A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 60

uke cast a look around him. He let the broad beam of the ion-torch hover along the walls of the deep cave and compared what he saw with the holographic image on his infocom.
In front of him the cave sloped downward at a regular angle going almost flat under the mountain ridge. To the right at the same level a shallow tunnel was visible. That was the new entrance Cornell and his men had been working on, before they had to evacuate the people of Ribana. Through the Force Luke sensed the heat and the tremors of the underground lava flow which created a far off buzzing and humming.
"There no real danger at this level, Ben," Cornell commented as he had seen Luke's systematic observation, "The lava flows at a sufficient distance below the mountain ridge. It only erupts at some pits at the other side of ridge near the eastern shore. The lava flows underground westwards and reaches the ocean, following an underground bend far north of this ridge. The tunnel in front of us is the original riverbed. The old river flowed partially more or less on top of the lava flow which heated the water. Where once the river emerged to the surface again it has been forming a lake with relatively warm water. I'm told that in the past - long before I was born - the houses in Ribana were heated, using the water from the lake."
"As far as I can see, the original bedding is completely dry. How long ago did that earthquake take place?" Luke asked.
"Many generations ago. There are only a few records of those who as witnessed the earthquake itself in the archive in Ribana. Years ago the harvesters conceived several plans to restore the old flow of the river. We've been working on it during the seasons we were staying on Myr."
"I've studied those plans and I think some of them are feasible. You want to redirect the waterflow near the first waterfall into a new water basin, before it falls perpendicularly to the other side of the mountains," Luke pointed at the holographic image on his hand and continued, "Next you want to create a new canal on this plateau to that new entrance you're digging."
"That's right, Ben, but sometime I fear it still will take a hell of a time to get it done."
"If you don't make a start, it will never be finished, Cornell. You said you developed a special technic to pulverize the rock without using explosives."
"Using explosives would be dangerous, because that might cause unwanted cracks in the underlying rock layers. Those cracks might devastating explosions at unexpected places or moments if water would seep into those cracks and get in contact with a lava flow. The rock layers between the river and the lava flow have to be kept untouched. So we developed a special form of rock freezing. We cover the rock with two layers of transparafoil. Between these layers we've inserted a dense network of thin hollow fibers filled with a liquid which freezes the moment we send a laser beam through it. The network with the frozen liquid freezes itself on the rock and cracks it, leaving only splinters and shards. It took several years of experiments before we were successful, but our last attempts, before Ribana was occupied, were hopeful. On Tyr we have continued our experiments, but Tyr has a different climate. We couldn't simulate the exact circumstances as on Myr. May I show what we have achieved. This way, Ben."
Together Cornell and Luke walked into the right tunnel where at the end Cornel's men were busy attaching the transparasteel foil at the rocky wall. They worked highly concentrated and with great precision. Luke watched them closely as the end of a string of fiber was attached to a laser beam generator.
"We're ready, Cornell," A man, who listened to the name of Marboll, said.
"Switch it on then, and see if it's still working." Cornell said.
The laserbeam was activated and to Luke's surprise a enormous cold wave spread through the tunnel.
"Keep it running,"Cornell said and turned to Luke.
"The freezing process takes about an hour. As soon as we see slivers of rocks are beginning to fall from underneath we can stop the process and take away the fiber foil. The pulverized rock can easily be dumped outside our base cave."
Luke looked amazed at the freezing layer of transparifoil.
"This reminds me of the way our technicians created our hide-out on the ice-planet of Hoth, except that they didn't use freezing, but inserted the fibers with boiling hot water. Within no time they create a whole network of caves in the ice layers." He said.
"Did you fight in the Civil War as a Jedi Knight?" Cornell asked.
"I've got my Jedi training during the war, Cornell. After we had defeated the empire I thought we would get a time of peace, but our leaders still are facing unexpected uproar."
"I thought, there was a truce and a ceased fire." Cornell remarked.
