A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 17

eia looked at her brother, who was standing on the ramp of the Astræga. He was dressed in his ceremonial Jedi clothes. Artoo was standing next to her. The droid was making disappointing noises, for his master had decided to leave without him.
"I'm really sorry, Luke, that you're leaving so soon. Especially because several guests from recently joined systems have been invited for the yearly special meeting of the Senate. Many of them have expressed a sincere wish to meet you and me. They will be very disappointed if you're not present."
"I have spoken to Mon Mothma, and asked her, if she wanted me to attend it, Leia, but she fully has agreed to my point of view that it would be better, if I go after Liane as soon as possible. She really is very concerned about Liane's future. Besides, Leia, you know I'm not doing well as a representative for the New Republic. You're more accustomed to diplomatic chitchat. To be honest, those talks often annoy me."
Leia laughed.
"I know you dislike that small talk, Luke. Where are you going to look for Liane?"
"I haven't any clue, yet. I certain will visit the Granns again, maybe they have heard something. I'm also thinking about going to Dagobah. Maybe master Yoda and Ben can help me to find her hiding place, or I can go to Tatooine. In Ben's house I always find a deep connection with the Force, but I haven't made up my mind yet. If these plans doesn't lead to any result I will probably start looking for her again in the Outer Rim Territories."
Leia felt his deep concern; Liane still hadn't used the Jedi pendant again which meant that she still could remember her real past. The only thing they knew was that she was alive and had found a place to live.
She kissed her brother's cheek and brushed a strand of his hair away with the palm of her hand. Luke grabbed her hand.
"I'm sorry, Leia. Please, understand why I don't want to be here during those yearly Senate meetings. There's always so much talk about the Alliance's victories after the destruction of the second Death Star and the battles near Endor and Jakku. To me the Battle of Endor still doesn't feel as a victory. The destruction of the second Death Star also marks our father's death. His death feels as a great loss and my greatest defeat. Those festivities around these meetings always remember me what we've lost," he said softly.
"I know, Luke. Have a good trip."
Luke looked at Ian Tydon, who was dressed as a young padawan learner and said with a smile:
"Your Force skills have greatly improved, young padawan, you are doing very well. Leia has become very fond of you, she told me. You get along well with each other, that is gratifying."
"Thank you, master Luke. May the Force be with you."
"Thank you, Ian. Mezorahimed dejan Forka tusale."
Luke boarded the shuttle.
Once in outer space he decided to go to Ben's house on Tatooine to do some Jedi meditation sessions. He did not immediately travel through hyperspace to reach Tatooine. For a couple of days the Astræga just flew through the galaxy at sublight velocity.
Most of his time Luke sat in a Jedi meditation pose in the panoramic room of the shuttle. The broad view from his father's former meditation room connected him with all the stars and planets. He felt how strongly the Unifying Force made him a part of these galactic worlds outside. He relaxed and felt at peace, although he sometimes pondered about a way, how he could find the place where Liane had gone.
It was more than two and a half years ago, since the last time he had heard from her. Ever since Ian had left her at the canyon ridge in the Wegoyy desert, she hadn't used the Jedi-pendant and he knew she wouldn't use it, as long as she couldn't recall her past.
One thing reassured him; she was alive. He had always been aware of her presence through the Force, so he never had given up the hope of finding her. Moreover he always had felt strange tremors in the Force since her disappearance. More than once he had been sure he had seen her image and on Dagobah he had seen her clearly during Wedge's training. He had reached out to her and she had answered him, but she hadn't shown any sign of recognition.
"Liane, please, let me know where you are? I want to help you." he murmured.
He closed his eyes and turned inwards to the Force again. Every time he hoped, his powerful ally would show him where she had found shelter, but all he saw where images of his own past and present, images of his closest and long gone friends, of his former masters Ben and Yoda and of some Jedi Knights of old, but Liane's image or her current abode never showed up. Yoda had taught him to look at these images from many different points of view and always remain cautious and skeptical. The Force was strong, but the future was uncertain, even for a Jedi Knight.
Suddenly Luke felt a growing disturbance in the Force, as if he became submerged and was drowning in an enormous Force wave. It seemed that he completely became engulfed and encapsulated with the Force's overwhelming power. He cleared his mind and surrendered himself to the will of the Force, to be taken through the galaxy under the guidance of the Force. His spirit rushed through the galaxy to a far away destination, while a greenish veil began to surround him. The dense veil finally enclosed him completely. Much time passed, before the veil slowly became transparent again and at last vanished. He found himself in the thick undergrowth of a forest. He felt the Force in all the forest's noises and life forms: the wind in the trees, the cracking of dry twigs and branches, birds singing up in the trees and the rustling of leaves. He could even smell the strong earthen odor of fungi and decaying leaves. However, the Force was still taking his spirit even faster along the trees and through the forest.
