A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 70

n Tatooine a speeder with Yarmod Martan, Ian Tydon and their droid companion Threepio rushed over the Xelric Draw, the deep canyon behind Mos Espa to reach Ben Kenobi's dwelling near the Jundland Waste before sunset. At the horizon the mesas of the Jundland Waste were steadily growing larger and larger. Ian watched the view and thought about an old mission on Wegoyy, when he had been ordered to drop an unconscious female prisoner in the Wegoyy desert. This Dune Sea and the Jundland Waste looked almost similar to the landscape on Wegoyy. So many things had changed after he informed a Jedi about what really had happened in the Wegoyy prison.
"We're almost there," Yarmod yelled above the noise of the engine, "There is the gorge."
He pointed at the navi-screen near the wheel. Ian looked at the screen.
"Happy to be back, Threepio," Ian asked the golden droid that sat in the back seat.
"Yes, master Tydon. All these sand grains are clogging my joins." The protocol droid lamented.
"You did a good job, Threepio, in Mos Espa. That vendor tried to fool us. Thanks to you we made a great deal," Ian said.
"It's my primary function to translate his words exactly, master Tydon. He probably didn't know I'm fluent in six million forms of communication," Threepio proudly said.
"I will clean your joints, Threepio, when we're back. There are enough lubricants in the workspace."
"Wonderful, master Tydon."
The speeder rushed on between the first mesas, then dive into a deep gorge between the high canyon walls.
"Great stuff, this tiny navi-computer. I don't know, if I would have found that accommodation without it." Yarmod yelled again.
"What about using the Force?" Ian grinned and they both laughed.
Yarmod followed the path between two rising rock formations. In front of them they saw the yellow block that marked Ben Kenobi's old home. Yarmod slowed down and stopped the engine.
"We're home!" He exclaimed and laughed, "Liane, please, open the door and let us in."
"She won't hear us, Yarmod. This door is probably soundproof. Let's put the supplies near the door and stow away the speeder in the Astreaga," Ian said calmly, "We shouldn't stay outside too long."
He tuned in on the Force and deactivated the cloaking device of the Astreaga. Immediately the shape of the ship turned up. Ian lowered the ramp and went over to Threepio and Yarmod to help them unloading.
"Can you ask Liane to open up," Yarmod asked, "Through the Force I mean. You're much better in communicating with her, than I am."
'Liane,' Ian tuned in on the Force, 'We're back. Can you open the door?'
Nothing happened. Once again Ian used the Jedi telepathy through the Force and asked the same question.
"I'd better remove the bolts myself," he murmured, raising his hand. He looked for the three bolts on the inside of the door and shifted them easily. He walked over and pushed. The door swung inside. The light tubes inside the cave were alight.
"Liane, we're back," Ian called and descended the three stairs behind the entrance. He looked around and saw Liane fast asleep on the couch in the main living. He smiled and walked back outside.
"She has fallen asleep. Perhaps she was tired after she had assembled her lightsaber in the Illum meditation," He said to his friend, "We'll put away the supplies without disturbing her."
Without make as less noise as possible they brought the supplies inside. Yarmod went outside to put the speeder in the cargo hold of the Astreaga and cloaked the space ship again.
"I'm going to clean and lubricate Threepio," Ian said whispering.
"I'll give you a hand," Yarmod said, "Come on, Threepio, before you can't move anymore."
The droid didn't seem to hear him, as he was talking to Artoo who had reactivated as they entered.
"Master Tydon, master Martan, Artoo says, that he and mistress Liane have found a secret cave behind mistress Liane's sleeping alcove."
The two young padawans turned around.
"A secret cave and what was in there?" Yarmod asked.
Artoo bleeped a long series of binary language.
"Mistress Liane has found a box with some datapads and a holocron. She has done only reading yesterday and the whole night. She didn't eat anything and she also forgot to drink enough water. After she has finished reading, she has fallen asleep."
Ian had already walked over to the sleeping figure and softly pushed her.
Liane moved and murmured: "Don't leave me alone,fath..."
She turned on her other side and slept on.
Confused the two friends looked at each other. Artoo wheeled over, extended one of his utensils and pushed the metal box that stood near the couch.
"Is that the box Liane found, Artoo?" Ian asked.
The dome of the blue astromech droid whirled around. Ian put the box on a solid stool and wanted to open the lid.
