A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 33

eia slid the door of the rear quarter on the Millennium Falcon aside and pushed Liane inside.
"So Chewie's quarter has been yours on board," She said with a quick look around, "Let's change our clothes, Liane, like we did before."
"Change clothes? Why, Leia?" Liane asked startled.
Leia gave Liane another gentle hug.
"Don't worry, my dear. Just do, as I say. While we're dressing, I'll tell you what's going to happen."
Slowly Liane started to take off her shoes, and to pull off her tunic and pants.
"Liane, now put on my ceremonial Jedi clothes and put the hood of the cloak over your hair. We couldn't find a proper wig in the color of my hair, but as long as you keep the hood of Jedi cloak over your head nobody will notice the difference. Hey, you have made your own lightsaber. Good, hook it at the belt."
"Luke made this training lightsaber for me. It's another gift, like the Jedi-pendant he gave me on Wegoyy," Liane whispered, while she pushed away the Jedi clothes Leia was holding out to her, "Leia, I may not wear these clothes, I'm not a Jedi. Luke won't agree, if you let me wear your ceremonial outfit. He has told me ..."
"My brother will agree. It's for your safety."
"And you, Leia, what about you?"
Leia took a wig from a sack.
"Once again I will put on the clothes you're wearing, and this wig matches your hair color and length. Come on, help me to put it on."
"Why are you doing this? Doesn't that lady and her guards know what you're doing? Don't get yourself into trouble on my behalf, Leia."
Leia put her hands on Liane's shoulders.
"Stop worrying and protesting, my dear. Mon Mothma and I want to bring you to a safe place, Liane," Leia said.
"A safe place? On Wegoyy? Not in that prison, I hope?" Liane stammered.
"It's not on Wegoyy, my dear. It's a safe place on this planet."
"On Dalmaran, where you and Luke live, so Luke can visit me sometimes."
Leia looked into some hopeful eyes, although she felt how frightened Liane was.
"Oh, he certainly will, Liane. You don't have to feel frightened about changing our clothes. Listen carefully. Ian and I have found out who seems to be looking for you. Mon Mothma, the Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic, has decided that you need protection. She knows about this plan; she even took the initiative to get you to a safe place. She, two of her guards and Han and Chewbacca are going to bring you, disguised as me in the ceremonial Jedi clothes, to the government building. Luke, Ian and the other two guards will escort me, in your clothes, to the detention building."
"What about Han, Leia? Will he agree with this plan? He wants to be with you, Leia, after all these years of separation."
"Mon Mothma is instructing him and the others at this moment. Don't worryy about Han and me, Liane. We will have the rest of our lives together. Another few hours of separation won't harm our relation."
While she was talking, Leia had helped Liane to put on the ceremonial clothes of the Jedi. Before she put on the tunic and pants Liane had been wearing, she put the cowl of the Jedi cloak over Liane's head, and looked at her at arms length.
"These Jedi clothes really suit you, Liane. You're born to become a Jedi Knight, like Luke and me. Look at your reflection on the wall."
Reluctantly Liane shook her head, "I've told Luke, that I don't want to become a Jedi Knight. I want to use my Force power as a healer, like my mother has done, before she died. On Endor I cured many wounded Ewoks with those healing powers."
Leia smiled, "Luke and you had to leave Endor in a hurry, isn't it?"
"Yes, who told you?"
"Guess who," Leia said on a teasing tone, because she still sensed Liane's uneasiness about the proposed plan.
Liane shrugged her shoulders, "Luke?"
"Teebo and the others."
"Teebo!" Liane exclaimed, "You've ...
"Ian and I have been to Endor, because the Force told me that my brother had left the planet, but we weren't sure what had happened to you. Teebo and all the other severely wounded Ewoks have fully recovered, thanks you. So it's a very good idea to learn more about your skills as a Force healer in the future. Now come on, Liane, we have to proceed."
Liane pointed at the clothes Leia was now wearing.
"These are your clothes. Luke said I could borrow your clothes after he had come to Endor."