"Oh, yes, but those who signed the truce and agreed with the ceased fire aren't the ones who are opposing the New Republic. Take for instance Darth Golluth who has occupied Ribana and exiled its people. He is one of our imperial enemies who still hopes to revive the old days of the empire."
Some soft cracks were heard and Cornell walked over to the spot were his men were working.
"It's working, Cornell, exactly the way we expected."
"Stop the freezing, we're going to remove the rubble. Ben, can you gives us hand."
For several hours all the harvesters, and Luke, were busy to shovel the pulverized rock in small baskets which were hoisted to the surface to be discarded. It was a strenuous job and the heat inside the underground cave network made the men's clothes were soaked with sweat. None of them however complained about the work, in stead they were in a cheerful mood about the success they had achieved.
Wedge and Leia were standing on the artificial terrace and looked at the sunken submersible.
"We might be able to get it above the water surface, but it will be difficult to turn it," Leia said, "The ceiling here is too low."
"Maybe we can turn it in the huge cave next to the entrance," Liane said, pointing to the chasm next to the transparisteel doors, "It's the first cave to the left. In fact that chasm is the first cave."
"The chasm doesn't look wide enough," Ian commented, looking very concerned.
Liane looked at the sunken vessel and back to the opening of the chasm.
"I'm sure we can do it," she said a bit snappy, "We're all Force sensitive. Maybe we don't have the skills of master Yoda, but at least you, Leia, and you, Wedge are fully trained Jedi Knights."
Wedge Antilles looked at her and started laughing as he saw the determined look in her eyes.
"I'll start with it, Liane, and I want you to support me," He said and beckoned Liane to position herself next to him.
"Do as I do, Liane, remember Luke taught you to raise that heavy door in the tunnel using the Force," he said, while he stepped forward with his right hand stretched out. Hesitatingly Liane also raised her hand. She felt how Wedge used the Force's power to surround the upturned vessel. She closed her eyes and let the image of the submersible fill her mind.
Leia beckoned Ian and Yarmod move over to the chasm. The two padawans watched the efforts of Wedge and Liane with great intentions. Ripples formed on the surface of the water as the submersible began to rise slowly. Soon this ripples changed into small waves and slowly the bottom of the vessel emerged. In awe the two padawans saw the vessel rise ever higher until it completely hovered above the surface with the top hatch down. Liane and Wedge had completely tuned on the Force, using their combined strength to held the vessel in a firm Force grip. Slowly they started to move it to the opening of the chasm.
Leia was watching the boat's movement, when she suddenly grabbed the sleeves of Ian and Yarmod.
"You two, get further inside the chasm. We're going to support them."
She pushed them further, until they stood halfway inside the chasm. Leia stepped between them, grabbed their hands and raised them.
"Now concentrate on the Force you two and see the submersible hovering above the water."
Ian and Yarmod followed her lead and increased her Force power. The bow of the vessel was now halfway inside the chasm, but the Force power of the Wedge and Liane still kept it aloft.
'Keep your focus on the Force, Liane' Wedge said through the Force, 'Yarmod, Ian, increase your combined Force strength with master Leia's. I will slowly push forward. You slowly pull. If we're inside we'll push it sideways inside the cave on the left.'
'Yes, master Antilles' Two voices answered in unison.
Slowly but steadily the boat drifted inside the chasm. Once completely inside Wedge and Liane started to push sideways, while Leia, Yarmod and Ian joined their combined strength. Step by step they managed to get the boat inside the cave where they gently turned the vessel over in its normal position, before they put it down on the cave floor.
'We all can release ourselves from our Force trance. We did it.'Leia said with a cheerful voice.
Liane and Wedge released their Force concentration. For a moment the five friends stood watching the dripping vessel. Then they looked at each other.
"Excellent use of the Force, Liane. You must have had an intensive training on Morantan," Wedge said and laid his hand on Liane's shoulder.