"There's something written on the outside," Yarmod said.
They both looked at the few characters.
"It's Jediese. It says: 'My life in exile'," Yarmod said, "Whose life? Let's see what's inside it."
Ian opened the box and took out a datapad. He turned it around.
"It has been switched off."
"Let's activate it."
"Wait, Yarmod. I'd better bring Liane to her own room. If we start talking now, we are disturbing her sleep. She seems really tired," Ian said. He leaned over the sleeping girl, lifted her in his arms and brought her to the alcove behind the water supply. Carefully he put her on her couch and covered her with a blanket. Again an old memory popped up in his mind. On Wegoyy he had put her on a couch while she had been unconscious after Dendicott had ordered her torture. He looked down on the sleeping young woman and sighed. He loved her more than any one else in this galaxy. There has never been in his life some one he loved more than this young woman and yet she was unreachable to him. Slowly he bowed to her face and softly kissed her.
'I love you, Liane Solichor. I will protect you. Wherever you go, I will go. I will not leave you alone.' He thought.
He left the alcove and turned to his fellow padawan. Yarmod had activated the datapad and was scrolling through the files. As Ian entered he looked up.
"I took a quick browse through the files on it. The one who wrote these documents is talking about some one called Severini," Yarmod said.
Immediately Ian's thoughts were alerted. 'Severini', that was the name of Liane's mother. It wasn't a common name.
"Shouldn't we first clean Threepio's joints and prepare a meal, before we start reading those documents?" He asked, "It has been a tough ride. Aren't you hungry?"
"Yes, having a good meal sound good to me. Let's clean the droid quick," Yarmod said, jumping to his feet. He switched off the datapad and beckoned Threepio to follow him to the working alcove. Ian followed slowly, after he had cast a quick look at the datapad. What was in it? Whose life story was this?
'No, Ian, concentrate on your first task and help Yarmod with the cleaning of Threepio. The droid is a fine fellow and a very loyal servant. He deserves you take care of him,' He thought.
The two young padawans spent a long time to clean and polish their droid companion. Threepio was very satisfied with their thorough attention. After they had finish the job the droid announced he would close down for a while to allow the lubricant to work better. The young men agreed and went to the small alcove behind the entrance to prepare a nutrious Jedi meal. As their masters had taught them they should be mindful to the food they were preparing.
After they had finished their meal, they discussed their experiences in Mos Espa. Yarmod recalled their near conflict with a member of an unknown species, when he used Jedi mind control to make a good deal. The creature had become angry and Threepio had to intervene and eased the creature's mind.
"Tatooine is a big sand ball inhabited with many criminal species. Is it so funny to realize that master Luke grew up here?" Yarmod asked with a big grin.
"Master Luke grew up on a moisture farm, near Mos Eisley. I don't know what to imagine, but he has told me that his youth has been quite uneventful. 'Growing up in the desert isn't a thrilling adventure,' he once said to me. Nevertheless he often comes back here, especially to this place. He took Liane with him to this house, when they left Endor. Here he instructed her to assemble a training lightsaber here. Oh, by the way, Yarmod, please, don't mention the Illum-mediation or her lightsaber. I just saw that the components she wanted to use, were still laying untouched in her room." Ian said.
For a moment both padawans were silent.
"Do you still want to look at those documents?" Yarmod asked, pointing at the datapad, but surpressing a yawn.
"Maybe we should talk to Liane first. I really expected her to perform the Illum-meditation to assemble her own lightsaber. I wonder why she didn't. Artoo talked about a hidden cave behind her room," Ian said thoughtfully, "It doesn't feel really good to meddle in her affairs. Let her tell about it herself."
Yarmod nodded.
"Wise words, Ian. You're right. Master Antilles still warns me I'm too curious, and acting too rash. I should learn to be more mindful and concentrate on what I'm doing. Master Antilles says I have to commit myself to the Living Force. You're doing a lot better than me." He commented yawning again, "I'm following Threepio, if you don't mind. It's been strenuous ride through the Xelric Draw. All those sand dunes. They all look so similar. See you tomorrow, pal."
He rose and vanished through the entrance of the workspace to the sleeping alcove. Ian stayed behind in the main living. He controlled the bolts on the door, before he poured himself a last cup of fresh water. As he walked back to the couch, he cast a quick look at Liane. She was still asleep. She had cast aside the blanket. He carefully put it back, unwittingly caressing her amber brown hair.