Leia started to laugh and beckoned Liane to help her with the wig. All of a sudden Liane realized that this strange plan was in fact a set up to help her. Quickly she combed the wig and fastened the strands in the way she was wearing her hair. Again Leia pushed her forward to the reflecting wall of Chewie's quarter. Two nearly similar faces were looking back. Leia hugged Liane.
"My lovely little sister, there so much resemblance, look. You could be my twin sister," she teased.
"I am not your sister, but it's really nice to know that you're my friend. I love you, Leia."
"Liane, you're my foster-sister, because Anakin has been your foster-father. So that makes you my younger foster-sister. Come, we'll get back to the control room."
But Liane held her back.
"Don't be afraid, Liane, outside the Falcon, nobody will notice this disguise. I wonder, if Han will see which of us is you. We look like a pair of identical twins. Just keep the hood over your hair as you leave the Falcon with Han and Mon Mothma."
"Leia, Luke also called me his foster-sister when we were on Tatooine."
"Really? Shouldn't that convince you that we're your relatives. I know that Luke likes the idea that you are his younger sister."
Liane sighed and smiled. Before Leia slid the door aside, she noticed the warm blush that covered Liane's cheeks. She grabbed Liane's arm and together they walked back to the control room. As they entered, the murmur of voices stopped and everyone looked at the two young women. Luke and Ian started to laugh and immediately walked over to Leia. Mon Mothma smiled and Han was looking from Liane to Leia and back again. He shook his head.
Then Mon Mothma said, "Let's proceed. Commodore Skywalker, you and captain Tydon are leaving the Millennium Falcon first. Make sure that your disguised sister is clearly visible to everyone at the landing pit and on your way to your transport. My two guards will escort you to the detention building. Captain Tydon, grab your Jedi master's arm in a firm grip, as you would do if you would escort a prisoner. Commodore Skywalker, you follow captain Tydon and your sister with my guards. Now go."
The twins left with Leia's padawan, and two of Mon Mothma's special guards. Mon Mothma looked at Han.
"General Solo, it'll be your task to play the role of the long lost lover of miss Solichor. I'm sorry we have to separate you from your real love, but as I explained it's only for a short while. My guards and I will follow you with your co-pilot."
Han cast Liane a lopsided grin.
"Maybe I should carry you in my arms, sweetheart." He said and he lifted her.
Liane protested.
"Put me down. If you're holding me like that, I might loose the hood. Let me just walk by your side."
"Walk by my side. Come on, Liane, put your arm around my waist. We're lovers, who have finally been united again, like the chancellor said," Han said grinning.
Reluctantly Liane did what Han suggested. Chewbacca stood grunting and grinning, looking at the odd couple.
Han bowed his head to Liane and whispered, "I love you, Eilidh Grann, and that's the truth. If I hadn't fallen in love with Leia I would propose to you now. You're the most lovely woman next to Leia."
Liane's cheeks colored deep red.
"You're blushing, sweetheart," Han teased and suddenly he lifted her in his arms.
"Put your arms around my neck, sweetheart, and keep your head close to mine," he whispered, while he pulled the hood of the Jedi cloak far over her head and face
"Han, don't do this," Liane whispered and tried to pull free.
"Stop fighting, sweetheart. This is my special way to get you out of the Falcon."
"Come on, you lovers. Let's get to the government building," The Supreme Chancellor said with a smile.
With Liane in his arms Han walked down the ramp of the Falcon to special transport hopper of the Supreme Chancellor followed by Chewbacca, the Supreme Chancellor herself and the other two guards.
"Master, our contact at the space port has reported that Lady Vader has been arrested and is escorted to the detention building at this moment. Jedi Skywalker and another Jedi were accompanying her. Probably they will hand her to the guards in the detention building. It probably will be very easy to find out in which part of the building they are guarding her. We have several reliable spies inside the detention building, who we can bribe and instruct to intoxicate her with a mild poison, nothing harmful. Afterwards they can bring outside the building and have her on a transport space ship to Palomintar Four."
"Be sure, she is alive, on her transport to the Palomintar System," Darth Golluth grumbled.