Liane looked up at him, remembering her long talk with Anakin Skywalker.
"I had, Wedge. Thanks to Anakin's training I could help you and Leia. Anakin taught me the feel and use Force to a great extent. I had to practise his teachings over and over again," She said and turned to the entrance, "I am going to instruct the techs to get it up and running again."
She went back to the entrance and came back with the seven tech droids, Artoo and Threepio. The latter still sounded depressed as Liane asked him to instruct the droids.
"You'd better forget what went wrong, Threepio, for you're the only one who can communicate directly with these techs," she said.
Threepio translated her order to Artoo and the barrel shaped droid communicated and instructed the techs which went to work immediately. Quickly the droids installed several durasteel scaffolds to keep the vessel in place, then they started to check the power source, the wiring, the actuator and the gearing. For a moment the group of humans watched the busy bunch, then Leia turned to Liane.
"Can I send a procon message to Mon Mothma about what happened, Liane. I want to tell her I have some delay." She said.
"Then Artoo has to reconnect the communciation system first. Are you sure it's safe to use the communication system again? Mon Mothma has warned me not to use it. Wedge, what do you think?" Liane asked.
"Sending a procon message is safe, Liane. The encryption method the system uses, is hard to break. Just send one message, Leia, don't ask the Supreme Chancellor to reply. We should still have be cautious. Have Artoo disconnect the system again immediately after you've send your message," Wedge commented.
Leia ordered Artoo to follow her to the library. Liane and the two padawans walked to the terrace with Wedge Antilles. Yarmod and Ian were discussing their new Force experience. Wedge complemented them with their strong Force support.
Chati was staring into the darkness of the cave. She thought about her work at the underground riverbed level. While shoveling the rock splinters into the baskets she had listened to the harvesters. They had been talking light-hearted about the possibility to change the course of the river to its original bedding under the mountain. That old bedding was accessible through a wide gap in the other wall of the riverbed cave. She also had overheard the words of master Skywalker and Cornell. The harvester had told the Jedi about the old days when the river had flown behind Ribana, forming a lake with warmed-up water.
Chati wondered if the old bedding under the mountain was leading straight to the place where once the river had emerged to the surface again. She estimated that the length of the old underground riverbed had to be at least some twenty standard kilometers. It must be possible, if the bedding would still be intact, to reach the spot near the entrance of that strange network of underground chambers and galleries where that strange looking cloaked man who had destroyed the Quelans old way of life, was hiding himself.
She sat upright and wrapped her arms around her knees. She thought about the small town of Ribana and the happy time she had had there with her friends and family years ago. All that and more had vanished with the coming of that strange looking cloaked man and his squadron of imperial soldiers. What would the city look like now, after it had been deserted for seven years? Probably a lot of work had to be done to restore the houses after master Skywalker and his friends would have dealt with that fellow. She would love to see Ribana beforehand and see if she could already make a plan to help her fellow citizens to rebuild the town.
A crazy idea flashed through her mind. If she would go down to the riverbed tunnel and see if she could follow it to the point where it had reappeared in the past, she could probably sneak to Ribana and have a look around.
Chati reached for her bag and rummage carefully to find her flashlight. She fastened it at her belt, and checked the weapons Cornell had given her. Without making a sound she crawled on hands and knees away from the sleeping harvesters until she reached the pit where the dangling ropes lead to the riverbed level. She grabbed a rope and slowly started to descend into the pit. Halfway down she wanted to reach for her flashlight, but the other ropes hampered her motion. In the total darkness of the underground cave she could only descend slowly, until she had reached to bottom. It seemed minutes before she touched the bottom with her left foot. She jumped and reached for her flashlight, when suddenly a hand grabbed her wrist.
"Don't ignite it, Chati. They might notice you went down here," A soft voice sounded in his ear.
Chati started to tremble and seized the hand that firmly held hers.
"Who are you?" She stammered.
"Chati, don't you know who I am?" Luke's soft voice sounded in her ear, "What are you doing down here?"