Back in the main living he neatly folded his Jedi coat and put it on the stool on top of the metal box, then he took off his lined boots and laid down on the couch. He dimmed the light tubes a bit and put his arms behind his head. Yarmod had mentioned the name of 'Severini', after he had browsed those documents. 'Severini'. Could it be that Liane had read something about her mother? Who had written about her? Whose datapad was it? Were those documents written by master Luke's former master, Ben Kenobi? What did he know about Liane's mother? Had Ben Kenobi known Severini? Ben had been a Jedi Knight. Severini had been a Jedi healer, maybe she had been a Jedi Knight too. If that was the case then it was obvious that they might have known each other. Liane had told him that after her mother's death Darth .... eh, Anakin had taken her to the imperial domains. How had Anakin found Liane after her mother's death? Ian sighed and tried to order his disturbing thoughts. What was the content of those documents? He had to admit that he was as curious as his friend Yarmod, but his curiosity mainly stemmed from his concern for Liane. Had these writings upset her? Had they grieved her? He had to know. He had to know, otherwise he wouldn't be able to console her, to comfort her.
He sat upright, raised the dimmed light, opened the metal box and grabbed the datapad. He activated the device and scanned the files. The files were sorted in a descending order. Ian reversed the sorting. He looked at the date of the first file and noticed that it had been written almost twenty five years ago. Twenty five years ago. If Ben Kenobi had written these documents they dated back to the end of the Clone Wars and the founding of the Empire. He opened the file and looked the document's heading. Yes, this was the beginning, this was the first page. He shifted his position, looked at the first lines and started reading. Amazed and bewildered he read the short document over and over again. After having read the lines more than ten times he put down the datapad and tuned in on the Force. In his mind the images of a man running through a dense forest appeared.
"Don't cry, my son, don't cry. Your mother will soon join us and we will be together again," he now heard the man tell him. He felt how the man put his cloak around him to keep warm. It was a Jedi coat made of the same rough material as his own Jedi cloak, but warm and comfortable. From under the cloak he saw how they boarded a ship. It brought them to the shore on the other side of a large water. There the man started running again. He became sleepy and closed his eyes.
"Close your eyes and try to get some sleep, Tama-Hinn," He heard the man say and he nodded.
"I'm tired, father. Where are we going? Will we see mummy soon?" He heard himself ask with a sleepy voice.
"Yes, my son, we will," The man answered.
He didn't remember what had happened next and was amazed when he saw how he and the man who he had called 'father', went on board a small space ship. During the trip he was laying in his father's arm unaware of what was happening, but feeling safe and comfortable. The ship landed on a space port on a planet he didn't recognize. He woke up and asked where they were. Again he asked for his mother. His father walked fast and they reached a town. Through a maze of small streets his father walked on and finally tapped on a window. A face appeared and Ian recognized his foster-father with a much younger face. The door opened ajar and they entered. He heard his father ask his foster-father to take care of him. A woman turned up, his foster-mother. She lifted him and kissed him. She brought him to the back of the house where two other children were playing.
"Leon, Darmuid, this is Ian, your new brother. I want you to be very kind to him," He heard the woman say. He looked up to her.
"My name isn't Ian, madam," He heard himself say. The woman shook her head.
"Son, you're now Ian Tydon, our third son. Forget your old name, don't mentioned it any more."
Ian came out of his Force trance and took up the datapad again. Once again he read the first document Ben Kenobi, his father, has written down.
"In these documents I will write down the story of my life after what has happened on Mustafar with my brother Anakin Skywalker and the death of his wife Padmé Naberrie Skywalker. I dedicate this story to her, to her children Luke and Leia and to my son and daughter, Tama-Hinn and Shaayla-Car Kenobi, but most of all I dedicate this to their beautiful mother and my beloved wife Severini Solichor Kenobi."
'Severini Solichor Kenobi; she was his mother, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the great general of the Clone Wars, was his father, Ben Kenobi, master Luke's first teacher. Ian shook his head. Severini Solichor had called Liane her daughter. Severini had accompanied him on Palomintar Six when he had been wounded. She had helped him to find again the Jedi way to his healing. It had been his mother who had helped him. She had first supported Liane to help him, because he knew her daughter, because she knew that he loved her. Liane Solichor, Severini's daughter. The daughter of Severini and Obi-Wan. Liane Solichor was his sister, Shaayla-Car!'