"Of course, master. They'll mix something through her food, some sleeping drug. It's easy."
"Don't make any mistakes this time. I need her here as soon as possible."
"A Twilek' trader has promised us to arrange a transport, master. Can we already give him the coordinates and the other landing instruction?"
"The sooner, the better. Yes, tell him. I will instruct my droids to bring her to my underground shelter."
Unaware of this strange conversation between Darth Golluth and his spy at the space port the transport hopper with Luke, Ian and Leia drove to the detention building at high speed. When they neared the building Leia activated her infocom.
"Threepio, come in. Where are you?"
"We're at the backside door, mistress Leia. The exit, where once I saw how you ..."
"We're almost there. Make sure that backdoor to the underground entrance is unlocked."
"Artoo has been working on it and will open when you drive in."
"Well done, you two. Stay inside the building. We'll meet you there. You know what to do next."
Leia switched off the infocom.
"Are you sure, nobody will notice our approach, Leia?" Luke asked.
"The backside entrance is guarded only with surveillance cams. It is meant as an emergency exit. Artoo has switched off those cams and any other detection system around and inside the back side of the building for a couple of hours, supposedly for maintenance. As we've entered the building we can make our way to the sewer entrance unnoticed."
"What about the transport hopper, master?" Ian asked.
"The guards will take Threepio and Artoo inside the hopper to the government building. They will escort the droids to Mon Mothma offices, using her secret elevator."
Luke hesitated.
"Two well-known droids in a transport hopper carrying the official markings of the Supreme Chancellor. That vehicle will certainly attract attention."
"Before you arrived Threepio and Artoo have made this trip in and out the building several times deliberately. We took care, that they had the look-a-like of maintenance droids carrying out an official urgent maintenance order from the Supreme Chancellor."
Luke laughed.
"You've taken care of everything, haven't you, Leia."
"I hope I have. If the spies of Darth Golluth should find Liane and bring her to him on Palomintar Four Mon Mothma and I fear for her life and the continuation of the New Republic."
"Who is this Darth Golluth, the Supreme Chancellor mentioned?" Luke asked. "How has she find out about him? What does he want of Liane?"
"I'll tell you all the details while we're on our way to the government building via the Great Sewer. Darth Golluth and his secret desire to bring Liane to Palomintar Four are the reasons for this cover-up with me acting as Liane. But to satisfy your curiosity: his real name is Trevor Matrik and he has been an Imperial officer, one of Palpatine's praetorian guards, and an admiral in the Imperial Space Fleet. His personal file mentions that he is extremely Force-sensitive. Most of his career he has spent on Coruscant, later he has gotten another assignment which isn't documented. Look the door is open. Here we go. Let's hope everything will turn out well."
The transport hopper vanished through the backdoor of the large detention building. Some fifty feet from the entrance Luke noticed the figures of Threepio and Artoo. The vehicle stopped and the guards hopped off. They opened the doors on both sides and Luke, Leia and Ian jumped out. Leia beckoned the two droids.
"Good work, well done. You know what to do next?"
"Yes, Your Highness. Good luck."
"Nice to see you again, guys," Luke said and put his hand on Threepio's shoulder.
"It's good to see you again on Dalmaran, master Luke. Please, stay a while on this planet. Artoo wants to accompany you again on your next trip."
Luke laughed.
"And you, Threepio. Are you coming with me too?"
The fastidious droid stepped back.
"If you don't mind, sir. I want to stay on Dalmaran and make a quiet living here."
"You will get, what you want, Threepio," Leia said and smiled.
"Madam, you have proceeds with the chancellor's plan. The maintenance vessel will arrive in about four hours. You mustn't miss it." One of the special guards said.
"Come on. Threepio, we see you and Artoo later on."
The three Jedi turned their back on the two droids and the special guards.
"If we reach the government building you will have to imitate the appearance of Leia as a Jedi Knight and the representative of the former Royal House of Alderaan. Leia is also a member of the High Council and my special advisor," Mon Mothma said. "You can do that, can't you?"