Then he heard a sad sighing desperate voice, calling his name. It was the same soft weeping voice that he had heard, the night before he set off, while waking up suddenly from his sleep. Now it sounded clearer and closer. Not only could he hear his name, but he also heard some sobbed words, begging for help.
The words were echoing among the leaves.
Again he heard the desperate plea, but this time he was sure. It was Liane's voice, begging for help!
"Where are you, Liane? Answer me?" He called out.
He looked around, but the Force was still carrying him further into the forest. Finally he entered a large clearing. At once he recognized the place. Here he had built the pyre to burn the dark life support armor in which his father had been trapped for so many years.
"Endor! Is she on Endor?" He thought.
Once again he looked around and then he saw her. She tried to steady herself against the stone which Leia and he had erected before they had left the forest moon. She sensed his presence almost immediately, for she looked up and stretched out her hands towards his apparition.
She staggered in his direction, but stumbled and fell, looking up at him in despair. On her face Luke saw the dirty streaks of dried tears. He rushed over to her, comforting her mind through the Force.
'Liane, stop crying, I will come to you . I know where...'
Abruptly the image of Liane vanished and with a shock Luke realized he was sitting in the panorama room of the Astræga. Still in his Force trance he lowered himself backwards on the floor of the room, looking through the transparisteel dome to the galaxy above him. For several minutes he laid on his back, with closed eyes, to regain his composure. Slowly he released himself from the Force. He sat up in wonder, still feeling startled and shaken about his unexpected Force vision. All kinds of wild thoughts were whirling in a great turmoil through his mind, but one thing was absolutely clear to him.
'Liane had used the Jedi-pendant again to make contact with him! She had called for help through the Force! At last! This meant that she knew who she was. Finally the effects of the mind drug had disappeared. He had to set course for Endor immediately.'
A great relief engulfed him and made him smile.
'Leia! Liane has used the Jedi-pendant again! She has used my gift! She is on Endor!'
Through the Force he reached out to his sister to share how overjoyed he felt. Leia's response was as thrilled as his.
'Oh, Luke, how fortunate! You have found her on Endor! She is alright?'
'I'm not yet on Endor, Leia. I had one of my Force incorporeal projections, as she used the Jedi pendant, begging me to help her. She has her memories back, Leia! She knows again who she is!'
'At last! She's no longer suffering from the awful effects of that mind drug. You'd better go to Endor, Luke! Go immediately! Go there as fast as possible, for she surely needs your help!' Leia said feeling her brother's deep felt relief through the Force.
'She has been crying, I fear, Leia. I saw dirty traces of tears on her face. I also felt how desperate and desolate she felt. I'm setting course to Endor right away. I'll call you again, after I've found her.'
'This is unbelievable, incredible!'He thought, 'Liane is on Endor! How has she found her way to that forest moon? How has she been able to survive there? Has she found the Ewok village. Have the Ewoks given her shelter? Has she been living among the Ewoks all these long months? How did she find the clearing?'
All these questions and more flashed through his mind, but at the moment the answers seemed irrelevant. More important was that he had to reach Endor as fast as possible.
Quickly Luke walked back to the cockpit of his space ship and fed the navi-computer with the coordinates of Endor to recalculate a new course. The shuttle made a steep turn and pointed its nose in the opposite direction. A few minor corrections were needed before he got the right read-out on the display to go into hyperspace. He pulled the lever and the shuttle disappeared among the stars. Within seven hours he would arrive in Endor's orbit. In the flight control room he looked at the synchron counter, pacing quietly up and down. Constantly he thought about how sad and desperate Liane had looked at his Force apparition. What could have caused her recovery of that mind drug? It seemed like her memories had returned suddenly, and had overwhelmed her. He had seen her near.... Then in a flash Luke recalled the words he had carved on that stone. The stone! Could it be that those words...?
'Oh, no! Not those words! Liane, I always wanted to tell you the truth about Anakin myself.' He thought.
On Endor a little Ewok bowed over Liane's body.
"Kama naga, Aay-lee?"
['Wat is er, Eilidh?']
Liane looked up and saw Teebo. She shook her head, for she couldn't find the words in the language of her new friends to express her emotions.
"Luke, why did you leave me! Please, come back, help me! I need your help," She moaned. In her left hand she clenched the Jedi-pendant.
Teebo watched her and carefully caressed her arm.
"Hadda nima sudoma. Diddo maga Logray."
['You're sick. Ik haal Logray']
"Hadda noma, Teebo."
['Dat hoeft niet, Teebo']
She tried to get to her feet, but when she saw the stone again, she sank to her knees and covered her face again with her hands.
"Luke, please, come back. Hey you, out there, you who talked to me, say something. Help me! YOU SAID I WAS YOUR DAUGHTER. SHOULDN'T A FATHER COME TO COMFORT AND CARE FOR HIS CHILD!"
The last sentences she screamed on top of her voice.
She stumbled to her feet and ran to the stone. With her fists she hammered on the stone.
