A Jedi's Fight - A Star Wars Fan Fiction Story

Meetings between Jerno Thai, Kalip Ru'undo and Valann Namaran. The triarchy of the Provisionary Coruscant Council

Preface - 6 jaar ABY - 1 jaar na Battle of Jakku

he five humans looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Three of them were still wearing the uniforms of the former imperial forces, the other two were a woman with a serious, poised, but regal and gentle face and a balding fearless-looking man in his fifties.
"This peace treaty will mark a turning point in our relationship; we see it as the beginning of the peaceful co-existence of our two governmental bodies. I hope you too share this optimistic view ," one of the high-ranking officers said, "I'm glad we've come to an agreement."
"The pleasure is all mine, admiral," The woman in the company answered composed.
"Due to our heavy losses in the last battle we're unable to provide any military support, so we have to leave it up to the New Republic's forces to negotiate with any remaining pockets of imperial loyalists. We, as the interim leaders of The Provisionary Coruscant Council won't object against any necessary actions you have to take," A second officer said, "but we would like to be informed of any interference. In advance, if possible. It will be our main objective to avoid any further unnecessary casualties. This peace treaty garantees that all officers and ground forces of the former imperial forces will no longer be treated as enemies. We shall announce a general statement, that all our former imperial forces who are still roaming the galaxy should surrender themselves to the New Republic's army voluntarily. After their voluntary surrender they will be brought to Coruscant with a safeguarded transport without being questioned."
"We fully support those wishes, admiral. We assure you that we will fully cooperate with this agreement, " The balding man answered politely with a nod, "I'll see to it personally, that your intel force will be informed in advance about any action we're preparing to safeguard our galaxy and bring peace again to the thousands of worlds."
The five humans rose and the officer who had expressed his approval, shook hands with the woman and her companion.
"It's not very likely, that we will meet again soon," He said, "We both have a lot of work to do. I wish you good luck. Have a peaceful flight back to Dalmaran?"
"Thank you, admiral. Good luck to you too. Our communications experts on Quoith have set up special secured procon connection between our two administrations. Don't hesitate to use it, if you have questions or if you want to exchange information with us. We will do likewise," The woman said, "It's my sincere wish and that of the other members of the New Republic's High Council and the Senate, that from now on our two governments will exist in peace and bring order and prosperity in this galaxy again."
"Allow me to escort you to your transport ship, ma'am," The third officer in the company said, and offered the woman his arm. With a serene and grateful smile the woman accepted the cordial gesture and nodded at the high-ranking officer and his second man with a friendly smile.
After the woman and her advisor had left, the two remaining men looked at each other.
"After we had signed the treaty, Jerno, I think, you should have told them that Darth Vader might have trained his daughter as a Sith. You also never mentioned her during the many consultations we had?"
"As long as the New Republic's administration hasn't any information about her, she isn't a real threat, neither to us, nor to them, Kalip. Her homeplanet, Morantan, is insignificant and a long way off, besides we too doesn't have first hand knowledge about her. Her name and her relation to Darth Vader was mentioned only once in a secret report of the emperor's rare visit to that planet near the Outer Rim region. Except for Darth Vader and the emperor, no one else seems to have really met her," Jerno Thai who had chaired the meeting, answered, "There even doens't exist any holographic image of the woman."
Kalip Ru'undo who was wearing the distinctive of lieutenant-colonel, shook his head.
"Intel has confirmed, that after the Battle of Endor the Morantan forces haven't been informed about the fall of the empire and the death of Darth Vader and the emperor. The woman is still living in Darth Vader's stronghold together with his staff officers and ground force. Why has no one informed the staff of Morantan about the aftermath of our lost Battle near Jakku. "
"As I said, Morantan is a too remote and insignificant planet. It has no access to the main hyperlanes between Coruscant, Dalmaran or any of the other core planets. In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor and after that the defeat of the imperial fleet near Jakku, our space fleet commanders and their forces only bothered about their own safety. Besides, Darth Vader's stronghold on Morantan was a well-kept secret even for the emperor's personal advisor. After the collapse of the empire the members of our council got hold, by chance, of some secret documents which held the plans, the implementation and the commissioning of the stronghold, otherwise none of us would have known about that remote outpost. Morantan served as an outpost in the Outer Rim to oversee a large section of clusters and systems which held valuable ores, raw materials and other metals and raw gemstones for the empire. Darth Vader had to keep those systems under tight control," Jerno remarked.
"Jerno, since the founding of the New Republic, their space fleet has already been investigating several of the Outer Rim clusters in the Morantan region. Can you imagine, what will happen, if the New Republic gets info about Vader's stronghold on Morantan? They certainly will investigate and likely expel any imperial existence which might pose a danger to their peace plans and the peace treaty we signed with them. Our undercover agent on the planet has reported that the Morantan officers on duty and their ground force are still willing to defend the stronghold at all costs against any invasion of the Rebel Alliance. The Morantan staff has remained loyal to the empire. What's more, our agent also reported that Vader's daughter has been given full charge of the stronghold as their chief commanding officer. If the New Republic makes plans to take control of the stronghold they surely will encounter the woman. Vader has raised her as his Sith apprentice and taught her his dark knowledge, so she might be a formidable opponent. The New Republic will face a difficult, if not impossible task, if they have to defeat a Sith lady and her followers. The woman's existence might jeopardize the peace treaty. I suggest, that, if we hear about an upcoming attack on Morantan, we'll send our remaining super star destroyer Basilisæa to assist the New Republic's space fleet "
"If the New Republic space fleet will invade Morantan to wipe out this pocket of resistance, we must avoid that the daughter of Darth Vader will become of any concern to our government, Kalip. Although I want as many of our former officers and ground forces to be brought back to Coruscant without trial, that doesn't count for a person who has knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force. Kalip, I too have read the reports of our Morantan agent with some concern. The Morantan forces aren't likely to surrender voluntarily, because they still have a strong believe in the existence of the empire, so there will be no way for us to interfere. Sending the Basilisæa to support the New Republic's space fleet might create a new precedent, for it remains to be seen whether the New Republic will accept any support of our remaining space fleet. If the woman survives the invasion of the New Republic forces, she probably will taken prisoner and brought to Irithim first. As the person who was in charge of the Morantan staff and ground forces, she surely will be held accountable for any casualties among the New Republic forces. In that case she will be put on trial and sentenced according to the New Republic's law. And if they do, Kalip, we shouldn't object, for I don't want this Sith lady to be returned to Coruscant."
"Many future difficulties could be avoided, if the New Republic forces would eliminate her during their raid on the Morantan stronghold, " Kalip commented
"Her death is highly unlikely. It's against the New Republic's ideology to deliberately expel opponents without a trial. Once again their vision is based on peace and justice, like it was in the Old Republic according to the ideology of the Jedi Order, although the order doesn't have any influence at the moment. I expect, that after a trial they will exile her to one of their prison planets for a long period, perhaps for the rest of her life."
"I hope you're right, Jerno, but if our new allies inform us about an upcoming intervention force on Morantan, I suggest that at least we'll inform their intel officers about the woman, the knowledge she has gained from Darth Vader and the possible threat that poses from her."
"Of course we should do, Kalip. I leave that up to our intel forces, but as long as the New Republic has no plans to take action, we shouldn't reveal the existence of Darth Vader's stronghold and his Sith daughter."
Kalip nodded, but his face still expressed his doubts. After some moments he broke the silence and changed the subject of their conversation.
"There still isn't any information about those two imperial destroyers that unexpectedly vanished into hyperspace, just after our defeat in the Battle of Jakku. Intel suggests that the two commanders have joined the Alliance, but we haven't got any information from their side about our star destroyers defecting to their fleet. After the Battle on Endor similar desertions happened. Intel is still investigating their disappearance."
"Those two star destroyers were kept as a decoy for the Alliance's fleet at the perimeter of the real battle field above Jakku, but the Alliance's ships didn't set up for an encounter with them. With the imperial government and military staff already in complete disarray and chaos after the Battle of Endor the joined military chiefs weren't able to trace the destination of those star destroyers. Our failing intel force reported too many deserters among the officers and crew members of the imperial fleet, even among those who had pledged their loyalty to the emperor himself, like several members of the praetorian guard. Most of those loyalists managed to flee unnoticed and defected.
Only five commanders and their advisors have survived the Battle of Jakku. They managed to return to Coruscant, among them commander Vestor who we nominated to get a promotion to the rank of admiral, for he was the only one capable of taking the command on our only fully equipped imperial super star destroyer Basilisæa. The council ordered him to gather as much ships of our fleet as he could trace and order the officers and their crew to return to Coruscant. The admiral accepted the assignment, but expressed his doubts about a possible success of his mission, for many crews of the former imperial space ships had started mutinying. He has found evidence that revolting crews have eliminated their commanding officers. Those rioters are now roaming the galaxy as pirates and mercenaries. It's not unlikely that something similar has happened on those two star destroyers."
Jerno sighed and looked through the window at the skyline of Coruscant's governmental area.
"There isn't much left of the imperial space fleet, Kalip. At the moment we have just a number of sparsely armed frigates, about ten heavily damaged small destroyers, three star destroyers which were under maintenance at the time of the Battle of Jakku and only super star destroyer, the Basilisæa, which still was under construction as our fleet was drawn into the space battle near Jakku. It has an understaffed crew of barely trained junior officers and only one squadron of rookie tie-pilots. It sounds disastrous and to be honest, it is. And due to the financial collapse and a lack of assembly equipment and raw materials we lack resources of all kinds to rebuild our fleet. Many of the wealthy systems that were once supporting the empire have joined the New Republic. Since the defeat of our fleet the few remaining imperial loyalists on other systems can't provided financial backup at the moment, as most of their commercial activities have been collapsed. An enormous amount of credits vaporized in the aftermath of the fall of the empire and the Battle of Jakku, causing once influential trade organizations to go bankrupt. But there's hope that with this peace treaty we will be able to make a new start."
Kalip Ru'undo nodded, and looked skeptical. Jerno patted him on his shoulder.
Now, come on, Kalip, I know your less optimistic about the situation on Coruscant than Valann and me, but this new peace treaty will give us the opportunity to re-unite the systems that are still loyal to the Provisionary Coruscant Council. They will send their representatives to our newly established senate soon. I'm sure that with their help we will be able to rebuild or repair at least a small part of our fleet, so we can offer a real alliance to the New Republic in the future."