Liane still felt uncomfortable in Leia's Jedi clothes. Mon Mothma sensed how overwhelmed the young woman was by the rapid changes after the landing of the Millennium Falcon
"Liane, maybe you can recall your position on Morantan. You were once the leader of the imperial troops and the defender of the stronghold on Morantan, remember," Mon Mothma continued, hoping she reassure the girl a bit, "My intelligence force has informed me that Darth Vader's men had given you a special title."
"An alias, madam, a name I hate."
"Yes, I know, Leia told you're not proud of it. I think you don't deserve it any longer. I've heard better stories about you."
"Thank you, madam, for your discretion. It's very kind of you, for I don't want to be remembered as that person. I've never really been her."
Han touched Liane's hand. For a moment Liane looked up at him. She saw a understanding look in his eyes, then she looked at Mom Mothma again.
"Why are you doing this, madam? What's the reason? Leia said that you want to protect me, because you know who wants to kidnap me."
"Leia has discovered the name of that person, Liane? She asked me to put you under the special protection of the New Republic."
"I know that someone is after me, but I thought that it was, because I escaped from Wegoyy. I didn't escape, madam. I have been tortured, and Luke and Han say that I have been given a drug to wipe out my memories."
Mon Mothma grabbed Liane's hands.
"I'm really sorry about what has happened to you, Liane. The ones you're referring to and have attacked you on Endor are still in detention awaiting their trial. Leia has found evidence that a new Sith Lord wants you to become his apprentice, because your foster-father taught you how to handle and use the Dark Side of the Force."
Liane frowned and shook her head.
"I will never cooperate with another Sith Lord. Never again. I know too well, what evil my fa... my foster-father has brought to this galaxy. Besides I've promised Luke I will not use my old knowledge anymore, madam. I want to use my Force abilities to serve, to cure people and help them to overcome their sorrows."
"She is really great doing that, madam," Han interrupted, "If by accident Liane hadn't been around with Luke on Tatooine, and met with Chewbacca, I would never have decided to come back to Dalmaran."
Mon Mothma smiled.
"And leave my most trusted advisor an unhappy woman for the rest of her life, general?"
Han's cheeks slightly colored. Liane looked at him.
"Leia will join us in the government building, won't she, madam? " She asked
Mon Mothma nodded.
"Yes, she will, but we're approaching the government building. Do you understand what I expect of you?"
"I do," Liane said and she sat upright.
The official transport hopper braked and entered the square in front of entrance of the government building. The special guards jumped out and one of them open the door and offered his hand to Mon Mothma. After her he helped Liane to get out, followed by Han and Chewbacca. Liane had pulled the cowl of the Jedi cloak over her hair, and before she joined Mon Mothma, she folded her hands in the sleeves of the cloak and slightly bowed her head as if she was listening to the Supreme Chancellor. Han wanted to protest, but Mon Mothma immediately understood what Liane had in mind. Leia would certainly walk at her side, if she was going to her offices. She beckoned Han and Chewbacca to follow her. Mon Mothma was amazed about the change that had taken place in Liane's attitude during their short trip through Irithim. She didn't show any nervousness, instead she walked at self-conscious pace next to Mon Mothma. The four conspirators entered the government building and took the special elevator to Mon Mothma's private chambers. After the door had been closed Mon Mothma turned to Liane with a smile
"Well done, Liane. You no longer have to pretend you're a Jedi Knight. You did very well."
Liane sighed relieved, and pulled back the cowl of the Jedi cloak.
"Thank you, madam." She looked at Han who was still looking surprised.
"I had to do what the Supreme Chancellor expected of me, Han, for she's doing this all to protect me?" She said.
"You were great, but not as I expected. You're full of surprises, sweetheart. Maybe you have something of a princess in you, a beautiful Force princess," He said.
"Where is Leia, madam?" Liane said looking around the room.
"Leia, her brother and Ian Tydon, your former guard, are on their way. We will meet them in a few hours. Oh, there are Threepio and Artoo."
A side door of Mon Mothma private chambers had slid aside and two special guards brought in the two droids.
"A few hours!" Liane exclaimed disappointed, "but I thought they would be here already."