Her voice skipped with anger and her hands which were still hammering the stone began to bleed. Teebo rushed over to her and grab her hands.
Hadda nima tara sudoma. Kama timo dogati." Teebo said.
['You're very sick. Ik haal hulp.']
Before Liane could protest, the little Ewok grabbed a vine and vanished among the canopy.
Her loneliness overwhelmed her and she placed her head against the stone. Her tears were wetting its surface.
Never in his life had seven hours last that long, but finally the Astræga came out of hyperspace and Luke docked his ship at the small space port of Endor.
After the usual routine he left the space port, using his two-man speeder. Immediately he set course for the village of the Ewoks. He had seen Liane at the clearing, so it was very likely that the little bears knew her.
The furry creatures immediately recognized him and gave him a cheering welcome. They quickly brought him to Chirpa's large tree house at the center of their village. Chirpa and Logray welcomed him, invited him inside and ordered drinks and food for their fellow tribeman.
After the ritual of hospitality Luke used his Jedi powers, accompanied with many gestures, to get information from the two chieftains about Liane. He was about to show Chirpa and Logray the holographic image of Liane at the back of his search warrant, when Teebo rushed into the treehouse.
"Hadda nima tara sudomigo Aay-lee. Kama dogamiko neko maka." He said
['Eilidh is erg ziek. We moeten haar naar het dorp brengen.']
As the little bear saw the holographic image Luke was holding out to Logray and Chirpa and he let out a loud cry.
"Dama kudo toma dima Aay-lee."
['Dat is Eilidh.']
Luke heard a name that sounded like 'Eilidh' and turned to Teebo, showing him Liane's image.
"Eilidh. You call her 'Eilidh'. That's right, that's how she might have called herself."
He pointed at Liane's image.
"Where is she? Is she in the village?"
Teebo grabbed the sleeve of Luke cassock.
"Hadda mido" He said.
['Kom mee!']
Logray and Chirpa stopped Teebo and chattered loud and fast in their language. Teebo answered them in an even louder and angry voice. The little bear stamped impatiently with his foot. Luke who didn't understand their conversation, just got the feeling that Teebo's loud chattering, had clearly something to do with Liane. Again Teebo pointed to the holographic image and rushed outside, beckoning Luke to follow him. Logray and Chirpa pushed Luke to the door, waving their paws to suggest he should follow Teebo. Quickly Luke ran after the little bear. Teebo had already grabbed a vine and swung to the next tree. Immediately Luke moved along with the little bear. After some moments he sensed that the little bear was on his way to the clearing. The clearing, where he has seen Liane after she had called him through the Jedi-pendant.
"Teebo, is Liane still at that clearing? Hasn't she returned to the village?" Luke asked a bit worried.
Teebo looked over his shoulder and pointed ahead of him.
"Yes, I'm still following you."
"Hadda suma dimo kito brana Aay-lee!" He said.
['Eilidh is op de brandplaats.']
Luke felt a certain rising strain in his body. Teebo was bringing him indeed to the spot he had seen in his Force vision. Liane still seemed to be at the clearing. Why? Why hadn't she returned to the safety of the Ewok village and wait for him there?
Teebo slid down the vine, jumped to the forest floor and waited for Luke to follow him. Down below it was warm and the undergrowth slackened their pace. Near the clearing the little Ewok stopped, he pointed to the rock and pushed Luke forward. For a moment Luke stood in the shadows of the trees, but almost immediately he stepped out into the clearing.
Near the large erected rock stood the young woman he had been looking for. Through the Force Luke felt her great sadness and her desolation. Carefully he made another step forward.
Liane was leaning with her forehead against the stone. Her tears had dried. She felt exhausted, sad and overwhelmed with loneliness. Her left hand still clenched the Jedi-pendant. Luke felt how she desperately tried to concentrate her thoughts on him once again.
"Luke, please, hear me!" She whispered. "Help me, please, listen, please, I'm on Endor."
Wearily she sank on her knees. Luke started to walk over to her, but he held his pace, when he heard a very familiar voice, talking to Liane at a comforting, soothing tone.
'Liane, you're doing very well, my daughter. You did what my old friend Obi-Wan advised you. We're proud of you. You've used the power of the Jedi-pendant. My son's precious gift to you. He knows where you are, my daughter."
Stunned Luke had listened to the soft words and whispered: 'Anakin, father, you're here and Ben has been with you too? Have you been looking after...'
But before he could finish his question, Liane gave a loud scream and Luke saw her looking at him in disbelieve. She jumped to her feet, stretched out her hands and started to run towards him. In her eagerness to reach him she didn't notice the tree root in her path. She staggered and fell. Desperately she tried to get to her feet again, stretching out one hand to him.
Luke reached her in a few steps and knelt.
"Liane, it's alright. Can you stand?"
She had covered her face with her hands and had started to cry again.
