruption. Your system was highly unprotected. It was very easy for them to infiltrate your system and check what you have been doing."
"Can you give me access to their computer again?"
"Unlikely. I've already run a test hack to get into the Quoith system again, but they set up an extremely strong protection layer this time. It prohibits any type of backdoor access."
"So they can enter my system, but I cannot access theirs. Lieutenant Whain, I downloaded very valuable information from their system. I need that information again, for it contains very interesting facts about a Jedi and some friends of him."
Whain looked at the hooded person and started laughing mockingly.
"Don't try to be secretive with me, my lord. I know who you're after. Those Jedi are Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Skywalker Solo, the wife of general Solo. They are twins and the offspring of the dark lord of the Sith, Darth Vader."
"Don't you know a little bit too much for a subordinate, lieutenant?" Darth Golluth snapped.
"It's common knowledge on Coruscant," Whain answered and shrugged his shoulders.
"I want you to find that file for me again. As long as I don't have the information I need about those Jedi, you won't get a proper meal anymore. Is that understood? You're also not allowed to rest. My droids will keep you awake. And now my dear lieutenant, my killer droids will escort you the communication area again where you will stay, until you've found that file again. Droids! Manacle this guy and make sure he can't run away."
Luke stood between the branches of the bushes that camouflaged the cave entrance. He looked at the line of forest trees near a mountain top where at the other side the river fell down in a waterfall. For a moment he closed his eyes and tuned in on the Force to feel the far off gurgling of the falling water. The sound worked soothingly on his mind. The last glimpses of daylight had nearly died out and the sky overhead had become a velvet black with tiny sparkling lights. This part of Myr was peaceful and Luke wished he could keep it that way, but he knew that his wishes would remain unfulfilled desires as long as he hadn't been able to eliminate the malice Darth Golluth impersonated. He, or his sister, were the only ones who could confront this Dark lord, but he was the only one who could fathom the magnitude of the knowledge of the Dark Side, because he had experienced the power of the Dark Side on that Second Death Star, when Darth Sidious had nearly killed him.
'Luke, can I have a word with you,' the calm voice of his friend Wedge Antilles, reached him through the Force.
Luke smiled and let the Force take over his thought pattern.
'I know why you want to speak me, Wedge.' He said.
'You spoke to Liane, didn't you?'His friend asked.
'Liane reached out through the Jedi-pendant. The two of you had some argument, hadn't you?'
'Yes, we had.'
Luke noticed some slight frustration in his friend's voice.
'Have you solved your argument with Liane?'He asked.
'I did. After you had talked to her she agreed to take away all the objects that could betray her presence. I offered her to carry out that task. She agreed and seemed relieved.'
'I still feel some frustration in your voice, Wedge. Are there any other problems between Liane and you?'
'I hoped she would see me as a friend after I had done her that favor, but she stays aloof, unapproachable and withdrawn. She is friendly and good-natured, but I feel tension between her and me. She still addresses me as master Antilles, as if I'm a stranger and not a friend.'
'That's part of her upbringing. On Morantan my father put her in charge of the imperial domains if he wasn't there. She carried out that task very well, but she is used to make her own decisions, which makes it very hard for her to rely on others, who have a different point of view. Don't blame yourself, Wedge. I absolutely sure she appreciates your company, for she knows how much knowledge you posses and she is eager to learn. You also must keep in mind that you represent the New Republic. She knows you as the commander of the Gold Squadron, the New Republic's elite forces. In her eyes you, as Jedi Knight and a space commander, represent a greater authority than I do, for she doesn't know me as the Gold Squadron commander. I'm sure that you two will become the best friends.'
Luke noticed that his friend relaxed.
'Don't bother too much about her behavior. See it as a kind of disguised admiration for you,'Luke added.
'Thanks Luke. I was really wondering if I estimated the situation completely wrong.'
'You didn't and Liane knows, that she was wrong. After my talk with her, she came to the conclusion herself that there was a real danger if those objects would be left unguarded. By the way it might be that your stay will be a bit shorter than I had in mind.'
Luke quickly informed his friend about the presence of the Basilisaea in the Palomintar System.
'If Mon Mothma agrees to send us support, you might be involved. If that's the case Leia will come to the residence with her padawan, Ian Tydon. You and Leia will go back to Irithim and Ian and Yarmod will stay to protect Liane. Keep this information to yourself, Wedge, for we're not sure if Mon Mothma is willing to interfere.'
'I'll wait and see, Luke. May the Force be with you.' Wedge said.
'Same to you, my friend.' Luke said.
The influence of the Force vanished and once again Luke paid attention to the now completely in darkness shrouded environment. He remained outside the cave for a long time, thinking about what Wedge had told him about Liane. He was sure that he was right about the interpretation he had given, but he also knew Liane's headstrong will and outspoken opinion.

To be continued...