"Impossible, sweetheart. If I understood it right, Leia and company are using the sewer system under the detention building as a decoy, before they will meet us here." Han grinned.
"Please sit down, you two, Chewbacca take that large pouch. Threepio will bring us some drinks, while I will tell you about our plan," Mon Mothma said.
Then she revealed in detail the plan to bring Liane to a safe place in a secret underground accommodation on Na'ctaMagh'Ba, one of the two prohibited continents of Dalmaran. In Standard Basic the continent's name meant the 'Valley of the Four Lakes'. There the New Republic had gotten permission to create a safe haven for the members of the High Council in case of emergency. The accommodation had been set up deep down under the surrounding mountains and the valley. The whole project had been build without disturbing the existing nature and had the approval and full cooperation of the Dalmaranian leaders and the scientist farmers who ran a couple of scientific laboratories and farms in the valley.
Mon Mothma showed Han, Chewbacca and Liane detailed holographic images of the place. Liane admired the vistas of the Valley and Mon Mothma showed her the four lakes, which had given the valley its name.
"It looks wonderful, so serene." Liane mused.
"It is a serene place and not accessible without explicit permission of the Dalmaranian government", Mon Mothma said.
"How do those scientists get their supplies?" Liane asked.
"They have air support from the nearby space port of Mas'onom. Every standard week they get all the extra supplies they need. On the farms they grow the food and tend the cattle which covers most of their daily needs. The surplus of the harvests are taken to Mas'onom to be sold on the market. In the laboratories the scientists check the influence of human inhabitance on the surrounding nature. The whole project is more or less self supporting."
"What happens if some one get ill, or has an accident?"
"The scientists have direct access to the air support when ever they want. Help is given immediately."
"Tough organization", Han said, "Wouldn't it be better to build some medical facility."
"Building activities are prohibited on Na'ctaMagh'Ba, general Solo. The farmhouses and the housing of the laboratories which the scientists use for their accommodation are build with natural materials only. The scientists are doing long-time research on the impact of human colonization of uninhabited worlds."
"Will we meet any scientists once we're there?" Liane asked.
"Not likely. We are using the outlet of an underground river to get inside the accommodation. Once inside we don't have access to the valley, we're even not allowed to."
Mon Mothma looked at the chrono at her desk.
"While we're waiting for the others I have ordered a late lunch. Will you please follow me."
She rose and pushed a button in the wall that slid aside. Liane saw a beautiful dining room, where a table had been set for ten. Another door on the opposite side of the room slid aside and three members of the High Council entered. Mon Mothma took Liane's hand and walked over to her advisors.
"You, probably, remember master Sorjan Tyloban, Liane, and you know general Madine, and this is Samira Rolan from Naboo. She has made a study of the impact of the mind-drug you have been given on Wegoyy."
Liane shook hands with members of the High Council who looked at her with interest. General Madine pressed her hand more firmly and smiled at her.
"Did you manage to help those wounded Ewoks on Endor, miss Solichor?" He asked.
Liane nodded not knowing what to say. Mon Mothma brought her to a seat next to her.
"Before we're having lunch I would be very obliged to you, Liane, if you could tell the members of the High Council and me in detail what treatment you underwent in the Wegoyy prison? How did you manage to leave Wegoyy and what has happened to you, before commodore Skywalker found you on Endor," Mon Mothma said.
"I will gladly tell you everything, madam. You've been very kind to me, although I'm still a prisoner of the New Republic," Liane said feeling a bit uneasy about Mon Mothma's unexpected proposal.
"After we have arrived at my secret residence, you and I will have a chat about your status, Liane," Mon Mothma said.
While Liane was enjoying her first meeting with Mon Mothma, telling her and the members of the High Council about her imprisonment on Wegoyy and the forbidden torture commander Dendicott had used, Leia, Luke and Ian were on their way through the cellars of the detention building to find the entrance to the sewer system. Artoo had switched off all surveillance cams of the system as planned. The entrance grate had been unlocked and one by one they climbed down the iron bars in the wall. Luke, as the last one, put the grate in place and secured the lock. Twenty meters down the small shaft they reached the bottom and entered the sewer tunnels. Leia activated a datapad with a map. They waited for a couple of minutes and then a little green dot signalled their position, while a red dotted line showed the path they had to follow.