Gently Luke helped her to her feet and took her to a spot under the trees near the edge of the clearing. He sat down against the huge trunk of a fallen tree and took the weeping girl in his arms. Gently he pushed her head against his chest, surrounding her with his compassionate feelings, and gingerly caressing her hair. He let her cry for a while, before he bowed his head and softly whispered in her ear.
"Liane, I promised you, I would come. You need help, don't you?"
Liane was still crying. Her body was shaking and trembling convulsively.
"Liane, I'm here to help you." Luke whispered again.
Very slowly it dawned on Liane what was happening. Luke was holding her! Luke! Luke had come!
Hesitatingly she stretched out a hand and clenched the sleeve of his Jedi cloak.
"Don't leave me! Don't leave me!" She whispered between her sobs.
Her voice trembled as she tried to understand what was going on.
"I won't go away, Liane. At last you called for my help through the Force. You asked me to come to Endor. "
Liane lowered her other hand, but kept her eyes shut tight. Her head was still resting against his chest; her left hand was still clenching his sleeve.
Carefully Luke lifted her chin. Gently he brushed some strands of her hair away.
"Liane, please, open your eyes and look at me," He said, "I'm not a Force apparition now."
Slowly Liane opened her eyes and looked up at him.
"See, Liane, I am really here."
She nodded speechless, but Luke saw how her eyes began to light up.
"Luke!" She whispered.
All of a sudden she pressed her face against his tunic again.
"Luke! Please, don't leave me alone. Stay with me!"
With a relieved, happy smile Luke wrapped his arms again around her.
"Of course I won't leave you again. I will stay with you. A long time has passed, Liane, since our last contact," He said calmly, covering her with his Jedi cloak, "I've been waiting more than two years since our last contact through the Jedi-pendant."
Liane looked up. With the sleeve of her fur coat she tried to wipe away her last tears. A shameful blush covered her cheeks. Then she averted her eyes, and stammered, "I ... didn't know ... who I was. I didn't ... remember who you were, Luke. I'm really sorry... I couldn't use the pendant earlier... I didn't know ... what it was for. I have only kept it with me, because it looked so beautiful."
"I'm glad, that you've adored the pendant's beauty all that time, Liane. You don't have to apologize. I know what you've been through. I know what they did to you on Wegoyy," He said in a low voice.
"You do?" Liane asked astounded, looking up.
Luke nodded.
"Yes, but the commander of the Wegoyy prison tried to fool the government and Mon Mothma, reporting to them you had escaped and had found your way to the space port of Tropass where the Grann brothers took you on board their space ship, when they left Wegoyy," He said, gingerly teasing her with those words. He smiled, as he saw a familiar inquisitive look in her eyes.
"Tropass?" She whispered curiously, "Where is that, Luke? Is that a city on Wegoyy? I only remember the SL-chamber with its flashing lights and shrieking sounds. When I regained consciousness, I was lying on a rocky plateau between high mountains. I couldn't recall what had happened to me, nor who I was; I even couldn't recall my name."
With great disbelieve in her voice she continued on the same whispered tone, "I can't believe you're really here, Luke. How did you find me? Yesterday when I used the Jedi-pendant after such a long time, I saw your apparition appear, but you were gone before I could tell you I was on Endor. I must have lost my concentration, because I felt very confused and I desperately longed for your help."
"As you used the Jedi-pendant again, the Force brought me to you, like you have always established the contact between you and me. I'm glad that you haven't forgotten how to use my present, and ... I know this forest glade, Liane. I've been on Endor before."
Liane's eyes wandered in the direction of the rock on the other side of the clearing.
Grabbing the sleeve of his cloak more firmly, while she buried her face against the rough fabric of his Jedi tunic, she murmured almost inaudible, "Yes, you must have been here before. Your name and Leia's are on that stone. All the carvings were covered with moss. I've scraped it away, so I could read what was written on it. When I read my father's name, all of a sudden all my old memories returned, like in a flood of images, almost overwhelming me, and I understood who I really was."
Luke surrounded her with reassuring thoughts and compassion without commenting on her whispered words. He gave her some time to collect her thoughts. At last Liane let go of his sleeve, sat upright and looked at him.
"Luke, will you tell me the truth? The real truth."
"Of course, I will, Liane, what's troubling you?" Luke said, while he gently took her hands in his.
"The text on that stone ... it tells .... told me, that Darth Vader saved his son's life. Your life. Leia once told me, that the emperor killed Darth Vader, is that true? She also said, that you were on board the Death Star, and that you have witnessed the emperor's death and my father's."
