Paintings on Stamps
* A World Wide Collection of Stamps with Paintings.
* Information for collectors of Stamps or Arts. *

I started my collection after reading of two Japanese books with the theme 'Paintings on Stamps'. The printings of the stamps are colourfull and the books includes the whole period of arts. From the ancient to the modern arts. There is only one little problem. I can't read the books because the books are written in the language of his own country. So I decided to collect the stamps for my own and go on the web.
Then give a moment of your time for study up this page and the other web pages with information about post stamps.

The web pages have a structure as described below:

René F. Magritte
René Franç ois-Ghislain Magritte was born in Belgium. In the early years his style was based on cubism and magic realisme, then he looks to post-impressionisme and para-expressionisme, but he became a master of mistery and surrealism. The technique which he used are lithography, sculpture, wallpainting, gouache and oilpainting.

List of Painters
The pages with the caption 'Painters' is an alphabetic list of painters and their paintings which stamps are in my collection. So here you can look for a overview of the painters and I think you will enjoy the information.

List of Swap
The pages with the caption 'Swap' is an alphabetic list 'Manco / Duplicate'. Here you will find the stamps which are missing/doubling in my collected series. Mainly I will complete the series and mostly I have to do is appending new incomplete series. If you will swap stamps please send an e-mail to me.