'Her real name is Shaayla-Car Kenobi,' He thought and looked again at the lines, 'She must have read these lines too. Did she know she was Obi-Wan's daughter? Did she know he was her real father? Is that the reason why she had kept on reading? If so, then I must also know what my father has written.'
He closed the first documents, looked at the date of the second file, and started reading. In his mind the story unfolded as if he was a part of it. He saw his parents hasty flight from Coruscant, their secret marriage, his father's secret mission to Tatooine to bring Luke Skywalker to his step-family, his own birth and the happiness of Severini and Obi-Wan in clear images as if he was watching them. He felt their worries and the growing danger when the imperial forces had occupied Morantan's mainland and had started to explore the islets of the archipelago.
Page after page passed his eyes. He seemed to hear his mother's proposal to bring him to Corellia to safety. Next he saw the images of his father's life Tatooine, living in exile in the Jundland Waste, pondering on a thousand different plans to bring his pregnant wife to safety. Devastated and grief-stricken he envisioned his mother's death and his father's mourning after he had felt through the Force that his beloved wife had died and had been united with the Force.
Ian felt a twist in his stomach and felt his father's bereavement as his own. Severini, his mother, was dead. He put the datapad aside. His mother had died on Morantan and Master Luke had told him how he had lost his first master, Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi, in a duel on the first Death Star. Both his parents had gone, he would never have the opportunity to tell them he had become a Jedi Knight like them.
Suddenly he became aware that some one was watching him. He looked up and saw Liane, standing in front of him. She slowly sat down next to him. Gently she put her hand on his arm.
"I'm sorry, my dear brother. I shouldn't have left the datapad unattended. I should have stayed awake, for Ben asked me to tell you the truth," She said softly.
Ian looked at her. He swallowed and his voice was hoarse.
"They are dead; both of them are dead."
He saw, how Liane shook her head.
"There is no death for those who are luminous beings living in the Force, Tama-Hinn. Our parents live on in the Force. You've met our mother on Palomintar Six; I have talked to our father more than once. They are still with us, they will always guide us, we're not alone. Remember the Jedi creed, brother; there is no death, there is the Force."
Ian put his arm around Liane and leaned his head against hers.
"What did father tell you, Shaayla-Car? Did you already know for a long time I was your brother? Did you know that he is our father? That you are his daughter."
"No, the Force has only showed me that Ben was your father, that's why I opposed your comment at Mon Mothma's residence, when you suggested your real parents had abandoned you. They haven't, Tama-Hinn, they did what was the best for you. They had no other choice. You'd better listen to the message our father recorded in the Millennium Falcon after the ship had been trapped inside the first Death Star."
Liane beckoned to the barrel-shape astromech droid.
"Artoo, please, come over here. Will you show my brother the obstructed recording you showed me yesterday."
The blue-domed astromech whirled his head and the image of Ben Kenobi appeared.
Astounded Ian listened to Ben's proposal to Luke. After the image of his father had vanished he turned to Liane and kissed her. Then he started to laugh softly.
"You're right, my lovely sister, you're right. Even though he knew that he wouldn't survive their forced landing on that Death Star, his thoughts were still with us. Master Luke had to take over the mission he couldn't fulfill. But you said this was an obstructed message, what do you mean by those words?"
In a few words Liane told her brother what had gone wrong. Ian nodded understandingly.
"Our father made a last effort to help us, but coincidentally his last message never reached master Luke."
"We shouldn't no longer ponder about the past, Ian. Luke has become our best friend. He met me on Morantan and took so much effort on Wegoyy to help me; he met you on Wegoyy too and offered you to teach you the ways of the Jedi. Maybe this has been foreseen through the Force," Liane said while huddling in her brother's arms.
"How did you know I was Ben's son, Shaayla-Car?" Ian asked whispering.
Liane looked up.
"Through your eyes. You have his eyes. After the Force had helped me to get to that cabin on Palomintar Six to help to you, Ben visited me and said I had performed a great achievement, because you were a very important person. I didn't understand his words, but when I looked at him, his eyes and the way he looked at me became your eyes and the way you once looked at me when you offered me your friendship on Wegoyy. The Force showed me the relationship between the two of you. I had to promise him that I would not reveal what I had seen, until you would be ready to face the truth about him. Yesterday Artoo got access again to that obstructed message. After I had listened Ben's apparition appeared here and said to me I should tell you the truth after I had read his recordings. I had no idea I would find out I was his daughter and that we are siblings."