chapter 1 - 6 jaar ABY + 8 maanden - 1 jaar + 8 maanden na the Battle of Jakku

Meanwhile on Coruscant the three high-ranking officers who had presented themselves as the leaders of the Provisionary Coruscant Council after the Battle of Jakku, held a secret meeting in a secret briefing room in the Council's building.
"Our intelligence force might have found some small leads about one of those missing star destroyer and their crew, Jerno," Kalip Ru'undo said, looking at the others.
"Are they reliable enough to make serious conclusions? Has their commander finally contacted Coruscant and has he given an explanation for their unexpected jump into hyperspace before the final defeat of our fleet near Jakku, now almost two standard years ago?" Valann, the third officer asked.
"We will never know why they made that unexpected jump into hyperspace before the Battle of Jakku had ended in favor of the Alliance's space fleet. A standard month ago the star destroyer has exploded in the Urervik cluster, a group of insignificant planets and systems near the border of the Unknown Territories. The Basilisaea received a last distress call and that has been the last sign of life of the crew. The commander of the star destroyer called for emergency assistance as their hyperdrive suddenly had reached an extreme critical level of overheating. The commander of the Basilisaea, admiral Vestor, has informed our intelligence force that after arrival at the star destroyer's last known location, a huge amount of space debris was floating at a large area, has been found," Kalip said, looking at the datapad in his hand, "The Basilisaea has collected as much of the scattered remnants of the star destroyer as possible. Among those remnants is a heavily damaged holo recorder with distorted fragments of the distress call."
"So after almost two years of absence one of our missing star destroyers suddenly turn up, at a position light years away from the battlefield near Jakku. So why the star destroyer set course for an unknown cluster near the Unknown Territories and what the crew has done in the meantime will remain a mystery forever?" Valann commented, and in his voice Jerno and Kalip heard his serious concern.
"After we were informed about the possible betrayals and desertions of some imperial commanders our intelligence force have scanned large areas of the galaxy, looking for the traces of exhaust gasses which could identify the location of those missing destroyers. The cooperation with the Basilisaea and her reconnaissance and surveillance mission has been invaluable. I never expected those defected commanders and their crew to return to Coruscant voluntarily, for they would certainly be brought before our court martial. Where this ship has been all that time will indeed remain a mystery."
"Ask admiral Vestor of the Basilisaea to have the debris he has collected, including the holo recorder, transported back to Coruscant . The technicians of our intelligence force need to investigate the debris to find possible clues about all the ship's former locations or positions in the past two years. We also need to know more details about the exact location from where the commander has sent his last message," Jerno said, frowning, "How many casualties were there?"
"About two hundred men, four platoons," Kalip answered with a sigh, shaking his head.

chapter 2 - 6 jaar ABY + 9 maanden - 1 jaar + 9 maanden na the Battle of Jakku

Jerno, Kalip and Valann were standing on the terrace of the former imperial government building, looking out over the city planet. Everywhere they saw the remnants of the devastation that had been commissioned during the emperor's reign.
"It will never be as beautiful as in the time of the Old Republic," Valann mused, "Too much has been destroyed forever."
"That's right. I must admit that I regret the decision of the New Republic to found their new administration on Dalmaran and build a new capital, Irithim. With the collapse of the empire I hoped that Coruscant could be the center of a joint government," Kalip commented, while he looked at the ruins of a building opposite the government buildings, "To be honest, I miss the elegant beauty of the Jedi temple."
"Maybe we could request the New Jedi Order to restore and rebuild the temple again," Valann suggested.
Kalip shook his head, "That won't happen, Valann. In the peace treaty with the New Republic we've agreed, that the last Jedi Knight would have full permission to remove what ever is left of the Jedi Archive to Dalmaran. Probably he will build a new Jedi temple in Irithim."
"I still hope, that, once the Jedi Order will have been revived and is thriving again, the Jedi Knights will support our government too, so that the whole galaxy will profit again from their exceptional power, " Valann mused, looking at the ruins.
"Don't expect that to happen soon," Kalip remarked, "Our intelligence force has reported that the last Jedi Knight, commodore Luke Skywalker, has been arrested, together with his twin sister, senator Leia Organa of Alderaan whom he has trained as a Jedi Knight. Both Skywalkers are accused of high treason, because they have collaborated with emperor Palpatine. At least commodore Skywalker seems to have defected during the Battle of Endor. On board the second Death Star he has passed information about the Alliance army to Darth Vader and emperor Palpatine"
Jerno shook his head in disbelieve.
"If he has done so, which I doubt, then I think that it will take a long time before the Order of the Jedi Knights will be founded and thrive again, but the annihilation of the Jedi Knights is a big loss."
Valann continued on his earlier reflections,"If the Jedi Knights still would be as numerous as in the old days, we could have asked them to assist us in the case of those disappeared star destroyers, one of which as disintegrated due to a strange cause. The fate of the other ship is still a mystery. The Jedi Knights might found out what has happened. Maybe they even could locate the missing star destroyer."
He turned to Jerno and asked surprised, "You just said, that you doubted the accusations of the Skywalker twins?"
"I most certainly do, Valann. Commodore Skywalker has an exceptional track record as a commander of the Alliance's Gold Squadron. His commitment to the Alliance in their struggle against the Empire is beyond question. How could he have been an undercover agent for the emperor all those years? As for his twin sister, senator Leia Organa, I can't name a more honest lady with a greater standard of integrity. Her determination and dedication to the cause of the Alliance during the Civil War was even known to the emperor and Darth Vader, although she kept her high position as senator of Alderaan and representative of the Royal House in the imperial Senate until the emperor dissolved the council. Nevertheless, the High Court at Irithim must have strong evidence of their collaboration."
"Maybe our intelligence force should closely follow their law suit and report the outcome of it to us. If they are acquitted, we ought to make contact with Jedi Skywalker and ask him if he and his sister are willing to help us in our investigation of that last missing star destroyer, Jerno. An in depth investigation by two Jedi Knights might also be advantageous to the government of the New Republic. The case of these missing star destroyers is so odd and puzzling. We still don't know what has caused the disintegration of one of those star ships, and we still haven't heard any message from the crew of the other ship, although I expected that after they would have learned about the death of their comrades, they would have returned to Coruscant," Valann remarked.
"The unexpected explosion of that missing star destroyer is still inexplicable. The commander mentioned that the hyperdrive navigator of his ship was suddenly overheating. It's very odd that the overheating of a hyperdrive navigator could be the cause of the explosion and the complete annihilation of the ship. All hyperdrive navigators of those types of star destroyer had safety precautions. In case of overheating the navigator shuts down by itself and starts a built in cooling down programm. Besides, there's also the question, of what kind of business they had in that far off galactic cluster near the border of the Unknown Territories?" Kalip said.
"It might be a coincidence, but there might an explanation for the disappearance of both ships," Jerno said thoughtful.
His companions looked at him inquisitively.
"What I think that has happened to both star destroyers is based only on a vague hypothesis of my own. There is no real evidence of the events the way they probably have happened, but there are some strange coincidences which raise many questions. I have done a discrete research to find a reasonable explanation for the disappearance of those two star destroyers, but there's no full proof of what really happened and it's very unlikely that the full truth will be ever known."
"Tell us your conclusions, Jerno," Kalip said and Valann nodded.
They walked inside and sat down. Jerno looked at his two co-leaders.
"What I'm going to lay before you, is, as I said before, no more than a hypothesis. I have no hard evidence, so, please, keep my words to yourselves."
Valann and Kalip nodded in agreement. For a moment Jerno looked away through broad window to the tall buildings that marked the skyline of Coruscant, before he continued.
"You both possibly remember, that after the Battle of Endor, a year before the final defeat of the imperial fleet near Jakku, a group of commanders, among them some high admirals, strongly opposed the secret negotiations with the leaders and the high military staff of the Alliance about a cease fire and a truce. After the final battle near Jakku it was assumed that most of the imperial staff, including those admirals, hadn't survived, as almost our complete fleet was destroyed, but recently I found an old holo recording in the archived data collection, which one of the admirals has sent from the moon of Avali, shortly after the end of the battle. The message dates back around the same time as the two star destroyers disappeared from Jakku's orbit. The holo message was a bit garbled, but the admiral mentioned that the star destroyer on which he was in charge, had come out of hyperspace in an uncharted meteor shower. He and his men had been forced to use the escape pods and the ground trooper's transport ships. They had landed on Avali, a small moon near the Urervik cluster. The Coruscant intelligence command center sent a reply and ordered him that he must return to Coruscant with his crew and the surviving stormtroopers for further questioning. In his reply the admiral confirmed the given order, for he answered that he, his crew and the ground forces would board of another imperial star destroyer which had come to their rescue and had gone into orbit around the moon to take the survivors on board. He would report immediately to the commander of the rescue ship and ask him transport him and his men to Coruscant. The Coruscant intelligence command center confirmed the reply. That was the last contact with the admiral. From then on, any further attempt to contact the second star destroyer appears to have stalled. According to the records of the Coruscant command center they have frequently attempted to contact the second star destroyer, sending automatic calls to the ship. However, the commander, his staff and the survivors have ignored every order to return to Coruscant and there hasn't been any log recording or other indication of an arrival in Coruscant's orbit. It is certain beyond doubt, that the star destroyer with the ID-markings mentioned by the admiral in his conversation with Coruscant has never returned to Coruscant. So far, all contact calls, orders and further investigation have come to a dead end, until recently, two years after the last contact, a star destroyer exploded near the Urervik cluster after the commander sent an emergency call about a fatal hyperdrive failure. That star destroyer was the same space ship that rescued the admiral and his crew at Avali. So I think, that not only the commander and his crew died in that crash, but probably also the admiral and the crew of the other missing star destroyer, which would make the amount of casualties even higher," Jerno said concerned.
"This hypothesis about what might have happened to our missing star destroyers, might indeed be a lead, Jerno. Our intelligence force should do a more thorough investigation on this matter," Kalip commented.
"That's what I wanted to suggest. Kalip, you, as the commanding officer of our intelligence force, you must order your men to do some investigations and look further into this case. It's not a very high priority, but when they discover that the two commanders and their crew are the same men mentioned in the old recordings, it looks like they all died in that explosion. In that case, we have to issue an official statement and hold a memorial ceremony. After all, the commanders were two high-ranking officers, one of them has been an admiral in the imperial space fleet during the Civil War. Later the emperor has personally assigned him as a member of the commanding staff on Morantan and strategic advisor of Darth Vader. He spent many years on Morantan, but returned to Coruscant frequently to report to the emperor at regular intervals about Darth Vader's plans and progress. Through his reports the emperor learned about the existence of Darth Vader's daughter."
"Talking about Morantan and mentioning Darth Vader's reminds me of the danger her existence might have to this galaxy, Jerno. Do you know, if she still lives on Morantan?" Valann interrupted him.
"Our undercover agents have reported she still is, and I heartily hope that she will stay there forever," Jerno said.