"What Leia has told you, is true, from a certain point of view. The emperor has killed Darth Vader. Emperor Palpatine released his wrath and rage on me, when I refused to surrender myself to the Dark Side. He wanted me to kill my father and become his new apprentice. He used Force Lighting - Dark Side energy - in an attempt to kill me. Although I had severed my father's hand and left him wounded, I begged him to help me. Anakin dragged himself to my attacker, lifted the Emperor and threw him in the core-abyss of the Death Star, but the bolts of Force lighting engulfed him and entered his life support harness. They disrupted and destroyed the delicate electronic support system that kept him alive. I've tried to bring him to a medical frigate, but he died and became one with the Force on board the Death Star, leaving his empty harness with me. I could escape the Death Star just before it exploded and I brought my father's harness, mask and cloak to Endor, where I built a funeral pyre in this forest glade release his Jedi spirit. He lives on in the Force now as the Jedi Knight he had been before."
Luke squeezed her hands, when he noticed her growing confusion.
"So my father's real name is Anakin Skywalker and he is your father and Leia's. You have carved those words to honor your father and commemorate him, " Liane whispered.
Luke nodded.
"Yes, we did!"
Once again Liane looked back at the stone on the clearing.
"Luke, if Darth ... I mean if Anakin Skywalker is your father," She asked in a whisper and with a trembling voice, "then you are ...?" The words got stuck in her mouth.
"No, Liane, I am not your brother," Luke answered her unfinished question.
"You're not?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.
Luke shook his head.
"When Anakin found you on Morantan, he took you with him and adopted you. He is your foster father."
Liane fell silent for a long time.
"He is my ... foster father? So he wasn't my real father? But if Dar ... Anakin Skywalker wasn't my father then whose daughter am I? Who are my parents? I mean my real mother, my real father. I have no memories of them. Why hasn't your father told me the truth. Why didn't he tell me, that he had adopted me? I thought, that I had found back my past and now your words are telling me something otherwise. My real past is unknown. Now I really don't know who I am... nor where I come from... for my past has disappeared, when my father... eh, your father died," Liane stammered, feeling confused and uncertain. Finally she looked at Luke again.
"Luke, you knew from the beginning he wasn't my real father, didn't you? Why haven't you, or Leia ... told me earlier who he was?"
Although Luke's presence was reassuring, Liane's voice expressed her hardly suppressed reproach. She felt a growing grief and bitterness. Luke set himself on the fallen tree stem, pulled her next to him and put his arm around her shoulders to comfort her.
"Liane, I've never imagined, nor did I expect, that you would find a shelter on Endor. I've never thought about the possibility, that you would discover the truth about your past through the words I've carved on that stone," He said, pointing to the stone on the opposite side of the clearing and continued, "It makes me feel guilty and unhappy, because those lines have revealed in an awful way the truth about the man you've seen as your father. It's never been my intention, nor my sister's, to keep our parentage secret for you, but we wanted to tell you the truth about Anakin ourselves, and at the right moment. I hope you will forgive us. Maybe you feel less disillusionment and grief, if I tell you the story about Leia and me and our father, Anakin Skywalker."
Silently Liane listened to Luke's story how he had met his first master Ben Kenobi. How he had left Tatooine with the old Jedi to bring two droids to Alderaan. How the hired freighter had been captured and brought on board of the Death Star. How Ben had encountered Darth Vader on the first Death Star and died through the Sith lord's hands, so Leia, Han Solo, the freighter's pilot, and he could flee. He told her about his Jedi training on Dagobah with Master Yoda and his encounter with Darth Vader on Bespin; their first fight and Vader's revelation that he was his father. How he had gone back to Dagobah to complete his Jedi training, only to witness how his Jedi master Yoda had become one with the Force, after the little Jedi had confirmed Darth Vader's devastating words. After Yoda's death he had met Ben's Force ghost on Dagobah and had listened to his old master's confession how Anakin Skywalker, his father and Ben's former Jedi padawan, had been seduced by the Dark Side. He told Liane, how Ben had revealed to him, that he had a twin sister and how his Force insight had shown him, that Leia was his sister. How his old master had asked him urgently to keep Leia's ancestry hidden from their father and the Emperor.
"Ben persuaded me to confront my father again, but I refused and told him, that I couldn't kill my own father. My feelings were so ambiguous, Liane. I hated Darth Vader, but I also felt compassion for the man who was my father. I wanted to know why, to ask him why; why he had been doing this to the galaxy and to Leia and me; but my most important feeling was, that I didn't want to defeat and humiliate my own father.
When he landed on Endor and started looking for me, I realized I had to tell Leia the truth about our family ties. She had to know that we were siblings and that Darth Vader was our father. After my confession I knew, I couldn't avoid a new confrontation with him. I had to get him back to the Good side. I already had sensed his ambiguity, his conflict, on Bespin, during our first fight. Those feelings convinced me that there was still good in him.