"Master Sky..." A hand covered her mouth.
"Ben, Chati, and don't raise your voice. Our voices resonated among these walls."
Relieved Chati sighed.
"Mas... Ben, I wanted to see if the old riverbed might lead me to the other end, to river's former outlet. I wanted to see Ribana."
"Don't you think that might be dangerous?" Luke asked whispering.
"Maybe," Chati answered while shrugging her shoulders, "but I'll be careful."
Luke gave a smothered laugh as he heard the young woman's answer. Years ago his reaction at Obi-Wan's warning about the valiant alien criminals in Mos Eisley's cantina had been more or less the same.
"Well, Chati, do you mind if I keep you company, for I wanted to do the same. Shall we move on."
For a moment Chati silenced completely confused.
"You wanted to do the same?" He stammered.
"Well, I don't want to go all the way to Ribana. I have seen the town with your father and your uncle. I want to know if I can use this old bedding to enter Darth Golluth' dwelling unnoticed."
Luke took the girl's arm and lead her away from the pit. Once in the tunnel of the old river he ignited his lightsaber. The blade sparkled soft light sparks on the ceiling and the wall. The tunnel was high enough to walk more or less upright, but Luke carefully checked the bedding before he walked on. They passed some slight bends, before Luke turned to Chati.
"From here we might use your flashlight. Its beam has a wider range and there isn't any danger the harvesters might discover our nightly walk, but stay alert. Watch every step you take."
"Yes, Ben, I will. In fact I'm glad you're with me." Chati confessed, "I didn't imagine it could be this dark in here."
Luke grinned.
"Once again you haven't considered the consequences of your plan, have you?"
"Eh, no... I didn't," Chati said, remembering Luke's and Cornell's reprimands after they had discovered him.
"You're indeed a reckless youth, Chati. You must have give your mother much trouble," Luke concluded and gently laughed.
Chati was silent. Master Skywalker was right. She hadn't thought about the trip through the old riverbed itself. She only had imagined the outcome; she wanted to see Ribana again.
"What do we do if we can't get to Ribana this way, Ben?" She suddenly asked.
"That's a question we will answer if any problem occurs. A Jedi is mindful of the moment, Chati, he shouldn't bother too much about what could happen in the future."
"The future. I mean, Ben, what would we do if the riverbed is blocked."
"The future, Chati, is all that lies ahead of us in time, it's that which we can't predict, which has to come. Nobody knows what the future looks like. It's uncertain even for me, so I don't bother myself thinking about it, although I be mindful of it. We will cope with future obstacles when they occur, not earlier. Always be mindful of what you're doing at this moment, that's one of the lessons my masters taught me."
"Do you never make any plans? Plans that has to be carried out and might encounter any problems."
"Of course, I make plans. It's my plan to free this planet of the occupation of Darth Golluth, but how that will be done, depends on a lot of things I am still uncertain about. Step by step I will go on and one by one I will get the facts which will enable me to proceed the right way. Difficult, isn't it, Chati.
I'll give you an example. Yesterday I talked with Cornell and I observed the cave where the harvesters are working on that new tunnel. The Force told me that the lava flow was at a safe distance. Cornell confirmed it. He told me that more than a kilometer of solid rock separated the old riverbed from the hot lava flow. Before I entered the riverbed cave I wasn't sure about that. On Tyr Cornell only had told me about the lava flow. Before I could start any investigation of the old riverbed, I had to know more about lava flow and its origin. Suppose the lava flow had run along side the riverbed at the same level, then I probably wouldn't have been able to use the old tunnel to get to the former outflow. Combining Cornell's information and my Force knowledge I knew this way was probably safe, but there might be other obstacles. A Jedi acts on knowledge, Chati, and knowledge comes through the Force and listening carefully to what others tell you."