chapter 3 - 6 jaar + 10 maanden - 1 jaar en 10 maanden na the Battle of Jakku.

"Jerno, it is as Valann and I expected. The New Republic is planning an attack on Morantan at short notice, just as I told you," Kalip Ru'undo said, as he walked into the secret briefing room of the government building, "Here is the report our intelligence force has received from their agent via the secured procon system on Quoith. It says that an attack is important and unavoidable, due to the danger the former stronghold of Darth Vader still represents to to peace process in the systems in the Outer Rim."
Jerno took the datapad and leaned back in his chair to read the report. After reading he put down the datapad with a slight smile on his face.
"I think we should thank them for this swift intervention, Kalip, because after the New Republic forces take over the Morantan stronghold, they have to face the danger that Darth Vader's daughter could pose to the future of the galaxy. Their agent seems to be very grateful for the information we provided The report says they will take Vader's daughter into custody, and they are sure they have found the right way to keep her under control. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker is assigned to arrest the woman during the invasion of Morantan. She will be transported to Irithim and held indefinitely. "
"Do you really think, that Jedi Skywalker will be able to keep her under control. She probably knows a lot of what Darth Vader once put into practice."
"She surely will oppose Jedi Skywalker, using her knowledge of the Sith, Kalip, but it's up to the New Republic now has to cope with her and her evil knowledge. They have a Jedi Knight to advice them. Her destiny is no longer of any concern to us."
"Jerno, I'm not so sure. I suggest, we should ask the New Republic's contact to keep us informed about all the measure they want to take to keep her under control and prevent that she will jeopardize the peace treaty."
"Please get in touch with their contact, Kalip, but in my opinion a Jedi Knight is quite capable of using his special strength to subdue that young Sith woman to his will and authority that she cannot use the evil knowledge that Darth Vader taught her. "

chapter 6 7 jaar + 3 maand - 2 jaar en 3 maand na de Battle of Jakku

"She has escaped! I warned you she was up to something. She's a Sith, full of evil knowledge," A exasperated Kalip said, tossing a datapad on Jerno's desk, "Now we are dealing again with a Sith at large in the galaxy. She escaped from the Irithim detention building and is now on the run together with a discontented senator, his militia and a group of supports. The senator has many grievances against the Supreme Chancellor. Our undercover agents in Irithim have heard rumors that he intends to commit a coup and take over the administration of the New Republic. This is a serious matter, Jerno. It's clear that those who would ensure that that Sith woman couldn't do any harm, have failed. For instance, that Jedi Knight who was supposed to keep an eye on her, wasn't in Irithim at all at the moment of her escape. Our agent noticed the arrival of his space ship at the space port of De'olon shortly before the ship with the senator, his minions and that Sith vanished into space. If their insurgence is successful, we have a serious problem, Jerno. We'd better seek contact via Quoith with their agent or, even better with the Supreme Chancellor herself, so we can work out a strategy together how we could capture that dangerous Sith woman again. Maybe we should advice the Supreme Chancellor to use the death sentence for once."
"Kalip, calm down. You're exaggerating. You know as I do, that it's unlikely that the New Republic will ever make use of the death penalty. They wouldn't. Never. Sit down and let me read the agents' report."
Jerno took the datapad. After having analyzed the information he put the datapad down and looked at the frustrated glance in the eyes of his co-leader.
"What do we know about that senator Zolgathrii, Kalip?"
"He was chosen as the representative in the New Republic's senate for his home planet of Ortel, a small insignificant planet not bigger than a large moon, in the Roghvi cluster. He seems to have worked himself up to a very prominent politician with a group of dedicated followers. During the reign of the emperor he was a strong supporter of the imperial policy of suppression. In his file numerous visits to Coruscant are mentioned. However, after the collapse of the empire he joined the New Republic."
"Isn't the Roghvi cluster in Coruscant's neighborhood? Jerno wondered and press a button on his desk.
A holographic map of Coruscant and the surrounding systems popped up. Kalip walked over to Jerno and together they watched the positions of the different systems. Kalip pointed at a small cluster of stars and planet at the outside of the Inner Circle. Immediately the holo map zoomed in and some captions popped up: Roghvi cluster. Four planets. Three uninhabitable. Ortel, property of the Zolgat-clan; sole remaining clan member and heir of Ortel's former wealth, senator Zolgathrii. Possessions: a manor with surrounding forest near a swamp. Unhealthy environment. The planet is of no real interest anymore as the old aludium mines are exhausted."
Jerno zoomed in on the planet itself. He turned the three dimensional image several time around as if he was looking for a certain detail. After some search he zoomed in on a particular spot and nodded in agreement.
"There it is: Dokanta. Since centuries the manor of the Zolgat-clan. An exquisite and superb dwelling for a tribe of criminals which has increased their power over a long time. He touched the spot and a detailed view of the building's outside and a map of its interior popped up together with some further information about the long bloodline of all the inhabitants. Kalip looked at Jerno who touched Zolgathrii's name. Another separate holoscreen popped up. Astounded the two leaders got some unexpected information about the man.
"He has been accused of murdering his two siblings, but he was acquitted for he could rely on an very solid alibi. At the time of the murders, he was here on Coruscant. There is indisputable evidence of his presence on Coruscant, as he was invited to celebrate the tenth year of the Emperor's reign. His name and signature appear in a document." Kalip read aloud.
"Nice fellow, but not really trustworthy, in my opinion. If he makes contact with one of us we have to be on our guard. I will inform Valann and all the other members of our council. It's not unlikely that this Zolgathrii guy might think that the Provisional Coruscant Council will team up with him and support his coup. Kalip, order your men to check the files of all the names on that celebration list. Find out where all the former guests are at the moment. If you think it might necessary, you have full authority to use surveillance probes or other devices, and, Kalip, send all this information with the highest encryption via the procon connection to our allies on Dalmaran. They might be interested. This information might help them if they are planning a raid on Ortel." Jerno said
"What will be our strategy if he really comes to Coruscant and seek contact with us. Will that Sith woman accompany him? The intelligence report mentions that she took the initiative for her escape from the Irithim detention building. She has disguised herself as Her Royal Highness, princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, wearing the official garments of the princess. The last two months the princess of Alderaan has visited that Sith woman very often in the detention building. I think, she has been manipulating the princess in such a way that the princess of Alderaan has come convolutely under her influence, for that Sith woman has taken the princess with her as a hostage."
"That Sith woman has manipulated a trained Jedi? Kalip, we know that Jedi Skywalker has trained his sister as a Jedi. How can it be that she has fallen victim to manipulation so easily. No, Kalip, I'm not sure that Darth Vader's daughter has manipulated the princess of Alderaan. Probably it's the other way round. "
"Jerno, for heaven's sake, this is serious! The daughter of Darth Vader, trained by her father in the Sith lore has escaped and is on the run with a senator with a criminal background. I thought we wanted to establish a period of peace and prosperity," Kalip said, expressing the frustration he still felt, "We've signed a peace treaty with the Alliance. We have serious obligations to them. We should help them to find a solution if that Sith woman turns up on Coruscant. She is dangerous not only for our new fragile government, but for both our governments."
"Kalip, do you really think she and that senator can start a war on their own with only a handful of possible followers. Even if Ortel should become their base, then they need a lot more men than the handful which went with them from Irithim. I really don't think that neither that senator, nor the daughter of Darth Vader, will be foolish enough to set course to Coruscant. Nevertheless, we must of course remain on our guard and fulfill our obligations to the New Republic. Transmit all the information we have on that senator. Tell them we will do as much as we can, but keep in mind that she is their prisoner, and they have to find a better solution to control her."
Kalip sighed, "One day you will be sorry for being so lenient, Jerno."
Jerno smiled, "On that day, you may reprimand me, Kalip, and take over my leadership, but until then we have to be very reluctant in our actions. Our remaining military forces can't team up with the former forces of the Alliance and the New Republic. After the victory at the Battle of Jakku they gained the support of many planetary systems. Our government represents only a handful of systems and most of them aren't still sure if they will stay with us, or join the New Republic. We have to be cautious. Believe me, being reluctant isn't a sign of cowardice, but of prudence."
Kalip nodded, "I understand your point of view, Jerno, and I know you're right, we're a minority at the moment."
"One day we will regain the same strength as the Alliance now has. If that happens our two governments will be more equal partner."