Anakin brought me before the emperor who challenged and provoked me, and tried to seduce me. I could resist those challenges for a while, but finally I gave in to my growing anger and fear for the fate of my friends which the emperor had stoked with his provoking remarks. My father blocked my attack on the emperor and challenged me to a final lightsaber duel. I severed his arm, but when I saw the metal spokes at the stump and looked at my own prostatic hand, I realized how much my father and I had in common. What happened next I've told you. Moments before he died, Anakin renounced the Dark Side of the Force, confessing I had been right about his conflicting feelings for me and Leia. Even during our last battle I had felt the conflict, the Good side in him, which he still fiercely had denied. There was good in him, Liane, he wasn't that twisted and evil machinery Ben had told me, otherwise he never could have taken you with him, for you were only a little girl, not more than a one year old baby girl, when he found you. "
When Luke had finished his story, Liane looked at his artificial hand in the black glove. The hand he had lost during his first fight with his father on Bespin. She remembered she had seen the artificial tendons and joins, when Zolgathrii's laser blast had damaged his hand. She wanted to say something to make him understand, that she shared the pain these memories of his father recalled.
On a soothing tone she said in a calm voice, "Luke, on Wegoyy I've told you about the emotional feelings I've felt in him. He cared for you, Luke, he cared for you a lot, but his feelings for you were so very ambiguous and extremely strong, when he talked to me about you, but he never has revealed the truth to me. I have always felt those emotions, when he was telling me about you. One way or another he must have found out that you were his son. I'm sure, that deep inside, he was very proud at you, because you had learned the ways of the Force and had become a Jedi Knight. You were his enemy, but you also were his son. Those ambiguous feelings, of care and hatred, of pride and disgust, probably have been the cause of the conflict you have felt in him. It was impossible for him to show how proud he was, because he had a son who was a Jedi Knight. He had to hide and deny his feelings for you, for the emperor certainly would have felt them."
She looked at him.
Luke gently squeezed Liane's hands to express his gratitude.
"Thank you for telling me this, Liane. I remember you said more or less the same on Wegoyy. You now know who I am. I am well aware, that it isn't easy for you to accept that Darth Vader is my father and not yours?"
With a pensive look in her eyes Liane shook her head.
"Denying is of no use, Luke, although I find this new truth hard to accept. You are the real son of Darth... Anakin Skywalker, and I'm only his foster daughter. I only wonder why he has adopted me? Why has he always told me, that I was his daughter? Where has he found me? Has he known my mother, or my father? Am I born on Morantan?
"I can answer some of you questions, Liane. It's almost certain that you were born on Morantan. Around the time of your birth the empire had occupied a large part of Morantan. Anakin sensed your strong Force powers through the Force. When he found you, memories of his wife, my mother, Padmé Amidala flashed through his mind and he decided to take you with him and raise you as his apprentice at the Dark Side of the Force, but he became attached to you. You became more than an apprentice, so after a while he adopted and fostered you as his daughter."
"Is that true, Luke? "
"Yes, I've asked him to tell me more about you, before I visited you the first time on Wegoyy. He affirmed the questions I had."
"You've talked with him before you visited me? But you just said, that he died on that second Death Star!" Liane said, looking at him in wonder, "How is that possible?"
"For the Jedi there is no death. As a Jedi I can be in touch with those who are united with the Force. My former masters, Ben Kenobi and Master Yoda are still my advisors; they support me and so does Anakin. When Anakin died, after he had renounced the Dark Side, he was, like many Jedi Knights, united with the Good Side of the Force. His old training as a padawan may have been hidden deep in side his dark harness, while he was a follower of the Dark Side, but the Jedi Knight he once had been, had never died."
"So Darth Vader really was a Jedi Knight once, but ..."
Suddenly Liane started to laughed.
"So on Wegoyy you nearly told me the truth about your father."
Bewildered Luke looked at her.
"Don't you remember, Luke. I had been telling you that my ... I mean Anakin, had destroyed the book about the Jedi Path. You answered, that it had been the book he had been studying, when he was a padawan. I commented, that he wasn't a Jedi, for he was a Sith lord, a follower of the Dark Side of the Force. You were suddenly silent, and you didn't seem to know what to say. Now I understand; at that moment you didn't want to tell me, who he really was."
Luke started to laugh too.
"It's a great relief, that you do remember that moment. You are right, Liane, at that moment I almost made a slip of the tongue. I couldn't tell you the truth, for I knew it wasn't the appropriate moment to tell you. Do you blame me, for covering up the truth?"
Liane shook her head, and chortled softly.
"You made the right decision, Luke. It would have made things more complicated, I guess."
For a moment she looked away, fixed her gaze on the stone for a moment, then looked at him again.
"You just said, Luke, that you can talk to your old masters and your father. What do they look like when you meet them?"
"A Jedi meets the spirits of former Jedi masters. That's how they live on in the Force. My masters and Anakin are surrounded with a transparent radiating flow of blue light. That's the light of the Force. They appear to me as Force ghosts." Luke explained.
"In the same way as I see you, when I use the pendant?"
"Yes, when you use the pendant, I feel your presence through the Force. My mind focuses on you; I concentrate on the Force and I appear before you surrounded by the light of the Force."