"You have met our father many times, haven't you?"
"I have. He said it was his task to guide me along the Jedi path, for I'm the last one in this galaxy who possesses the Jedi healing skills."
Liane laughed.
"That was a bit of a lie, Ian. I am as important to him as you are, because I am his daughter, that's why he continued to support me, after I had got back my memories on Endor. I think that, after he has been united with the Force Severini has told him who I was, he wanted only one thing, brother; convince me to follow the good side of the Force and become a Jedi Knight. I must admit I have been a stubborn student."
"Are you serious, Shaayla-Car. Do you really want to become a Jedi Knight?" Ian asked.
Liane nodded. Ian pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Then the task mother gave me is fulfilled."
"What do you mean?" Liane asked raising her eye-brows.
"Mother asked me, as she was supporting my healing process, if I would help you to find your way to the Jedi path," Ian said.
They both laughed.
"Our parents are still watching over us, don't you think. I wonder, Tama-Hinn, if Luke will be surprised if we tell him Ben's story." Liane said.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he already knows who we are, Shaayla-Car," Ian said and pressed her head against his shoulder.
On the Tychorion Luke looked at his sister. Her face had a determined expression and he knew it was useless to object: she would go with him and Han to Myr.
"Luke, I share your worries about Liane, but we don't where she is. There is a slight assurance for all of us: Ian and Yarmod have gone with her." Leia said.
"Why hasn't she used the Jedi-pendant?" He murmured.
"For the same reason as my padawan has responded through the Force on my Jedi telepathy call. I am certain, that they have made an agreement that we will not found out where they are. Luke, you know how stubborn and headstrong she is, but I'm sure that your lessons will help her to rely on the Force."
"I hope she will, Leia," He said, but she felt he wasn't reassured.
Leia felt she couldn't ease his mind. He worried too much about the girl who was his eternal partner. His main incentive was to protect against the perils of an encounter with Darth Golluth.
"Rely on the Force, Luke. That's all we can do?" She said and put her hand on his shoulder, "Come on, Jedi master Skywalker. It's time to get to the Falcon. The Quelan harvesters are waiting for our return."
Still worrying about Liane's whereabouts Luke followed his sister to the docking bay where the Falcon had been readied for departure. Wedge was talking to Han and Chewbacca.
"Gold Squadron will keep the Basilisaea busy, Han. I have order Gold One to close up to the imperial star destroyer. That will give you an opportunity to leave the Tychorion and activate the cloaking device of the Falcon. Hi, Luke, ready to go back?" His friend asked.
Luke nodded and concentrated himself on his surroundings and the Living Force. He saw Chati and beckoned the young girl to join him.
"Ready to get on board, Chati. We're going down to Myr to continue our investigations."
"Yes, Ben, I'm. It's been a great experience to be on board of a star ship like the Tychorion. My brothers will be really jealous if I tell them where I have been. It was a great privilege to come with you," The young female Quelan said, "You even introduced me as your padawan."
"As long as my real padawan hasn't joined me I consider you to be my padawan," Luke said and started laughing as he felt the pride of the young woman.
"Then I shouldn't call you Ben any longer, but master," Chati commented.
"No, for you I'm Ben, Chati," Luke smiled.
Suddenly Chati seemed to remember something.
"Ben, that girl Liane and those padawans of Master Antilles and Master Organa, is she your padawan learner?"
"Indeed she is, Chati."
"And she has left her mission without telling you where she is now?" The girl asked.
"That's right."
"I hope, that the general or Master Antilles will intercept the ship they are using, so they won't be able to land on Myr," Chati said decidedly.
"Chati, a Jedi doesn't give in to feelings of jealousy," Luke laughed, "I feel you're jealous, because as she would join me here; she will be my padawan in stead of you."
Chati's face got a shameful expression and reluctantly she nodded.
"I want to stay with your padawan as long as possible, Ben. Your padawan has turned you down. She has disappointed you, I feel, she has."
"That's right, she has disappointed me, and to be honest, it's not the first time," Luke said cherishing some thoughts on Liane.
"She has disappointed you more than once. Why have you made her your padawan, Ben?" Chati insisted not understanding.