chapter 7 7 jaar + 4 maand - 2 jaar en 4 maand na de Battle of Jakku

On Coruscant Jerno, Kalip and Valann were in a meeting with the other members of the Provisional Coruscant Council, when one of the members, a greying captain came in late.
"Dokanta on Ortel is under siege. There seems to be a fight going on between the space forces of the New Republic and the militia of the senator of Ortel. The New Republic has send the Tychorion and a number of other frigates of their fleet to go into orbit around Ortel. They have transported ground forces to Ortel's surface for an assault at Dokanta," The officer said, before he sat down.
The others all looked at him.
"Captain Boloon, were did you get this information?" Jerno asked.
"It's on the Holo Net, admiral." Boloon answered, "I apologize, sir, for being late, but this news mesmerized me, I had to watch the complete news flash."
Jerno activated the big holo screen in the meeting room and all members turned their seats to watch the holo images of the reporting. Images of some five frigates and a number of X-wing space crafts bearing the insignia of the New Republic became visible above Ortel. The images switched to the planet's surface were the sounds of heavy fighting was heard. The voice-over mentioned that the New Republic had attacked senator Zolgathrii's manor to rescue some very important hostages. The images of the fleet popped up again and switched back to the planet. The voice-over mentioned that it wasn't clear why the New Republic's space fleet was attacking one of their own members.
When the series of images had been repeated several times, including the corresponding commentary, Jerno switched off the holo screen and looked at the other members of the council.
"Their act is a serious infringement of Ortel's independence," Kalian, one of the members commented, "The senator of Ortel will certainly raise a protest."
Several members joined the discussion and agreed. For several moment Jerno listened to the words with which his fellow councilors showed their indignation or surprise. Kalip and Valann looked at him and Kalip took the floor, after Jerno had nodded.
"Be seated, honorable members of our council. and please listen."
The council became quiet again and Kalip gave a short comment on the raid. He explained that the triarchy had received intelligence information about a possible attack on Ortel.
"Senator Zolgathrii has opposed the rule of the Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic and now it turns out that he has taken some important people with him as hostages."
"Did we get information about a possible coup?" Hyandron, a representatives of the commerce chamber asked.
"If he intends to commit a real coup d'état is not for sure," Kalip answered, "We didn't received any formal information from the New Republic itself. Our intelligence force has reported to us that senator Zolgathrii has fled Dalmaran, taking at least one member of the High Council and the special advisor of the Supreme Chancellor with him."
"Is there a possibility we can get information and evidence of the government of the New Republic itself. If the senator has indeed plans to overthrow the legal administration on Dalmaran the peace treaty we have with the New Republic may become unsettled or even withdrawn," Kalian said.
The uproar of several concerned voices re-emerged. Jerno took the floor and asked for attention.
"I agree this seems to become a more serious matter, for our leadership and government as well. In the past senator Zolgathrii has been a regular guest in the high echelons of the former emperor. I will contact the leaders of the New Republic and asked them to keep us informed about any new developments."

chapter 10 7 jaar + 10 maand - 2 jaar en 10 maand na de Battle of Jakku

e understand your concern, admiral, and we have to apologize for this late update about the situation on Ortel and what has happened on the planet. Our forces have already returned from the planet, but the disembarking of our wounded men and the final report of the events took several days," the holographic image of a woman said, "My government appreciate it and wants to express her gratitude, that you have made contact with us on this matter at a very early stage, months before we were preparing a ground assault on Ortel. Your government has given our intelligence force access to all the necessary files and information about senator Zolgathrii, which were unknown to us. They contained very valuable information about some of the senator's supporters and we have taken the necessary measures against those on Dalmaran. Extremely valuable was the detailed map of the senator's manor Dokanta. The floor plan has enabled our ground assault force to enter the senator's manor much easier. We want you to know that all the hostages have been rescued and have returned safely to Irithim."
The woman looked at the three leaders of the Provisional Coruscant Council with grateful expression on her face.
With some hesitation in his voice Kalip Ru'undo raised a first question, "Madam, is there any change that that the daughter of Darth Vader and senator Zolgathrii might still turn up on Coruscant in the future,"
Valann had another even more urgent question, "Madam, if you please, can you tell us first, what has happened to the senator and the daughter of Darth Vader? Are they ...?
The holographic image of the woman nodded comprehensively.
"We share your worries about these two persons, but, please, let me explain in short the outcome of our actions on Ortel and what the further actions on this matter will be. You won't have to worry about an expected and unwanted visit of senator Zolgathrii. He is dead. The daughter of Darth Vader, Liane Solichor, has shot him," the woman said, smiling as she heard the surprised, but withheld exclamations of the three leaders on Coruscant and saw their relieved faces.
"She shot him? Are you sure, madam?" Kalip asked in disbelieve.
"In this short holo meeting I can't explain in full, what has happened on Ortel precisely and what her role has been in the events. You can expect the full report about the Ortel assault and its outcome shortly, but we assure you that the daughter of Darth Vader isn't as dangerous as we all have assumed in the beginning, including me and my advisors. Jedi master Luke Skywalker and Jedi Knight Leia Organa have confirmed how Liane Solichor shot the senator and why she did. It was her action that saved the life of master Skywalker."
"Ma'am, does that mean that your government won't holld her accountable for the insurgence and the planned coup. Will your government pardon her for what she has done?"
"The High Court will decide about her part in the coup and some other matters. It's beyond my powers to judge her actions," the holographic image answered.
"Why has Jedi Knight Skywalker's opinion about the daughter of Darth Vader changed, in her favor?" Jerno asked.
"Both our Jedi Knights have become better acquainted with Liane Solichor and have become befriended her. They hope that their friendship will convince her that her training under our former enemy, is the wrong way to use the Force."
"Ma'am, Darth Vader, her father, was a Sith lord. He taught her the knowledge of the Sith, so I presume that she brings that knowledge into practise; that she is a Sith herself," Kalip concluded.
Colonel, in itself your conclusion isn't wrong, but in practice all this turns out to be much more complicated and has many nuances, at least that is how Jedi master Skywalker explained it to me. Yes, Liane Solichor certainly has knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force, but the knowledge she has, doesn't make her a real Sith. At least not yet as master Skywalker told me. I'm sure he will convince her that the knowledge she has gained from our enemy belongs to the Dark Side of the Force."
"This all sounds incredible and hopeful, madam, but what if the woman doesn't cooperate and sticks to her former believes," Valann commented, sounding unconvinced.
"I fully agree with you, that there are uncertainties in our approach and especially in the approach our Jedi Knights have proposed, but we have great faith in their special Force insight. To reassure you; for the time being Liane Solichor will remain in custody on Dalmaran, at least until there is a verdict of our High Court judges. We strongly suggest and hope, that you have faith in the way we will handle this matter. Don't be too much concerned about Darth Vader's daughter. Coruscant is far away, even very far away. We promise you, that concerning the case of Liane Solichor we will keep you fully informed."
"Thank you, ma'am, for your time and detailed explanation. It's a great relief, I think for both our governments, that the planned coup has been averted and that the instigator did not survive," Jerno said with dignity.
"It has been a pleasure talking to my three very involved allies again, admiral. Under the leadership of your triarchy the Coruscant government will do well and will be prosperous. Don't hesitate to make contact with my spokesman and contact, if you have any questions about our agreement and other ways of cooperation. May the Force be with you."
The holographic image became blurred and vanished. The three leaders of the Provisional Coruscant Council looked at each other. Kalip sighed still feeling some concern, Valann looked relieved and Jerno seemed to be in thought. Finally he looked up.
"I certainly didn't expect that she would inform us personally. I expected that her agent would bring us up to date. It's good to know that they take full responsibility. There is good hope that the approach the two Jedi Knights have proposed will secure the safety of our galaxy, the peace process and a strong cooperation between our two governments."

chapter 11 7 jaar + 11 maand - 2 jaar en 11 maand na de Battle of Jakku

erno looked at his co-leaders and sighed with some frustration. He handed Valann the datapad Kalip had brought some moments before.
"We assumed, that after we had been informed about the eight-year sentence of Darth Vader's daughter and her exile to Wegoyy, we would have a period of relatively calm, but this report from our intelligence force has to keep us alert and on our guard. Kalip, could you tell what your men have found."
"The exact details are in the report, Valann. In short it boils down to this: our intelligence force has been recently alerted, because their attention was drawn to a strange series of messages which has been sent between some strange connections on Irithim and Ortel. Those messages are aimed and received at an unknown location which my men having yet been able to pinpoint, in the Outer Rim. The Irithim connections are not of a recent date, but the connection between Ortel and the Outer Rim location dates a few days after the assault on Dokanta."
"Kalip, you said the Irithim connections are older. How much older?" Valann asked, quickly scanning the content of the report on the data pad.
"They have been sent after the New Republic's space force had invaded Darth Vader's former stronghold and brought his daughter to Irithim. My men became alerted, because every time the Irithim connection transmitted several encrypted messages to the Outer Rim, something occured with Darth Vader's daughter. The first message was transmitted shortly after her arrival at Irithim, followed by some two messages during her first detention period. After the New Republic took her prisoner again on Ortel, a connection was established from Ortel. It appears that the whereabouts of Darth Vader's daughter are being closely monitored. That information is shared with an unknown recipient in the Outer Rim"
"Is it likely, that those messages sent from Irithim, could have held information about the escape she has been planning, but who could be interested in her?" Valann asked, "Have your men been able to track down the content of those messages?"
"The connections are sending holographic recordings, using an imperial encryption method. It's an older code which has become discarded after the Battle of Jakku. I've ordered my men to retrieved all the discarded encryption keys from the former imperial data archive. These keys could enable us to decrypt those recordings, but sofar my men haven't succeeded, for there are millions of discarded imperial codes in the imperial archive. Our systems are running and comparing the keys and the encrypted content of those holographic recording around the clock."
"This gives us enough food for serious thought," Jerno said and frowned, "If someone is monitoring the whereabouts of Darth Vader's daughter, it's possible that he or she knows who the woman is and what knowledge she possesses. Kalip, it seems necessary to ask your men, to make every effort to decrypt those messages. We must know their content, for if it's alarming, we are obliged to inform the New Republic. Your men must also continue to get more information about the precise sending location of those messages and, if possible, they have to locate the exact coordinates in the Outer Rim those messages are aimed at. Before I can inform our allies, we need to be sure and find very solid evidence about what is going on."