"But then, ... Oh, Luke, after I read those lines I've had a strange experience. ... Is it that ... Luke, can it be that I have seen your father... that I have met Anakin here on Endor? I thought I saw you, because his apparition was indeed surrounded by that blue Force light," Liane exclaimed in wonder, "After my old memories had come back to me in a flood of images that was overwhelming me. I felt so shocked and frightened. I didn't know what I had to do. Then I heard a voice calling my real name. That same voice had been speaking to me at earlier moments. I saw two men approaching me, both surrounded by that radiating blue light. One of them must have been your father Anakin. He looked a very friendly man. His eyes were looking at me in the same way as you always do, full of friendliness and compassion. He was in the company of another older grey-haired man with a beard. They both were clad in the same beige tunics and pants and a dark brown robe with a hood, as you are wearing. I recognized them as two Jedi Knights. The older man spoke to me with a very emphatic insistent voice. He encouraged me to use the Jedi-pendant again to restore my contact with you. When he mentioned the Jedi-pendant, I realized the pendant's meaning, and how much time had passed since I had spoken to you."
"Anakin and his friend Obi-Wan, my old master Ben, Kenobi, have probably been looking after you, Liane. I heard Anakin talk to you some moments before you noticed me. He tried to reassure you and put your mind at ease."
Again Luke sensed Liane's curiosity about all this new information.
"They have been looking after me? Why, Luke? Why would they do this?"
"My father deeply regrets what he has done to you, Liane? Anakin Skywalker was once a very compassionate person; someone who cared very much about other people, but he was betrayed by the Emperor who sensed his strong emotions, his worries, his fears and compassion with the people he loved. He seduced him to the Dark Side of the Force with the promise that those dark powers would give him ultimate control of the lives and the problems of his loved ones. It was a trap. A dark trap, that lead my father to the Dark Side of the Force, and so Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. He became a Sith Lord, who, on Morantan, became your foster father "
Liane looked at him.
"What is my fa ... he sorry for?"
"Your lonely youth at his imperial stronghold and the education he has given you on Morantan, all the dark knowledge he has taught you. He knows, it was wrong to raise you with the knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force. I promised him, I would help you to unlearn all that knowledge, and teach you to use the Good Side of the Force."
"How can I unlearn what I know? I'd wish I could."
For a moment Liane looked very helpless.
"I can help you, Liane. That is to say, if you want my help. Let me show you, how I rely on the Good Side of the Force. I can show you what good can be done with her powers. I've made you that offer on the Tychorion. Do you remember your answer?"
Liane nodded.
"You offered your help, so I could keep my promise, that I would never use the Force again in the way I had learned from my ... your father."
"What was your answer to my offer?"
"I ask you, if you trusted me." Liane said and her cheeks slightly reddened, when she remembered their conversation.
"I still do," Luke said with a smile, "Shall we start again and stay together on Endor for some time?"
He held out his hand. Hesitatingly Liane placed her hand in his. For a long moment his eyes met her. Once again she felt his sincerity.
"I will stay with you, Luke, as long as you trust me to be your companion."
"Alright, that's settled then." He gently squeezed her hand and held it tightly in his for some moments.
"Do you know, that you are using the Force at the Good Side already, Liane," Luke said, releasing her hand.
Liane looked puzzled.
"You're using the Good side of the Force through the Jedi-pendant."
Liane pulled the chain from under her tunic and took the pendant in her hand.
"When I woke up on that ridge on Wegoyy, Mintob, one of the Draga, gave me a package and asked me if it was mine. I didn't recognize the pendant, but I loved its beauty, so I kept it. Sometimes I accidentally touched it and then I saw a face. That must have been your face, Luke, but I never recognized you. I feel so sorry, I really do. Yet I also can't recall how I have lost all my memories all that time. Do you know that, Luke?"
"Liane, in the Wegoyy prison you were minddrugged. Commander Dendicott has blocked your memories for some time, like the memory banks of droids are erased sometimes."
Liane frowned reflectively.
"The commander had accused me of spying. He didn't believe me and said I was a liar, spying for the government. One of his guards slapped my face, when I opposed those accusations. I became angry and paralyzed the guard's movements, using my father's knowledge. The commander order the other guard to stun me. After I had been put in that SL-chamber, a hovering spherical droid equipped with a lot of frightening utensils and needles, sometimes entered, but I was too stunned by those flashings lights and the noise to realize why the thing was being brought into my cell. "
She looked at Luke with a very thoughtful expression on her face.
"Except for the shrieking noises and flashing lights that's all I can remember. Luke, could it be, that the droid has been used to inject me with that mind drug?"
"That's almost certain, Liane."
After Luke's confirmation Liane asked confused, "Luke, Leia told me that torture is forbidden in the New Republic. "
"It is, absolutely. A great injustice has been done to you. When the Draga told me, you even couldn't recall your own name; I knew for sure what the commander had done to you."