They walked along together in silence for a while. Chati thought about what Luke had told her about making plans and considering the facts that were needed to make a solid plan. It didn't sound easy to get your work done that way, but there certainly were advantages, using these methods. You didn't have to worry about all kinds of minor details before hand. You just could focus your thoughts on what you were doing at the moment. No worries about what could or would happen. She suddenly became more aware of her surroundings, in this dark tunnel hadn't been a water flow for generations. Amazing, that she walked in a tunnel where once the river had flown; the river had probably eroded this tunnel a long time ago. Chati let the beam of her flashlight wander along the ceiling and the walls. She saw darker stripes along the wall. Carefully she observed the wall. The rock near the ceiling was lighter, while the dark stripes probably marked the water level.
"Well observed, Chati," Luke said, "You have listened very well to what I said. Those dark stripes mark indeed the old water level. Look ahead now. This time point your flashlight at the ceiling."
Luke pointed to a gap in front of them near the ceiling of the tunnel. The dark stripes at the walls covered a greater part of the rock, until they also covered the ceiling of the tunnel. The bottom of the tunnel slanted upward until a rocky wall blocked up the riverbed leaving only the gap near the ceiling. Behind the gap the tunnel seemed to go further, but the gap wasn't wide enough to pass.
"Disappointed, young lady?" Luke asked, feeling Chati's rising frustration.
"We have to go back, Ben. This is the end of our exploration. We can't go any further. It's probably not possible to reach Ribana this way."
"Water would find its way, won't it?"
"Of course, it's liquid."
"Can you think of another way to get on?"
For a moment Chati looked at the gap.
"We could widen the gap, so we could pass the gap, but we need those freezing fibers to get the job done and it's a very slow process, Ben. You have seen it." Chati said.
"Widening the gap is a good alternative, but how could we do that. You say the freezing fibers Cornell and his men are using aren't good alternative, because the process is too slow, and I agree. But there is another solution, Chati, I am going to use the Jedi's weapon, my lightsaber, to widen this gap."
Luke hooked his lightsaber off his belt and pressed the hilt of the weapon against the rock before he ignited it. A soft hum was heard and surprised Chati saw how the rock around the hilt began to glow and meld immediately through the heat of the blade. Waves of heated rock started to ripple through the rock and the melting increased. After some moments Luke released his lightsaber, switched it off and pushed the rock that blocked their path. The rock fell apart and widened the gap so they could go on. Chati wanted to pass through the gap, but Luke laid his hand on the shoulder of his young companion.
"And now, Chati, we're going back to the cave where Cornell and his men are sleeping. We need a rest. We'll come back here at another moment and see what's behind this gap. Come on, young lady, it's time for you to get some rest too."
Completely dazed by what she had seen, Chati let herself lead back to the pit by Luke. She didn't speak. Luke jumped out of the pit and gave Chati a hand to get out of it. Gently he brought her to her sleeping place, before he went to the alcove to get some rest himself.
Lieutenant Whain looked at the screen. He sighed, felt exhausted and angry. The message he had send to the Basilisaea hadn't been answered. They probably couldn't find the proper decryption method for the code he had used. Sending a second message wasn't an option, for his two droid guards had positioned themselves at his left and right side. They monitored every move he made. He had to wait until one of them would leave or got distracted by something else. He grabbed the water bottle and took a small sip. The water tasted horrible and didn't quenched his thirst. There was no food left and his stomach rumbled. With a tired look in his eyes he watched the screen. Nothing interesting had happened these last four standard days. The access to the New Republic's computer system on Quoith was still blocked, so his efforts to retrieve the file Darth Golluth had asked for hadn't been successful so far.
Whain turned his head left and right and stretched his arms above his head. For a moment he closed his eyes, but immediately one of the droid poked him with its weapon.
"Get on with your work. Our master doesn't feed you for sitting idle," The droid said.
The mechanical voice irritated Whain.
"Can't you and your brother stay away from my console," He snarled.
"We have the order to keep you busy," The other droid answered.