chapter 12 8 jaar + 1 maand - 3 jaar en 1 maand na de Battle of Jakku

"It seems that the problems with Darth Vader's daughter aren't over yet. We thought that she was safely exiled, serving eight years in the Wegoyy prison, but our intelligences agent reports that there seems to be very strong indications that something is amiss on Wegoyy, for she seems to have managed to escape again," Jerno said, looking very concerned at his two co-leaders Valann and Kalip, "
"Escaped again? From a heavily guarded prison as the one on Wegoyy?" Valann asked.
Jerno nodded, "The report mentions an unexpected return of Jedi Skywalker and his sister. It is said, that they were demanded to break off a diplomatic mission at Tambrin immediately. Shortly after their arrival on De'olon space port, they had a short meeting with one of the New Republic's generals. Shortly before midnight Jedi Skywalker has left again. Upon inquiry from a HOLO Net reporter, his destination turned out to be Wegoyy."
"I thought, that Jedi Skywalker had taken some responsibility for the woman. In our last contact with Irithim it was said that he would take her under his wing?" Valann commented.
"After she had been brought to the Wegoyy prison, that task probably has been withdrawn," Jerno said, before he addressed Kalip Ru'undo, "Is there already more known about those strange connections established from Irithim and Ortel which are targeted at the Outer Rim, Kalip? "
"My men have been able to decrypt the messages partially. Their content isn't reassuring, not to say alarming. They also have tracked a new connection which has sent several different messages, using the same encryption method. This time from Tropass, the only town and unoffical capital of Wegoyy. Like in the other messages send from Irithim and Ortel, there is talk about a woman or a girl who needs to be brought to the Outer Rim. After the assault on Ortel, I'm almost certainly that these secrets encrypted talks are about the daughter of Darth Vader. In the recordings sent from Wegoyy there is also talk of bribing, blackmailing and putting some guards and staff members of the prison at Wegoyy under pressure to assist in an escape plan."
"Which leave only one conclusion: some one indeed wants the daughter of Darth Vader to be brought to an yet unknown location in the Outer Rim Territories," Valann said.
"Could it be," Kalip said cautiously, "that those who sent those messages, have somehow managed to contact the daughter of Darth Vader, helped her to escape and already have brought her to that unknown receiver who seems to be looking for her? I suggest we need to inform our contact in the New Republic's government about these contacts from Irithim, Ortel, and now from Wegoyy, which are aimed at the Outer Rim. It's time we'll join forces with the New Republic's administration to find the daughter of Darth Vader."
"I agree, with Kalip, Jerno," Valann said, "Although the decryption isn't yet complete the New Republic needs to know what our intelligence force has discovered. Of course, it could be that they already have been alerted too, but in case they can't decrypt those messages, we could provide them with valuable information. They don't have access to the millions of codes the imperial government has used in the past."
"I'll send them a procon message, but I'll leave it up to them if they want to make use of the information we've discovered," Jerno said, "I don't want to leave the impression, that the Provisional Coruscant Council is meddling in their business.
"In my opinion, they will be very grateful, after they have read part of the message's content. It saves them a lot of investigation at their side. Maybe we could suggest that if we find out more, for instance about the exact location, that their fleet will take action and uncover what person or group is behind the receiver, who ever that might be, and what plans they have with Darth Vader's daughter," Valann said cautiously.

chapter 13 8 jaar + 4 maanden - 3 jaar en 4 maanden na de Battle of Jakku

"There is a reasonable chance that the troubles with the daughter of Darth Vader have been solved permanently, Jerno," Kalip said good humored, "It seems that she hasn't survived some torture practises in the Wegoy prison. Our intelligence force has intercepted one of those strange messages. This time from Tropass and aimed at that still unknown location in the Outer Rim. Again the recording was encrypted with the same old key and the messengers, the same disguised guys as in the earlier recordings, mention that that she died as a result of torture. There's also talk about a missing officer who was the woman's guard. The messengers suggest that he might be involved with her death. Our intelligence force can now deactivate the monitoring of the messages to the Outer Rim. Here is the transcript of that last decrypted message."
After Jerno had read the message, he looked up at Kalip.
"Our intelligence force must continue the monitoring," He said thoughtfully.
"Continue? Jerno, these last months that monitoring task has occupied too many hours already. The woman is dead. We don't have to worry any longer about the possible threat she could be. Why don't you contact the agent of the New Republic and ask him if he can confirm our intelligence force report."
"Kalip, your men have done excellent work, more than excellent in most respect, but still I want them to continue the monitoring those odd established connections to a location in the Outer Rim. I have a good reason for it, although I'm not yet sure about what's exactly going on a planet or system in the Outer Rim. No, I won't reveal yet to you and Valann, or the other members of the council what's on my mind. In time, when I have full proof of my concerns I will tell you my hypothesis and the threat that hypothesis might impose on the galaxy as a whole. The information your men gather could become of immense value. It might become the solid base for my hypothesis."
Kalip Ru'undo looked in wonder at the chairman of the Provisional Coruscant Council.
"Jerno, you can't keep any secret ideas to Valann and me," He protested.
"I'm not keeping anything secret for both of you, Kalip. It's just that I want to be absolutely sure about my presumptions and inferences, before I will explain them to you and the other members of the council. At the moment I need the silent cooperation of you and Valann, so I can find proof for my findings as fast as possible, for those strange messages might be the clue to a dangerous conclusion. A conclusion I can't reveal yet, because I haven't gathered all the necessary proof yet. So, please be patient. You and Valann will be the first with whom I will share my findings, before we will inform the council members. At moment it's better if I keep my thoughts to myself."
Kalip nodded, "I understand, Jerno, if you don't want to reveal any unproven facts too early, but don't wait too long to inform Valann and me."
Jerno patted his co-leader and old friend at his shoulder.
"I know I can rely on you, Kalip. Your always rapid deduction of problems and your conclusions and possible solutions and Valann's cautious attitude are a good guideline for the policy of our triarchy. I learn a lot from both of you and I appreciate the discussions we have together. Now, let's get back to your conclusion about the possible death of Darth Vader's daughter. In the report there is talk about a possible connection between the disappearance of her guard and the death of the woman. Let's assume the following: could it be that he helped her to escape and that he ran away with her. The transcript of the message states that he has violated the prison rules and has become friends with her. Before he left he might have spread rumors about torture practises inside the Wegoyy prison and the death of the woman. What do we know about the guy?"
"We surely could get that information if an undercover agent could infiltrate at the space port of Tropass. The space port falls under the jurisdiction of the Wegoyy prison," Kalip suggested, "I could send one of our men at Irithim to go to Wegoyy."
"Didn't I just say, I admire you for your way of thinking, my friend. Indeed we should get much more information at Tropass. I also want you to order our intelligence agents at Irithim to send us the reaction of the New Republic government, after they were informed about the woman's escape. We already know that Jedi Knight Skywalker broke off his visit at Tambrin and that he has gone to Wegoyy to get detailed information about her disappearance. I want our undercover agent at Tropass to get information about Jedi Skywalker's inquiry at the Wegoyy prison. Jedi Skywalker hasn't returned to Irithim yet, so we don't know what he has been doing on Wegoyy. I expect him to return one of these days and give a full report about his findings. I'm also eager to know the reaction of the New Republic's government about the possible death of the woman."
"You don't believe she is dead, Jerno."
"Not until I hear some official information about her death from the New Republic's government. If the woman had died of the effects of torture or abuse I expect the Supreme Chancellor will start an investigation at the Wegoyy prison. She and her advisors will hold the commander of the Wegoyy prison accountable for the woman's death if there really is talk of torture, abuse, or other prohibited practises which violate the rules and vision of the New Republic."

chapter 14 9 jaar + 6 maanden - 4 jaar en 6 maanden na de Battle of Jakku

"Those earlier rumors about the death of the daughter of Darth Vader were misleading. She seems to be alive, although our intelligence force at Irithim hasn't heard that some one knows where she is at the moment. I have received reports from our agent at Irithim that Jedi Skywalker and the woman's former guard, a certain Ian Tydon, are still looking for her in the Outer Rim Territories. Without success by the way. In a recent report our agent also mentions that they have seen that same Ian Tydon in the company of the princess of Alderaan. Both were wearing the attire of the Jedi Knights. It seems that during Jedi Skywalker's extensive search in the Outer Rim, he has found enough time to train her former guard as Jedi Knight."
Jerno looked at his co-leaders.
"But they haven't found the woman, nor do they have a clue about her whereabouts?" Valann commented.
"None what so ever. One thing is for sure, she isn't on Wegoyy anymore, but as far as the reports of our agent indicate, she hasn't appeared at Irithim, or sought contact with one of the Skywalker who had become her friends before she was exiled to Wegoyy. Has the monitoring of those strange connection yielded something, Kalip?"
"Nothing. After that last message about her possible death, now more than a year ago, our intelligence force haven't intercepted not a single message. Nothing, but I have urged them to remain alert."
Jerno nodded.
"Can we ask the New Republic's agent to send us some update on the situation?" Valann suggested.
"I have been thinking about contacting him, for they promised us to keep us informed about the daughter of Darth Vader, but I fear my request would be in vain at the moment, as there is nothing to report to us, as long as Jedi Skywalker or someone else haven't come back to Irithim with new information about the woman. We only can wait and monitor those weird connections to the Outer Rim."
"Did you mention the recordings we've intercepted?" Kalip asked.
"I did, and their agent thanked me for the information we have shared. Their intelligence force would keep an eye on that unknown location in the Outer Rim too. He has asked me to keep them informed about the content of any intercepted message. He admitted that their men might be able to decrypt those messages, but it would be a tedious job for them. I offered that our men would do the decryption and send the decrypted messages via the procon system to Irithim. That's why I want our intelligence force to continue monitoring those connections," Jerno said.