"That way", Leia said and pointed north.
"What time will we engage that maintenance submersible", Ian asked.
"At seventeen hundred hour, standard time. We have about four hours from now to reach the spot where we can pick it up."
"It's thirteen twenty. We've lost some time finding the entrance grate," Luke said. "We'd better hurry."
The two Jedi and the padawan pushed forward, following the dotted red line. As they continued their way the line became shorter.
"We will reach the spot in time," Leia said, while they made steep turn and found their path block by a heavy steel door. Behind the door the red line continued.
"It seems, master, that our road is cut off," Ian said.
"This is an emergency door," Luke said. "It probably has closed when Artoo switched off the surveillance system. Let's hope it doesn't withstand a lightsaber."
Luke and Leia unbuckled their lightsabers and held them close to the metal locks. They ignited the blade and a hissing sound started melting the steel around the locks. It took some twenty minutes before the locks gave way and the heavy door could be pushed open. They jumped through and continued their way.
"Let's hope there's no other obstacle in our path," Leia said looking had her chrono. "We have two hour and a half left. Ian, look at the map, how long before we reach our rendez-vous point."
"Time needed, three hours and ten minutes according to the map." Ian said.
"Then let's run a bit faster. I don't want to swim to the Grand Sewer, if we miss the submersible."
They spat forward and flashed through the underground network of tunnels. The tunnels widened and at the distance they could hear the flow of the rushing water of the Grand Sewer.
"We're in time," Leia yelled and ran through the opening.
"There goes our submersible, master," Ian said and pointed to the floating submersible which rounding the bent to the Grand Sewer.
Luke stretched out to the Force and stopped the automatic floating boat.
"Hurry. I'm holding it."
Leia and Ian rushed forward and reached the vessel which was floating some hundred and twenty meters ahead of them. Luke followed holding the object in his Force grip. Leia reached the boat first and unhooked a cable from her belt. She swung is around rear side of the boat and pulled. Immediately the boat stopped; the automatic floating switched off as soon as an obstacle was detected.
"Got it, Luke," She shouted, "Ian, Open the hatch and get inside. I have the code to overrule this floating computer."
They went down in the hold and Leia rushed over to the navigation console. She flipped back several switches and pressed a red button. The computer asked for an entry code and Leia typed the seventeen digits. Immediately the screen above the console lit up and showed a clear vision of the Grand Sewer.
"The controls are on manual. Now let's bring this floating device to our next destination: the quay of the underground escape route under the the government building. There's an elevator which will bring us to Mon Mothma's offices, where we'll meet Mon Mothma and the others. We will leave the Supreme Chancellor's offices with a more comfortable underwater transport to reach Na'ctaMagh'Ba: Mon Mothma's special submersible, a gift from the Dalmaranian leaders.
"What did you say?" The Twilek' asked shaking his headtails in disbelieve.
"I've told you already three times. We aren't expecting any new prisoner transport! You are misinformed." The guard said with an annoyed sigh.
"What about an escaped convict from the State Prison on Wegoyy?" The Twilek' asked nervously.
"Any prisoner from Wegoyy, who is captured again, is transported back to Wegoyy immediately. That's standard procedure."
"Transported back to Wegoyy?"
"Yes, I don't know what's that of your concern?"
"Nothing, nothing at all. Thank you for your information." The Twilek' said hastely and walked away.
The guard shrugged his shoulders and walked back to his post.
"What did that creature want?" His colleague asked.
"If I knew something about a Wegoyy prisoner in detention on Dalmaran. I told that Wegoyy prisoners are always send back to Wegoyy immediately. I thought that everybody knew that procedure."
"Strange behavior, why did he want that information?"
"I don't know. He seemed very much surprised, when I told him we weren't expecting any newcomers."