"Because, Chati, I once made a vow I would teach her the ways of the Jedi and as long as she hasn't passed the final Jedi trials and become a Jedi Knight, I'm bound by that promise," Luke said.
Chati was silent for some moments.
"Must be very difficult to keep such a promise, Ben," She finally said.
"It sometimes is, Chati, but she has already learned almost everything she needs to know. The vow I made has nearly been resolved," Luke said and pulled Chati with him to the ramp of the Falcon where Han was beckoning them to get on board. While he walked up the ramp he reached out to the Force to made a Jedi telepathy contact with Liane.
'Liane, do you hear me?' He said through the Force, but his call wasn't answered.
"Any word from the admiral, colonel," Darth Golluth snarled.
"The admiral has contacted our spies on Palomintar Six, sir," lieutenant Whain said, "I expect his answer any moment."
"Good. Have you made preparations to receive that Tydon guy here?" Darth Golluth asked.
"You're very certain, aren't you, sir?" Whain said.
"Of course, I am. The guy is severely wounded. Where can he go? Nowhere? He's an easy target."
At that moment the infocom started to bleep.
"That's the admiral of the Basilisaea," Darth Golluth said looking at the codes that hovered above the display. The image of the admiral popped up.
"My lord, my men have landed near Ktafunda. They contacted two of your last spies. The others seemed to have disappeared. Probably they are dead. These last wretched creatures needed a thorough interrogation before they told my men that the Tydon guy was severely wounded in a burning building. He was brought ...."
"I know, I know. Have you found out where he is now, so your men can bring him on board the Basilisaea and you can bring him to me."
".. to the medic center in Ktafunda, but he got help from his former employer. He was brought to a wooden cabin in the forested area of Palomintar Six. My men have found the cabin, but it's completely deserted. My men did some investigation in the surroundings. They found the remains of a hunt, but no sign of habitation, "The admiral went on imperturbable.
Darth Golluth slammed the desk near the display. Some droids squeaked and rolled over. The holographic image of admiral Vestor became unstable and blurred. It took several minutes before the image got stable again.
"Sir, " lieutenant Whain commented, "control your anger. Admiral Vestor has done what you expected. I suggest we develop a new strategy to get the information you want. In the mean time the admiral can go on with his search."
"What do you mean, colonel," Darth Golluth snarled turning angrily to his new advisor.
"I explain within in minute, sir. You should give the admiral the order to get on with the search."
Darth Golluth turned to the holographic image.
"You've heard what my advisor said, Vestor. Get on and bring me that Tydon guy."
Without waiting for a confirmation he switched off the holographic display.
"What have you in mind, colonel," He snarled.
"Sir, you said, that you wanted to send a message to the Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic, after you had captured Jedi Skywalker or his padawan Ian Tydon." Whain said calmly.
"Yes, I want to let the rebel leader know I have captured her best men. Those Jedi are the most valuable persons for her," Darth Golluth said impatiently.
"Why not send out this message any how, sir? Maybe the Supreme Chancellor will inform that Vader woman, so she will come, even we haven't any of her friends."
"My dear colonel, you really are unscrupulous. That's what I like in you. Can you get access to the communication system of those rebels, so I can leave them that message. "
"I have to find an access point outside the Quoith system. That might be a bit difficult, but I think there's a way to get into their information system."
"Get to work on it, colonel. I'm going to draft a wonderful message for those rebel lady Mon Mothma. So wonderful that she will send me Lady Vader as a prisoner."
Darth Golluth left the communication cave and Whain looked at the softly bleeping droids.
"I have a task for you," He said, "Plug in and find an access port with these frequency coordinates."
The droids went over to the console and plugged in. Whain leaned back in his chair and waited.
After a while the droids all bleeped.
"Fine, thank you, now get to your stations and reload." Whain ordered.
The droids rolled over to a far corner of the cave, bleeping enthousiastically. Whain grinned. He sat behind the console and started entering a message destined to a receiving point on Coruscant, using an old imperial frequency.
On board the Tychorion the intelligence officer, responsible for monitoring the incoming and outgoing transmissions of any messages to the remnants of the imperial fleet or the provisional imperial government on Coruscant, noticed the seldom utilized frequency at which lieutenant Whain was transmitting his message. He intercepted and decoded the message and informed general Madine.

To be continued...