"I am busy. Look, how busy I am." Whain snapped and frantically rammed the keys.
The figures on the holographic screen started to flash, to pop up, to disappear and to reappear at random. All of a sudden a series of binary blocks started to flash in red. Flabbergasted Whain looked at the binary stream. Without turning to his droid guards he snarled:
"Warn your master. I've found the access code to that computer on Nacta'Magh'Ba. It's being used again. I'm going to find the exact coordinates of that system. Maybe I even can find who used it. If they send a message it might be possible to intercept it."
One of the droids left. Whain isolated the still flashing block and started to work with the code. He didn't notice that Darth Golluth entered and started looking over his shoulder.
"You found the file I want?" He asked.
"No, I've possibly found something more important. That computer system I've hacked has been sending a message to Irithim. It never did that before, it only received incoming calls. Someone has been using it to send a message. I'm working on an eavesdropping hack to see if I can intercept their communication."
"Good, good. So the girl is communicating with those rebels in Irithim again," Darth Golluth chuckled.
"I don't know who is using the system. I said, someone is using it. If you let me work on it, I might be able to pinpoint the exact coordinates. Maybe you can send your spies to do further investigation. Now, let's see if I can find the coordinates or the content of the message. They have probably used the procon encryption method which is extremely difficult to crack, but I know a way to decode at least some parts of the message," Whain said, more to himself than to Darth Golluth.
"Give me the coordinates as soon as you know them. I'm sending my spies to the spot, so the girl will finally be mine," Darth Golluth said.
He turned to the droids.
"Make sure that this man gets a meal and as soon as he has given me the coordinates he may rest for an indefinite time in his secured guest space."
With a demonic laughter Darth Golluth left the communication cavern.
Liane sat upright on her bed and pondered on the all the new developments.
Luke had send Wedge to support her, but the situation near the Palomintar System seemed to have worsened, because an imperial star destroyer had gone into orbit around the system. Now Wedge had to return to Irithim with Leia to assist the Supreme Chancellor. Yarmod and Ian would stay behind to protect her.
Liane smiled. Yarmod and Ian had become good friends, she liked them and she was glad they wanted to stay with her. They could help each other to improve their Force guidance. She certainly would profit of the presence and the knowledge of the two padawans.
However, the Force image of Luke, laying on a kind of stretcher with an ashen face, had made her suspicious. She even had heard herself talking to Trevor. Did this all mean that she had to go to Palomintar Four herself? What about Luke? What has happened to him? Why did he look like he was dead while she had clearly felt his heartbeat and his breathing?
With a sigh she rose, undressed and put on her nightgown. She needed some rest now, a deep sleep, but she never had felt so wide awake. Maybe she should do some Force meditation to get calm and find some peace again, or should she call Luke and tell him about that disturbing vision.
She sat down cross-legged on her bed with her hand touching the Jedi-pendant, when a soft knock on the door disturbed her Force concentration.
"Liane, are you awake?" Leia asked in a whisper.
Liane jumped off her bed and slid the door aside.
"Come in, Leia," she said.
Leia entered and put her arms around Liane.
"Are you alright, Liane? I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you earlier. You have see something very frightening, haven't you?. You've seen something that might happen in the future to Luke, I fear," She asked concerned, "I heard you say: 'Luke is alive.' You seemed to be talking to Trevor Matrik, for you mentioned his name. What have you seen? Please, tell me."
Liane gently released herself from Leia's embrace.
"I had this Force vision before, Leia. I've already seen it, when I was asleep on the Millennium Falcon. Luke said I had a nightmare, but I'm sure the Force was telling me something else."
"Not everything the Force is showing us, will happen, you know that, don't you? The future is always in motion. It's not sure that your Force vision will come true."
"Leia, maybe it's my destiny to meet Trevor again and deal with his ludicrous ideas. How this will happen, I don't know, but I will meet him again that's for sure," Liane said slowly as if she was drifting away in a light Force trance.