"I remember, that Yarnick Grann told his father, I must have be minddrugged. He had seen several prick marks of needles under my hair. His words frightened me. And now it turns out, that he was right."
Still in a pensive mood Liane shook her head in disbelieve.
"All the time with the Draga and while I was traveling with Yarnick and his brothers I didn't remember who I was, because the commander in the Wegoyy prison has wiped out my past. Why has he done that, Luke?"
"The empire used minddrugging during their interrogations to weaken their victims minds, so they would confess secret information about the Alliance. I've been told that several prisoners got an overdose and never recovered. The commander probably wanted to force you to tell him the truth about my visit. It's possible that at a later stage he decided you shouldn't remember his interrogation and the way he had tortured you, because you might tell me about what he has done."
Liane stared to the opposite side of the clearing. Her eyes wandered to the stone, but she started to smile, if she looked at Luke again.
"So I've been lucky, I guess, that I discovered that stone with my f... Anakin's real name on it, otherwise it might have taken much longer before I would have been able to use your precious gift again, Luke."
"That's for certain, Liane, it's a lucky coincidence that you've kept the Jedi-pendant with you all the time. Ian and I have done a lot of traveling, in an vain attempt, to catch up with the Grann brothers, who had taken you onboard of the Grannd Traveler."
"You've traveled with Ian ... Ian Tydon, my guard?" Liane exclaimed excitedly.
"I met Ian at Wegoyy. He hadn't returned to the Wegoyy prison after his furlough. He told me what commander Dendicott had done to you, and took me to the Draga. They told me, that you had left the planet with the Grann brothers. Because Ian had detailed knowledge about what had happened to you, I took him back with me to Irithim, so he could tell the Supreme Chancellor about the torture practises in the Wegoyy prison."
"What happened afterwards to him? Did he have go back to Wegoyy?"
Luke shook his head.
"No, the Supreme Chancellor advised him to stay on Dalmaran for his own safety. He got an assignment to be trained as a pilot and he has kept me company on my many travels through the Outer Rim, looking for the Grann brothers."
Liane nodded relieved.
"Ian took an awful risk in the prison with his secret visits to me during his watch. It's good to know you have become friends with him. He has done so much for me while I was imprisoned."
Luke heard the affectionate tone in her voice as she spoke about her former guard. For some time they both sat next to each other in silence, looking at the dense vegetation that bordered the forest glade. Liane saw how the trees cast long shadows on the grassy open space. They had to get back to the village, but she didn't want to break the enchantment of their reunion.
"We've been sitting here for a long time." She thought.
She looked at Luke who was watching her with a smile.
"It's too late now to go to the space port, but tomorrow I'll show you my space ship, the Astræga, and we'll pick up some of Leia's traveling wardrobe," He said with a teasing tone in his voice. She saw some teasing twinkles in his eyes.
"What do you mean by that, Luke?" She asked suspiciously.
"Leia once told me," He continued on a teasing tone, "that the princess of Morantan escaped the New Republic prison at Irithim as Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Alderaan."
Liane's eyes suddenly turned dark and Luke started to laugh.
"Now you're spoiling this day. I don't want to be remembered of what I did in the past. You mustn't..." She snapped and wanted to jump to her feet, but Luke grabbed her arm and pulled her down again.
"...tease me," He finished her sentence, "because then it will be difficult to keep my promise to stop using Anakin's former teachings. Liane, your annoyance about my teasing words, is the expression of your own dark emotions inside you. You became annoyed, because you dislike those shameful memories of things that happened in your past. The indignation you feel, is focused on yourself. You must learn to cope with what you've done wrong and let it go. A Jedi doesn't give in to these kind of emotions, you have to learn to have a peaceful mind. Don't let dark emotions control your actions. They won't help you. I told you that before, remember?"
Luke let her go. Liane averted her eyes.
"I'm sorry, Luke, but yes, you're right, I'm ashamed of what I did to Leia."
"We all make mistakes which we regret, Liane. We're human beings who sometimes fail. Learn to listen to the Force, and you will become more aware of the impact of your decisions, emotions and actions. For tonight, let's get back to the Ewok village."
Together they started to walk back to the village. Teebo and Wicket were on the lookout. Their shrill whistle warned the whole tribe. All the Ewoks ran cheerfully up to them. With sparkling eyes Liane told Chirpa and Logray what had happened.
"Haddo jumo. Diddo Jedi Luke suda miko meto." Luke heard her say.
['Isn't wonderful. Luke, my Jedi friend has come to stay with me.']
Surprised he listened to Liane's conversation with the Ewok leaders.
"Diddo haddo jumo? "Logray said.
['You look so happy.']
"Hamma diddo jumo admo." Liane answered and nodded.
['I am more than happy.']
"You speak their language?" Luke asked her.
"Not fluently, but I have learned to make some simple sentences to communicate with them. Learning their language made it possible to become a real member of this tribe."

To be continued...