"If I'm not mistaken I've seen that Twilek' here the last couple of days regularly. I wonder what he wants. His behavior raises questions. Make a remark in the log, if he turns up again, we warn the commander and put him under surveillance."
"What for? Maybe he was expecting a friend. Well if this so-called friend was a Wegoyy prisoner, he has to book a transport to that planet. Maybe he belongs there too. Forget it. I've send him off."
Little did the two guards know that the Twilek' was already being watched. A small floating surveillance droid was hovering nearby and held the Twilek' in his sight.
Not far from the detention building the Twilek' stopped and looked back.
"They haven't brought her to the detention building, but where is she now? I must find her, otherwise my master will be very, very angry. I have to contact Darrin, maybe he knows what happened to the girl. Maybe she's brought in via a secret entrance. If it is a standard procedure that Wegoyy prisoners are sent back, maybe they haven't informed those guards about her. I will leave him a coded message, that I'm expecting him at our standard meeting point."
The Twilek' took out a hand held device and ducked in the shadow of porch. Quickly his fingers flicked over the screen and even faster he slipped the device back under his clothes. Then he vanished among the crowd, but the floating surveillance droid had registered his behavior. It started following him again from a distance.
Hours after sunset two different individuals met outside the outskirts of Irithim, one was the Twilek' who had been looking for information about Liane, the other was human.
"Tell me," The Twilek' said. "Do you know where they have brought the girl I've told you about."
"There hasn't arrived any new female or male prisoner. I've checked all the logs of today and yesterday, but there are no new arrivals. I also haven't found upcoming transports to Wegoyy. There hasn't been any transports to Wegoyy since the troubles there about an escaped prisoner who seems to have been tortured."
"My contacts told me, that they have seen how the girl has been transported from the space port after the landing of the Millennium Falcon. It seems that general Solo had captured her. Jedi Skywalker was also on board. He and another Jedi were escorting the girl."
"I'm sorry, Trimas. There weren't any new arrivals today. I would have been the first person to know, you know."
"Yes, yes, Darrin. Do you have any clue where they might have taken that girl."
"Maybe they brought her to the government building. If she is the one who managed to escape from Wegoyy, they want her to tell the members of High Council what happened to her. Remember that commander Dendicott and the Phylotar brothers are still waiting for their trial to start," Darrin said.
"Yes, yes, Darrin. I'm aware of those facts, but I need to know where the girl is now. You said, that you would take care of her the moment she would arrive at the detention block and now you tell me you weren't informed about her transport, while I have seen her being escorted by Jedi Skywalker and his friend."
Darrin grabbed the Twilek' at the throat.
"Are you suggesting, I'm a lair, you little rat. If I tell you there haven't been any new arrivals I speak the truth. You told me the girl can be of some help to revive the Empire in the future. That's what I want and so does Daino and his brother. The New Republic is a bunch of so called heroes, but they aren't fit to rule the galaxy. The Emperor was more powerful than Mon Mothma ever will be. She is a puppet in the hand of those Skywalkers and the other heroes of Endor."
Trimas struggled to get free.
"I don't want to offend you, but help me. If I can't find the place were they are hiding the girl, I am in trouble. My master won't allow anymore failures from me."
"I see what I can find out, but don't expect a quick answer. I have a job to do, and I don't want to attract attention." Darrin said, releasing the Twilek', "I'll contact you as soon as I know more."
The Twilek' ordered his tunic and cloak and nodded.
"Make it fast. I have to report tomorrow night. I promised him I would have a ship ready to transport the girl the same night, if possible."
"Stupid to make such a promise, if you don't know anything for sure. I'll have to go now. I'll keep you informed."
Darrin vanished among the shadows of the surrounding buildings. The Twilek' sniffed not feeling very confident about the deal. A surveillance droid had registered the rendez-vous.
"Why did the Supreme Chancellor's special advisor requested the personal data of one of our former imperial officers?" Jerno asked, looking at the holographic image of the representative of the New Republic.
"She needed to inform the Supreme Chancellor immediately. Didn't you get the warrant we send you?" The representative answered.
"We did, but we wonder why the New Republic is interested in one of our high-ranking officers?" Jerno asked.