chapter 15 - 10 jaar + 6 maanden - 5 jaar + 6 maanden na de Battle of Jakku

Jerno had contacted his co-leaders Kalip and Valann to have a unannounced secret meeting in his residential house several miles away from the governmental area. At their arrival he offered them an extensive lunch with accompanying drinks. The three leaders sat down and enjoyed the different dishes, while exchanging some news and having small talk.
In the beginning of their triarchy, shortly after the Battle of Endor, they had often met each other secretly, mostly during nighttimes. The first months after the death of emperor Palpatine and his commander Darth Vader had been filled with many days of exuberant celebrations over the regained freedom, but Jerno, as the most high-ranking imperial admiral had taken immediate action. He had approached a group of dependably influential people from all walks of the imperial government to form a provisional council. He also had chosen his fellow officers and comrades Colonel Kalip Ru'undo and Commodore Valann Namaran with whom he had formed the temporary triarchy. That way he had prevented the celebrations from turning into chaos and anarchy.
In insistence of the chief command of the imperial fleet, he had, with some reluctance, ordered preparations for the Battle of Jakku.
He himself had placed more hope and trust in the first hesitant talks between the former empire and the Alliance, but as a strategist within the imperial space fleet, he thought it only logical that the commanders of the remaining star destroyers would not surrender without a fight.
The Battle of Jakku had been disastrous. From the beginning the Alliance fleet had prevailed, especially as their fleet had been reinforced with thousands of larger and smaller space crafts from planets, clusters and systems that had been suppressed by the Empire.
As the situation near Jakku worsened Jerno, Kalip and Valann had made every effort to sign a cease fire followed by a temporary truce as quickly as possible. They had achieved a quick result, as both parties had longed for an end to the Civil War. Although a number of space fleet commanders had opposed further consultations with the Alliance after the armistice, Jerno had used his authority within the imperial space fleet staff, and finally had convinced a majority to negotiate the conditions for a peace treaty with the New Republic.
Within the newly founded Provisional Coruscant Council, he and his co-leaders, Kalip and Valann, had acquired great authority to form a new administration that would govern the future policy in the galaxy in concert with the newly formed New Republic. Nevertheless their task hadn't been an easy one, as they had faced a prevailing suspicion within the imperial space fleet staffers and commanders against the former rebel's founded New Republic under the leadership under Mon Mothma who had been chosen as the Supreme Chancellor.
After the covenant with New Republic had been signed Jerno had hoped that their alliance with the New Republic would be in favor of what was left of the former empire, but after the daughter of Darth Vader had been forced from her home planet of Morantan, he had become worried, especially after the intelligence force had intercepted the odd messages aimed at a certain location in the Outer Rim. Meanwhile Jerno had become more and more convinced that someone in the Outer Rim wanted to come in contact with the daughter of Darth Vader, and he feared that the reason why she had to be brought to the Outer Rim, wasn't a peaceful one. His worries had increased after the New Republic's intelligence on Quoith had cooperated with theirs and had also sent them a complete an overview of a recent messages aimed again at the Outer Rim.
Jerno served some drink and looked at Kalip.
"You'd better bring Valann up to date, Kalip. After you have finished, I will inform both of you about a new resulting situation. I want to discuss with both of you some of my reflections and their conclusion."
A bit confused Kalip looked at Jerno and Valann.
"As you both know, my men have been monitoring some strange connections from different locations aimed at a spot in the Outer Rim. There always was a strange coincidence for those connections were always sending information if something had happened with the daughter of Darth Vader, although her name was never mentioned. After she had been assumed dead, our intelligence force didn't intercept any unusual connection aimed at the Outer Rim. Since these message had to do with Darth Vader's daughter, we informed our special contact with the New Republic."
Kalip looked at Jerno who nodded.
"Valann, last week, "After nearly two years the connection which had sent messages to that location on one of planet clusters in the Outer Rim, has been used again, this time again from Irithim. Its content mentions that Darth Vader's daughter is alive, but she seems to be suffering from amnesia. According to the intercepted content of the message she has been injected with the old imperial mind-weakening drug during an interrogation in the prison on Wegoyy. Our intelligence force has done some investigation about the regime in the Wegoyy prison and guess what: the commander in charge is Olon Dendicott, one of the officers who defected shortly after the Battle of Jakku. Moreover, it seems that some other former imperial officers have also shown their interest in the daughter of Darth Vader. So not only Jedi Knight Skywalker and the government of the New Republic are looking for her, but also the brothers Rand and Daino Phylotar, two other imperial defectors who joined Olon Dendicotte. In the message the contacts at Irithim reported that Daino Phylotar has asked them about the antidote for the mind-weakening drug. It's a pity that we can't intercept the response of their collocutor yet. I wonder who this man can be and why he is interested in Darth Vader's daughter. The answers from his contacts show that he wants them to kidnap her and be brought to a cluster in the Outer Rim."
Kalip looked at Valann and Jerno in turn.
"Thank you, Kalip. I'll take over, Valann. What I'm going to tell you is, for the time being extremely classified, for our intelligence force has to do much more research in cooperation with the intelligence force on Quoith. Thanks to those guys we now have full audio recordings, including the response of the person in the Outer Rim. I want you to listen to the audio recording the guys on Quoith have sent us."
Jerno started a holo display device which he had place on the low table. The three leaders listened intensively to the complete conversation. After the last laugh of the collocutor had died out, Jerno looked at Kalip and Valann.
"I have sent the other messages we've intercepted to Quoith as well, with a request if they could retrieve the full conversations. You'd better also listen to what has been said in those first messages."
Again Jerno started the device. He leaned back in his chair and watched his fellow leader who listen to all the earlier connections to the Outer Rim. When they had finished, Valann looked at Jerno.
"That guy took the initiative for her escape to Ortel. He paid the bribes for the guards and that senator, but his attempt to bring her to the Outer Rim hasn't been successful," He said and frowned before he wanted to continued. Jerno saw the disbelieve in his eyes and silenced him with a slight gesture.
"Kalip, you once said I shouldn't have any secrets for the two of you."
"That's more than two years ago, Jerno," Kalip answered.
"Your reproach was justified, but at that moment I couldn't reveal what I had been thinking, but those audio recordings from our allies on Quoith were the final proof I needed for my hypothesis about what is going on in the Outer Rim. I'm almost certain that I know the identity of the collocutor, and, Valann, am I right, you have recognize the voice too, haven't you?"
"I thought he was dead, a victim of the explosion near the Urervik cluster," Valann said hesitantly.
Kalip looked at Valann and shook his head, "Jerno, Valann, what you both are suggesting is impossible. We have evidence that those commanders were indeed on board that star destroyer that has exploded in the Urervik cluster four or five years ago, isn't it? As far as we know nobody survived and now you both think that one of those commanders survived."
"Kalip, did we really do a thorough investigation, after we heard about the explosion of that missing star destroyer. No, we didn't. At that moment our main concern was the existence on of Darth Vader's daughter on Morantan and what would happen if the New Republic would plan to eliminate that pocket of resistance.
We assumed that both commanders were on board the star destroyer that exploded, because we took their last message as full proof. There wasn't any real evidence that proofed our assumptions. The debris, collected by the Basilisaea, couldn't reveal the number of men that perished in the explosion. Furthermore between the disintegration of that last missing star destroyer and the message the commander of the other star destroyer, two years passed without any trace of the last star destroyer with two full crews and ground forces.
There's also another point that might proof my suspicion. In the last intercepted message there is talk of two defected imperial officers at Irithim who want the antidote for the imperial mind drug. During Palpatine's reign only the emperor himself, Darth Vader, and the members of the praetorian guard who also acted as the emperor's executors, were using the mind drug and other forms of severe torture. The imperial guards had the same unlimited mandate as Darth Vader to use any special tactics to torture and interrogate prisoners. They must have had access to many kinds of antidotes too. Maybe they even knew how to manufacture the antidotes. In the message we heard that the collocutor says, that he will cure the daughter of Darth Vader's mind loss. So he probably is familiar with the mind drug and their antidote.
Now I come back to those two commanders in the exploded star destroyer. One of them was the commander in charge, the one who has sent the message about the hyperdrive failure, the other one was the commander of the star destroyer that was destroyed in a meteor shower near Avali. He was our missing admiral and went on board the second star destroyer that two years later exploded due to that hyperdrive malfunctioning. We've discussed this matter shortly after we heard about the exploded star destroyer. We even held a memorial service for all those perished men."
Valann nodded with a serious frown and Kalip shook his head.
"Jerno," Valann commented hesitantly, "At that time you referred to the special assignment the admiral had as a member of the staff on Morantan. What do we know exactly of him?"
"I've found out that from the moment he got his commission on the imperial space fleet, as a junior officer, he has drawn the Emperor's special attention."
Kalip's face had gotten a very worried expression and he only listened to Jerno and Valann. As his co-leader looked at him he said, "Jerno, you know who you're talking about, don't you?"
Jerno nodded, "I do, Kalip, and looking at you and Valann I can only conclude that you also know, but my conclusions aren't based on real hard evidence yet."
Valann only nodded, Kalip cautiously commented on what he heard,
"So our missing admiral has survived the explosion and now lives somewhere in the Outer Rim and is looking for the daughter of Darth Vader? Why? What does he want of her? What so special about her, expect that she is the last Si..."
Jerno hushed him, before Kalip had finished his comment, then he said, "Indeed, Kalip, that's probably the reason why he is looking for her. As a former staff member on Morantan he probably knows what kind of knowledge Darth Vader has taugh her."
"If this means that he wants to exploit that knowledge," Valann commented, "then we must find the origin of the message he has sent from Avali in which he says, that his star destroyer is lost and that he and his crew had abandoned the ship and landed on Avali. Did he really sent it from Avali, or was it a diversion? If that missing admiral wasn't on board that space ship that exploded with two hundred or more of our men two year later, then we must investigate the cause of that explosion anew, and find out what happened to the two crews between the Avali message and the last message before the explosion, and on which planet or system in the Outer Rim he is hiding and what he has in mind with the daughter of Darth Vader."
"We certainly should do so, Valann," Jerno said, "It's about time to take several actions ourselves and start digging into the old intelligence logs and the archive of the empire. We need to compose an exact time line of all the events with as much details as possible, from the moment those two star destroyers disappeared after the Battle of Jakku, until the last message of the disintegrate star destroyer near the Urervik cluster. We also need to gather any facts about the careers of those two missing commanders and especially the career of our missing admiral. Our investigations shouldn't attracted attention, so we have to keep our findings secret, until we knew exactly what's going on. Despite our desired secrecy, I suggest, that we should give Admiral Vestor of the Basilisaea a much broader mandate and extend his mission to monitor and take a look at the clusters in the Outer Rim near the Unknown Territories, but he must pay special attention to the Urervik and Avali clusters which are near the aimed coordinates our joined intelligence forces have found. His surveillance flights must look like normal scans or surveyes."
"Our intelligence force can provided him with a number of different coordinates which are close to the location of the intercepted messages," Kalip said.