"Liane, don't do anything foolish. Stay here, where you're safe, please. Don't go to Palomintar Four yourself. Leave it to Luke, Wedge, me and the others," Leia urged, taking Liane's hands in hers, "Luke will never forgive me, if Wedge or me put you in danger."
"Danger will come at an unexpected moment, not from you. I can feel it. I have a bad feeling about this place already for weeks," Liane said half in a Force trance.
Then she released herself from the Force and looked up, smiling reassuringly.
"Stop worrying about me, Leia. I will stay here under the protection of Yarmod and Ian, and I will contact Luke if any real danger turns up. I will rely on him as a Jedi Knight, as my eternal comrade and as my future master," She chuckled.
"That's good, Liane. Promise me, that you will tell Luke about the vision you had. Use the Jedi-pendant immediately, if it's necessary. It's your most important contact with him."
"I will, Leia. I will do what Luke expects of me. I will stay here and enjoyed the company of two good friends," Liane said and embraced Leia, "Thank you for your concern, my dear foster-sister, I couldn't have a better advisor than you. You'd better get some sleep now, if you want to leave early tomorrow. It's lucky there isn't any real damage to the submersible."
Leia rose and pulled Liane with her.
"Take care, Liane, and promise me you will stay with Yarmod and Ian," She said, hugging her, "May the Force be with you."
"May the Force be with you, Leia. Sleep well. We'll see each other tomorrow," Liane laughed, giving Leia a warm kiss, "I love you, Leia. Take care of yourself."
The two young women parted. Leia went back to her own guest room, but she wasn't convinced if she had been able to ensure that Liane wouldn't do something unimaginable.
Furthermore Liane's words about her brother being alive, had raised her own inquietude, although she knew that it was very difficult to see what would happen in the future. Was Luke in trouble? Was he wounded? She had not dared to ask Liane to tell her what she had exactly seen. All that she knew, was that she had to get back to Palomintar Four as soon as possible.
"Luke, can I disturb you?" Liane asked, "I know you're busy, but I want to talk to you?"
'Liane, my lovely eternal comrade, I have always time to talk to you,' Luke said with concern. He had felt the tension in her voice, 'What's the matter, Liane?'
"Ian and Leia have come to the residence unexpectedly. Luke, I had that Force vision again, while they were talking about their new plans. The one I also had in the Millennium Falcon, when I saw you laying on a bier. You looked as if you were dead and Trevor was mockingly laughing at me. He want me to believe, that you had been killed, but he was lying, Luke. You weren't dead, you were alive, for I felt your heartbeat and your slow breathing. Oh, Luke, what's going to happen to you? What's Trevor going to do to you? Please, be careful? Luke, please, let's get to a place Trevor doesn't know," She whispered and buried her face in her hands.
Luke watched her with pity and compassion. He gave her time, so she could reflect on what she was telling him. Slowly she raised her head and looked at him. Her eyes met his and she warmed herself at the compassion in his eyes.
"We can't flee again, like we did as we left Endor, can we?" She whispered, "You have made Toallin and his people a promise. He and his brother have saved Ian's life. I have to stay here with Yarmod and Ian."
Luke noticed that became calmer. Liane looked at him. Her eyes got a questioning look, as she looked at him.
"Why are you dressed like that, Luke? Why aren't you wearing your Jedi outfit."
'Cornell gave me a set of clothes his men wear. It's a kind of disguise, so I won't be recognized as a Jedi immediately. You just said, you wanted me to be careful. Well this outfit is a kind of precaution. I also changed my name. The harvester call me Ben. But tell me, my dearest comrade, what happened after Ian and Leia had arrived. Has Leia already gone back to Irithim?'He said quietly.
Liane still looked amazed at his apparition, before she started to tell him what had happened at the underground residence.
"Leia's return was delayed. She wanted to leave immediately, but Threepio had activated the blast doors again which had capsized the submersible."