"Because, consul, the Princess of Alderaan has gathered sincere evidence that one of your officers is looking for Liane Solichor, the foster-daughter of Darth Vader. We already have solid evidence that he has given several orders to kidnap her, for there have been several attempts to bring her to a system in the Outer Rim territories. My government wants to avoid at all costs, that he will get her. We seriously assume that your man is making secret plans to revive the empire under Sith rule. He even seems to have chosen a Sith lord's name, and is calling himself Darth Golluth," the representative remarked.
For a moment Jerno looked at the holographic image.
"You're sure about this?"
"Absolutely. Let me tell you what our intelligence force has discovered. It's very interesting news. The Supreme Chancellor has asked me to share our knowledge about this new Sith lord with your government, consul."
The next ten minutes the representative of the New Republic told Jerno, as the leader of the Provisionary Government on Coruscant all the information which had been gathered about Darth Golluth. Jerno listened with growing interest. As the representative had ended his story Jerno nodded.
"I apologize for my former suspicion, sir. I feel very obliged to express my thanks to the the Supreme Chancellor for the transparency in this particular case. I suggest, that it would be a good idea to team up, and bundle our forces. I have one urgent question: can you guarantee that the daughter of Darth Vader will stay on Dalmaran, as long as we haven't solved this problem."
"She has been brought to a safe place. The Supreme Chancellor and the High Council will see to it, that nobody will hear about her whereabouts as long as your man hasn't been arrested and identified as Darth Golluth."
"We can't take immediate action near the Palomintar System yet. Our resources are still very limited," Jerno said.
"We are aware of that, but the Supreme Chancellor has asked me, if our two governments can cooperate, for we're seeking a peaceful coexistence with the government on Coruscant."
"We certainly wants to join forces in this matter, but may I ask you what the Supreme Chancellor has in mind."
"The main concern of my government, consul, are the many spies who seems to get their instructions from and even seems to communicate directly with your man. It would be a great help, if your intelligence force could tell us if your man has access to a wide range communication system which might have its location on one of the planets of the Palomintar System?" The representative asked.
Jerno looked at the holographic image, but decided not to reveal his own knowledge about the possible communication between a source on Palomintar Four and admiral Vestor on the Basilisæa. Nevertheless it surprised him that New Republic had already gathered a lot of information about the missing admiral. For a moment he wondered if the former admiral was indeed making plans to revive the empire.
"I have to consult our own experts at the intelligence force about this suggestion, sir. You have to understand, that we want to do some research ourselves about your accusations."
"Don't see our words as accusations, consul. Our governments have to help each other. Neither of our governments would benefit if there would be a serious attempt to revive the empire." The representative answered hastily.
"Absolutely, sir. I want to discuss our conversation with the other leaders, but I can already assure you, that I will come back to you to discuss some further plans," Jerno said.
"Many thanks for your time and your understanding of the situation, consul."
"Send the Supreme Chancellor my regards, and thank you for keeping us informed," Jerno said.
The holographic image disappeared. Jerno stared at the opposite wall of his office, then he activated a second infocom and waited. A holo image of a junior officer popped up.
"Yes?" The young officer asked.
"Do you know anything about the communication system our source on Palomintar Four is using?" Jerno asked.
"Old model, but upgraded. Sophisticated new features," came the immediate answer.
"Wide range."
"Dalmaran, Ortel, Morantan, Wegoyy?"
"Won't give any problem."
"The New Republic's communication center? Attempts have been made. So far inaccessible."
"Can you tap into that communication system, and make some necessary changes, so that that system could have access to a particular Quoith partition?"
"Can be done, but it will take some time. I can only tap into it if the Basilisæa is in range."
"Leave that to me. Get to work on it, but don't activate. I will inform you later how we give our man access to the Quoith connection," Jerno said.
"Understood, anything else."
The image vanished as the connection broke off. Jerno, first consul of the Provisionary Government leaned back in his chair and nodded imperceptible before he activated his messaging system and sent out a specific order for admiral Vestor on the Basilisæa.

To be continued...