chapter 18 - 11 jaar - 6 jaar na de Battle of Jakku

Jerno sat in the living of his residence and look at the young man who sat relaxed in one of the other comfortable chairs. They had enjoyed an extensive diner together during which they had talked about the difficulties the former empire was facing.
Jerno looked again at his visitor who enjoyed the view through the broad windscreen. Without speaking he turned his head, then he sat straight in his chair and paid full attention to his host.
"What I'm going to tell you and why I need your help, has to be kept secret. You understand that, don't you?" Jerno said.
"You haven't invited me just to enjoy a dinner together," came the calm answer.
They both laughed.
"Let me first explain what's going on and why Valann, Kalip and I have been alerted."
Jerno gave a condensed recapitulation of the strange events with the two missing star destroyers, the messages the intelligence force had intercepted and the audio recordings they had recently received with help of the intelligence force on Quoith.
"Their help has been invaluable," Jerno said, "for now we know that one of the commanders of those missing star destroyers has survived the disintegration."
"Who's the guy?" the young man asked.
"Our deserted admiral."
"The one who strongly objected your consultations with the Alliance after the Battle of Endor?"
Jerno nodded and smiled.
"You're well informed," He said approvingly.
"Of course I am. I have to. It's part of my job, leastwise part of my work in the intelligence force."
"You're still working as an undercover agent?"
"Only Partially. Most of my time I'm educating communication technology at our university, but there are moments I share the results of my research work with the guys at the intelligence desk, but always anonymously. Keeping my identity secret is part of my assignment at the university."
"Good. I want you to take a leave from the university for an indefinite time and take on a new identity."
Jerno handed the young man a datapad.
"Keep this datapad and study it. There's only one file. It's the personal file of a young lieutenant who died in the Battle of Jakku. He was about your age. His name was Doran Whain. I've arranged a secret training to become familiar with all Doran has done, has been thinking, has done wrong and what ever has ever happened to him. You don't have to worry about any relatives; he's an orphan. Anyone who might have known him, including his parents and other relatives are tortured and killed during the emperor's reign. Your training will be tough, but we have to make sure, that you won't make mistakes which could raise suspicion. "
"I understand. What's next? I mean what will be the mission Doran Whain has to carry out."
"As soon as you have become Doran Whain, you will be commissioned as a technical lieutenant on board the Basilisaea, specialize in interplanetary communciation. There you will work as the head of the technical staff. At the moment the Basilisaea is carrying out a surveillance mission in a special part of the Outer Rim systems."
The young man laughed, "Sounds interesting. So you probably want me to intercept more of those odd communications between a system on a planet in the Outer Rim and whatever other systems are seeking to communicate with the Outer Rim. Are you interested in the content of the messages they exchange?
"I leave that up to you, to begin with. Our intelligence force knows how to decrypt those strange messages and the cooperation with the New Republic's communication center on Quoith will confirm their findings, but if you can also report more about the communication system which is used on the receiving side, it will be an extra proof of our investigation. It might be that at a later stage I want you to use your expertise to infiltrate the system."
"You suspect that deserted admiral is the receiver and client, don't you? You think, he is up to something which could endanger our cooperation with the New Republic."
"We do. Here, read this file about admiral Matrik."
For a while both men were silent. The young man paid attention to the content of another data pad Jerno had handed him. When he had finished his reading he looked up. Jerno held out his hand to get the device back.
"You're right. This former imperial admiral could be a threat to the peace treaty. He knows a lot about the emperor's reign and rules. Has been a member of the praetorian guards from the moment he left the Academy, then got his promotion to admiral within the imperial fleet at the age of twenty-nine and finally the emperor made him a staff member on Morantan to spy on the emperor's second commander Darth Vader. Why did the emperor sent him to Morantan? Sounds odd and it feels as a kind of degradation, although he kept his rank. Why did the emperor need a guy to spy on Darth Vader?"
"Those questions haven't been answered yet. As you can see there's a gap between his appointment as Admiral of the Imperial Fleet and the moment he went to Morantan. We're still figuring out what he did in the meantime. As far as is now known, he did not directly participate in battles with the Alliance, with the exception of the battle of Jakku, but I will keep you informed about any progress we will make. Any new fact will be shared with you, for you need to know as much as we know about admiral Matrik."
"What's his relation to the daughter of Darth Vader who lived on Morantan during the time when he was a staff member there?"
"He probably has met her, or heard of her upbringing by Darth Vader. She has learned a lot of Sith knowledge from her father. We suspect that Admiral Matrik wants to revive the old times of the empire with the help of Darth Vader's daughter, but there no proof for this allegation yet. It's just a speculation."
"Not anymore, I think. In the intercepted messages there is much talk of her and her possible kidnapping and transport to the Outer Rim. What's uncertain, is, that no one knows anything about her Sith knowledge. How much does she know? Was she a fully-fledged Sith, when Darth Vader died? That's what we have to find out. If she is a Sith-lady, she might seek out the admiral herself and team up with him."
With admiration Jerno looked at his visitor.
"We came to the same conclusion. In that case she has to be eliminated, but at the moment she isn't a real danger. The New Republic has exiled her to the Wegoyy prison for her share in an uprising against the administration of the New Republic. The commander of the prison has mind-drugged her and now she doesn't know who she is, as all her memories are wiped out."
"So that defector commander, Olon Dendicott and his sycophant Rand Phylotar, are still using the imperial torture practises in the Wegoyy prison. This doesn't surprise me, nor does it surprise that Rand Phylotar's brother Daino is helping them. Keep an eye on them, sir, and inform the leaders of the New Republic of their not so flawless career in the imperial fleet."
Jerno grinned.
"You're not disappointing me. You are the best to fulfill this dangerous task. Do you accept it."
"I do. When do you want me to join the staff crew of the Basilisaea?"
"Your instructors will inform me when they are absolutely convinced that the identity of Doran Whain has become part of yourself. At that moment the Basilisaea will receive the order to return to Coruscant to replace a large part of their staff and crew. We won't meet again, but you know how to reach me, don't you?"
The young man grinned, "I know. I'm going to report to my instructors then. From now on I'm Doran Whain, a lieutenant and an expert on interplanetary communication systems. I wish you well, we'll keep in touch."
The young man rose. Jerno accompanied his guest to the door.
"Good luck and take care of yourself," were his last words.
The young man smiled, "I always do, and you know that."
They didn't shake hands. The young man turned around and walked away to the elevators without looking back to his host. Jerno closed the door of his quarters. There was a glimpse of worry in his eyes.

