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Mark Hamill's Biography

His youth

Mark Richard Hamill was born September 25, 1951 in Oakland, California as the son of a naval officer. He is the middle child of seven. Due to his father's postings the family changed their home town a number of times. Mark lived in New York, California, Virginia and even in Japan.

His early career

Mark Hamill as Andy Turner in Poisoned Snow

After his graduation in Japan the family returned to California, where Mark entered Los Angeles City College, majoring in drama and theatre arts. While still a student he made his professional debut in 1970 in an episode of "The Bill Cosby Show." His career followed a steady path: he appeared in a number of TV-series like "Streets of San Francisco" and TV movies like "Sara T." and "In Circumstantial Evidence." He also was a regular on the daytime soap opera "General Hospital" and the short lived comedy series "The Texas Wheelers."

Star Wars

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back

His real movie debut came in 1977 when George Lucas cast him for the role of Luke Skywalker in "Star Wars" and its sequels "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi." This transformed his career from a modestly successful TV actor to a Hollywood movie star with international fame. He reprised his famous role as Luke for NPR in the radio drama series of "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back.", and as a guest star in the Muppet Show.

Private life

Mark, Marilou and Nathan

In December of 1978 Mark married Marilou York in Malibu, California. In June of 1979 their first son Nathan Elias was born in England, where the couple was staying during the shooting of   "Empire Strikes Back" at "Elstree" Studios. Nathan was followed by Griffin Tobias in 1983 and Chelsea Elizabeth in 1988.

Theatrical career

Mark Hamill in Amadeus

After "Return of the Jedi" Mark left Hollywood to avoid being typecast forever as a Flash-Gordon-like space hero. He went to New York to develop his theatrical career on stage. On Broadway he starred in plays like "Amadeus" and "The Elephant Man." He also sang and danced in the role of Tony Hart in "Harrigan & Hart" for which he earned a Drama Desk nomination for "Best Actor in a Musical."

As a voice-over actor

Returning to Hollywood after the musical closed, Mark Hamill found out the meaning of: "out of sight, out of mind," but he made an extreme good come back as a voice-over talent in "Batman: The Animated Series" in which he did the voice of The Joker. He also did the Hobgoblin in "Spider-Man." Earlier in his career, Mark had already worked as a voice-over actor in "Wizards" from Ralph Bakhsi. Nowadays he is known as one of the most versatile voice talents in Los Angeles.

Guest roles

Mark hosts Hollywoods' Aliens & Monsters

Along with working as a voice-over actor, Mark Hamill had a lot of guest appearances in TV-series. In 1986 he played Jonathan Quick in one of Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories." In the sci-fi series "Outer Limits" he appeared in the episode "Mind over Matter," and as Tobias LeConte he was seen in several episodes of "Sea Quest DSV." Not only as an actor Mark Hamill gathers fame; he hosts and narrates several informative series, like ".com" for CNBC and "Hunt for Amazing Treasures" on The Learning Channel. A feature length documentary Mark narrates and hosts is "Hollywood Aliens & Monster" a walkthrough the filmhistory's use of monsters, aliens and robots.

Movie career after Star Wars

Mark Hamill in Time Runner

But his movie career got an uplift too. He'd had a chance to play a lot of different characters in "Slipstream," as the policeman Will Tasker; in "Black Magic Woman," as the sexy gallery owner Brad Travis; in "Midnight Ride," as a psychopatic killer Justin McCay; in "Picture Perfect" as the romantic photographer Josha Payton; in "Earth Angel" as the student and the teacher Wayne Stein and in " Time Runner" as Michael Raynor.
In "Hamilton", which premiered in Sweden in 1998 he performed as the unscrupulous spy Mike Hawkins, who has a commercial interest in a nuclear bomb.
In several interviews Mark has admitted, that in fact he loves it to play a villain and be the bad guy.

CD-rom games

Colonel Christopher Blair in Wing Commander

Mark Hamill also shows his broad interest in new technology by picking up the role of Christopher Blair in the CD-ROM games Wing Commander III "Heart of the Tiger," Wing Commander IV "The Price of Freedom" and Wing Commander V "Prophecy."
In the animated series he also is the voice of Colonel Christopher Blair.
He also did a voice-over in the CD-rom game Gabriël Knight: The Sin of the Father.
He was the regular host for the DOT.com TV-series.

"The Black Pearl"

Cover of trade paper back of The Black Pearl

His greatest wish is to direct the movie "Black Pearl," for which he, together with his cousin Eric Johnson, wrote the story. The story has been released by Dark Horse Comics as a 5 issue comic book and was re-released in 1998 as a trade paper back.
Mark has done a the CD-rom version of his story, which came out in the fall of 2000.

Star Wars Special Edition 1997

Cast of Star Wars

The release of "Star Wars: Special Edition" brought Mark Hamill back to the screen as Luke Skywalker. He and his family attended several premieres. In one of his interviews, Mark said that seeing the movie again after 20 years gave him a lot pleasure. He is proud to be Luke Skywalker, one of the many characters, he has played and for a lot of his fans he is Luke Skywalker and he always will be.
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