Now completely calm Liane told Luke everything that had happened after the submersible had turned upside down. Luke listened attentively, especially when Liane told him, that she had the feeling that it would her destiny to meet Trevor Matrik again.
"I have a strong feeling, Luke, that I will meet Trevor again somehow."
'I understand you're worried about those Force vision, my dear pixie, but I also want you focus on where you are, and what I expect you to do. Be mindful of the Force, Liane. Don't let those Force images of me frighten you too much. I can't tell you their meaning, because they seem to be visions of the future. I promise you, I will be careful. I won't put my life in danger. It's good to know that you understand that I have to help Toallin and the other Quelans and as long as Ian and Yarmod are keeping you company I don't have to worry about you. Feeling better now? I'm glad you used the pendant to seek my advice, you haven't forgotten what I promised you a long time ago.'
Liane shook her head and suddenly she smiled again.
"I'd better do some Force meditation. The one you taught me to find my balance in the Force again. Maybe Ian and Yarmod can teach me more about it."
'They both are indeed familiar with that kind of Force meditation, my dearest comrade. I'm sure you will benefit from their knowledge, both are already greatly aware of the power of the Force. I'm sure they will help you. By the way, I have found another Force user, who one day will be trained as a padawan learner.' He continued, deliberately changing the subject of their conversation.
"You have found a new padawan learner, Luke?"
'No, you're my padawan, little pixie. You're the next one I will train as a Jedi Knight.'
"You're still convinced about my commitment, aren't you, Luke?" Liane chuckled.
'You have enough Force experience to carry on with your own mission without my help. You know what I mean, don't you.'
Liane chuckled again.
"Who is this future padawan, Luke?"
'Chati is her name. She is the eldest daughter of Toallin and she is as reckless as you and me.'
Now they both laughed.
"So you finally admit that you are reckless, master Skywalker?" Liane asked laughing.
'Master Yoda once told me I was a reckless youth, but I've learned to reconsider my actions and what I wanted to achieve after he became my master.'
"So there's hope for me too, after you've taken me as your padawan learner," Liane concluded.
'I'm sure you will learn to meditate more on the consequences of your actions. If you do that with a serious mind, I'm sure you'll become more cautious and careful. Chati is keeping me company on Palomintar Four. Cornell, the leader of the harvesters, and I have to keep an eye on her, She had hidden herself on board the Millennium Falcon, when Han brought me and the harvesters to Myr.'
"So her parents don't know what she has done. They will be very anxious, Luke. Have you told them, what their daughter has done?"
Luke shook his head.
'Unfortunately I couldn't. I hope that after Mon Mothma has decided to send some reinforcements, Leia and Han can go to Tyr to tell Toallin and Udin about their daughter's unexpected action.'
"If I would have done something similar on Morantan father wouldn't have been pleased, and that's an understatement. Luke, you must tell me all about the harvesters and Chati, after you have settled the things on Palomintar Four. I would love to meet her. She's a Quelan girl, isn't she? Is she as bold-headed as her father? Can she also change the color of her skin, so her presence isn't noticed?"
'Only male Quelans loose their hair, female Quelans grow three thick pony tails on top of their skull. The skin color changing is a natural gift for all Quelans. It certainly has some advantages.'
Liane looked at him with a calm expression. Luke felt that their conversation through the Force had helped her to regain her composure. Years ago he had given her the Jedi-pendant for this reason.
'Don't forget our eternal friendship, Liane,' He said, 'It won't be long now, before we will be together again and then we stay together forever.'
"I hope so, Luke, for I miss you. Thank you for your help. I will leave you now to fulfill your mission and I will go on and do what you expect of me. May the Force be with you."
'Mezorahimed dejan Forka tusale, my dearest eternal companion, my dear lovely pixie..'
The apparition of Luke vanished. Liane sighed, but she felt calm and relieved. She still missed him, but she knew that one day they would be together again.

To be continued...