chapter 19 - 11 jaar + 2 maanden - 6 jaar + 2 maanden na de Battle of Jakku

On Coruscant Jerno, Kalip and Valann were considering the consequences of several different reports Kalip's intelligence force had received recently.
"We could order the Basilisaea to carry out a more targeted search now," Jerno said and looked with great respect to Kalip, "Tell your men they have done excellent work."
"I certainly will do so, Jerno," Kalip answered.
"In case Valann isn't up to date with the latest developments regarding Darth Vader's daughter, give a summary of what your men have discovered."
Jerno leaned back and Kalip turned to Valann.
"There's a realistic option to assume that we now know exactly where our missing admiral is. He has found a hiding place on one of the planets in the Palomintar System. Our intelligence hasn't yet found the exact planet in the system, but that's a matter of time."
Valann nodded, "The Palomintar System isn't far from the Urervik cluster, where, at the moment, the Basilisaea is doing her investigations and surveillance."
"That's right," Jerno said, "Admiral Vestor is doing surveillance in that part of the Outer Rim. We can tell him to do some more explicit surveillance on the planet in the Palomintar System."
"Are we sure that admiral Matrik is somewhere in that system?" Valann asked.
"We're certain, Valann. Thanks to the excellent work of our intelligence force and our undercover agents at Irithim, not to mention the information the New Republic has shared with us about the whereabouts of Darth Vader's daughter. She is on Endor at the moment and the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker is with her. Most important is that she has recovered from the mind drug, which means that she remembers her past and what has happened to her in the Wegoyy prison." Kalip said.
"That means trouble, no to say big problems, for our defected officer Olon Dendicott," Valann concluded.
"Right, I'll come to that in more detail. The daughter of Darth Vader, her name is Liane Solichor, might tell the members of the High Council of the New Republic about the treatment she underwent in the Wegoyy prison. She is now a very valuable witness and her testimony will mean the end of Olon Dendicott's career."
Valann looked at Jerno and Kalip and couldn't suppress a faint smile, "So her testimony is quite discomforting him, I presume."
They all laughed and Jerno continued, "That's an understatement, Valann. Olon Dendicott has alerted the government of the New Republic with his offer to start looking for the woman who is, in his own words, an escaped convict. The Supreme Chancellor has prohibited him to start his own search for the woman. Instead she has urged Jedi Knight Skywalker to continue with his own search. Jedi Skywalker's attempt has been successful, for he is now with Liane Solichor on Endor."
"Problem solved, case closed?" Valann asked.
"Absolutely not," Kalip continued, "It might be getting worse. At least for the New Republic. Our undercover agents report that their frigate Tychorion has been equipped and scheduled for immediate departure to Endor. Against the official prohibition order of the government at Irithim Olon Dendicott with a group of his prison guards has found their way to Rasth. Someone, probably Rand Phylotar has given him the information that Liane Solichor had been on board a trade freighter under an assumed identity. The freighter is the property of the Grann brothers, the six sons of the governor of Rasth, Marek Grann. That same Rand Phylotar, the elder brother of Daino Phylotar who both deserted at the same time together with Olon Dendicott, has unexpectedly turned up at De'olon space port and has left Dalmaran in a hurry. Our agents assume, that he has been given the order to join Olon Dendicott and his ground force immediately. From Rasth we haven't gotten any intelligence report, but information from Irithim confirms more or less that the prison commander must have gotten more info about the whereabouts of Liane Solichor. That's why the Tychorion is scheduled to Endor too."
"How did we get the information that admiral Matrik is hiding in the Palomintar System?" Valann asked
"That's shared with us from Quoith. It seems that already during the Ortel uprising. there was talk of that Senator Zolgathrii should cooperate to transfer Liane Solichor to the Palomintar System in exchange for a large sum of money."
"Are we going to give some support to the New Republic on Endor?"
"I have asked their agent if we could be of any help, but his answer was, that the Supreme Chancellor only wishes to keep us informed. As we aren't yet absolutely sure, that admiral Matrik is hiding in the the Palomintar System, I didn't want to tell him yet about the surveillance of the Basilisaea. We're still collecting more evidence about the whereabouts of admiral Matrik. One thing is for sure, he must have survived the explosion of that second star destroyer, but there are still many questions to answer. For instance: what happened to his own crew and stormtroopers. The only thing we can do, is, find more information and wait and see, how the situation around Liane Solichor is developing. Probably it's an advantage for the New Republic that Jedi Skywalker is with her on Endor."

chapter 20 - 11 jaar + 1 maand - 6 jaar + 1 maand na de Battle of Jakku

"I've arrived on the Basilisæa," The holographic image said.
"Good. Any comments or remarks from the admiral about the staff replacement." Jerno Thai asked.
"None. At our arrival the group of technician who were chosen to get back to Coruscant on furlough was waiting in the docking bay. As soon as we had debarked they went on board and the transport left immediately. Admiral Vestor welcomed our group and some staff officers accompanied us to our quarters. Afterwards I had a personal meeting with the admiral and he expressed his pleasure with our arrival and showed me around the Basilisæa."
"Do you need to make any additions to the communication system of the Basilisæa?" Jerno asked.
"Before I left Coruscant I have studied the ship's communiciation system thoroughly. I didn't find any real flaws, but I have to test the system in practise and see if their interplanetary communication lines are working the way I need. If necessary I can make any desired changes myself. The technical staff can provide me with any spare parts or equipment I need."
"Vestor might ask, why changes to the system are needed."
"That's true. We have to come up with a reasonable explanation, I'll have to think about, but I'm sure I can convince him. My first impression of the admiral is that he wants his space ship to be in optimal form. He takes much pride in his assignment as the admiral of one of the only remaining super star destroyer. What I have read in the admiral's personal file confirms my impression. Admiral Vestor is an ambitious officer."
"Good deduction. We keep an eye on him, for his ambitious also might make him vulnerable to obeisance and tributes of anyone who might seek his loyalty," Jerno confessed.
"Your answer suggests that he might be prone to blackmail or corruption?" The holographic image asked surprised.
"Not immediately. My words only express some personal doubts. So far the Provisional Coruscant Council unanimously has supported his promotion to admiral and his assignment as the commander of the Basilisæa."
The holographic image nodded thoughtfully. He refrained from further comments.
"Is there anything else, I need to know?" He asked after some moments.
Jerno Thai laughed.
"Don't you think that I should ask you that question? You're our expert on board the Basilisæa from now on. Keep your eyes open and provide me with any information or evidence about those encrypted messages between the Palomintar System and some other source in the galaxy."
The holographic image grinned.
"I know what you expect of me. The admiral already has informed his staff, including me, that he has to extend his surveillance mission to the Palomintar System. I understood that the Basilisæa will set course to the Palomintar System tonight. The admiral referred to the order which the Provisionary Coruscant Council has issued recently. He has delayed his departure of the Urervik cluster until our transport ship had reached the Basilisæa."
"Good. Thank you for contacting me immediately after your arrival I expect to receive confirmation of the order from the admiral himself at short notice. I don't have to emphasize that your task might become a dangerous one, so be careful. Keep us informed."
"I will."
The holographic image vanished as the secret connection was broken. For a couple of minutes Jerno Thai leaned back in his chair, before he activated his infocom to asked Kalip N'undo and Valann to come to his office.

chapter 21 - 11 jaar + 3 maanden - 6 jaar + 3 maanden na de Battle of Jakku

"Our experts on the Basilisaea have finally tracked the exact coordinates at which those dubious connections between some messengers elsewhere in the galaxy and a location at the Outer Rim Territories were aimed, Jerno? They are aimed at the fourth planet of the Palomintar System. Our experts think that's where the receiver of those message resides. The one who seems to be particularly interested in Darth Vader's daughter."
"Interesting. So someone interested in and looking for Darth Vader's daughter lives on a remote planet in the Palomintar System. Kalip, ask our experts if they can send us a voice recognition record, if possible," Jerno said.
"What are you thinking of, Jerno?" Valann asked.
"Do you think that our missing admiral hides himself on Palomintar Four? Do you think that it's him who is looking for Darth Vader's daughter?" Kalip asked surprised.
"I do. I have recently read his personal records again, and there are indications that our admiral has attempted to convince emperor Palpatine to accept him as his apprentice and teach him the knowledge of the Sith. The emperor rejected his request and send him to Morantan as a member of Darth Vader's staff. By that time the dark lord was already teaching his daughter his own dark knowledge. I wonder if our admiral has obtained or attempted to obtain Sith knowledge while Darth Vader was teaching his daughter. I'm convinced that the daughter of Darth Vader and our missing admiral have met each other on Morantan."
"Are you suggesting, that after the collapse of the empire admiral Matrik left Coruscant, hit himself on Palomintar Four with the intention to capture Darth Vader's daughter and have her brought to Palomintar Four, so she would tell him and teach him what she knows about the Sith knowledge. Shouldn't we ask admiral Vestor of the Basilisaea to arrest him immediately?"
"Not yet. Admiral Vestor is carrying our order to survey the Urervik cluster which is nearby the Palomintar System. He has to ensure that our suspicions are verified, but he shouldn't take action. As long as our former admiral is staying in the Outer Rim, the Basilisaea can monitor his movements. If he really is staying on Palomintar Four he isn't any real danger yet, but we have to keep him under constant surveillance."

chapter 25 - 11 + 4,5 maand - 6 jaar + 4,5 maand na de Battle of Jakku

Jerno looked at his co-leader with a big grin.
"Excellent work of our intelligence force on Endor and on Wegoyy and of our contact on the Basilisæa. They all report the failure of Rand Phylotar's men on Endor. It seems that Phylotar's second attempt to capture Darth Vader's daughter has failed again. Our agents haven't described the details of the failed attempt, but our contact on Endor's space port has confirmed that Jedi Luke Skywalker and his 'sister' Liane Solichor have left the planet. The destination of his ship is unknown. Probably he will go with her to Irithim, so she can tell the Supreme Chancellor and the members of the High Council what Olon Dendicott has done to her in the Wegoyy prison. It's reassuring that Jedi Skywalker is still accompanying her."
"What will the New Republic leader do afterwards? I mean, Liane Solichor has been convicted for her part at the Ortel-coup." Valan asked.
"I expect that the leaders will show her mercy and will let her stay in the prison in Irithim," Jerno said.
"Have you thought about it, Jerno, that the Supreme Chancellor can pardon her. I have heard that several political opponents have gotten amnesty recently."
"They know what knowledge she possesses. Her Sith knowledge is dangerous to this galaxy, so I expect the New Republic to stay alert and keep her under surveillance. As for our share, there's still the threat our 'Palomintar Four' man implies. I expect that the New Republic will ask us if we agree with a coordinated action against our former admiral."